(From Monday 10/21/19)

…And in calling out to the Lord from our lack of faith, faltering in footsteps as we are in our stance upon grace, shall He reach out to us in kind as we reach out to Him—as He replies to us, “My child, wherefore didst thou doubt?”  Or shall He retort from the depths of our own hearts and in the mirror of our own souls, “Be there for me as I was there for you.  Man up or man down, sink or swim.”

“…For what you have done for the least of these, you have done to me.  And what you have failed to do for the least of these, you have failed to do for me.”  

“…I will be there for you, just as you were there for me.  And I hope, for your sakes, that it will not be just to stand over you, just to watch you burn.”

And this message is specially-intended for those of you to whom this scenario applies (who were at Ursinus College in 2009): you can either admit what you’ve done and accept the consequences from men, or you can go to your graves and accept this justice, and these consequences, from Me—to burn.


Tuesday 10/22/19

Title: “The Patient Importunate Widow, and the Strength Training of Wait-Resistance

Dear YHWH and Jesus,

Thank You for this beautiful new day of Your calm and loving tender mercies and infinite beatitude, for were it not for Your gently guiding influences here with me now, however subtle or severe, the path to gratitude and salvation would not appear in all its wonder and majesty upon the horizon.  Let our flesh too, rest in hope, as we await with all patience and lightly-restrained overeagerness the most blessed day of Your coming, as our spirits do already find their rest and their home properly in the hope of You.

In too, these theological virtues of faith and charity alongside our hope, let us find our stride and let the second wind that is the life of You carry us out over our first few steps, and let us take it in stride as we set our vigilant hearts like synchronized watches upon You, that no great prize was ever attained easily, and that no great desire could be sustained without great effort put in place to stir it into love and gently-enkindled tenderness, these gifts of Your Spirit that we fan into flame.

Please my Lords, as like the “weight resistance training” that we struggle through to build strength and grow highly-developed muscles, let too this “wait resistance” that is Your pious reluctance to heed the prayers of this “importunate widow and importunate neighbor,” build us up in strength of Spirit and patience of soul, so that in devout perseverance and holy importunity we too may learn Your ways in this steadily-building desire and anticipation for You, in all Your wisdom and array of heavenly host; and so we too may grow to emulate You, in not so much striving to attain our desires, but striving to enlargen our hearts and our capacity to dream for You, thereby fine-tuning and refining our desires, and winnowing away as like with a threshing fan those unfit for the earnest apprehension of You.

Please my Lords, in this struggle against sin, against imperfection, and against the love of the world and the love of self, that is known as “the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life,” let us seek as one with You the desires that Your own heart would graft onto us, and not those that our own lowly human instincts would succumb to in the stead of heavenly and spiritual blessings, were it not for Your leading and our heeding, in these footsteps and desires within the heart.

Let us ever so gracefully hold our tongues, and more so, meditatively, our thoughts in check, and so entertain and in effect ordain with our corresponding action to obtain these desires of the heart—let us entertain only those wishes which we fancy would be pleasing to You, as inspired by Your own instigation; and let us quell the tide that rises within us by resisting, calming, and assuaging any inspiration, dream, or desire, that originates in our own base and lowly human levels of inspiration, as for earthly things and sensual delights over spiritual austerity and the blessedness of doing Your will sans any pleasure, spiritual or otherwise, that is this asceticism, this “kenosis” of heart-cleansing and self-emptying to enliven and vitalize the soul and Spirit within, and this Path of the Cross that is the renunciation, and death or crucifixion of self, in order to rejoice in the true glory and greatness that is the corresponding and “dialectically held” life and Resurrection of You simultaneously within our soul.  For wheresoever there is an “empty” and willing vessel, ready to bear You within and to do Your will, both “within and without,” there You are, Christ Jesus Emmanuel, with the servant who provides true service.