The Magician's Assistant: A Collection of my Writings Based on the Bible Scriptures

Spiritual Toolbox馃寛

Spiritual Toolbox馃寛
Diary of Progress and 馃帍螠螒蟺釒课撐斸帵

-“Believe more deeply.聽 Hold your face up to the Light, even though for the moment you do not see.” -Bill W.
-“Of myself I am nothing, the Father doeth the works.” -John 14:10 (via AA Step 7)
-There’s nothing I can’t do with God’s help.聽 He will lead the way through any challenge before me.聽 I must keep depending upon Him…and others. 馃槈
-Try out the mantra “Mona Lisa smile” and put it to action
-If God can handle the planets’ orbit and the universe, He can handle my life! Let Him!
-Discipline feels good. Enthusiasm for work and life takes effort but it’s worth it!
-I don’t have the right to be unhappy, my life is beautiful! Lol! 馃榾
-Step 3!… And slow down to smell the roses.
-Sometimes the reward is in doing not in finishing.
-Breathe and let your air propel you forward.
-Hope in action is a (We) can-do attitude!
-If you can’t do it, let God carry you through, just meet halfway.
-Gratitude in action is using your gifts 馃檪
-Turn your thoughts into prayers of peace and love, and try not to worry so much! 馃榾
-Smile and breathe.
-Listen… and act like serenity personified.
-Move slowly and in a meditative manner.
-God is taking care of you.聽 At last, His will is done always, as He is God, nothing hinges on you, you’re just helping the best you can.聽 Trust in His care.聽 Let control go to Him, and let your worries go to Him. Have fun, don’t take everything so seriously, you’re ok!聽 You’re human, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, just let it go when you feel like you messed up! :-D… And keep saying “Thank You,” but not out loud. 馃槈
-Focus on your breathing.聽 Breathe slowly and stop thinking.
-Let your consciousness reside in your heart, not your head.
-Have faith.聽 Remember, you’re never down for long.聽 It will pass before you know it.
-Whatever the question, acceptance is the answer (Acceptance—>Love, where there is Love there is no question).
-If I’m struggling in any way, the step 3 surrender to God’s care will help.
-Recite the step 3 and 11 prayers
-God is always here to help, I need only to ask.
-Friends will help! Sharing/talking about a problem cuts the pain in half.
-There are an infinite number of possible thoughts, I should think the good ones!
-Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!
-Half the work is just showing up! Or is it even 90%?!
-Bad feelings will pass as you keep moving past them.聽 It’s ok to have feelings–notice them then let them go.
-“Joyful effort,” action is key!
-God must live between a rock and a hard place, because whenever I find myself there, He’s there too!聽 …I’m never alone!
-When things don’t go according to my plan, it’s because God has a better one.
-God won’t put on me more than I can handle, but just enough to keep me strong.
-“If there is a way to overcome the suffering, then there is no need to worry; if there is no way to overcome the suffering, there is no use in worrying.” -Shantideva, p. 40
-“We do not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it…” Just think how far you’ve come!
-Try taking someone else’s perspective and have a go at seeing the world through their eyes–practice empathy.
-Be still and listen.
-Acting “as if” is more than just acting “as if.”聽 When you’re feeling negativity, treating someone with love and respect will bring you into a different mind-state.
-Have a calm faith in the goodness and purpose in the universe; be infected by the spirit of calmness and trust in God, and see it as your duty to infect others through a loving desire to help.
-Be patient and let it pass.聽 Notice the ebb and flow as the feeling diminishes.聽 It’s like the temperature in your car–it takes a little fiddling and adjustment before it settles out.
-Remember how serene you feel at the St. Mary’s meeting…pretend you’re there now.
-Smile and say something nice! It helps!
-Use that optimism you’re so proud of (rightly so), work it to your advantage!
-Doing the right thing while getting through discomfort feels good, wait for the reward.
-Spiritual growth means adjusting yourself to conditions.
-If you have a problem, break it down.聽 Take it piece by piece, little by little.聽 Chunk it out.
-“… God does not make too hard terms with those who seek Him” (AA, p. 46).