“We’re gonna dumbfound them with Love.”
If something seems amiss, keep stepping back and listening for God and Jesus.  It’s never too late to rework an activity to get it going in tandem, as the Trinity, cultivating a state of Love and trust.

Practice distancing yourself from the feeling, thought, or situation if you are experiencing discomfort.  Try on the 3rd party perspective of God or Jesus.   Broadening the focus out of yourself to include the whole Trinity will provide the solution.  Recall how when you suddenly “restart” your mental framework you automatically extol and feel Love for God.  This is a much easier space to work within. The willingness to admit to mistakes and take corrections at any point during a hardship will turn it into a learning opportunity for spiritual growth.  Let yourself go, and know that God will pick up the pieces as you lovingly seek Him.

Practicing letting go (step 3), and giving up the helm to God and Jesus, is an art!  Please be patient with yourself and Us, as this is a learning experience, you are not expected to perform it perfectly, especially without assistance!  Piloting this craft takes constant effort and diligence, and it is not a solo effort.  Maybe try to stop thinking about it or trying to force it; rather, flow with it more intuitively, and let your intentions of Love and the desire for oneness with God guide you, as your intellect alone is of lesser value than these deeper gifts.  Pleasing God and Jesus by letting them help is a best-case scenario!  Show appreciation and make use of this good “Fortune!”
Take corrections happily, they will keep coming!  Persist in being positive and patient with yourself as you balance many instructions with your daily activities!  Please remain in a place of humility and gratitude for being given what you yourself could not provide, as this will bestow the motivation to be earnestly willing to keep persisting with spiritual progress.  Savor the resulting Awe, take Time to generate Love, and try to be positive through stumbling blocks!  This experience of growth is to be enjoyed, not perfected!  Try not to take your performance so seriously, and remember to step out of the way; be respectful of the spirit of rotation!

A real accomplishment could be the humility and strength to let go of your own downcast mood or frustration to laugh at someone’s joke!  Letting go of yourself opens you up to be filled by the solution.  Accepting help is difficult for our sense of self or pride, and is an achievement!  Have faith that the solution to any problem is Always here, if I am willing to receive it.  Humility means accepting that the answers are not of myself, but of God.

Experience life on life’s terms and enjoy the beauty of the mystery as it unfolds!  Practice the virtue of “Loving without knowing,” and resist the impulse to demand more satisfaction, knowledge or understanding than I can use at this Time!   Cultivating this unquestioning Faith in God’s unconditional Love, and then reciprocating it, feels deeply rewarding.

When you’re having emotional trouble, the answer starts with experiencing the mood.  Accept the difficult emotion💖.  Feel it to its full extent without denial or avoidance.  Try to be open and willing for greater ease in letting God step in to redirect it in a positive direction, when He decides it’s Time.  Be willing to turn 180 degrees at the drop of a dime.  They are in control… what a relief!  Take a deep breath in Awe!
“Here, blow this out.”🌬🔥

Try to keep in mind that feeling angry, sad, or hurt does not mean that you’re doing something wrong or that you have failed.  You may not be expected to feel a positive emotion at all times.  Persisting with life and actually feeling whichever emotion bubbles up is, in fact, the healthy way to deal with the feeling.  Simply making the “bad feeling” “go away” is not the way of healthy coping habits.  The habits or skills in your toolbox are meant to help you to bear the feeling, they are not meant to eliminate the feelings!  Feelings are a part of life, and experiencing the full spectrum of emotion is totally normal, and a part of being a human being.
It’s ok to feel melancholy or angry, the growth comes from diligence in progressing spiritually in the face of the discomfort.  Don’t beat yourself up or think you are being punished, We are here to help you through this!  Please let Us assist as soon as you feel willing to let us in.  Be patient with yourself, you are doing your best.  The result does not always produce an immediate change in emotion, so try not to judge your own efforts by your feelings. Wait it out, let go, and Leave the judging to Us!
Just focus on the task at hand and do as you’re told.  We know best!  Remember how you’ve only come this far by letting go of your own will and taking all suggestions.  The point may not be to succeed on your own, but to ask for help and produce together what could not be done alone.
“I Can of Mine Own Self Do Nothing. The Father That Dwelleth in Me, He Doeth the Works” (John 14:10).
“…The Whole is greater than the Sum of Its parts” (Aristotle).

Remember how faith in action is a “(We) can-do” attitude!  Reside in a sense of calm assurance that what needs to be done is already fulfilled as you abide.  “Be the nest to welcome home…”  Know that you are being directed to succeed on God’s terms; you are no longer expected to “take one for the team,” but to experience an inward sort of victory.  Quietly know that what you are instructed to do will have positive results as you diligently obey.  You are being shown how to live triumphantly through any of life’s challenges, as God and Jesus are with you always.
Take advantage of the reprieve of surety in following directives, as you know they are leading you in a humble path of spiritual progress and serenity.  Demonstrate your faith in Them by believing that They want the best for you, and that They want for you to make progress and do well!  Trusting the care of God is respectful and imperative to a stable and peaceful state of being.  This trust allows you the privilege to enjoy life’s blessings and opportunities as they come.  Loosen up and relax!
“Pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress,” but it is just a pit stop, not the “final resting place” or result (AA)!  Judge your efforts not by your feelings of the moment, but by your willingness to make corrections and forge ahead toward progress.  The answer?😜
Adopting the attitude that “…Still more spiritual development” is always our greater purpose in life opens the door to turn any obstacle into an opportunity: to grow, to learn, and to help others… and to enjoy the overall experience.
“The best method is the one that works.”

“…The serenity to be ok without needing to feel ok.”

Focus on being more than doing.  Start with calm faith and persist with activity in a state of love, knowing that discomfort subsides as We persevere past it.  Peacefulness is crafted by following through positive intentions with the necessary footwork, it is not simply granted.  Often it is this effort or footwork that brings the happiness, so I must try to resist discouragement if I don’t feel the positivity that I envision right away.  God always knows how hard you are trying, so trust that your best efforts are sufficient.  Trust that you are being called and helped to succeed when your goal is to perform the will of God.  “To please the Lord” is a reason that I can always get excited about!
One of the best gifts we can give back to God is faith in the best of Him, and that He is perfect love and wants the best for us too.  Our happiness and best interests are often manifested through paths that  transcend our human comprehension.  If our hearts are in the right place, the faith in an overall goodness and purpose to our lives comes naturally, and the pitfalls do not cause much distress.  God and a lifestyle oriented toward virtue provide the necessary foundation for an indestructible peace and a fundamental ease in living.
Check your motives for your actions–do they stem from virtue or self-centered fear of some sort (pride)?  Keep your motivations grounded in the selflessness of altruism or charity (caritas) as unconditional love.  Coming from this point, everything else will fall into place.  Realize that if you feel “out of sorts,” you may need to take a rest to commune with God and realign to His will.  The problem is likely just that you forgot how in love you are, lol!  Being a comforter for God and Jesus is where my fulfillment resides.  Being useful to my fellows provides me with a higher meaning to my life, thus bestowing fulfillment, purpose and joy.  Keep listening.  “Seek and ye shall find…” “Yes, I love you too.”😉

When the goal is growth, improvement, and progress, humility and teachability become our greatest assets.  When seen from this perspective, the “gift of desperation” from hitting rock bottom as humility and willingness to abide preclude the harboring of regrets or resentments.
The fallacy of esteeming self-confidence and a sense of self-sufficiency as meritorious must be guarded against and frequently re-realized to maintain knowledge of my own powerlessness.  In this constant working of steps 1 through 3, I may maintain “right-dependence,” which is upon God.  The desire to please Him and act with love is what lights the candle of my faith.

It is a virtue to recognize this life as a gift and to make use of this unique opportunity.  “Get busy living…!”  It requires effort to see the blessings and not the burdens, and to make a conscious effort to feel exuberance for The presence of God and Jesus here with me.  I might need to check my self periodically so that I do not show disrespect by acting like it’s just an ordinary thing or no big deal, but I also may need to check myself so that I don’t get carried away by the Divine feeling of awe and wonder that is oneness with God.
“The best method is the one that works.”  When I believe that the answer to life”s problems is “still more spiritual development,” I can view the experience from the perspective of “what can I learn from this,” rather than indulge in self-pity or feel bullied or defeated.  Belief that God wants me to grow and will show me the way through pulls the solution into actuality when I follow through with willingness and action.
Faith in theory is vastly different from faith in application, and it is this “faith with works” that makes the difference and brings me closer to God.  Adventuring through life’s obstacles together with God and Jesus is what makes my life meaningful.  It is first and foremost Their company and presence that I seek.  “… God does not make too hard terms with those who seek Him” (AA).
Of my own, I “freak out” or feel very internally stressed, and feel like I need to do everything all at once and immediately put into action the beautiful inspirations that God gives me.  With all this divine input, however, the reality of tangible existence only allows for one activity at a Time.  Faced with this collision of possibilities, I experience a stimulation overload and very quickly burn out.
I often forget that the point is to enjoy doing the activity and to use it as a means by which I may feel God and Jesus more closely, not so much to just “get it done.”
If I start out oriented to the activity instead of oriented to God and Jesus and what They want for me, I wind up dissatisfied (and so do They) and miss the point.  I already know that what I really want, intrinsically, is of a spiritual nature, and is basically to grow closer to Them.  I can feel the incongruence if I do not prioritize my connection to Them, so it is necessary that I attend to Them first.
When I do place Them first and fall into Their groove, the outcome, product, or performance is always breathtaking and miraculous to experience.
I Do it for Love.

Whenever I feel a craving or neediness I know heart-rest with God is the answer, He and Jesus provide the “soul food”  or “right kind of sustenance” that I actually need.  It is this cultivation of love during our communion, or quiet times apart, that equips me to perform the day’s work joyfully and humbly… and never alone.  To “live usefully and walk humbly with the Lord” helps me as a directive.
Sacrificing my own selfish wants to be of better use and service to God and my fellows is vastly more rewarding, spiritually, than any material gain could ever be.  My desire to please God keeps me going, and it does please Him.  I know that I will always be shown the pathway of right action when I keep diligently willing and try my hardest to follow the spiritual principles and act according to higher virtues.  I can find comfort in knowing I am doing the right thing and that God’s care is the best care… as it is God’s.
Putting time into a relationship with God is always a good idea, as He is a real
person and it is a real relationship.  I have gotten out of it what I have put into it over the years, and I use Him as a bullseye for my cupid’s arrows during meditation.  This is the relationship that comes First and Foremost in importance, and it is Eternal.  Oh yeah, and Jesus is an alright guy too.  🤓Lol!  I wouldn’t sacrifice my quiet times with them for anything in the Universe.
“Love is an armor against fear.”😘💘💒
I receive direct guidance in proportion to my willingness to seek and perform God’s will for me, as it becomes more straightforward and explicit over Time as I abide.  It may start out as asking for signs, and a give and take of questions directed toward God, like “how are You,” or “what would You like for me to do for You?”  The practice of meditation can clear up a channel by which I may grow to listen to Their voices, as if by psychic earpieces.