“Let go and let God”
“Wearing life like a loose garment” allows the Grace of God to step in and do for me what I cannot do for myself.  When I get frustrated, my first instinct is to grasp harder at the problem or to my will, to try to force a solution upon it; however, this struggle can be likened to quicksand, as it will worsen the problem.  The answer comes from letting go of myself and the obstacle, and stepping out of the way to let God take control.
Practicing the inhibition of immediate responses aides in spiritual progress at every level, and becomes easier over Time.  Two people pointing a joystick in opposite directions will cause steering difficulty, and He knows better than I!  Acceptance of powerlessness may seem like a sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice for the greater, long-term good, and to view it as a loss is short-sighted and disrespectful to God’s Love for us.
Sometimes a mistake, blunder or stumble is ideal and no mistake at all!  It might just prevent me from rushing headlong into the wrong direction, and keep me in a humble, teachable position.  In this way, I may notice the little hidden joys and unfold new lessons that I wouldn’t know to see, rather than hastily following my own will, which would interfere with new discovery and growth.  I cannot be my own teacher if I wish to keep learning that which is unknown to me, rather I must depend upon my fellows and upon God.

“Faith in action…creating beautiful new memories together with God and Jesus.”
Just doing the next right thing…
…Taking responsibility for populating my cognition with spiritual fruits through the Guidance of God.

Respect is treating my mind as a precious gem, and offering it up to God and Jesus in a step 3 manner of surrender so that They may take a turns playing with it and show me how it works.  We can take turns or work in unison; learning to think and act together in tandem can be tricky but can be fun!  This spiritual application of the psychological “social scaffolding” works, as We do together what I cannot do alone!
God will not do for me what I can do for myself, but He will do for me what I cannot do for myself (if it is His will).  God helps those who help themselves, so I must meet Him halfway.  He is omniscient and knows the extent of my ability and effort.  Treating my body as a sacred temple is respectful to Him, as it is His property.  I can ask for His help at any time knowing He is patiently waiting for me to surrender so that He might step in.  He may assist through His own loving demonstrations, or by directing me to my fellows and other resources.  He may not fix a flat tire but He may have provided tools I can use, or the ability to call AAA!
As His beloved children, He wants the best for us, and we can take turns or work together to grow spiritually, according to His will for us.  “Two steps forward and one step back” is the manner of growth that displays progress through new obstacles, and so we should not perceive a stumbling block as a setback, but rather as a learning opportunity and prerequisite for growth.
“We don’t work the steps, we experience them,” only to the extent that we recognize “Of myself I am nothing, the Father doeth the works.”  Recognizing that He is the source of my success fills my heart with loving gratitude.  Knowing Who to thank and then doing so perpetuates this sweetest of feelings, and propels me forward with a sense of purpose fueled by love for God.
“There is a solution!” (“Anointed” joke)
Sometimes if I feel worry, uncertainty, or trepidation, I’ll ask God if He’s ok.  If He says yes, I suddenly am filled with glee and want to run off and do something productive.  If He says no, I’m led in some other direction to help Him, which clears my mind of selfishness-based problems, broadening my outlook and bringing me joy from feeling useful.  I derive happiness from my own actions, and I am filled by the act of my own giving.  The greatest gift that I can receive is my own act of Loving.
“Virtue of Charity/ Caritas: altruistic Love”

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love” (1 John 4:8).

One great goal that always works as a “primary purpose” is to learn how to generate Love in the face of great pain, adversity, or discomfort.  I felt like God was the key to this practice, as He is always receptive to my intentions of love and reciprocates the feeling by the ecstasy that I term “Wonder” (the 7th gift of the Holy Ghost).
Now, after diligent practice all day every day, even when I get annoyed or resentful I can switch over pretty readily to a perspective of, “…well, that’s ok, because I love you so much!”  No one can take from me my connection to God and Our Love.  It is my own act of loving that is the gift I receive, not merely being loved; however, the steadfast faith that God loves me unconditionally is what enables me to love at any given Time.  We have a relationship of reciprocity, and together, We may cultivate endlessly greater Love.

Part of learning patience, or the ability to be calm and serene, is developing patience with my own slow rate of progress and occasional mistakes, and maintaining diligence in daily spiritual practices regardless.  It is by  persisting through pain or obstacles with faith and Love for God that growth is accomplished.  Growth rarely occurs during times of smooth sailing, so I must regard these snags as opportunities and cherish them, as God is here to help us at all times.

Metacognition as metaphysical detachment (bird’s eye/ 3rd person self-observation) analogous to hiding behind a camera lens–it obscures the enjoyment of the here and now and occludes enjoyment of the present activity…  It also causes needless anxiety by obstructing “letting go” to absorption of the “flow state!”

“We don’t think our way sober, we act our way sober.”  “Don’t over-think it!”  “Bring the body and the mind will follow.”
Just as smiling creates the experience of happiness, saying “thank you” creates gratitude, offering praise leads us to rejoice, and loving fills is with love.  We are the active creators of our own reality.

Try out 🏮”Love fire drills”🎉to practice letting go.  Periodically, drop all thoughts and activities and just meditate on loving with God and Jesus.

Engage in a personal spiritual evolution or character-development revolution by desiring things of the spirit not of the material.  The very act of working towards these virtues is often the reward itself.  The experience of a new beauty and wonder in living is a miraculous, irreplaceable gift.  Together, sensing Our oneness with God in these endeavors, We enjoy progress in moral, spiritual growth toward that which the soul actually craves; love, honesty, purity, unselfishness…

…Aligning to God’s will, embracing His stream of goodness and abiding within His presence, enjoying the Grace of thinking His thoughts after Him… Desiring this, oneness with God, above all.

What I wanted most was peace of mind and to be a contributing member of society; to feel useful.  What I have received is beyond my wildest dreams.

I have “great expectations,” 😉but I have the humility and wisdom to let God define and specify how they ought to manifest.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1).

“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” KJB

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Belongingness by oneness with God and assurance in doing the right thing, moral action… “Contributing member of society”

The opportunity to be in service (AA’s term for charity) is a gift, not a sacrifice, because it is this sort of selfless giving that I craved in the first place.  With service in my life, I am able to see that what I wanted had nothing to do with alcohol.  Moral, right living and virtuous actions over the course of each day, as the 12 steps outline for us, is the recipe for fulfillment in my life.  The answer to what I need is found in my own actions, as I surrender to God’s will for me, and seek to do the right thing.
I desired to be useful to God and my fellows and to pour out the Love within me.    I never would have guessed that I craved to empty myself rather than to fill myself.  Fear led me to stuff down my emotions and seek escape by intoxication rather than to face the truth.  Honesty with God, myself, and others offers the release I sought all along, and leads me to a path of peace and love in daily living.  Release from the obsession of alcoholic thinking is release to God and His care for me.
Seeing the destruction of alcoholism in my life, I have the humility to admit that I don’t really know what I truly want or what’s best for me.  Certainly my desires were misguided if I think that alcohol was actually what I needed or wanted.  What I really wanted was love, which in actuality, is given rather than received.  The 12 steps teach a lifestyle based putting this Love of God into action in all matters.  As long as I live by these steps and principles in the course of all my daily activities, alcohol stays in its proper place, as being a hindrance to higher forms of goodness.
I seek to grow in His image, to seek spiritual goodness and to do the right thing to the best of my ability.  The 12 steps teach me how to apply these altruistic intentions of love to my daily life in a very practical and simple way.  The result is a transformation of a spiritual sort, and a beautiful belongingness and sense of oneness with God.  I need not worry, as if it really is the right thing, I know God will see me through as I avail myself to Him.  As long as I do my best to live morally, seeking to perform God’s will for me, I can rest in good conscience come what may.  The wisest use of my will, if I desire to do good, is to offer it up to God to direct, as God Himself is the source of the Highest Good.

🌬The Cardinal Virtue as Charity:
Agape (love) denotes a really undefeatable benevolence and unconquerable goodwill, that always seeks the highest of the other, no matter what s/he does. It is the self-giving love that gives freely without asking anything in return, and does not consider the worth of its object. Agape is more a love by choice than philos,which is love by chance; and it refers to the will rather than the emotion
Caritas (altruistic love):”the friendship of man for God”, which “unites us to God.”  He holds it as “the most excellent of the virtues.”  Further, Aquinas holds that “the habit of charity extends not only to the love of God, but also to the love of our neighbor.”  (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charity_(virtue))

What a gift it is to be available to be of service, to God and my fellows, at the drop of a hat!  I am no longer a prisoner of the bondage of alcoholism or bulimia or bound by the chains of selfish pursuits.  “…A new freedom and a new happiness…” (AA, The Promises pp. 83-84).

“Are you ready?”  …For Christ! “Hawks circling overhead…” (Book of Matthew)

The greatest spiritual practice is of the ability to love under any circumstances of discomfort or adversity.  Sometimes stumbling blocks are desirable as they strengthen my ability to elicit this reaction from within instantaneously.  Keeping this skill of loving (agape, caritas, charity) finely tuned, no worldly concern or obstacle could dampen my spirit or ability to be useful to God and my fellows, as my greatest ability and highest purpose is to Love.

What a gift to be so practiced as to be able to summon God’s Love on command!

Step 3 is the guiding force behind my choices.  It enables me to rest in good conscience as a result of following my conscience.  I reaffirm it every morning, as I live “one day at a time,” and relearn steps 1-3 many times over the course of the day after trying my own less fruitful self-willI.
I am glad for free will, as it enables me to realize how lost I become on my own and how dependence upon Him is the source of such great joy.  Reaffirming step 3 renews my gratitude for being made whole and being taken care of so well by God.  Reworking steps 1-3 frequently keeps me from taking my life for granted or becoming complacent.  This work also graces me with the chance to give back to God with the offering of my own life.  Giving back to He who gives so generously feels deeply rewarding to me.  It feels like “home”  …like its my Destiny.
I live to make God proud and I have faith that he will lead me when my intentions are pure, to do His will for me.  Life then becomes a matter of using the resources He’s provided, and persisting in a willingness to see His guidance and care.  Step 3 is a wise decision to make, perhaps the wisest.  No one could take better care than God, as He is God!  Right-dependence is dependence upon God.
It is the continuous act of doing the right thing day by day as a lifestyle that cures my spiritual malady of alcoholism.  I feel it was guilt and insecurity from improper living and being apart from God that led me to crave alcohol in the first place.  Living by spiritual principles of virtue and maintaining my relationship with God renders alcohol undesirable.  Living well and feeling wholesome and loved by God is more satisfying than a drink could ever be.  I wouldn’t sacrifice my relationship with God (& Jesus) for anything; this was all I needed all along.

I cherish the humility and wisdom to not need to know all the answers or figure anything out; these virtues are more valuable than having answers.  I don’t feel the need to impose complications on life, rather, I find peace in just letting it be as simple as it is in its most beautiful.  Trust in action is the practice of depending upon God for direction step by step instead of insisting on having a game plan or other sources of comfort or security as I embark into my future.  Outside sources of security only impede my complete reliance upon God.  If it is His will for me, it will be done as long as I abide and do my part.  Worrying about what will happen makes no sense, it is much more intelligent to just do the right thing and trust God.
Co-creating the script with God and Jesus as we go along is how I most enjoy living.  I value the humility to ask for guidance, and the patience to look and listen for it.  There needn’t be much of a deeper meaning to my life than simply “love and progress, in togetherness.”
Wanting to insist that there is something deeper may be my own ego at work.  The ability to step back and admire God’s handiwork and parsimony, rather than to try to develop and take credit for some profound explanation, is a turning point in developing humility.  I would rather let God be the star than try to feed my own intellectual egotism.  Developing God’s infinite virtues is more valuable than trying to prove my finite human intellect.
When I live correctly, or morally, I see that my successes are not mine at all, but God’s.  Maintaining this knowledge helps me to stay humble and teachable.  It is more challenging to give my will to God consistently than it is to direct it myself.  Step 3 in action is not being a mindless “robot.”  Because of free will, it takes constant effort to channel God’s will instead of my own.  Step 3 is like developing the skill of synchronicity with God and working as one, like in a 3-legged race or on a tandem bike.  An added challenge is when We add Jesus to the mix!
I think Socrates was bragging when he proclaimed, “All I know is that I know nothing.”  This is the ideal starting point to be an excellent learner.  If the ideal is making progress and being a student, I should strive to believe this, as the sentiment is an expression of the height of progress.  Sort of like the Step 1 admission of powerlessness, the admission of ignorance is necessary to make changes, as serves as firm bedrock for growth.
When I give credit to God for the solutions to my problems or other successes, I don’t suffer so much from the inflated ego that I might risk encountering otherwise.  In turn, offering praise and thanks to God fuels my engine with gratitude and joy, and fills me with Awe and Wonder.  This exchange is best understood as a form of reciprocity with God; of the seven gifts of The Holy Spirit, from piety or reverence comes wonder and awe, and this circuit perpetuates.

Worrying is grasping a problem too tightly and losing sight of the bigger picture, which is often where a solution may be found.  “Let go and let God.”

Seeing where I got trying to run on self-will was a valuable experience.  I am working hard to have unwavering trust in God’s fidelity, as my only fear is being apart from Him!  I think this acknowledgment of dependence is usually healthy, but I would rather focus on working towards the joys of being with Him (and Jesus), than to be motivated by the fear of loss or separation.
I would rather go through life looking ahead to the unknown wonders God has in  store for Us than run out of fear of His abandonment.  Following and abiding coincide with trusting His fidelity, and make an excellent offering up to Him.  Trusting His will for me and journeying through life Together is my refuge of serenity.  I need only remember, “Of course, I love you!” and believe in His honor of the covenant to feel that peace He means for Us to enjoy.
At any moment when I feel overwhelmed I can realize, “…who cares what I want or if I like something, God knows better than I!”  I shall just follow my understanding of His will and not mine, to the best of my ability, and express gratitude by trusting Him, and actually enjoying the simultaneous serenity.
Any change or new activity feels strange at first, but soon I can fall into God’s will or align to His “stream of goodness” and enjoy making progress in the task together with Him and Jesus.   At first I may struggle just to complete a job, but soon the challenge is to do it more effectively and smoothly synchronized, and then again while exuding love all Together.  I can look forward to this progression, from difficulty to greater ease and enjoyment, with any bit of work before me.  I should look at it as my job not only to follow Them, but to do so calmly and with a humble assurance, and try to make Them proud.

When I cease to impose my will upon life, I can relax, and enjoy and accept it as it is!

“Let go of attachment to let go of fear, and grasp to God rather than my own will.”  I enjoy life most when I let go of what I want, what I think I like, how I feel, timing, and how things turn out.  Instead, I focus on what God’s will for me may be, in this moment, and I try to just do the next right thing.  I follow, and I do so blindly, without needing a reason or an explanation for His mysterious ways.  Blind faith and blind love in action look like “meeting calamity with serenity” (AA).  I know that God’s plan is inherently always better than mine!  In this way, even through hardships, via my faith, I can offer up praise to God and Jesus!  This lifestyle of love and worship keeps me propelled come what may.  “I choose You!”
“Loving without knowing…without reason.”

In sobriety, We are graced with a life of opportunities and endless possibilities!   “…I (We) can, because I’m in AA!”

“Don’t think about it just do it!”
Regulate yourself to serenity’s pace by controlling your breath, light and slow.  Don’t think about what you’re doing, that may increase self-consciousness or worry.  Just move with calm faith through your activity and think thoughts to God as Jesus, communing through the activity to make it fun together!  Think fun thoughts, play, and try not to focus on yourself so much.  Think of a poem, or decorate your thoughts like a landscape to share and comfort and welcome God and Jesus.  Try to remember, your best gift is loving!

Of my better performances…
“Wow, how’d you do that?!”
“I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t thinking about it!”
…Follow your intuition, naturally and with ease.  “Let go and let God!”

Serenity is a privilege of trusting God and living morally, following the 12 steps.  I just focus on doing the next right thing to the best of my ability; as that’s the best I can ever do, there’s no need to worry about the future or the outcome!
I can let go of control over the outcome of my efforts, timing, and even my temporary thoughts and feelings, and just relax in God’s Arms, manifested as the Present moment.  This is the reward of living well.
The gift of just being calm and in the present is the result of trust in God and right living.  The more I practice these arts, the more I can channel His will as raw Unconditional Love, unhindered by the complications of my own self-will.  The only thing that ever keeps me from seeing God’s miracles in my own life is putting my own self-will first.  The first thing I put before God is the first thing that loses meaning as I pursue it.  “Thy will not mine be done” is the most beautiful thing I can think of, just based upon personal experience of the pursuit of God’s will.
Channeling God’s or Jesus’s will for me instead of my own is far more difficult than being self-directed, but far more rewarding.  They know what I need in ways I never could, and will provide it as I abide.
It seems that everything looks pristine if I try to let Them go through my life ahead of me, leading the way, and that all my frustrations are a result of my rushing ahead or forgetting to work with and trust Them.  Did I consult them before acting?
I don’t even mind life’s frustrations so much any more, because I know it just means they’re trying to teach me something neat.  My ability to succeed is dependent upon my humility, applied as teachability, and willingness and openness to seek guidance and ask for help.  My own capacity for innovation, problem-solving, or creativity could not compare to the limitless wonders of God and Jesus!

“The right use (and best use) of my own will is directing towards and using it to channel the will of God” (AA).  …Especially if it’s just to tell Him, “I love you.”

“Carry the body and the mind will follow” (AA).💘
We don’t think our way sober, we act our way sober; we are happy because we smiled, we feel grateful by saying “thank you,” and we sense Love and feel loved by our own act of Loving.  God is always available to direct these kindnesses and sentiments toward, and thus we are rewarded by the actions themselves.  God is here to Love us, the key is to Love Him!

What a relief it is to let go of my wants and feelings and the bondage of selfhood, and just let myself go to the day’s activities and trust God’s plan and care for me.  To let go of thinking about myself is such a beautiful freedom, as it opens the door for God’s beauty and direction.
Thinking about God and Jesus is my method of enjoying the day’s work, and our quiet times apart are like a reward.  I go from thinking about them to thinking to them, to actively conversing with them…to taking turns piloting my body with Them.  We commune and I enjoy their spiritual fruits over “soul food,” lol!  When things seem amiss, it’s usually because I attempted something on my own rather than in partnership with this “Family.”  My motivation through the day comes from constant check-ins of “conscious contact,” as a verbal running dialogue or conversation with them, both literally and verbally like “ESP Bluetooth,” and through various environmental stimuli.  “What They choose as Their Voice is Their choice…”
What a reward, that through Their spiritual training or “boot camp,” I now feel like I can stop on a dime at a moment of unease and just focus of how deeply I love Them. This love is “agape” rather than “philos;” it is the cultivation of love as an action rather than just feeling it passively.
I must remember to partake in life’s gifts and offerings with that “wide-eyed, dependent, puppy dog” mentality, as He trains me as a sort of loving, spiritual “blood hound.”  My capabilities come from following God and Jesus diligently and willingly, with at least 100% Love and trust.
If ever I am fearful, I know that reestablishing this dialogue is the remedy I seek.  Fear is only the absence of my seeking God.  “God is Love…”  He will always pat me on the back for my efforts.
I’e grown to love making mistakes and reaffirming my own powerlessness, weakness, and humility, because I love the way it feels to realize God’s power and glory.  My aim is the joy of being a child of God, “meek and mild,” which is relying upon Him with this beautiful overwhelming type of gratitude.  I crave the safety of being Their wing.
When things are too much for me, I just need to ask for Their help, and One of Them (or all of Us) will pick up where I leave off; this happens very expediently when I am already working in tandem with Them, but is delayed and if I have rushed off ahead, caught up in self-will or excitement.  I am trying to work on slowing down so that it is more a group effort than a game of realignment; it is easier to maintain harmony than reestablish unison.
If We attempt life as a common effort, in partnership, We can achieve far more than I ever could alone, just like social scaffolding in education psychology.  I wouldn’t attempt life on my own again, not only because it was so difficult and dreary, but because living as co-creators with God and Jesus is so marvelous and wonderful!
…from worry to calm vigilance. 🎧🎯

📿I need quiet times apart for humble reflection, where I may think back on an activity, together with God and Jesus, and see it from Their perspective.  I seek constructive criticism and to get pointers for improvement.
I usually end up thinking, in a rather childlike endearing earnestness, “I’m sorry, I can do a better job next time!”  Typically, I would improve by slowing down, following more attentively, and listening and waiting better.  I always end up with a renewed enthusiasm for progress, excited for the next attempt and highly motivated to make God and Jesus proud.

God, I see You are controlling what I need, what meets my needs, what I see, how capable I am, and how the external world works or doesn’t work for me… All of this is determined by my interactions and intentions with You and Jesus.  Sharing the wheel and taking turns is the recipe for success…

“The present moment acts as amniotic Arms Unseen as I surrender to Your will.”

“Love in action can be proof of God.  It gets more heavenly the longer I persist.”

“I have Great Expectations (God is Great!), I just don’t determine what they are!  I let You plan how life unfolds for me, and I am always delighted.  I usually value most the tiniest of little gestures that show you care, just little bits of life that hold meaning for me to which you direct my attention; for instance, seeing a butterfly or a bunch of balloons, or a reply to a question I asked You, at just the right moment.  I keep looking for Your will, in signs, symbols, and direct verbal communion, and Your will becomes more literal and direct as I remain diligent and persistent in my seeking.  Via prayers, meditation, and guidance, both vague and extremely specific, I am able to follow Your path for me like a magical scavenger hunt.
You can control my needs and what satisfies them, so if I focus on serving Your will before any other, I need not worry about myself.  You can determine, for example, if my iPod works, or if I figure out how to succeed at a task, or if a buttons clicks when I press it.  You can control if the world looks friendly, what gifts I notice, and how happy I am.  Life works better when I seek Your will in all my doings, although I still expect to encounter obstacles so that I may learn.
“It is by going through obstacles and difficulties while maintaining faith in You and actively generating love nonetheless that results in spiritual growth.”
In never giving up on seeking You and in taking quiet times apart with You for reflection, You always show me the path by which to grow.  I love communion as time to step back to a place divine humility to face You, so that I may see my own mistakes and so that you can show me a higher road.
As I follow You, a word may look like it says “rejoice” even though it says “replace,” the birds seem to chat, little smiling faces seem to peek out of textile patterns…life just seems magical.  I need only look for You to follow, and the rest takes care of itself.  “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…”
You Always appear when I look for You.  “One will I serve.”  Besides that, it is only by feeling like I’m helping you that I know fulfillment and sense that my life holds meaning and purpose.

…Seeking God’s will, interpreting it in the immediate environment and/or within my mind-state (assuming you are already guiding me, it’s just up to me to follow through), following signals and indicators no matter how frivolous they may seem, eventually developing a code system for various forms of stimuli, and believing the effect of the actions will please You.  “Faith with works” as honest intention followed through with earnest action coupled with steadfast belief.  It works.
…sort of like philosophical idealism.

If there’s something wrong, it’s probably that I’m not not actively contributing love to whatever situation in which I find myself.  Any problem that I may experience is never actually the situation, other people, events, or even my feelings, it is only ever my own response or reaction to the situation or feelings.  Life is a DIY, BYOL, a “bring your own love,” event.  By free will, I have the freedom to choose my own responses, and I choose to love.
I only feel love by first giving love, altruistically and without any demand for return.  I love “just because,” as it is its own end, rather than a means.  I feel grateful by first saying thank you, the action itself actually precedes the sentiment.  The order in which these occurrences flow is often misconstrued.
This generation of gratitude and love, by simply getting the ball rolling and setting up the momentum with a simple act, can carry me through any trial or tribulation in a place of peace.

“Carry the body and the mind will follow.”

“Love” is not something you feel, it’s something you do.  Love works as a default intention, and is synonymous with “God’s will.”

God will take notice of good intentions of love or gratitude.  He can control what I notice and help me along if I strive to Love.

If I want to be optimistic, and spring out of bed with a smile of my face and music in my heart, I can, it is up to me!  That sounds like a fun way to live, so I’ll do that!  If I approach life with enthusiasm and good cheer, I experience life as joyous.  My experience of the world depends upon my approach and the perspective I take, which I am responsible for choosing or changing by my own free will.  “Proper use of self-will is directing it towards God, or offering it up to God to guide” (AA).

The goal of my spiritual progress and tutelage is to be able to cultivate and actively love in the face of hate or any sort of adversity.  Discomfort and disagreeable circumstances only strengthen my ability to provide love and respond with positivity, which is the greatest skill I could ever develop.  This life is practice for the next one, it is a learning experience.  The highest and greatest truth is love.  The greatest triumph is to love limitlessly the people who have hated or harmed me.  This means a lot, because I was always innocent.

I need to pray first thing in the morning so I start out my day properly oriented towards God (and Jesus).  Unless I begin my day in this way, I find that I am propelled by self-will, as my own wants and desires, or I may get run off track by external distractions like other people, rather than let an earnestness to fulfill whatever God’s will for me may be serve as my driving force.  God can determine my needs and fulfillments anyway, so it makes sense to first consult the Source.
When I orient myself towards God instead of the world, I can reside in a place of humility, looking for what I can learn, rather than be oriented towards others, competing over who knows best or how I can “teach” them.  The self-centered egotistical stand point is a hindrance for spiritual progress and a mistake I must both guard against and keep relearning.
When I focus on God, first and foremost, it doesn’t bother me if someone else doesn’t seem to like me.  I can just trust God when something unexpected happens, because I am already following Him to the best of my ability.
My ideal mind state is being totally open and receptive to what I perceive as God’s will for me, based upon meditation, prayer, communion, and an earnest desire that “God’s will, not mine, be done.”  Putting aside what I may think I want to do for what God would have me do is what allows me to ascertain the “right path” for me.  I don’t know best, but I’m following God, who does.

When I think I’ve said something smart, I try to interpret it as God’s advice to me rather than my advice to you.  It is God, as if I’ve said something wise, I’m just channeling God effectively; “Of myself I am nothing, the Father doeth the works.”  In that way I can remain a student and not subject myself to deleterious ego inflations or feelings of “knowing better.”

“Life is the format for a conversation with God.”
He gets to pick the mediums by which We converse.  He can control what I hear and what it sounds like (if “Julie” sounds instead like “joy”), what I notice, and how I see what I see if I try to look for Him and follow His will for me… If I keep putting myself in His hands to care for.
Life is a continuous, ongoing series of steps upwards towards spiritual progress and an ever-increasing but fluctuating sense of understanding of and with God.

“The day as an opportunity for exchanging messages of love with God and Jesus.”

Correct use of my will:
“I want to do what You would have me do, whatever that is!  I want to please You!”

“Hold on to something that will hold on to you… I’ll hold on to loving You!”

“Hope: optimistic expectation”
I have “Great Expectations.”  My expectations are Great, as is God, but they are ambiguous, open and completely flexible.  I will perceive that daisy I happen to glance down upon as the most marvelous spectacle on Earth.  These are my Great Expectations.

-Selflessness to be filled by God; no judgement to allow for compassion
-Proper use of Time as worship of God
-Losing oneself in the moment

“Letting Go, Relaxation as an Art”
I’m working on letting go to the moment  itself, as a form of God’s Arms and care.  For me, this means trying not to rush off and take notes or pictures to capture the moment or whatever jewel of wisdom He has imparted to me, but rather to just to absorb the experience in that moment.  I will strive to just enjoy being one with God and Jesus in the moment and appreciating, not using, their company.  This requires trust that Their beautiful ideas will reappear at the appropriate time to record them in my note or records.  If God wants me to use the idea, He will give it back when I can actually apply it, I needn’t get territorial or feel the need to stash it away immediately.  It may be His intention not that I keep excellent notes of knowledge and ideas, but rather that I enjoy the process of being inspired, and work together with God and Jesus to contribute to the “think tank.”
…Enjoying the inspiration without feeling compelled to rush off and record it immediately.  Trusting them by letting go of my sometimes compulsive note-taking.
Apply it first, then let it flow…

“Life is a Learning Experience”
Don’t take corrections personally, or as insults.  Just make the correction and follow the suggestion without self-judgement and then enjoy the feeling of the improvement!  Progress is what We strive for, making corrections and changes are necessities!  The corrections are offered from a wider perspective, one that I alone could not see, one from God’s place of love and care.  He is not punishing, He is not insulting, He is firmly directing to the best path.  He always knows best, what a wonderful resource and Friend!  Humility is both a goal and a prerequisite; let go of self-reproach as well as reproach of others to experience this virtue.
Saying “Thank You” keeps me grateful, and saying “I’m sorry, I’ll do better,” keeps me humble.

When you feel reproached or insulted by others, interpret the correction as some sort of spiritual growth, and consult God for direction.  Am I losing humility in feeling a need to defend by pride?

“Asking God is the categorical imperative.”

“I’d say ‘Sky’s the limit,’ but who am I to impose limits.”😜

Just focusing on how much I love You and Jesus is a great coping mechanism, as generating love is something I can always do to feel better, and you Always appreciate it!  However, sometimes stepping back from a troubling situation to have a chuckle about it with You Guys works well too, as You help me to see the situation as far more trivial than my narrow perspective would allow.  Nothing is ever really a problem when I look at it together with You!😍

One of the benefits of depending upon God is the ability to accept others as they are unconditionally, as imperfect humans in need of love.  This acceptance is possible because I do not rely on them to be anything other than what they are, I am only relying upon God!  Only God and Jesus are perfect, eternally dependable, and innately reliable in all situations.
Today I will work on acceptance, tolerance, and sharing love with others just as they are, rather than trying to impart knowledge or to help change them.  Help offered before an individual is ready to be helped is not actually helpful!  Maybe instead of trying to teach or give advice I should see myself as a student of the practice of tolerance and acceptance.  The ability to generate love for God under any and all circumstances ought to be broadened; thus I will try to stretch my circle to encompass His children as well.

When you feel overwhelmed, perhaps scared, confused, ready to burst into tears… Just hold on to your sense of God and the willingness to be cheered up.  You know you don’t have the answers, so just stay open to knowing that God and Jesus will help you… The solutions will come, just stay willing.  Love will flow in.

“Missing in action action will find.”
Try to generate love and enthusiasm with your physical efforts after your refractory period of meditation and communion with God and Jesus.

Try to also be supportive and get excited for other people’s interests.  Though you may not share the interest, you can share in the enthusiasm and be happy for their happiness.