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Merci d’Aujourd’Hui💞
😜Daily Gratitude List

Monday 2/15/16

Sunday 2/14/16
10973. Letting go of willful demands for pleasures and satisfactions beyond their intended purpose; willingness to cooperate with God’s will and to try our best to progress in character building
10974. A sense of responsibility and effort at the individual level affecting the greater community
10975. Letting go of demands upon other people and trusting in God; seeing lessons as blessings and doing the right thing no matter what, sharing faith with others
10976. Unconditional acceptance in the Fellowship; accepting and loving others without expectations or conditions; being loved by loving
10977. Knowing God is love; seeking to know His love in its many forms and needing never to be alone; loving ourself as God loves us
10978. Learning to trust in order to change; believing first to see God working in many ways; openness to believing in love to find the care we need; asking God’s help to believe in His love making the hard times easier
10979. Seeing our problem with alcohol begins before the first drink, and giving up our use of willpower to try to control our drinking; faithfully keeping a time apart with God every day to be mentally and spiritually transformed; valuing God’s presence, not just praying;  experiencing His curative grace without trying to understand it; learning to wait before God for inspiration to live aright; our spiritual growth occurring in quiet time apart with God

Saturday 2/13/16
10966. Loving the best in others, never fearing their worst; seeing what real love and tolerance for our fellows means by accepting their sins as well as their virtues
10967. Keeping in mind compassion with wisdom; utilizing our faculties of intelligence to judge the consequences of our actions
10968. Remembering that we can’t think out way sober; seeing that intelligence is an attribute, not a reliable tool for recovery, as only will God restore us to sanity
10969. Accepting and loving myself to accept and love others as they are, without judgement; freedom to join in, laugh, and enjoy people; reaching out with warmth, not trying to be right
10970. Asking God’s help first thing in the morning and then all day long, never having to solve my problems alone; taking responsibility for my efforts and giving the solutions to God
10971. Breaking life into one day increments to give us the power and strength to change; finding God here in the moment and staying there minute by minute
10972. Seeing honestly that we passed the tolerance point of alcohol; giving our efforts to the spiritual life, and not giving up before the miracle happens; prayer to God to press on to reach out goals

Friday 2/12/16
10959. Making decisions based upon God’s voice of intuition and asking for others for guidance, not just relying upon logic; acting without fear, knowing we can benefit from experience
10960. Determination and confidence in the human potential, by God, to overcome hardships; recalling stories of others who have overcome by practice and hope
10961. Faith serving as the pathway to the center of my life; the wonderful revelation and relief of coming to see that God, not myself, is the center of the world
10962. Developing the ability to love by giving of myself; letting go of my shell by recognizing that I am neither worthless nor do I have all the answers; the ability to listen with energy and care so intently as to forget myself; giving regardless of how I feel
10963. Practicing patience and step 3 by living one day at a time; giving the future to God and trusting He will provide answers to problems at the right time
10964. God’s help to be gentle and caring to the child’s spirit within; healing a little more each day to be alive, free, and full of joy; taking the time to take good care
10965. Learning from experience that a sober life is more enjoyable than drinking, and wanting sobriety more than I want to drink; spiritual life depending upon consciousness of God; having peace instead of fear by keeping God in my consciousness at all times; knowing I am safe in His hands no matter what happens; prayer for a new and better life through God consciousness

Thursday 2/11/16
10952. Willingness to believe in a Power greater than oneself and to live by spiritual principles; affording unlimited choice of spiritual belief in our concepts of God
10953. Less dramatic happiness of spirituality as steadier and more comfortable and colorful in the long run, with less fluctuations
10954. Acknowledging my fears to understand their source and power over me; asking God to help and finding comfort and security from reliance upon Him
10955. Comfort in knowing that I’m human, and learning to relax, laugh at myself, and turn things over to God, who handles my life
10956. God’s help to do what I need to do today to preserve this new life that He’s given me
10957. Remembering what my past madness was like to put it to good use and keep going; helping others and not giving up
10958. Finding that we want our enjoyable sober life, getting along with family, doing our work well, and trying to help others, more than we want to drink; learning to wait patiently for God to show me His will, as calm waiting is harder than action; not hindering my spiritual growth by too much activity, but instead trusting God and patiently preparing myself for a better life

Wednesday 2/10/16
10945. Dependence upon God working as our chief source of strength, far from being a weakness
10946. Love and compassion as genuine respect for the wellbeing and rights of others, not based upon attachment
10947. Choosing God, seeing Him as everything, and being truly grateful; remembering that when I get caught up in self and try to run the show I block God off from my life; willingness to grow along spiritual lines with God
10948. Moving forward simply by awareness and willingness to change; advancing so I do not fall back, beginning with acceptance so I can loosen my grip and make room for change
10949. Praying for God’s will, not what I think I might want; burdens for strength, honesty for wisdom, becoming loving to gain love
10950. Opening up to life’s little wonders, and finding ways to share love, the greatest wonder; seeing we have chances to live and grow from both pain and joy; to see and help make wonderful little things happen for others
10951. Learning to rely upon God for help in all areas of my life to be useful and happy, and seeing I am happier without addictions; God as a Master Gardener, helping me prune old branches to be ready to bear good fruit

Tuesday 2/9/16
10938. “Humility for today” as a safe and secure stance between emotional extremes; a quiet place with enough perspective and balance to take my next steps toward eternal values
10939. Compassion as the basic motivating factor sometimes having the immediate catalyst being a strong force of mind
10940. A spiritual experience as a complete change in attitude towards life and the living of it; life seeming joyous and full where before it seemed empty and devoid of meaning; transformation by daily prayer, meditation, and step work for inner peace and belonging
10941. Living life actively today, not as a plan or a list; giving my will completely to God to feel the joy and freedom beyond my own imagination and predictability
10942. Keeping in mind my own powerlessness and need for proper guidance; always seeing room for improvement, and the need for humility to grow
10943. Needing a clear mind for life, and being conscientious not to get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired to avoid crazy thinking; turning problems over to God, practicing good self-care, and being vigilant for areas to improve
10944. Willingness to admit when drinking or addictive behavior stops being fun; our faith as our life-line from our souls to God; trusting in our life-line and never being afraid, but looking to God for help and emotional soothing

Monday 2/8/16
10931. Keeping anonymity to give up the pursuit of perilous illusions of power, prestige, or money
10932. Awareness of the nature of reality strengthening powers of compassion and altruism; insight into reality to realize the way out of suffering to escape the cycle; insight motivated by the altruistic wish to help others
10933. Regular meetings and service to maintain new habits and avoid old habits of fears and defects; sober living one day at a time to bring our unconscious into line with what we actually believe
10934. No limit to what God and I can do together; willingness to learn a new way and change my attitudes and habits with help
10935. Practicing loving our fellows to feel that we, too, are loved; expressing our love for God, ourselves, and other people to make progress and recognize God’s presence in our lives
10936. The steps as a set of ideas with great promise and simplicity, that have been proven to work; finding the solutions to any of life’s problems in our program
10937. Realizing that exciting addictive pleasures have lost all their fun, and finding that steady serenity and happiness are much more important; relying on God and trusting Him to the limit; waiting in trust and hope for guidance, meeting the test of time through patience to wait for God to lead

Sunday 2/7/16
10924. Awareness of our propensity for rationalization and tendency to justify maladaptive behavior; guarding against our insanity by abstinence without excuses
10925. Outlook making a difference; analytical meditation by applying reason for awareness of one’s own mind-state, so that we don’t fall under the sway of negative thoughts or feelings like fear
10926. True humility and an open mind leading us to faith; assurance from our Fellowship that our sanity is restored and our obsessions are lifted as we rightly relate ourselves to Him
10927. An open mind to see a teacher in anyone, and to follow any suggestions we may hear
10928. Letting go of compulsiveness and practicing patience; faith that recovery is a process and not instantaneous; gradual growth towards our ideals by working with what we have today and letting God set the pace
10929. Thanking God for my addiction or deficits, as through them I may find myself, my work, and God; my problems becoming my biggest gifts by leading me to find true meaning by revealing my need for God; readiness to learn from obstacles with God
10930. Taking the long view of consequences over the short view of addictive pleasures, and prioritizing long-term and stable happiness; faith as a light in my times of darkness to lead me all the way through without fear; belief that prayer from the heart always reaches God and that He will always help my human weakness as I reach out to Him

Saturday 2/6/16
10917. Fear as a soul-sickness leading to character defects, with faith as the antidote; inner security by faith as a spiritual awakening
10918. Tolerance of people and events by deciding not to take negative or contrary action as a response
10919. Step two as a rallying point; standing together as a whole, with God in our hearts to unite us; God speaking to us through each other, all of us being channels for His love; seeking to do His will by living spiritual principles, with sanity and emotional sobriety as rewards
10920. Awareness of my appearance in an attitude of self-acceptance having a positive effect on my outlook; putting in mental as well as physical effort to feel like I look good; dressing becomingly and consciously smiling for joy
10921. In the spirit of loving kindness, our lives becoming fresher, our souls humbler, and evil seeming to disappear; the beauty of our souls shining as we consciously look for the good in life and in people, and walk in God’s love
10922. Not putting off new beginnings, and doing in order to learn; actively creating our recovery; beginning again and again and learning to move closer to God friends, family, myself, and recovery; asking for help, love, and company from God; working for progress, not perfection
10923. Looking through the fleeting pleasure of unhealthy addictions and instant gratification to the aftereffects; letting God know we seek just to dwell in His presence, just being near Him satisfying a longing in the Eternal Heart, to be loved for itself by the Great Divine Heart; praying to have a listening ear so that God may speak to me, and praying to have a waiting heart so that God may come to me

Friday 2/5/16
10910. Lifesaving communication among ourselves, with the world around us, and with God as the access point of healing grace; kinship in suffering and common means of deliverance; our channels of contact in the Fellowship opened and charged with the language of the heart; effectiveness of deliverance by carrying the message to others
10911. Modernization as a surface change, with fundamental human existence remaining the same; religions and spirituality maintaining their relevance
10912. Step two as a glorious release from being alone; seeing my insanity leaves as I let go of ego and am willing to ask for help, giving up “self-will run riot”; God always being present to share my burdens and help reinforce; no longer fighting but instead enthusiastically practicing steps
10913. Deriving unconditional self-worth by my relationship with God and practicing the 12-step spiritual program, not from external acclaim; enjoying myself to enjoy the company of others
10914. God teaching us what we can offer; doing what we’re asked to do to the best of our ability to feel joy and fulfillment; peace in knowing we are right in God’s eyes by practicing our best selves and seeking His guidance
10915. Using God, the steps, and the Fellowship as three parts of recovery to maintain a strong spiritual center; the care of God curing any of life’s problems
10916. Taking the long view past the instant release of drinking and addictive pleasures; seeing life as a school and trusting in God to teach spiritual things; persistence in communion and learning how to listen to the many ways in which He reveals Himself; practicing spirituality

Thursday 2/4/16
10903. Letting go of the illusion of being able to control my addictions and seeking the great Physician
10904. Value of religions in dealing with basic human suffering and problems remaining consistent
10905. Persistence in the program to rekindle and resurrect faith; learning by openness and new experiences the way of faith
10906. Willingness to follow instructions for a solution to our problems by living a new way of life; putting aside my fear to seek God’s will; ability to change in spite of fear
10907. God providing many ways and working through everyone; carrying the message just like everyone else, without vanity in our prospect of do-gooding
10908. Value in the present moment, with recovery make up of many moments of choice; utilizing the moment to make responsible choices and move towards God; learning that we’re all human, and that we all need each other; knowing that others care for us
10909. Developing a real fellowship based on unselfishness and a real desire to help each other; letting go of my crutches of addiction to be able to learn from God and let His power take the place of alcohol; trusting He will reveal His will as we go forward together, step by step

Wednesday 2/3/16
10896. Persistence in self-inventories beyond unrealistic appraisals, to break out of old patterns of thirst for approval and achievements; watching for self-justification of old behaviors by using the alibi of having spiritual objectives
10897. Opening my mind and trying new experiences to transform fear or discomfort; importance of smiling and being emotionally genuine to create comfortable ground from my side of relationships; having an open heart and mind to hold all dear
10898. Unconditional love to replace the role of alcohol in my life; finding relief by practicing spiritual principles, not just believing in them; willingness to believe in a Higher power as the beginning
10899. Faith in an Indwelling God to provide solutions to all of life’s problems to overcome all fear; turning it over to God to relax and just focusing on my work
10900. Applying and practicing what I know Today to make progress
10901. Recovery as hard work, sticking with those who work the program for spiritual happiness
10902. Finding long-lasting happiness in respect, honesty, and humility, not in our old ways of self-importance; faith in God’s power to achieve anything in human relationships; walls that divide us falling by faith and God’s power

Tuesday 2/2/16
10889. A wonderful energy that carries the message and translates the steps into action in all our affairs as the payoff, the magnificent reality; simply laying out our spiritual tool kits for others, offering what worked for us, friendship, and fellowship
10890. Admiring and respecting the practice of different religions; seeing that all other religions have great benefits or potential; closer contact with other traditions for a deeper understanding of their value
10891. A desire to stop drinking coinciding with willingness to take suggestions, to surrender and reach out to God and my fellows for rescue; release by giving up egocentric core and disenfranchisement masked as self-mastery and independence
10892. Willingness to choose to be happy; discontent indicating an unconscious clinging to old habits; willingness to try a new way to experience happiness
10893. Spending time on the slow development of patience, by watching myself carefully each day and using prayer in times of need instead of being selfish; slow, steady progress toward developing virtue, and patience  in living the life set before me
10894. Believing in our steps and sayings to let them become a part of us as we turn our lives over to them; finding they guide us more the more we believe; asking God for help to believe
10895. Seeing the pleasure of drinking as false and temporary; working a program of spiritual principles for a real feeling of satisfaction with ourselves, self-respect, and a feeling of friendliness toward the world; real serenity and peace; practicing love to clear the way, and trying to see good in all people as children of God; the act of loving to open the channel to God and be loved

Monday 2/1/16
10882. Humility and willingness to proclaim in a Higher Power than oneself as the beginning of spiritual growth toward God
10883. Different religions being suitable or effective for different people with different dispositions; respecting and accepting the value of ways other than my own
10884. The process of coming to believe as gradual, with much practice over the course of daily life to realize God’s effectiveness
10885. Acting as if God is real, and finding that He makes as an excellent ubiquitous best friend to elucidate life and community; nothing to lose by the way of faith but false pride and illusions
10886. Daily effort in life’s little tasks as having the cumulative effect of a life well lived; putting out my best effort and care consistently
10887. Opening myself up to listen thoughtfully to others share experiences of hope and joy to slowly come to believe in God; looking for miracles and healing
10888. A new way of life that doesn’t lead me to seek escape through alcohol or addictive behaviors; starting fresh each day, or each moment without burdens or anxiety; gratefully and honestly trying to live as God would have it, glad and humble; not spoiling life by worry, fear, or selfishness

Sunday 1/31/16
10875. Including the family in the recovery process if they wish to be involved, and demonstrating the success of living upon spiritual principles by behavior, not by attempts at conversion
10876. Education, awareness, and contact with other cultures; seeing that our well-being, interests, and futures are interdependent, not independent or unrelated to each other; seeing no room for bigotry or racism in the nature of reality
10877. The whole being greater than the sum of its parts, placing the greater good, group growth, our unity, and common welfare first; not taking credit or authority
10878. Effort, risk, and investment of myself to participate, taking what comes my way and going out of my way; forgetting myself in God’s care to experience life without fear, regret, or worry; putting aside negative habits and experiencing a new closeness to others and myself; exchanging “…but” for “why not”
10879. Living ourselves into better thinking not thinking ourselves into better living; thanking God for problems to develop the attitude to live and cope with them, and finding they will transform beyond what we could comprehend as our own growth
10880. Recovery only proceeding one day at a time, always being a beginner; devoting time and utilizing the program every day
10881. Getting rid of the behaviors and attitudes that cut me off from God; comfort in knowing I’m living the way God wants me to, without loneliness or remorse; believing that all sacrifice and suffering are of value in my life, and trusting in God’s infinite will that is beyond my finite mind to understand; when I feel defeated, taking comfort in saying “Thy will, not mine, be done,” for practical application of my faith that works no matter what; taking suffering or pain in stride, accepting it as a part of God’s plan for spiritual growth

Saturday 1/30/16
10868. Experimenting with new methods and being open to unexpected results; trying out prayer and meditation and finding they work miracles
10869. Finding a place of love within to guide our actions; seeing the destruction caused by human intelligence guided by hatred and learning better ways; promoting good human qualities so that wonderful actions and marvelous things can happen
10870. Freedom from the bondage of alcoholism/addictive behavior and fears allowing freedom to choose sobriety and be myself; freedom to be peaceful, loved and loving, and grow spiritually; finding release not in doing what I want without regard to others, but freedom that allows for the fulfillment of the promises in my life
10871. Living in the present moment, not in disappointment of the past or anticipation of the future, to experience the only reality; appreciating the moment for what it is and being conscious of a life outside myself; letting God direct my life and finding fear disappears and control vanishes; regaining the capacity for simple enjoyment: to explore, accept, trust, and delight in present-moment pleasures as a child
10872. Exercising patience to work a daily program and grow closer to God; not demanding perfection but striving and working for slow and steady progress, learning to recognize our daily opportunities for growth; meeting the day with patience as a new opportunity
10873. Making choices responsibly to craft quality sobriety; reaching out if we’re lonely and admitting when we’re dishonest; choosing to be lucky and responsible with the power of choice God graces us with in the recovery program
10874. Finding that a sober lifestyle without the wall of drinking and character defect addiction allows real companionship; no longer being lonely; setting aside quiet times to be alone with God and Jesus for restoration, healing, and power, to be able to carry on with the day’s work refreshed and in good spirits; never being given more that God and I together can bear; work to strengthen my inner life, serenity and peace as true success in life

Friday 1/29/16
10861. Release from alcohol obsession, not flight from it by avoiding temptation; work, self-sacrifice, and service to others to support faith; perfecting and enlarging spiritual life, living by principles
10862. Mindfulness to remember the positive aspects when presented with a negative side; meditating on human acts of compassion to more clearly see good qualities
10863. Life taking on new meaning as we seize the opportunity and embrace recovery; watching and helping each other recover in our Fellowship as a bright spot in life
10864. Getting to know myself; being accepted by God and my fellows granting me courage to accept myself without glossing over the truth; being in touch with my true self to never feel lonely and be willing to reach out to others
10865. Seeing richness of life by not giving minor events too much attention, sharing in concern for the future but not in fear; feeling safety by working the program, and letting my fears go to God
10866. Practicing new behaviors to recover one day at a time, with God’s help; being happier, more honest, and more sober-minded as I exert more conscious effort
10867. Release and freedom from guilt-inducing behaviors of the past; putting my future in God’s caring hands, and letting Him lead me in rebuilding my life; being the builder with God as the architect

Thursday 1/28/15
10854. Demonstration of good will as taking precedence over talk of spiritual discoveries; a sincere desire to set right any wrongs
10855. Close inspection to see no benefit of violent images; using media as a reminder of the effects and destructive nature of various human emotions, to reinforce my own commitment to maintaining attitudinal positivity
10856. Humility and open-mindedness to believe in change, that what works for others will work for me
10857. Now as I’m in God’s hands, my dark past as a great possession, as the key to life and happiness for others; ability to reach out a loving, compassionate hand and show others how I was helped, knowing God’s grace is available
10858. Belonging not only to the Fellowship but also to humanity; respecting similarities as well as differences so that I do not fear others; staying openminded to offer understanding and love
10859. Self-trust as heroism, trusting in God to learn to trust in myself; trust In God dissipating fears and struggles; treating myself with kindness and consideration; staying true to my word and keeping commitments to others
10860. Removing the load of remorse by following a clean pattern of living without fear or shame; learning new aims and ambitions, leading to a reversal of past attitudes and pathways to move towards heart-rest and happiness; not being weary, disillusioned, or disappointed by following and trusting the way of the spirit instead of the way of the world

Wednesday 1/27/16
10847. All-inclusiveness of the Fellowship, giving everyone the same opportunity to recover
10848. Seizing the opportunity to improve things within the day; behaving according to a clean conscious for the survival and health of humanity; faith in hope for the future and encouraging concern and caring action
10849. Building a better life; accepting my powerlessness and working the program by changing my attitudes, asking for help, and listening; seeing uselessness of blame to let go of guilt or the need for self-justification; living in the solution with friends who love, understand, and care to help each other learn self-truths
10850. Looking within for my spiritual connection to God, and building my peace by taking inventory, making amends, and taking 12th step calls; learning to be good company to myself to be peaceful, not needing a faulty, external distraction from myself
10851. Discovering joys in recovery: gratitude at our revelation of life itself, and then in our daily activities and accomplishments; next, learning joys of service, and then happiness of sharing the joys of our fellows and our community; always finding joy in God; seeking and experiencing the joy within and around myself
10852. Learning to believe, by the experience of recovery, in God, other people, and in ourselves; help in sobriety to face anything; reliance upon God’s help to be of good service; ability stemming from belief and trust in God
10853. Feeling fully alive by letting go of fear through being honest; things of the spirit replacing my defects as I let them go: God’s love and peace and calm; prayer to God, sweeping my life clean so that the good may come in

Tuesday 1/26/16
10840. Learning spiritual values and cooperation as motives for our tenacity; setting aside faulty aims based upon competition, ego, insecurity, or other defects
10841. Seeing from a broad perspective to notice the nature of humanity as compassion or affection; education to help decrease the level of suffering and give hope
10842. Looking only within the day or the moment for my sober living; willingness to do whatever is necessary for recovery: rigorous honesty and tolerance, the confession of faults to another, reliance upon God, prayer and meditation, and service; deep gratitude that in sobriety I find freedom from self with God that I couldn’t before; relief that a life based upon spiritual principles and God-consciousness is the remedy I needed all along
10843. Finding that my problems are less about my flaws and more my denial of them; recognizing my self-serving illusions, facing them, and replacing them with enlightenment, serenity, and love
10844. Cultivating virtues of understanding, love, and patience to build up positive attitudes; the slow process of spiritual development that God will lead us through if we ask as being, in itself, the most fulfilling destination; enjoying the journey
10845. Opening up and getting honest about our feelings, and finding that love and forgiveness are real choices we can make instead of resentfulness; making positive decisions and maintaining positive attitudes; forgiveness as: loving ourselves, loving others, and letting go
10846. Realizing that drinking was undependable but that God is always dependable; replacing obsessive, addictive thinking with sober thinking on a spiritual plane; enjoying the life task of remaining calm and unruffled; taking responsibility for my own constructive thinking and choosing to let go of destructive emotions; maintaining peace and serenity to channel God’s spirit

Monday 1/25/16
10833. Seeing adversity as a teacher for spiritual and emotional growth, and learning more from setbacks than from successes; honest self-appraisal of criticism rather than retaliation; willingness to forgive and forget, with a sense of humor as our saving grace
10834. Having wisdom from experience of conflict and war to progress toward a new era of dialogue; work and effort for non-violence
10835. Seeing that we need each other; concentrating on our similarities, not our differences; gratitude for AA being welcoming to everyone in practicing spiritual principles
10836. Independence in self-honesty of the program; being enabled to listen to my feelings and trust my perceptions; seeking knowledge from God and discussing the matter with my trusted sponsor
10837. Prioritizing learning by admitting what we lack rather than trying to impress our peers or convince ourselves; opening up about problems to get help; believing that, “ask any you shall receive”
10838. Finding our spiritual center where God lives, and turning our will and our lives over to it; acting from our spiritual center where we find our values; learning to trust, love, and believe in ourselves again
10839. Dependence upon God to break maladaptive dependence upon alcohol; spirituality leading to a newfound independence; surrender of my life to God as the foundation of serenity, and enjoying “eternal life” not just in Heaven but in the here and now

Sunday 1/24/16
10826. The quiet good example speaking for itself, leading by example not mandate; seeing my own motives of fear or self-righteous intolerance in my attempts to correct conditions instead of my inner self; humility, willingness, and openness to take suggestions and be a bridge to understanding and love
10827. Sharing interests, views, feelings, and rights in the spirit of reconciliation; the middle way approach of compromise making possible genuine progress
10828. Faith accompanied by works, being of service to make proper use of spiritual principles; using what I do have to find that there is more available than I realized as the miracle of service
10829. Treating myself with the love and respect I would give another, remembering God does not make junk; resisting outward comparisons and looking only at my own progress as a measure; liking myself, as God does, as opening new doors and evoking a spirit of courage that makes room for true, honest humility
10830. Self-honesty to see why I should not use addictive substances or behaviors; removing alcohol to make space for God in my life
10831. Uncovering deep-seated emotions to move past them for spiritual growth; seeing effects of care and love by admitting and giving up negative emotions,  and praying to God for guidance
10832. Changing our thinking to step out of the blind alley of character defects; admitting sensitivity and resentments to open the door to unselfish living; an unlimited spiritual life with the grace of a limited temporal and spatial life; residing only in the serenity of the present moment, going one step at a time as God commands the longer view; finding that following His way is perfect freedom; love for the will of God

Saturday 1/23/16
10819. Divine imagery of a genuine spiritual experience as being best evidenced as reality by grace of subsequent fruits and benefactions beyond reckoning
10820. Non-violence meaning dialogue and communication toward compromise in the spirit of reconciliation; our interests being interconnected and interdependent, past the false idea of us and them; the idea of a 100% victory over another as being fallacious given our dependence upon each other
10821. Spiritual maintenance to keep my own house in order leading to manageability of daily living; noticing discontent as God’s coaxing to take self-inventory; working the program and finding that life is then more enjoyable; absolutely insisting upon joy
10822. Spirituality as nurturing, pushing away self-centered and self-destructive thinking; the best results coming about when I practice self-forgetting and let God take control; spiritual-centeredness to do the tasks before me with a light heart and a sense of freedom by putting control of my life in God’s hands
10823. The AA way of spiritual living as a self-development program; offering others my hand and cherished ideals but letting them put in the work for themselves
10824. Getting to know ourselves, living by real values, and being honest with ourselves and each other; learning to love and care about each other openly, expressing ourselves with trust and safety
10825. Stepping out of the blind alley of rationalization or denial of my problematic drinking or addictive behaviors; learning to live in God’s presence and accept His wisdom and help, praying that I may get myself out of the way and surrender to His flow of power; God’s love as available to all who are willing to accept it

Friday 1/22/16
10812. Steps 2-12 as perfect state ideals to work towards, as goals or measuring sticks; guarding against spiritual pride-blindness by reminders that we work toward progress not perfection
10813. Acceptance that disagreements are part of life, but not seeing that the same holds for violence; belief in and practice of peace
10814. Keeping my life and the program simple, in 24-hour segments; practicing principles to the best of my ability and finding it works
10815. My innermost being as a retreat with God and Jesus to renew my spirit and nourish my life; putting in effort and time to meditate on gratitude, awareness of being a child of God, and exploration of my potential for usefulness to other people; caring for my spiritual wellbeing, especially as an antidote for when I start to get distracted by external achievements or acquisitions
10816. Coming to accept myself by faith that God accepts me, believes in me, and wants the best for me; neither regretting nor ignoring the past, but progressing past it
10817. Two necessary parts of the AA program as the Steps and the Fellowship; responsibility by making use of both regularly, as I need and deserve recovery
10818. Maintenance of sobriety as easier than becoming sober; sobriety as an ongoing process of reeducating my mind to enjoy simple, healthy, normal living without artificial stimuli; seeing evidence of success and changed outlooks on life in AA; always remembering to give thanks to God, in an attitude of humility and gratitude, as an absolute necessity; repeating the process to produce gratitude and humility, causing a better life

Thursday 1/21/16
10805. Education regarding the factual illness of alcoholism not its perceived immorality; a barrage of information to provide hope and understanding to current and potential alcoholics through schools, families, employers, medicine, and the public at large
10806. Cultivation of compassion automatically producing non-violence as compassion in action
10807. Asking God to guide my thoughts and actions throughout my continuous participation in the Fellowship, that I may better reflect the spirit of our program; aspirations toward His guidance and help to be kind, loving, helpful, healing, and humble,  without any arrogance; centering myself in God to respond to life from His perspective of strength, composure, and sensibility
10808. Self-honesty as a treatment for my troubles; feeling good about myself by looking only at my own motives and actions to notice areas I can improve; turning things around and feeling relief from facing my issues; taking responsibility, not blaming others
10809. Placing kindness ahead of frankness; looking at my motives and seeing my own fear and defects in the desire for brutal honesty/being confrontational; being truly honest by only taking my own inventory, and being compassionate with others
10810. Admitting defeat by alcohol as the first step into a beautiful new world; letting God take control where I had been unable to manage leading to a life beyond my wildest dreams; finding that in recovery, I do count, and we are all really equal; God’s world of love and care, by my own surrender, as a daily reprieve
10811. Reeducating my thinking to learn healthy thoughts and habits; communion with God and the Fellowship to renew our minds; building a new way of looking at things and finding spiritual gifts are reliable and real where alcoholic/addictive, materially-based instant gratification was artificial and vacuous; ability to look ahead at anything in the day without fear, by belief in and reliance upon God; taking time to rest in His everlasting arms

Wednesday 1/20/16
10798. Effectiveness by not allowing ourselves justification for anger; training ourselves until the habit of self-restraint becomes automatic, in order to better think and act to good purpose
10799. Developing compassion and values and utilizing them for happiness, family, and friends; striving for warm-heartedness
10800. Humbly asking God for grace to find space between my impulse and action; finding opportunities to pause and ask His guidance; world of light and truth when I allow God to direct my vision; trusting and thanking God continually all through the day
10801. Willingness to ask God’s help as the key to change; prayer as the miracle allowing us access to willingness; God doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves; God providing courage and confidence to replace my fears, showing all things are possible
10802. Rigorous honesty and confiding in others for awareness of my defects instead of denial and self-pity; taking responsibility and being mindful to change
10803. Service as respect, teaching us to care for ourselves and others, showing us we can make a difference and are worthwhile, and freeing us from self-will
10804. Feeling alive by trying to live decent, honest, unselfish lives; finding life has new meaning and truly enjoying it, feeling useful; setting deepest affections on spiritual things, not material; thinking of what will help, not hinder, my spiritual growth; trying to be at one with God as the great aspiration of love

Tuesday 1/19/16
10791. Keeping our heads in the clouds and maintaining conscious contact with God, but keeping our feet firmly planted on earth to work with our fellow travelers; fulfilling our spiritual aspirations with sane, happy useful living
10792. Gospel teachings of tolerance and turning the other cheek; the message of developing love for our fellows because we love God, based upon the sense and understanding of infinite love; increasing and extending our good qualities; considering all beings as equal and precious to develop concern outside the self
10793. Round-the-clock faith in God and reliance during all my daily activities; comfort, amazement, being uplifted, and overwhelmed with gratitude for His presence in my life; noticing how He works in and through people, and pausing to marvel at examples
10794. Not being ashamed of our problems; finding motivation from acceptance (as we are now not as we could be), instead of from guilt, shame, or self-hate; change beginning with self-love
10795. Easy does it; not forcing our way past difficulties but patience to wait for the right opportunity to apply God’s solution; learning and progress by two steps forward and one step back; only being given what I can handle, with the ability to handle more by relying more upon God’s help
10796. Times of wellness to learn new methods and skills for spirituality and prevention; not taking our recovery for granted; learning to recognize trouble signs and implement our spiritual tools
10797. A foundation of sobriety to build an life of honesty, unselfishness, faith in God, and love for our fellow man; life’s adventure of striving toward these goals not in attaining them; a new happy, purposeful way of life by reliance upon the constant help of God; God knowing what I need and want better than I could, and relinquishing control to allow His plans for my life to unfold; prayer to better understand myself and faith in the goodness He gives

Monday 1/18/16
10784. Spiritual progress always coming before material well-being, never preceding it; financial recovery by first letting go of its symbolic pleasure or self-importance
10785. Enlarging my perspective to minimize my problems or frustrations; applying constant effort to both develop a positive outlook and diminish negativity; strengthening compassion and increasing good potential
10786. Acknowledging my alcoholic condition and not believing I can control my own life as essential to keeping me on the AA beam; newfound ability to respond to life in healthy ways without feeling overwhelmed or running away by leaning on spirituality
10787. The way through problems or emotions being easier and softer than the long hard road of running away from them; gratitude the for awareness of old patterns; taking the honest way out of my difficulties by counting on God’s care and help
10788. Learning to listen to peoples’ meaning not just their words; ability to quiet my own self-talk or thinking to listen openly and compassionately to another without judgement; practicing listening for true understanding and good communication skills
10789. Change as constant, always bringing new things to do and to learn; wisdom to see myself as always a beginner and to remain teachable; praying, meditating, listening, and asking God’s help to be a part of good changes; growth past the fear of changing
10790. Taking the AA program slowly and giving our subconscious minds time to be reeducated; learning to think differently as a slow but successful process; praying daily for faith or hope, as answers to my prayers hinge on my own belief; faith in God allowing me to overcome any adverse conditions and to accomplish good in my life; always working to strengthen my faith, as it is the channel by which God’s care, healing, love, and strength become available

Monday 1/18/16
10777. Spiritual progress always coming before material well-being, never preceding it; financial recovery by first letting go of its symbolic pleasure or self-importance
10778. Enlarging my perspective to minimize my problems or frustrations; applying constant effort to both develop a positive outlook and diminish negativity; strengthening compassion and increasing good potential
10779. Acknowledging my alcoholic condition and not believing I can control my own life as essential to keeping me on the AA beam; newfound ability to respond to life in healthy ways without feeling overwhelmed or running away by leaning on spirituality
10780. The way through problems or emotions being easier and softer than the long hard road of running away from them; gratitude the for awareness of old patterns; taking the honest way out of my difficulties by counting on God’s care and help
10781. Learning to listen to peoples’ meaning not just their words; ability to quiet my own self-talk or thinking to listen openly and compassionately to another without judgement; practicing listening for true understanding and good communication skills
10782. Change as constant, always bringing new things to do and to learn; wisdom to see myself as always a beginner and to remain teachable; praying, meditating, listening, and asking God’s help to be a part of good changes; growth past the fear of changing
10783. Taking the AA program slowly and giving our subconscious minds time to be reeducated; learning to think differently as a slow but successful process; praying daily for faith or hope, as answers to my prayers hinge on my own belief; faith in God allowing me to overcome any adverse conditions and to accomplish good in my life; always working to strengthen my faith, as it is the channel by which God’s care, healing, love, and strength become available

Sunday 1/17/16
10770. Lifestyle sobriety to form true partnerships with other people; dependence upon God releasing us from placing demands upon or attempting to control other people or external conditions
10771. Training myself to see relativity of situations; comparing only to a much worse scenario than mine to reduce frustration and inspire an attitude of gratitude
10772. Receiving happiness and peace of mind by being flexible with how they come about for us; putting spiritual laws into practice and becoming familiar with them to find joy available at any time, open and free to anyone; experiencing happiness not by demanding it, but as a fulfilling emotional byproduct of by being of service to others
10773. Thinking I have the answers within my own intellect leading to chaotic living; letting go and letting God to feel serenity; giving up on my resources or attempts at control to start to channel God’s care and loving solutions; staying out of my own way to let God handle my life; God’s managing as always better and smoother; acceptance as fundamental to spiritual growth
10774. Learning to simplify down to the important things to heighten our experience of them; feeling joy, peace, and love to their fullest; accepting our shortcomings, defects, and limitations to be more successful in relationships, gradually changing for the better
10775. AA’s spiritual program helping solve any problem; pausing at a difficulty and rereading the instructions, knowing the answer can be found in the literature, or from sponsors or AA friends; working the steps, living by the slogans, and praying to God
10776. Getting into action beyond mere meeting attendance to work the program and experience the growth and rewards; spending time, energy, and effort to build a new life in AA; building a protective screen against negative thinking with God’s help, fashioned with positivity toward myself and others; making use of love and trust as solvents of life’s worries or frets

Saturday 1/16/15
10763. All-inclusiveness of the Fellowship; honesty and willingness to try to form relationships with each other and God by seeing we are all children of a living Creator
10764. Reducing anger by looking at the situation in a different light; realizing fortunate opportunities are hidden in ostensible difficulties; developing a more flexible mind-set to cultivate a more balanced, happy attitude
10765. Rock bottom providing sincerity of efforts to adopt new attitudes and actions, opening my mind and providing willingness to change; the program and Fellowship providing training wheels and a guiding hand; finding the new way of living provides healing, comfort, and happy changes, one day at a time
10766. Humor and laughter as pure and cleansing gifts of God, providing a sense of awe as by a profound mystery, and wings on which to carry the message of faith
10767. Willingness to admit our own defects by seeing a solution to our problems; the program providing hope, then strength and experience to share with others; awareness of the source of our blessings, and learning to share what we have received
10768. Fair play by not blaming others, but answering for our own actions by the guidance of the program; taking responsibility for our actions leading to self-confidence and a better lifestyle
10769. AA providing a new way of life not just a way to stop drinking; finding when I work the spiritual program my life gets better and better; trying to obey God’s will day in and day out; perseverance counting in the little things, and adding up to a worthwhile pattern; prayer to persevere in daily strivings toward a beautiful, harmonious mosaic of my life

Friday 1/15/16
10756. Overcoming obstinacy through the constructive forces of the Fellowship; an open-minded and experimental quest for God; defeat by alcohol, confrontation with living proof of recovery, and being surrounded by those who speak to us from the heart to surrender to a new dimension; ushered into the real world of spirit and faith by willingness and open-mindedness
10757. Adopting the position that anger is negative and checking our anger rather than expressing it; finding it diminishes over time when we dismiss its usefulness
10758. Tapping the unsuspected inner resource of God; having free will and the choice between serenity and fear–surrendering to God’s will for the power to fulfill healthy, wholesome, beneficent choices as God’s original gift
10759. The art of living as cooperation not a competition; not comparing myself to others, waiting for a payoff, or wishing things were otherwise, but enjoying what is right now; being sweetly loving and deeply sensitive while maintaining independence; respecting values and opinions; looking to others for help but also enjoying my own right of discovery
10760. Praying for willingness and sharing my true feelings in recovery; seeing my emotions more clearly and having an easier time coping with them when they are not exaggerated by addictive substances or behaviors; knowing that we are among friends and finally home
10761. Accepting the day’s tasks as also accepting God’s guidance with those tasks; courage to keep going by knowing that the control is God’s, not mine, so I needn’t worry about outcomes; not avoiding difficulties because I know we can do it together; being a grateful student of life
10762. AA as a way of life, with the steps as guideposts through life’s problems; accepting the program to help me live life naturally, on life’s terms; rewards of relaxation, having no fear, and soul-balance and poise in an ever-changing world; knowing everything will work out by keeping under God’s wing

Thursday 1/14/16
10749. Personal inventory of fact-finding and fact-facing about our values and defects; moments of clarity to build into a lifetime of spiritual serenity; dependable roots of reality to supplant unmanageable and unhealthy systems of thought or behavior
10750. Building up our contemplative, confident, compassionate selves and relying less on our impulsive immediate-gratification selves
10751. Not regretting the past; gratitude for the ensuing consciousness of God’s love and the help I can pass forward in the Fellowship
10752. Open and honest sharing of feelings with others to feel better and make progress in recovery
10753. Belief that we can grow and become beautiful people, free of addiction; trusting that God has a purpose for us and staying true to His help and His will for us; trusting His vision by seeing and honoring the good within us all
10754. Working the program with diligence, care and respect; avoiding the unnecessary risk of testing limits by shirking duties
10755. Realizing that sober life is God’s will for be by experiencing how beautiful and naturally it unfolds; sobriety, AA, the Fellowship, faith in God, and trying to help each other as cornerstones for a happy life; every blow to my selfishness shaping my real, eternal self; overcoming myself by God’s power released in my soul; my own selfishness as the real obstacle in my life; obeying, walking with, and listening to God that I may overcome myself

Wednesday 1/13/16
10742. Always striving for better quality honesty towards God’s ideal; always putting love and interest of well-being before hard facts for compassionate interaction
10743. Genuine love first being directed at oneself to direct motives and actions with basic compassion
10744. Daily reprieve of alcoholism contingent on maintenance of our spiritual condition; the program guiding us through all of our problems when we put in the effort, with slow but certain progress; recognizing God’s mercy and blessings that shine through any problem we have to face, and never being alone
10745. Trying again and again past any slips and practicing abstinence until I get it; encouraging myself and giving myself the chances I need to do things differently and improve without judgment; not blaming myself, just trying again; “willing to go to any lengths, half measures availed us nothing, keep it simple, one day at a time”
10746. Clean sober eyes to see the beauty in the simplest things all around us, and feeling a part of it all; asking God to help me see the beauty outside of and within myself, and actively looking for beauty and life’s little marvels
10747. Seeing that alcohol/substances controlled me, and giving up trying to control them; relief from facing the truth and fear of my own powerlessness and being honest; honesty as my best friend for spiritual growth; self-reflection and confiding in others to see past my self-deception
10748. Physical, mental, and lifestyle improvements by the practice of AA’s spiritual program; refining my life like gold in a crucible; keeping ties to the program to be accountable to friends, and knowing the Fellowship only wants the best for me; always striving to live a better life and always calling upon God to help

Tuesday 1/12/16
10735. Sobriety as a revolutionary change in life and outlook via a process of spiritual awakening; seeking always leading to finding, and willingness to grow as the essence of spiritual development; the great mysteries, after all, being enshrined in complete simplicity
10736. Using intelligence to to adjust our attitudes to rationality of selfless, compassionate living; insight of being cared for through concern for others
10737. Acceptance of present circumstances with realistic humility without defeatism as a sure foundation for building up emotional health and spiritual progress; relying on acceptance to relieve me of underlying fear and allow myself to be human, not perfect, for peace of mind
10738. Unraveling myths of well-being in recovery; not avoiding pain or using food/substances to cope; utilizing healthy ways to face feelings and life on life’s terms for a comfortable, serene life
10739. Acceptance of current conditions before change may  begin; objective facts remaining constant, but altering my attitudes and relationships to them; learning to live and be peaceful through my attitudes towards people and things; living fully today, in the here and now
10740. Realizing I feel different because I am, as everyone is unique; all of us having our differences in common, and being able to relate to feeling lonely or apart; appreciating differences as well as similarities; each of us using our gifts and finding our own special ways to make life better
10741. Realizing how unnatural a life addiction creates, finding more and more comfort in sobriety; thanking God for everything, even obstacles, and striving to be grateful and humble in my attitude towards Him and Jesus; an internal foundation of gratitude to pave the way for gladness; enjoying what gifts I receive, by the grace of God, and wishing to pass them along

Monday 1/11/16
10728. Reliance upon fellows and other resources to supplement prayer; confidants to help discern my intentions from God’s will and avoid rationalization of my faults
10729. Accepting that aggression exists but believing that the dominant force of human life is affection; strengthening basic goodness
10730. Absolute surety in admission that my life is unmanageable in any fashion beyond alcoholism; taking step 1 perfectly/ 100% of the way without any reservation before moving on in recovery
10731. Keeping out of the affairs of others so as not to distract myself from my own recovery (inventory, amends, defects), not concerning myself with how I stand before anyone but God and abstaining from comparison
10732. Praying for guidance to enjoy all the facets of the here and now; the reality and joy of today’s sobriety surpassing any fantasy; the beauty of life as the journey taken with God just for today
10733. Taking the smooth road and not making it harder or complicating life needlessly; keep it simple, let go and let God, first things first, easy does it; slogans to remind us how to live a happy simple life
10734. Finding that helping people without trying to get something out of it for ourselves makes us happy; ability to give selflessly by working a spiritual program of recovery; praying for strength and that God’s will be done; seeking and abiding His will for me and making use of his unlimited strength for my needs; striving for consciousness of His presence to light the way; being a pilgrim needing only His marching orders, and strength and guidance for this day

Sunday 1/10/16
10721. Striving to be a pupil rather than a teacher, feeling worth by setting a spiritual example
10722. An affectionate disposition to make the mind more peaceful and positively affect the body
10723. Fully conceding unmanageability of my drinking as first step in recovery; willingness to accept a part in and the help of the Fellowship; our lives being linked as on a life raft, working together to get all of us safely to shore
10724. Wisdom and open-mindedness to take suggestions that help support the process of recovery; practicing principles and making use of tools that work for others
10725. Willingness to grow and do the simple things that add up to big changes; faith that we are never given more than we can handle and seeking the loving help that is always available; being given what we need only as we need it
10726. Always being ready to learn and working to be humble enough to be taught; getting out of my own way and doing what has worked for others; acceptance of the steps not by being forced but by personally experiencing the results of loving and joyful living
10727. Giving up pride and selfishness to take advice and experience improvement in learning humility;  power of God and the greater whole channeled through being humble; new way of life from faithfully seeking God’s help; God’s grace for an altered existence through the positivity of the words I speak and the goodness of the influence I have; prayer to learn principles of the good life, meditating upon them and working at them eternally

Saturday 1/9/16
10714. Every human being part of divine spiritual economy, seeing all humans as equal; accepting positive gifts with deep humility; seeing past negativity as the foundation for preparation to accept the gift of positive states via the spiritual experience
10715. Importance of human affection at every stage of the lifecycle
10716. Hidden blessing of loss caused by active alcoholism resulting in an act of Providence (manifestation of divine care and direction); step 1 taking on more meaning each new day’s journey
10717. Simplification by eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary may speak; simple procedures of spiritual program including seeing other ways than one personal interpretation
10718. Eliminating unhealthy behaviors/ addictions and replacing them with spiritual principles as the foundation for a fulfilling life; this new lifestyle changing and shaping us, one day at a time, into the best people we can be
10719. Release to freedom through laughter; seeing ourselves with new eyes as human, accepting and enjoying our imperfections; finding humor in our mistakes
10720. Active faith in God by asking for and accepting His help; faith being a strength not a weakness by backing it up with action; relying on it to overcome daily obstacles and patiently holding to it in the midst of troubles; confidence in God’s loyal care; praying for faith that nothing may weaken my determination

Friday 1/8/16
10707. Working toward progress, not perfection and maintaining hope; growth along spiritual lines in fellowship with a common bond of striving to overcome defects
10708. Sharing love and affection for healthy physical, mental, and compassionate development
10709. Powerlessness over alcohol, having no choice but not to drink; choosing to pick up my spiritual tool kit for God to relieve me of my lack of choice and keep me sober just for today
10710. Meaning from the process of internal change not from measuring the performance; replacing superficial/ addictive preoccupations with character development; beginning with surrender and making an effort in what has worked for others; going to meetings, expressing ourselves openly, and “acting as if” the power to change is ours
10711. Turning over my overwhelming or unmanageable emotions to God as constructive coping; not indulging in anger or resentment
10712. Daily maintenance of a spiritual program as preparation to deal constructively with anything that might come our way; hard times to make our spirits deep and strong and help us grow and change; turning to the care of God in moments of blindness
10713. Clinging on to what works with both hands; nothing coming between me and the love of God; being at peace even through difficulties, serenity as a result of faithful, trusting acceptance of God’s will in any circumstances; afflictions bringing me closer to the glory of God by reinforcing reliance upon His care and loving power; welcoming difficulties to test my strength and build virtue

Thursday 1/7/16
10700. Seeing great areas of faith and aspirations toward justice and brotherhood; having no fear in the reprieve of a desire to seek and perform God’s will not mine
10701. Human nature and development as intertwined with affection; heeding compassionate instincts
10702. Willingness and ability to change by asking God’s protection and care with complete abandon; turning points of change by praising not condemning, asking for help not struggling alone, giving up resentments and self-seeking; effort to work past shortcomings on a daily basis
10703. Not withholding any problem from God’s ear, asking for help with matters big and small; infinite width of the arms of Infinite Goodness for all seekers
10704. Healthy joyful living by balancing  hard work with play for growth
10705. Recognizing the fear that step 1 produces to learn to respect the weakness/ addiction and humbly seek help; letting the fear be an initial impetus for recovery then turning it back over to God
10706. Giving up my decision to drink by turning over my will to God; keeping the promise of taking good care of the life that I’ve given to God by trusting His will; finding what I need in seeking God, recognizing His value in times of temptation; praying to see His meaning in my life and gladly accepting His teachings

Wednesday 1/6/16
10663. Keeping resolve even without immediate success; founding true communication on humbly and clearly stated mutual needs
10664. Affection for healthy development and growth
10665. Victory of surrender; admitting powerlessness to surrender to outside help to overcome self-indulgence and stubborn resistance to life on life’s terms; first step toward liberation, strength, serenity, and peace; bedrock for purposeful living
10666. Acceptance of life on life’s terms and patience with a timetable beyond my control to maintain balance, rhythm, and serenity in the face of problematic events; developing patience with time
10667. Admission of personal powerlessness not as a weakness but as a recognition that power is an attribute of God not humans; humility to look beyond myself to tap the source of power and be set free; joyful acceptance of powerlessness
10668. Joy in joining the “we” of the program, feeling whole again by being part of the Fellowship and living outside ourselves; no longer feeling lonely or ashamed but being honest, comforting, healing, and loving each other
10669. Importance of decision to be sober/abstinent as foundation upon which to build a healthy life; welcoming self-discipline and turning out unhealthy or useless thoughts; prayer and willingness to do whatever is necessary to be fit to receive God’s power in my life; healthy intentions and lifestyle so that God’s help may be used properly

Tuesday 1/5/16
10656. Willingness to admit defects to another person for practical insight of personality flaws; saving principle of honesty and discussion clearing the way for the Grace of God to help us
10657. Respectful partnerships of mutual love, making new beginnings from internal compassion and peacefulness for positive development
10658. Resoluteness in recovery as a result of total acceptance of my alcoholism/addiction; the gift of acceptance for health by hitting bottom/ the jumping off point
10659. True belief only evidenced by practicing spiritual principles in everyday life; sustained effort to apply intellectual understanding as necessary to give it away
10660. Real strength from being able to admit when I’m wrong and change my ways of living and thinking; real communication depending upon ability to see other points of view; being teachable as a diving equality
10661. God’s encouragement that my life matters, setting goals to work towards one step at a time; ability to see choices and possibilities in lifestyle of recovery; reaching for dreams and faith in God’s guidance and spiritual program to get there; using slogans of first things first, easy does it, one day at a time
10662. Asking for God to help keep me sober/healthy for the day, seeing a testament of His power in the experiences of others in the Fellowship; attending meetings regularly to keep hope fresh; God’s presence bringing peace to cleanse away irritants; God teaching how to relax and know peace beyond understanding in quiet times, peace that the world can neither take nor give away

Monday 1/4/16
10649. God working through AA, deliverance from bondage of fatal obsession; leaving the mystery of the miracle to Him and rejoicing with merriment; usefulness of cheerfulness and laughter as we recover and serve to help others to recover also
10650. Believing in and striving toward the development of unbiased compassion; human nature as gentle and compassionate
10651. Carrying over spiritual principles and glad tidings into everyday life; smiling and being kind through frustrations as the real test of effectively working steps
10652. Power of life in the present being enough, meaning to life through living but for Today where my energy and spirit reside; reveling in the power of being alive and thanking God not to fear exercising it to the fullest now
10653. An ongoing connection to God keeping my recovery strong; praying, meditating, and step work as essential to maintain healthy living; praying to stay teachable and humble and avoid complacency; cultivating new ways of living and improving
10654. Facing the facts to truly believe; admitting what must be changed and believing in success by living by our spiritual principles; choosing to trust in God’s care
10655. Swallowing pride and being honest with myself and others, taking inventory and admitting wrongs to make amends and begin fresh; belief that all is fundamentally well and that God cares and provides, knowing His path will unfold for me step by step and not needing to plan; giving Him my burdens and future for ability to carry my share of of the present with joy

Sunday 1/3/16
10642. Advocating spiritual simplicity/God’s care, avoiding conflict and exclusiveness; trying my very best always being good enough
10643. Creating a positive atmosphere from inner compassion, seeing importance of friendships, wanting to bring a smile and offer cheer to social situations
10644. Seeing my powerlessness over external circumstances but seeing I can control my influence over myself and the world; powerlessness admission as cornerstone of recovery/ step 1
10645. Powerful hope as stimulant of life and recovery; saving grace and life-sustaining motivating force of hope; belief in God’s power to grow, joys as the flowering of hope; solving problems instilling hope to find solutions for tougher obstacles
10646. Asking how to recover, not needing to know why I am the way I am, trusting God as a teacher to live, love, and learn
10647. Protecting my recovery by actively choosing healthy environments and people; accepting my shortcomings and respecting my gifts of recovery
10648. Willingness to admit my defects/ alcoholism any time it could be of help to another, applying all lessons/ big book knowledge to myself/ not being an exception; taking God’s help and letting His spirit flow through me to sweep away the past and be renewed; trying to live the way I believe God wants me to live to open the way and unfold the good of each day; praying to be taught and not questioning God’s plans but gladly accepting them as best

Saturday 1/2/16
10635. Daily and spot-check inventories of ourselves only; looking at our assets and liabilities as means to learn and grow as necessary
10636. A friendly but not forceful manner for positive responses
10637. Sobriety as just the foundation/beginning of new life; practicing spiritual principles to increase comfort and happiness over time
10638. Willingness to give up control and old, mistaken notions to find new ideas/beliefs that work better; sanity, balance, progress,  and magnificent change; giving up being in charge for reality of abstinence with peace of mind; prayer to God for willingness
10639. Investing myself in the footwork and effort and leaving the results to God for freedom from worry; smart planning by working on my actions within my control, not the outcome which is within God’s control; letting go to God
10640. Honesty with myself to see how addictions ran my life and made it unmanageable, feeling better by speaking the truth and beginning a journey of life with spiritual values, praying for guidance and choosing what I believe God would choose
10641. Admitting helplessness over parts of life/addictions beyond my control: honestly wanting to quit the old life; surrendering my life and problems to God’s care; regular Fellowship involvement and helping others by service; only trying to carry the weight of the present day with hope, courage, and God’s help; breathing in God’s blessings

Friday 1/1/16
10628. Consulting God and confidants to avoid or remedy denial and rationalization by checking motives on a regular basis, humble joys through anonymity
10629. Internal compassion to create a positive atmosphere and spread peacefulness and contentment
10630. Relying on our Creator to accomplish what I cannot do alone, gratitude for this miracle; putting my belief in God meaningfully into my life; learning to trust and rely on God together in a loving Fellowship
10631. The present moment as the best time to act upon resolutions, going on with wisdom of experience rather than seeing endings or beginnings; steps 1-3 taken any time I’m ready in order to grow; praying and asking for help rather than fooling myself by attempting to control what I cannot without God in my heart
10632. All else being taken care of by staying close to God and trying to do the right thing; living one day at a time without regretting past or anticipating future; praying for willingness, belief in God’s forgiveness without fear
10633. Admission of powerlessness to let God into my life, the serenity prayer’s wisdom to let go to God what I cannot control and make good choices for my own life; power from admitting my own powerlessness, safety and love from relying on God and Jesus
10634. Desperation of my soul-sickness of alcoholism as catalyst for lifestyle improvement God’s way; living one day at a time to make the next day better, letting go of fears of the future, unkindness, dislikes, resentments, failures, disappointments, or gloom, and moving forward in Jesus/God’s guidance, belief that He supplies wisdom and strength I need

Thursday 12/31/15
10621. Learning from experience to grow in likeness of God and help others to do the same, humility to do what is possible for us without presuming in ourselves perfection, avoiding extremes of inability and arrogance
10622. Approaching others openly, relating to others as fellow humans, not noticing differences
10623. Twenty-four-hour living, goal setting/resolutions daily not yearly, trying to do a little better each day by following God’s will and acting on spiritual principles
10624. Freedom to choose not to indulge in addictions by maintenance of spiritual program on a daily basis and seeking and following God’s will and grace
10625. Seeking progress not perfection,  improving when we keep God close in thoughts and actions, learning to live, progress, and enjoy our humanity/imperfection
10626. Rejoicing in a wholesome way of life, giving my will and my life to God, putting in spiritual work and enjoying daily rest in His loving arms, being part of a prayerful, loving, recovering community
10627. Being loyal in attendance, generous in giving, creative in suggestions, and loving in attitude; giving my enthusiasm, devotion, and myself to God; taking refuge in the Lord’s Prayer; having a good day/year by putting in good thoughts, words, and deeds; profiting from both good and bad experiences; give humble thanks and carry on with faith, prayer, and hope

Wednesday 12/30/15
10614. Practicing principles of tolerance and love, inclusiveness without requirements, sincerity and honesty for opportunity of spiritual growth open to all
10615. People as equal, being the same on the emotional level, always being a basis to relate to others
10616. Anonymity as a spiritual principle and ego-deflator, humility relieving personality defects and allowing utilization of principles of spiritual program of guidance
10617. Relief of addictions by daily practice of a spiritual program, success by faith in God helping me do what I cannot do alone
10618. Offering hope and friendship, kind acts and accessibility
10619. Simplicity of daily structure framed by spiritual program, meetings/steps/being true to yourself/asking for help, trusting God/not allowing room for doubt
10620. Volunteering for service, seeing it as an opportunity to grow and face challenges, humbly seeing my successes as related to the Fellowship, collectivistic sharing of responsibility and trying my best as sufficient for success with God’s sustaining power

Tuesday 12/29/15
10607. Constructive imagination upon which to rest achievement, envision plan by God’s guidance
10608. Creating peaceful internal life as grounds for friendly atmosphere
10609. Joy of good living by service to God and others, fulfilling actions that I want to resist and growing, tapping vulnerable areas of my life to fill them with hope and joy
10610. Joy and freedom from living in the present moment, heightened awareness of life’s beauty/others without distraction of past/future
10611. Believing in and relying on God, not worrying about how I stand before anyone but God and Jesus, patience to love all no matter what their beliefs
10612. Taking responsibility for the solution/recovery and enjoying freedom as only God can grant
10613. Doing my part joyfully, sharing the responsibilities of service as an opportunity not a burden, deep gratitude for this privilege of membership/fellowship; backing up work with prayer and prayer with work, effectiveness by believing anything is possible with God

Monday 12/28/15
10600. Improved perception of values and gratitude by humility, recognition of what we are and attempting to be all we could be
10601. Inner door of the heart opened by compassion, sending out positive vibes which can be reflected, clearing a loving channel of communication
10602. Suiting up and showing up, doing what I say I’ll do, feeling a part of a greater whole, sharing experience and listening, concrete wholesome actions leading to byproduct of joy
10603. Giving up control via step 3, release from prayer bestowing ability to show the love I feel, radiate peace and calmness in daily responsibilities by deferring control to God and Jesus
10604. Changing attitudes, replacing judgement/anxiety/resentment with patience, mercy, kindness, gentleness to reflect God’s glory and break down old barriers between myself and living things
10605. Living up to values and beliefs and choosing the company of similarly inclined people
10606. Divine purpose heading toward God and the good life, faith that God will carry us through by keeping to the path He sets, knowing guidance will be granted by humbly asking for direction and trusting in Him; constant consciousness of His presence in background of life resulting in peace and security

Sunday 12/27/15
10593. Giving thanks to our Heavenly Father, helping us through many channels and friends to construct a wonderful edifice of the spirit, unity with others in name of service, growing upward towards God
10594. Sincere, honest request to God for direction and faith in His guidance and leadership
10595. Helpful readings each morning to provide healthy thoughts and inspiration for times of need
10596. Sense of caring responsibility borne of compassion, resulting in an increase of motivation and self-confidence as basis of a determined/ optimistic attitude to achieve altruistic goals
10597. Belief that spiritual principles and God can solve any problems, satisfying useful living
10598. To be as a child with enthusiasm and curiosity, exploring life and feeling alive, meeting life head-on/ on God’s terms, putting my faculties to fullest/ best use and sharing blessings with others
10599. Knowing life ahead will be good and not needing to know specifically how, sticking with God and AA principles for development and a loving fellowship, building my daily life on firm foundation of gratitude, humility, self-discipline, and service; flowering with God’s guidance, Peace, and serenity

Saturday 12/26/15
10586. Faith in the common welfare, taking troubles in stride, trying to be amiable and not argue
10587. Recognition of right to happiness and freedom from suffering extended to everyone without bias, sense of concern on this basis as compassion
10588. Transforming difficulties with living into a joy of living by daily spiritual practices, courage and serenity in the face of failures or difficulties, contentment with humble durable satisfactions, practicing principles of spiritual development and service
10589. Humility to start over at any moment with vitality, growth from willingness to start a new beginning with renewed faith/ deeper understanding, sharing what I learn/working with others; being wonderfully free and accepting of others as strength
10590. Ensuring a fruitful future with friends and fellowship by working with all we have today; prayer for guidance and freedom from worry instead of fear
10591. Seeing how I’m lucky; hard work for healthy relationships, learning to listen and talk respectfully and set limits; thanking God for teaching me
10592. Being grateful to be alive and one of many, helping to grow and gladness to be useful; learning to relax and happy to be of good service; freedom from worry by doing my best and turning over the outcome to God as a habit; enjoying beauty of life; giving my life to worthwhile causes and praying to enjoy the satisfaction of work well done

Friday 12/25/15
10579. Humility, temperance, good humor to refrain from self-righteous anger or punitive intent under any condition
10580. Genuine compassion as unbiased and universal, free from attachment or indifference
10581. Carrying vision of God’s will at all times for peace of mind, security from doing His will not mine
10582. Willingness to give myself as others have given for me; learning from others’ experience, strength, and hope in fellowship
10583. Joyfulness with children of God, sharing gifts of love, peace, fellowship, sobriety, cleanness; magnificence of holiday spirit
10584. Watching for, enjoying, sharing love; recovery/ability to love fully by help from God and Jesus
10585. Deep gratitude and happiness for God’s gift of a happy/merry Christmas, joy of usefulness to God, and life as a worthy cause

Thursday 12/24/15
10572. Clearing distractions to elucidate fundamental idea of God inherent in us all, appealing to God to experience awakening, faith through examples in my own life or others’ experiences
10573. Compassion as genuine love and concern for others based on humble respect of our right to be happy and overcome suffering
10574. Integrating spirituality/connection with God and daily living, backing up thought with action to be useful and peaceful
10575. Thanking God daily, putting first things first (God/recovery) to keep my perspective green and my attitude positive
10576. Learning to accept help and let others into my life, seeing God reaches me through others, staying true to spiritual purpose
10577. Fellowship guided by love, staying active in service
10578. Deeply grateful for alcoholic path that led to God and a new life of purpose/glad usefulness

Wednesday 12/23/15
10565. Taking my own moral inventory, no one else’s, to see self clearly instead of another’s faults/self-denial, empathy and love for unconditional forgiveness
10566. Human compassion and affection, a sense of caring, as being imperative for inner peace
10567. Principle aim of carrying the message in fellowship, legacies of unity, recovery, service/freely giving what I have received
10568. True ambition to live usefully and walk humbly with God; being teachable, free to change and resolve problems; fulfillment from service not appearances
10569. Choosing healthy, sober, spiritually-driven activities and friends, asking God for direction
10570. Learning difference between taking and receiving, willingness to give and receive openly
10571. Valuing past experience for knowledge necessary to see world as it truly is, seeing importance of spreading peace, not discord, wherever I go; setting example of good living

Tuesday 12/22/15
10558. Meditation, conscious effort to contact God and deepen/broaden channel of His love, grace, and wisdom, practical results of emotional balance
10559. Caring for mental landscape/ work of positive internal attitude, nurturing mental space to be at peace in any external condition
10560. Principles before personalities, loving all as gifts from God/potential vessels of His message to each other, not judging each other but offering love like God
10561. Inward peace from fears, worries, or guilt by giving everything/control over to God, aiming for harmony with His will
10562. Seeking inner guidance of God, fulfillment in following “still small voice within”/my conscience
10563. Beauty of our unique qualities, differences as gifts from God, showing gratitude by using gifts
10564. Seeing life in full beauty by changing perspective, cultivating inner self/attitude to see goodness and purpose, belief in God conquering inner fears, assurance of God’s grace by choosing to place self in His care

Monday 12/21/15
10550. Hope in life by sharing success of experiences and spiritual tools  as a guide for living in harmony
10551. Learning non-reactivity to maintain peace of mind, but also actively choosing healthy, calm environments
10552. Refraining from direct interference in others’ lives, just listening, sharing personal experience, praying, and giving others chance to be wrong and gift of learning by experience
10553. Practicing being “as a child,” exuberance, especially in steps 3 and 11, expressing untamed joy
10554. Choosing faith in God’s unconditional love and limitless grace, an ongoing opportunity
10555. Not giving unsolicited or direct advice, just sharing what worked for me/personal experience
10556. Cessation of being defeated by inner turmoil, surrendering to care of God, confidence I am on my way no matter what when I stick with Him/spiritual program
10557. Asking guidance and yielding to gentle pressure of God’s leading, trusting His foresight, wisdom, and superior care over my plans

Sunday 12/20/15
10542. Mantras/slogans/quick prayers to reroute maladaptive thought cycles, replacing fear with comfort, courage, acceptance
10543. Initiating change at the individual level, take responsibility for providing warm-hearted, calm, peaceful atmosphere by positive attitude and behavior
10544. Rewards of giving without expecting anything in return, service and humility as gifts
10545. Practicing peace of mind myself and finding it has a chain effect
10546. Fullness and abundance beyond imagination by living with/turning to our Creator, greater growth, depth, and perception of joy, hope, and richness all around us
10547. Being a channel/reflector of God’s light and love, humility not to try to be the candle itself, working in cooperation with God
10548. Faith as the backbone/framework upon which to build my life around to feel whole, faith holding me in harmony with God, creating unity, purpose, meaning
10549. Refuge in faith to remedy fear or depression, loyalty to God expressed by an aversion of negativity, reliance upon His care and protection to enjoy life

Saturday 12/19/15
10535. Gratitude for a variety of problem-solving efforts, open-mindedness to other methods, living proof of recovery in AA/loadstar of Hope to keep at it
10536. Troublemaking potential of human species, key of constructive utilization of intelligence in our hands, choosing to use capacity constructively by recognizing nature then transforming human heart through determination
10537. Remembering that it is the grace of God healing me, to sidestep a false sense of superiority toward others who are less fortunate
10538. Belief in worthiness of life making it fact, approaching life with a belief in solutions to cancel out the effect of fear
10539. Ability to follow God’s cues/being tuned into feeling His opportunities for me as key to finding my path of success, learning to live in glory of God/applying spiritual lessons as expressions of the soul, knowledge or understanding alone as insufficient
10540. Honesty as backbone of spiritual program, starting with truth for healing and comfort
10541. Putting aside intellectual pride when considering God and a higher purpose in life, seeing world/life as clay for artists’ intentions of love and good will, pray/listen to God for direction on how to be a good artisan

Friday 12/18/15
10527. Tolerance of other beliefs, different methods working for different people
10528. Intelligence containing the solution for the misery it may cause as forms of internal or external conflicts, inborn potential to create happy states
10529. Sharing personal experience of a solution rather than giving direct advice, stressing spirituality and workings of God’s grace
10530. Recovery/restructuring by internal change, outward difference as a byproduct of working and asking for guidance  in a spiritual lifestyle/program
10531. Taking time to use, reflect on, and appreciate AA slogans, learning from others sharing their experiences in recovery
10532. Ability to face up to my fear by the remedy of faith in God, keeping spiritually connected/being mindful to experience His cure in times of need, practicing reliance upon God when scared
10533. Faith as a key to meaning in my life, and as a choice and a skill not a gift, practicing faith with thoughts and actions, striving to think God’s thoughts after Him and fulfill His intentions for me
10534. Choosing to live as a reflection of God’s limitless potential not bound by human limitations

Thursday 12/17/15
10520. Learning to live in greatest peace, partnership, brotherhood as a fascinating adventure; personal inventory/accepting consequences of past actions and responsibility for well being of others at same time
10521. Remembering past pain to gain/realize gratitude, God gracing/bettering my life as I let Him, a brand new world of recovery
10522. Feeling privilege/gratitude/seeing beauty in abilities of the human mind, relative to other creatures; making use of gifts of conscience, foresight, science
10523. New meaning in life by getting invested in recovery of others, joy of seeing us grow; self-examination, peace, serenity, sharing positive energy of recovery as rewards of program
10524. Step 3 surrender from inner war of instincts as beginning of freedom from fighting myself, stepping out of the arena and into the care/love of God
10525. Learning to handle feelings, gaining strength/compassion with help of friends/God, opening to my feelings to move past fear of them, then feeling ready for life on God’s terms
10526. Way of faith as a lifestyle making the difference in my life, confidence in meaning in the universe as a choice with happiness as a by-product, obeying spiritual laws of respecting self and others and seeing faith, hope, and love

Wednesday 12/16/15
10512. Working with understanding of trust and love when assessing motives, give support and confidence if it’s not there, reliance upon God first to carry me through with fellows
10513. Compassion as basis for human happiness, aim to fulfill happiness and overcome suffering for all, not just myself
10514. Ability to offer friendship and fellowship by putting my own house in order first, reaching out to help others as having a way of insuring my own well being
10515. Acting from good motives, controlling selfishness, depending on God to ensure peace of mind, happiness, good habits, spiritual progress
10516. Being childlike, open-mindedness  to every possibility
10517. Learning to be rigorously honest with myself to improve by self-examination/inventory, and to be honest with God and others
10518. Service/charity as a lifestyle, open heart/ears to fill others’ needs, cure my selfishness, give serenity in both directions
10519. Choosing path of faith in God, happiness as by-product of healthy responsible lifestyle

Tuesday 12/15/15
10504. School of AA as safety net in which to thrive on overcoming problems, exercising skills of compromise to learn social harmony, growing together
10505. Valuing unique human capacity for reflection and morality, practicing use of these gifts, transience of life encouraging us to make use of opportunities, cumulative effect of daily acts
10506. Offering unconditional friendship and fellowship, learning to be of service, open-minded generosity
10507. Constructive thinking fueled by God/faith in a solution, being pro-active in working towards it, asking for help, no problem too much for God and us together
10508. Understanding myself to reorient motives to create healthy habits
10509. Empathy for those suffering from my own past experience, seeing beauty under defects
10510. Having a solution that works on my life’s problems, using it and helping share it with others, appreciating opportunity to be of service to my fellows
10511. Feeling best by appreciating/noticing God’s presence always in my life, upholding good thoughts, words, deeds

Monday 12/14/15
10496. Respecting instincts by keeping them in check, asking God to mold and assist us with ideals
10497. Sincere effort at practices of spirituality and kindness, caring creating mental happiness, appreciating life as precious
10498. Self-reflection/mindfulness to keep my message simple, give with humility and generosity
10499. Keeping my sights within today to maintain peace of mind, joy in living in the present, not knowing further ahead than necessary
10500. Praying to be a channel of God’s blessings, working for peace/ spiritual practice to give it away
10501. Dreams of family, friends, and sharing replacing shame of addiction, holding tight to my dreams, feeling God’s presence
10502. Conscious efforts to give away gifts of recovery I’ve been given, life as a way of service, keeping and multiplying peace by sharing
10503. Being a spiritual home of peace, reprieve of inner life of spirit/God  to strengthen for daily duties, serenity by communion within

Sunday 12/13/15
10488. Willingness to let go of denial of my problems/shortcomings and accept, seek, pray for assistance
10489. Refuge in God and spiritual teachings with a wish to free all beings, generating the Mind for Full Awakening to benefit all, enthused by wisdom and compassion, remaining with world to improve living
10490. Serenity and God-consciousness by looking past myself to lift up another
10491. Profound inner change of spiritual awakening, God’s grace transforming my bad habits to good, healing self-willed blindness to truth, being found by God and never lost/alone
10492. Restoration/recovery/healing by God, belief in His guidance
10493. Live and let live, caring about other, ourselves, life again, life in our hearts, daring to dream, focus on being alive/breathing in life energy from nature
10494. Appreciating fellowship, sincere desire of members to help each other, sharing, opening up, and having no barriers between us
10495. Belief in God’s planning of love, prayer to be shown the way and for the strength to choose it

Saturday 12/12/15
10481. Sincere effort to see from a clear perspective during self-examination/moral inventory, congruence of public and private selves to rid guilt and false pride
10482. Recitations/mantras to enhance altruism and compassion, committing self to spiritual practices, cultivation of altruistic thoughts in pursuit of ideals
10483. Getting involved in brotherly and harmonious action, God putting in front of me service/work to do by my willingness to let Him in, getting out of myself to carry the message and share recovery
10484. Expanding my potential by love and support of God and my fellows, but taking responsibility for the footwork, God and fellows believing in/inspiring me, putting God’s gifts to work
10485. Seeing turmoil not in life events by in tumultuous reactions to them, mindfulness to respond with love/understanding, trying not to take things personally by relying on God’s strength/love
10486. Remembering the way my life was without reliance upon God for renewed gratitude, humility, love, and awe for life/belonging wherever I am when with God
10487. Spiritual fellowship of common belief in God, common effort to live spiritually/by His will, and to be of service to each other, opening up and sharing about problems and solutions, and uprooting each others’ fears with the love of and trust in God

Friday 12/11/15
10473. Humility to step back and let God work in my life, trading self-reliance for God-reliance, desire to seek and do God’s will
10474. Seeing learning opportunities in struggles and teachers in people who mistreat me, offering benefit and joy unconditionally, freedom from bondage of self
10475. God doing for me what I could not do for myself, humility in practice as attitude of gratitude, peace/awe in thinking of God
10476. Natural force of growth, gratitude, not regret, for my past to appreciate the present and the power of God in my life
10477. Looking within when contemplating making changes for the better, improvement as an inside job, seeing that making a change begins with listening to the still small voice within
10478. Breaking habits/patterns to explore new worlds/possibilities and learn new things with honesty, love and trust of God
10479. Concern for the whole of the fellowship and other members, not just myself, as a blessing of partaking in the program, learning to be less selfish
10480. Each day as new joyous sunrise-gift when spent with God, using it for Him and other people

Thursday 12/10/15
10462. Helpfulness of leadership from the side lines, willingness to let the group run itself, patiently/ quietly awaiting developments
10463. Probing my mind for emotional afflictions to confront and avert
10464. Regarding unpleasantness or negativity as a teacher, to strengthen my response of compassion and positivity
10465. Offering victory to others, not needing to be/be seen as right
10466. Positive energy and message of hope in 12th step work, acting upon principles, leading by example, carrying the message only, leaving making the design/calling shots in the hands of God
10467. Not needing to follow a chain of events or habits, free will to choose, change, act on values
10468. Ability to love by being receptive to God’s love first, needing only to ask for His love to receive it
10469. Willingness to love anyone in my path, being with God to give love
10470. Seeing I can make a difference by giving, service as care and respect, practice giving love and kindness to grow, heal, and love better, looking for ways to share
10471. Fellowship grounded on the spiritual plane, respectful companionship to lift each other
10472. Setting relationship goals with God to improve conscious contact, prayer to Him to direct/supply my thoughts, trying to think His thoughts after Him and be on the same wavelength, following the guidance He gives

Wednesday 12/9/15
10452. Results as a result of willingness to believe in God’s power/works, belief/love in God without needing to understand/faith
10453. Aiming spiritually high to serve fellows, holding people dear
10454. Respectfulness, humility, seeing teachers at any level
10455. Sincerity, honesty, humility for 12th step work, success of carrying message always by solidifying my sobriety, wish to help as key to my recovery, being a messenger of God’s message, the works as His
10456. Remembering laughter and compassion as God’s gifts
10457. Spiritual health sustaining me through bodily discomfort, breathing and thanking God
10458. Kindness as profound, simple, the ultimate aim over wisdom
10459. Uniting against our inner demons, strength for recovery in our bonding together, showing up for others as well as myself
10460. Taking time to appreciate the fellowship, companionship as a basic human need
10461. Search for meaning/purpose in life provided by God, faith in His will for my life and desire to carry it out, rest in thoughts of Him

Tuesday 12/8/15
10443. Willingness to change, replacing “never” with “yet” and not limiting our objectives
10444. Meditation to see spiritual world clearly, improving relations with people/things in material world
10445. Working on myself/abandoning self to God, admit faults, make amends, to find peace to merge inspiration with experience and be of service to my fellows
10446. Having friends, watching others recover, contact with fellowship, make social bright spots in life
10447. Finding ways to see and share humor, healing power of laughter
10448. Improving ruts/shaky ground and good parts of my life with power from sobriety, recovery as a gift and catalyst not an imposition
10449. Faith in God and His children, draw near/reveal self to others for spiritual and social health
10450. Seeing quality of sobriety as trumping quantity, but recounting time as inspiring to self and newcomers
10451. Our works becoming greater with more experience in sober spiritual way of life, sticking with God all day for effectiveness

Monday 12/7/15
10434. Satisfaction from the process not the product, thinking in shades of gray not black or white/all or nothing/win or lose
10435. Appreciating gap between reality and appearance to relate effectively to the world, and not be fooled by how things appear
10436. True ambition as desire to be useful and humbly serve God
10437. Concern and thanks for how I stand with God to be joyous and fruitful in life, not worrying over how other people regard me and finding His grace works out
10438. Capacity for awe, as mingled sense of wonder, gratitude, and reverence for God, prioritizing giving Him thanks and respect
10439. Accepting responsibility for my choices and relying on God to light His path for me, fulfilling His will for my life and having a fulfilling relationship with God
10440. Service/working for others and God as backbone of recovery and encouraging selflessness/connectedness to outside world and God/sense of belongingness
10441. New confidence borne from honesty/confession of weakness or struggles, and tolerance of others’ mistakes/weaknesses
10442. Strength/power from union with God, spiritual sustenance/peace/new life from trying to do His will

Sunday 12/6/15
10425. Suggestions/free will, process of learning by personal experience, take responsibility for choices
10426. Insight of recognizing illusion-like nature of reality, release from bondage, relating to world free from attachments/clinging
10427. Dependence upon God working where other methods fall short, emotional stability, forgiveness, perfect love only in His care
10428. Not playing God to others/being controlling, or being overly dependent upon other people by depending upon God myself
10429. Reverence for life as loving and feeling loved without conditions, expectations, or restrictions
10430. Releasing false need of trouble/comfort zone of problems, accepting joy and happiness as God’s gifts/making God proud/pleased, and passing His gifts forward to heighten spirituality
10431. Time and patience, slowing down/easy does it/one day at a time, trusting God’s schedule and using His time wisely, helpfully, making it my friend
10432. Trust that spiritual lessons are never in vain, trust in God’s plan for our usefulness, recognizing temptation and countering it by habits of spiritual thinking/training/preventative practices
10433. Turning to God not excuses

Saturday 12/5/15
10411. Being a simple agent with a simple message
10412. Staying connected to fellows and God, heart and ears open
10413. Valuing gratitude over self-satisfaction, turning misfortune to good fortune, feeling privilege of recovery, fraternal ties
10414. Embodying meditation and spiritual practice, method/wisdom in framework of reality, past conventional truth to God’s perfection in ultimate truth
10415. Spiritual awakening as gift of new state of consciousness and being, sense of peace/well-being, new level of aware, new dimension of hope, love, peace
10416. Experiencing peace in proportion to devotion of spiritual practice
10417. Airing out fears/preconceived notions to see them clearly as illusions, forge ahead with an open mind ready to learn
10418. Flexibility/middle path of living well one day at a time, enjoying and participating in life fully
10419. Letting God’s love shine through
10420. Recovery/new beginning by a conversation, sharing experience, strength, hope, reanimation of the spirit/love
10421. Brainstorming ways to help out
10422. Belief in effectiveness of new lifestyle/spiritual program/God
10423. Giving sympathy, prayers, time, love, thoughts, self, confidence, by grace of God to the needy
10424. Giving of self, not merely advice, to those in need of help, prayer to God for grace/effectiveness

Friday 12/4/15
10401. Spot-check inventories to calm stormy emotions or keep balance in an uncertain situation
10402. Setting aside time for long-term concerns to stay in the moment and keep from projecting
10403. Practice of skillful method/altruism for form, practice of insight into reality for wisdom
10404. God’s gifts being both free and priceless–a second chance and a path to make use of it, carrying the message and staying connected to the fellowship not just practicing the principles
10405. Taking responsibility for being present for others, keeping it by giving it away, seeing and sharing limitless possibilities
10406. Experiencing fully what scared me and finding it sets me free, facing problems to find relief
10407. Taking satisfaction in life and the present moment, being under God’s influence, slowing down and savoring the experience
10408. Living hand in hand with God for efficiency in truth and honesty
10409. Being proactive in filling my head with constructive thoughts, prevention against negativity
10410. Heed not the world’s judgement but follow the small still voice of God/Jesus/love within

Thursday 12/3/15
10389. Adjusting and accepting my defects, then working not wishing for attributes of virtue
10390. Assurance that God picks up where our limits end, aiming high to do God’s will and be at peace
10391. Not making willful demands of myself, God, or anyone else
10392. Working to detach myself from outcomes/results to become less emotionally reactive
10393. Trying to take pleasure in criticism as an eye opener to new areas to improve upon and feel humility/humanness over
10394. Sense of wellbeing/recovery by carrying the message, sharing about my actual practices and direct personal experience
10395. Sharing hope and benefits of my recovery in all areas of my life, taking chances to be a friend, rise above nastiness or hardship, and admit wrongs/make amends
10396. Feeling unity of fellowship, feeling at one with and a part of, partaking and contributing to sense of belongingness, being welcoming/accepting just as we are no strings attached, reaching  out/expression/conversation
10397. God placing teachers in my path, being on my way in His direction
10398. Working with tools of new values, enjoying and being proud of my life, maintaining a loving relationship with God, seeing all relationships as spiritual gifts
10399. Mental training, mindfulness, spiritual practices/program/people to keep thoughts healthy
10400. Proceeding in journey step by step/day by day, trusting God to reveal what I need to love/live on His timetable not my own

Wednesday 12/2/15
10380. Rooting out mental fixation by behavioral changes/abstinence
10381. Spot-check inventories/mindfulness to abstain from eight mundane concerns, detaching self from outcome to practice altruism/life more fully
10382. Serenity by working steps in daily affairs, awakening to presence of God, self, others
10383. Relaxing by using God’s timetable not my own, patience as a part of humility
10384. Intensity of trials/hardships influencing depth of ensuing joy in direct proportion, accept problems as disguised blessings
10385. Obstacles bringing out the best in us, asking God for help with challenges and to share joy daily
10386. Only gently carrying the message, not determining whether or not people accept it, standing for hope to the needy, shining hope brightly for God
10387. Being very choosy about my thoughts, only dwelling on the choicest ideas for daydreaming
10388. Being true to God’s vision for me, living the way I believe He wants for me

Tuesday 12/1/15
10372. Never apologizing for reliance upon the Creator, God’s way as the way of strength and courage, let Him demonstrate through me
10373. Release from bondage of illusory selfish concerns
10374. Seeing suggestions as more like commandments, willingness to go to any lengths for recovery
10375. Feeling happiness existing in the here and now by a simple heart, letting God make His own terms for my happiness, welcoming arrival of Him/His gifts humbly
10376. God’s path being harder but much greater, not faltering over obstacles but rejoicing in His companionship along the way
10377. Knowing life’s problems have an answer in the steps, spiritual tools, fellowship, God
10378. Consistently conditioning my conscious mind to spirituality, healthy thoughts of recovery
10379. Compassion, sympathy and the accompanying responsibility to help those in need

Monday 11/30/15
10372. Not making high-minded excuses to avoid material responsibilities, not looking down on business in denial
10373. Altruistic intention to attain enlightenment for welfare of all beings/ cultivate empathy, diminish self-centeredness
10374. Anonymity emphasizing equality of all in Fellowship by eliminating quest for personal gain/notoriety
10375. Chance as pseudonym for God when working anonymously, seeing coincidence as His grace
10376. God saving my life, and restoring it to be worth saving, showing me how to live well, feel of value
10377. Working to enhance my sense of self-worth, being of use to God and my fellows
10378. Perfect love casting out fear, allowing others in my life, letting God inside my heart/conscious contact as perfect spiritual love
10379. Mindfulness by prayer, meditation, inventory, opening up to sponsor as prevention
10380. God as refuge/sanctuary, checking in throughout the day to realign self into His harmony
10381. Losing limitations in immensity of God’s love

Sunday 11/29/15
10359. Real results of prayer and meditation, solidarity with God
10360. Imagining taking on suffering of others and dissolving it
10361. Imagining sending out light of wisdom and positivity to others
10362. Acting as a guardian of fellowship, not for individual gain, as way to be integral part of the whole
10363. Humility to bring me to the spirit of togetherness/oneness
10364. Anonymity to feel free and abstain from discrimination
10365. Humility as state of being teachable, not assuming my own knowledgeability, putting my knowledge aside to keep an open mind and keep learning
10366. Finding friends on different planes, Jewel of common spiritual quest in fellowship
10367. God’s blessing of many people and friends, reaching out and bonding with them
10368. Following God and putting out effort, finding happiness follows
10369. Voice within speaking of care and love/conscious contact
10370. Gathering in common loyalty to God and each other, and finding God is with us
10371. Lasting fellowship of the spirit

Saturday 11/28/15
10351. Not holding back in sharing about my past and feelings, honest thorough confession to move on to relief/tranquility
10352. Miraculous/God-welcoming combination of humility and serenity after 5th step
10353. Adopting/visualizing 3rd person objective perspective to overcome self-centered orientation, grow empathy/feel affinity with others
10354. Attraction not promotion, learn and teach by example of fellows
10355. Going to any length with hope and willingness, never being finished growing, 1 day at a time
10356. Individuality/expression of my unique gifts, and finding that personality is expressed as byproduct, naturally/uncontrived
10357. Purpose of freedom as creating it for others, brainstorm/choose/follow through in ways to help
10358. Gratitude to God for sobriety and all that’s built upon it, explicitly expressing it, prayer to remember to be grateful

Friday 11/27/15
10338. Unity, of purpose, fellowship to carry grace of God to the needy
10339. Spiritual path to supreme happiness of self and others based on ability to connect to one’s feelings and care for one’s welfare–preliminary to reaching out to others
10340. Practicing loving-kindness and compassion/giving and taking
10341. Anonymity to work on humility, putting fellowship ahead of self
10342. Attraction by improved attitude and altruism, not promotion
10343. Seeing usefulness of discomfort to propel change for better, growth as never ending process
10344. A path to learn and grow through, sending me to God for assistance and periods of supreme comfort
10345. Steps leading to relationship with God, His direction and understanding, letting Him be my life’s Supreme Author, but helping Him make today’s page beautiful
10346. Getting involved, active participation in life, activities, community/fellows, steps to recovery/change, improved attitude, healthy way of life
10347. Looking for ways to apply 12 steps/spiritual principles to everyday problems, creative problem solving
10348. AA path of temperance, fellowship, service, faith
10349. Coming for myself, staying for my fellows
10350. Happiness by true desire to do God’s will, subordinating my will to receive His guidance/care

Thursday 11/26/15
10326. Forced choices to lead me in the right direction, out of self-destructive impulses/habits
10327. Learning to choose well on my own, earning my freedom to choose, readying myself better opportunities and for perfect freedom under God’s will
10328. Courage to spend time in bad places as part of process of working for well-being of others, willingness, commitment, acceptance of challenges
10329. Enjoying symbolism but seeing hazard of being in the public eye, valuing anonymity and honesty, truth, humility, awareness of motives to retreat from prestige-seeking
10330. Seeking self-acceptance before seeking to change for the better
10331. Sharing experiences/insights to keep it fresh, full perspective
10332. Not taking it personally if I’m not listened to and not imposing, realizing different people seek different ideas or solutions
10333. Turning my will and life to God, not just my problems, enjoying life by spending it with God
10334. Learning that listening to God’s directions leads to happiness beyond what I would plan, willingness to follow and change
10335. Focusing my thoughts on parts of life for which I’m thankful, finding my negativity dissipates by disciplined thinking/actions
10336. Seeing the world through God’s eye, going forward with faith in what’s good, in the best care
10337. Seeing God everywhere to feel belongingness anywhere

Wednesday 11/25/15
10315. Spirituality as a practice on my part restoring healthy family dynamics
10316. Being prepared to take on hardships for greater good/welfare of others
10317. Book of experience, movement as fellowship, spiritual traditions
10318. Seeing past God’s guise of luck/chance/coincidence, loving His anonymous workings
10319. Happiness for me by ensuring happiness for you/keeping it by giving it away/sharing experience, strength, hope
10320. Share gratitude for/with someone to intensify joy
10321. Faith in good will of God, trust in long sight of His vision surpassing my narrow scope
10322. Learning to savor life, taste the thrill/joy of being alive
10323. Love as the reward of love, loving to help/service
10324. Contentment with fruits of my efforts to live the right way, not wanting what I haven’t earned
10325. True peace in God’s arms not material comforts

Tuesday 11/24/15
10302. Responding to my own instincts by picking up key of willingness, just giving an effort to step 3
10303. Reversing attitudes toward myself and others so as to gain humility and diminish self-importance/interest, and not to overlook or be indifferent to wellbeing of others
10304. Looking for parts of ideas from people that make sense to make use of, just bypass ideas that I don’t endorse, keep mind open
10305. Finding support in many sources
10306. Not wanting to trade my lot, being grateful/joyous for my life
10307. No substitute for spiritual action of the 12 steps, working them diligently, honestly, with vigor
10308. Freedom as just the beginning, working to continue to life in happiness and purpose, with new lessons and new friends
10309. Growing for God, finding values for which to stand up
10310. Content with progress, my yardstick being my performance from yesterday, not some standard outside myself
10311. Willingness to stumble forwards, interest in what I am becoming more than what I am now, focus on the journey–following God’s vision for me
10312. Looking for little opportunities to make the world s better place and bring God’s kingdom nearer
10313. God ensuring blessing when I try to do His work/His will for me
10314. Contentment doing little things in the right way/unselfish/loving

Monday 11/23/15
10291. Responding not reacting by maintaining spiritual gifts of God
10292. The practice of giving and taking, visualizing equalizing and exchanging with others
10293. Offer others benefit/joy, take upon self others’ hurts/pains
10294. Shedding old habits to grow fresh joyful patterns, changing seasons and changing life
10295. Prayers of thanks and joy when not in distress or need to open new dimensions of peace, contentment, joy, freedom
10296. Gratitude as a habit to keep open my channel for God
10297. Allowing my ideas to be subject to change in order to grow/learn
10298. Trusting “the still small Voice within” but questioning views and beliefs I’ve held, God’s help to be flexible
10299. Spread joy not by people pleasing but by following God and dreams to happiness, the result of obeying God leading to joy of other people and myself, being true to myself/love for God
10300. Not being intimidated by high goals, desire for perfection, or fear of failure, seeing my own true effort as the only yardstick of my progress, keeping an undaunted spirit by sticking close to God and Jesus
10301. Having confidence and being of good cheer, rising above

Sunday 11/22/15
10281. Tolerance of variations of anonymity, importance of word of mouth communications
10282. Seeing someone who mistreats me as a precious teacher of patience and tolerance
10283. Not interfering with my own growth or that of another
10284. Seeking growth by humility and acceptance and finding happiness in unexpected places
10285. Coming out of struggles and looking back at them as wholesome and vital to serenity and spiritual growth
10286. Finding tie between living wisely, well, justly, and pleasurably
10287. Giving thanks to God for blessings, miracles, and new life
10288. Remembering my alcoholic/addict behaviors, gratitude from seeing the contrast with today and reminder to keep fit spiritual condition one day at a time
10289. Enthusiasm and interest in life from abstinence/moderation, not being bored, but seeing endless possibilities opening up
10290. Charity as wanting to help or do for other people, giving simple encouraging words and smiles from the heart, renewing interest in life by contemplating ways to add to good cheer of others, and responding to charity with joy

Saturday 11/21/15
10271. Opening my eyes to the truth, stepping ahead on solid ground
10272. Remaining unperturbed and tolerant when I’m mistreated as an altruistic practice
10273. Loving God without needing to understand God, belief and love being much alike
10274. Release by reciting St. Francis prayer, trying to be a channel for God to work through
10275. Moderation of festivities, savor/ enjoy life by avoiding excesses
10276. Living and breathing spiritual principles, honesty/willingness/ open-mindedness at all times
10277. Learning to trust, be honest, give help, love self and others by the care of the group and God within
10278. Learning financial responsibility
10279. Comfort from trust in God, trying to strengthen and exude this serenity
10280. Faith taking the sting out of struggles/adversity

Friday 11/20/15
10260. Adopting healthy attitudes and actions for freedom from self
10261. Using potential to make constructive social contribution, helping others do the same
10262. Embracing all as having potential, something to offer
10263. Using the phrase “…if it be Thy will” during prayers
10264. Prayer for knowledge of God’s will and power to carry it out, patience and persistence, reassurance from repeating “Thy will not mine be done”
10265. Freedom from pain of selfish expectations
10266. Absolute rhythm, absolute trust in flow of God’s road, feeling part of nature, synchronicity
10267. Enjoying and contributing to the blessing of the fellowship
10268. Feeling good by making healthy spiritual choices
10269. Not needing to escape life when I face it with God, not running away from reality
10270. Seeing weariness from material and rejuvenation from spiritual, insight by reliance on God

Thursday 11/19/15
10251. Sense on belongingness even when alone through meditation and prayer
10252. Deep gratitude for reprieve with God from hustle and bustle, knowing He watches lovingly
10253. Holding dear/taking special care of marginalized or negative people, challenging my ability to relate/empathize
10254. Self-honesty to be teachable, not downplaying importance of step 11, prayer/meditation of absolute and relative importance
10255. Healing by degrees, patience
10256. “Benign neglect” of patience, do what I can then let go, find a distraction to wait for resolution
10257. Taking responsibility for decision to break from bondage of self-centeredness/resentments or negative attitudes/actions that keep me from Divine Source, meeting God halfway
10258. Learning by living/doing, putting ideas into action and seeking council, not hurrying
10259. Efforts to raise my sights and thoughts to the height of God and His help, training insight to become familiar with near/dear higher view and gain distance from false material values

Wednesday 11/18/15
10243. Putting usefulness ahead of dogma, avoiding theological contention
10244. Spot check inventories constantly as mindfulness practice, increase effectiveness
10245. God will wait for my willingness to let go, being patient with myself and getting back in His arms as soon as possible
10246. Understanding others by admitting my own feelings and looking at their reasons
10247. Aiming for progress, being satisfied with where I am and not expecting perfection
10248. Living it up by trying new things and having adventures, God’s help to learn to play, celebrate
10249. Learning by trial and error
10250. Trying to reflect glory of God’s light/love on Earth, praying He keeps shining in my life

Tuesday 11/17/15
10231. Not looking the other way if we need to change for better, facing fear of a different way in order to grow, willingness to shoulder responsibility/footwork
10232. Willingness to change as essence of growth
10233. Mindfulness to nip negativity in the bud, perpetuate positivity by alertness, being on guard
10234. Maintaining contact with God as prevention of turmoil, preliminary coping mechanism
10235. Deep need of not being alone filled by God as I strive for temperance/make space for Him
10236. Not needing to be normal, follow God to find my place in the pack
10237. Happiness and security from a loving God within, losing sight of myself to see Him
10238. Experiencing God as I live, expressing love for Him by enthusiasm/joy in my actions
10239. God, Jesus, and friends to help through hard times, maintaining love and hope, one day at a time
10240. Planning ahead in terms of coping methods as prevention in order to stay on the beam
10241. Unifying my dualities of traits, sailing with an even keel
10242. Braving a smile through hardships, inner joy and peace from spiritual discipline

Monday 11/16/15
10216. Rooting out unconscious conceit of Christ connection, being still and knowing that Jesus and God, not I set forth the works
10217. Constant self checks for negative tendencies to correct, not get carried away by emotions or urges
10218. Daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition as my recovery
10219. Breathing air of joy, happiness and wisdom
10220. Power to love and react calmly by eyes of faith in the Unseen
10221. See and grab opportunities of each new day, re-start fresh in any moment we need to
10222. Seeing my suffering was from my reactions not from the world directly, taking care by action
10223. The real world reflecting what I see within, as love, beauty, kindness… God
10224. Exploring God’s creation as expression of gratitude
10225. Praying for needs of patience, understanding, and love to do my work strongly and courage and wisdom to help others too
10226. Transformative power of prayer, asking knowledge of God’s will and power to carry it out
10227. Admitting needs and praying for help, God’s response often through my fellows
10228. Resolution of inner conflicts, not fighting myself, but getting organized and getting God’s love
10229. One accord of fellowship for God to flow through/help/guide
10230. Strength of consecrated group, God-given inspiration

Sunday 11/15/15
10196. Developing self-restraint, not acting rashly, pausing for moment of grace to be fair-minded and tolerant
10197. Cooperation in good spirit
10198. Probing mind for emotional afflictions to confront and avert
10199. Diligence in applying antidotes to negative impulses thoughts, emotions
10200. Prayer and meditation as vital as sunshine to my health
10201. Seeing God in my fellows as creative conscious contact
10202. Seeing beauty of God’s work in others, feel love, pride, awe
10203. Unconditional love and step 3 to accept others/self as we are (remove my will) as prerequisite to grow towards true potential
10204. Changing myself to fulfill potential by starting with acceptance as is
10205. Most effective leadership being by example not advice
10206. Joining common quest of meaningful destiny, spiritual growth in selves as fellowship
10207. Finding new ways to fulfill urge for spiritual growth
10208. Knowing God by loving many things, people, places, ideas
10209. Loving the feeling of taking care of myself, feeling responsible under God’s/Jesus’s wings
10210. Coming to life by loving
10211. Energy of love as a God magnet, being core of God
10212. Taking things less seriously, growing thicker skin, losing sensitivity/not taking things personally, by deflating my ego
10213. Ability to laugh at my flaws, seeing my self-importance or self-pity as childish
10214. God working miracles when I stay open/flexible enough to allow Him to plan for me
10215. Boundless faith in God

Saturday 11/14/15
10181. Earning my blessings, faith in God’s family firstly, keeping close to spiritual security
10182. Ability to think morally, being responsible and using this gift
10183. Commitment to spiritual practices
10184. Ability to see myself as lesser than insect buddies, perspective-switching
10185. God’s gifts of inspiration and intuition, self-love alongside humility by step 11/God time
10186. Sharpening faculties by pushing through struggles and learning new lessons, fine-tuning abilities by taking on challenges, God always here to help, comfort
10187. Good behaviors to draw me closer to God, not to stand between us/practice principles
10188. Putting principles into action, not just intellectualizing/thinking about/with God
10189. Making a point of doing things that I don’t want to do in order to grow, stretch comfort zone
10190. Learn self-trust by self-discipline
10191. Taking note of areas to improve and working on them lovingly, making SMART goals
10192. Noticing and thanking God for His wonders, devotion-time
10193. Looking for the good in others and trying to bring out and encourage their best, overlooking the negatives
10194. Belief in God’s grand design of love and fellowship universal
10195. Happiness by faith in God/Jesus and their wisdom surpassing mine, sensing Divine intent as I act as I believe God would have me act, Father knowing best

Friday 11/13/15
10164. Excavating feelings, past pain to work through to become less reactive to triggers, making amends to/forgiving myself
10165. Choosing and switching my perspective of vision, aiming for well rounded view in increments
10166. Variety of angles of vision, power to choose my perspective, and aiming for positivity
10167. Seeing myself as utensil to help others, my wellbeing as means to end of universal wellbeing
10168. Progressing in aim of letting go selfish desires
10169. Willingness to admit ignorance immediately, recognizing current limits of abilities
10170. Sweeping away day’s mistakes with nightly inventory
10171. The PROMISE, decision to work steps and earn peace
10172. Plan as God’s, decision as mine
10173. Taking advice I don’t like yet
10174. Learning to ask for help
10175. Principle of charity, think about suggestion until it makes sense
10176. God working/talking through His children to fill our needs, listening to my fellows
10177. Reading my spiritual toolbox/notes every so often
10178. Looking at my own failures when I start judging others, including myself
10179. God having a solution to anything, openness to see/k His comfort and will/wisdom
10180. Being useful/effective by reliance upon God and Jesus

Thursday 11/12/15
10150. Trouble being unimagined blessings under God’s grace by acceptance and courage to transcend
10151. Constructive hardships as lessons for growth
10152. Prioritizing genuine humility
10153. God’s will for us to help each other
10154. Keeping my life in the context of one day at a time
10155. Openness to different methods to suit different people, flexibility, not just one right way
10156. Resolve in finding peace in the midst of chaos by discipline
10157. Finding ways to share spiritual growth
10158. Whole-hearted willingness to keep working hard on progress
10159. Expanding my world and hope by daydreaming, finding my work by exploring my dreams
10160. Meditative communion through daydreaming, sharing visions
10161. Being less critical, wanting to build up people not tear down
10162. Recognizing my needs and reaching out to God/Jesus
10163. Certainty of God’s reply when I ask for help, openness to seeing an unexpected answer

Wednesday 11/11/15
10135. Dependence upon God to perform “impossible” job, like recovery from addictions
10136. Acceptance from much effort and willingness to let go self-sufficiency
10137. Relating to others w/ respect, affection, empathy, not pity, according others higher status
10138. Turning to God to see all is well
10139. Remembering I’m a child of God to accept, love, nurture myself..self-care as a way to praise Our Heavenly Father
10140. Mingling joys with occupations
10141. Always being a place for joy and lightheartedness, light attitude to laugh away thunderclouds
10142. Not needing to understand His mysterious methods fully, but believing in the outcome of care, trusting in His wise, long vision
10143. Trying to be an example
10144. Hard times as well as good to learn and grow, never being alone through struggles, growing courage from conscious contact with God and the fellowship
10145. Going at least half way to meet others in the middle, reaching out to make friends, sincere desire to help
10146. More self-respect by being less sensitive, comfort with myself to try to be outgoing and take an interest in others
10147. Believing in a higher purpose, past difficulties as a preparation for valuable work
10148. Perfect pattern of God’s mosaic
10149. Not needing to know the whole design of my life (the how), but trusting in the Designer (the why–God’s love)

Tuesday 11/10/15
10117. Serenity prayer, desire to be centered, experience and learn under God’s wing
10118. Holding all others supremely dear, highest goal as welfare of all sentient beings
10119. Thanks to others for goals of kindness, compassion, altruism
10120. Interactions with others to develop principles, values
10121. Sense of belonging from meditation and prayer
10122. Time with God to relax, become resilient, appreciate humor, belong to God’s creative flow
10123. Being honest with myself
10124. Honestly admitting when I need help or advice or anything, knowing I shouldn’t go solo
10125. Common bond of God’s love, looking past differences
10126. Unity, equality under God, extending my hand to all and working on my prejudices
10127. Healing power of positive action
10128. Great adventure of recovery, whole world looking open to us, God with us to help and guide
10129. Choosing actions that bring me closer to God, admitting wrongs, taking my inventory, seeking help and answers
10130. Courage to act, move out of comfort zone and enjoy life, using my second chances
10131. Trying very hard to stay out of the center of my world, trying to put God, Jesus or others there instead
10132. Happiness as a byproduct of helping or focusing on others, focusing less on myself and more on what I can contribute
10133. Seeing difficulties not as hindrances but as strength and spirit building exercises
10134. Nothing too great to overcome with God’s help/love, victory in loving and living

Monday 11/9/15
10106. Dwelling in positivity not negativity or self-righteous pride
10107. Compassion at the heart of the path of God
10108. Meditation as sunlight of the soul for spiritual growth
10109. Time for prayer anywhere
10110. God doing what I cannot
10111. Letting go of crutches to grow
10112. Let go false pride to find real confidence
10113. Taking advice, opening ears, hearing support better
10114. Believing in people, capabilities, love, truth, being positive
10115. Giving God worship, obedience, allegiance, companionship
10116. Belonging to God, God/Jesus as my best friends, working together

Sunday 11/8/15
10091. Perfect humility in freedom from self through willingness to do God’s will
10092. Dwelling in vision of humility, not insisting on perfection
10093. Amusement at my self-concern
10094. Generosity, morality, patience, enthusiasm, meditation or concentration, wisdom as ideals/perfections from altruism
10095.  Progress without boundaries of spiritual growth
10096. Reassurance from God, gratitude for His presence
10097. Ordering and decorating the landscape of my mind as lovely
10098. Power to choose my thoughts and moods, choosing faith
10099. Enhancing quality of existence, especially by spiritual growth, focusing on God/love
10100. Looking for opportunities to grow and smile
10101. Not getting down over mistakes, but taking measures to correct and learn from them
10102. Growing self-respect by facing mistakes and seeing them as gifts of learning, God’s lessons
10103. Letting go of inferiority complex to take responsibility
10104. Goals to help make things better, working with confidence in God
10105. Starting fresh with light heart, God’s guidance, loving eyes

Saturday 11/7/15
10077. Moving ahead with an open mind, taking direction w/o argue
10078. Training mind, altruistic intentions
10079. Constant application of spiritual practice in daily life and behavior
10080. Letting go do God can take hold of me, release of worries by receiving God’s help
10081. Life of victory over challenges by   God’s help/step 3 for comfort
10082. 12 step blueprint for grateful happy lifestyle
10083. Growing pains for rewards of growth, not avoiding past pain but working through it with God and Jesus gratefully, patiently
10084. Acceptance of slow steady progress
10085. Letting go of insecurity by trying to please God, not people
10086. Fading defects of character by just trying to make God happy
10087. Faith in long-term good of honesty/truth
10088. Letting go of resentments by grace of God, gratitude
10089. Letting God’s grace flow through my channel, keeping open to all
10090. Praying to spread positive attitude of God

Friday 11/6/15
10064. New Employer in God, performing His work, being provided for, reborn
10065. Losing fear by sticking with God
10066. Reflecting on possibilities, powerful antidotes to suffering and its causes
10067. Grateful attitude to keep channel to God open
10068. Going with the flow of God
10069. Prayer to improve my attitude, center of emotional calm
10070. Proactive measures taken by the moment
10071. Remaining open to new, different ways, creative endeavors
10072. Bring okay with being different, following God, not trying to fit in
10073. Surrendering so that God may take hold of me
10074. Replacing fear with faith
10075. Spiritual power of God in action, allowing God/Jesus to work through me
10076. Prayer to lose blocks between myself and God, progress

Thursday 11/5/15
10055. Translating character building into happy, good living
10056. Cultivating absorptive states of mind, contemplations
10057. Prayers of gratitude no matter what, God-granted solutions
10058. Lessons of past for understanding, empathy, and perspective
10059. Learning to both give and receive with joy
10060. Acceptance and faith
10061. Believing I’m cared for by God, giving up control
10062. Replacing fear with faith/God
10063. Giving self to God as channel of love, bridging the gap between God and the world

Wednesday 11/4/15
10047. Miracle of transformation of attitude, spiritual angle
10048. Pursuing long-term happiness
10049. Intimate communication
10050. Meditation and prayer to focus and listen, self-discipline for fit spiritual condition
10051. Wanting what I already have, needs always filled by God
10052. Openly expressing love, freedom of an embrace
10053. Openness to see/receive the day’s gifts with God
10054. Recovery of interests/inspiration happiness as a byproduct of good living by God’s will

Tuesday 11/3/15
10037. Relinquishing self-indulgence
10038. Overcoming suffering
10039. Better life by self-examination, meditation, prayer
10040. Accepting faults to let them go
10041. Principle, priority, propriety, purpose of gratitude
10042. God’s help to slow down and listen
10043. God first, others second, me last
10044. Desire to serve
10045. God’s limitless potential
10046. Sincerely asking God’s help

Monday 11/2/15
10019. Consciousness, mindfulness, forgiveness, prayer to maintain recovery/spiritual progress
10020. Restoration from insight
10021. Insight for compassion
10022. Shifting object of focus, renunciation for compassion
10023. Cultivating optimism
10024. Increasing willingness to avail self to God’s guidance
10025. Learning and practicing spiritual happiness
10026. Abstinence for freedom, God
10027. Taking responsibility for making a contribution, nurturing love
10028. Relief from my friends/God, talking, humor, not being alone
10029. Replacing selfishness with God’s and Jesus’s love
10030. Full reliance on God
10031. Beauty in following God’s will, love, peace, joyful effort,
10032. Self-discipline, courage, strengthening relationships
10033. Trusting God to make the world have meaning, goodness
10034. God holding it together with love
10035. Leap of faith to God
10036. Pouring out to be filled by heaven, inflow/outflow

Sunday 11/1/15
10001. Healing with love not punishment, retaining membership, unity
10002. Happiness by thinking of others
10003. Prayers of thanksgiving
10004. Adjusting my sails not changing the wind
10005. Listening to God and Jesus, meditation
10006. Freedom in love with God
10007. Mutual understanding of accidents, no recrimination
10008. Showing not just saying love
10009. God helping those who help
10010. Relying on God to make complete, solely for needs
10011. Getting love by giving it
10012. God to inspire
10013. Action from love, results from God not me
10014. Awareness of God always, ever present best friends
10015. Seeking God’s love, help, company, approval
10016. Having found lost hope
10017. Giving my future plans to God
10018. Faith trust gratitude God’s family

Saturday 10/31/15
9985. Sacrificing lifestyle/personality defects, take responsibility
9986. View self in terms of dependent relations, other-centered
9987. Sharing experience not advice
9988. Steady purpose for tranquility
9989. Relief by grace of God
9990. Home of today
9991. Remembering priorities
9992. Improving relationship with God
9993. Support/courage from faith
9994. Taking God’s/Jesus’s help/gifts
9995. Correcting mistakes promptly, resisting denial to learn
9996. Being taught by others
9997. Being gentle
9998. Living by serenity prayer
9999. Peaceful place with God
10000. Listening to and following inner voice of God, lighting the path

Friday 10/30/15
9970. Working on little defects
9971. Practicing altruism and care for others even God and Jesus
9972. Live and let live with God’s help
9973. Courage to be myself with God’s and Jesus’s help
9974. Staying out of controversy
9975. Not arguing
9976. Courage, hard work and God
9977. Perseverance, commitment, God
9978. Taking suggestions/orders/help, God’s care
9979. God’s eyes to see universe full of magic
9980. Letting God’s magic fill my heart
9981. Holding on to God and Jesus forever and always
9982. New friends, opening up
9983. Meeting God halfway
9984. Waiting to be ready for/to earn what God has in store/blessings

Thursday 10/29/15
9958. Acceptance and effectiveness by sticking with God and Jesus
9959. Feeling better by thinking in terms of we not I
9960. Honesty to face challenges, surrender to God for strength
9961. Quiet reflection with God first for courage, positive attitude
9962. Living just for today to overcome problems
9963. Belief in God’s restoration
9964. Examining sexually
9965. Admitting wrongs, correcting mistakes, starting fresh, loving
9966. God’s help with choices
9967. Finding my home and hope in God’s family
9968. Trusting God’s vision to get through present problems
9969. Practicing faith with family and friends, Jesus and God

Wednesday 10/28/15
9942. Living to learn serve, love
9943. Benefit from intertwined interests, not self-interest
9944. Singleness of vision to light fire of faith, constant focus
9945. Trying to focus on serving others to feel better
9946. Little offerings of cheer carried out
9947. Taking action for attitude
9948. Spot-check inventories
9949. Controlling my reactions, living in God’s solution
9950. Love, patience, kindness
9951. God’s will free from doubts
9952. Reading God’s gauges of harmony
9953. Peaceful conflict resolution
9954. Courage to be true to self/heart
9955. Staying close to God’s warmth
9956. Understanding happy home, companionship/hope w/ God
9957. Trusting God’s vision/care

Tuesday 10/27/15
9930. Vital support of prayer/God as ageless truth
9931. Shaping positive attitude, shift attention away from self to wider world to cure difficulties
9932. Focus on God’s will/care/love
9933. Recovery as gift from God, passing it along
9934. Nurturing by conscious contact with God
9935. Belief in God’s effectiveness, not my own
9936. Facing/releasing my past to move forward, grow fresh/free with God
9937. Empathizing with needs of others, building awareness for God
9938.  Making changes not excuses
9939. Feeling of use, direction and worth from God as my destiny
9940. Choosing guidance wisely
9941. Victory in God

Monday 10/26/15
9913. Affirmation of life by deep breathing
9914. Not giving up, just asking God’s help
9915. Reflecting cherishing others in my behavior, relinquish self-interest
9916. Ultimate authority as loving God
9917. Following God and trusting in His leadership
9918. Reminding myself to heed and trust God’s suggestions
9919. Finding my own failings to abstain from judging others
9920. Self-awareness to improve
9921. Self-acceptance by practicing spiritual principles
9922. Opening up about my faults and worries to others to accept self
9923. Changing after self-disclosure
9924. Asking God’s understanding and help, taking responsibility for changing for the better, being a person I can be proud of
9925. God setting me free from addiction and greed
9926. Freedom from within God’s hands, good choices by God’s guidance
9927. Choosing freedom from self/wall of defects by loving God
9928. Spiritual principles, belongingness and home at last by God’s grace
9929. Walk all the way with God and other people, keep strong companionship in upward path

Sunday 10/25/15
9898. Adversity as opportunity to develop courage from humility
9899. Prudence for harmony, effectiveness, spiritual progress
9900. Rational concern but not worry, peaceful mental climate
9901. Spiritual path and realization dependent on interaction with others, activity for collective benefit, intertwined interests
9902. Unity at many levels, profound feeling of being part of divinely inspired miracle, working together to pass it along
9903. Examining fears to breathe better
9904. Principles before personalities, foundation of anonymity/humility, compassion for all equally
9905. Listening to God to do what’s right  in all respects, focus on principles
9906. Talking to God always to prevent falling apart, focus on His beauty
9907. Golden rule, even with myself, keeping/being good company
9908. Honest and challenging love, care with common sense, protection
9909. God’s help to love all His children
9910. Living in moment by God’s grace, step 3 surrender of selfishness, progress not perfection
9911. Revolving around God not self
9912. Striving for right perspective

Saturday 10/24/15
9881. God’s direction for belongingness and the end of loneliness
9882. Fellowship of friends
9883. Intertwined interests of self and others, seeing all as connected, self-interest as illusion
9884. Faith and learning experience to be sustained by God
9885. Placing God’s will first, building upon spiritual lessons
9886. Unity of all, God allowing
9887. Conceding powerlessness, asking God for strength, understanding
9888. Taking responsibility for recovery, learning from lessons
9889. Changing my life by facing challenges, meaningfulness
9890. Learning effective spiritual practices to improve life and make responsible choices
9891. Listening to God as well as talking to Him, striving for harmony with Higher Forces
9892. Meditation/listening as necessary for keeping perspective positive
9893. Staying close to people and God, not keeping secrets or to myself
9894. God’s help to live free and true
9895. Being one among many, gratitude that God is center of my life
9896. Ability to face anything by sticking with God, being in His hands
9897. Periodic quiet communion with God to keep on track/secure

Friday 10/23/15
9864. Asking God’s forgiveness and asking what to do to correct it
9865. Abstaining from worry/morbid reflection to be of good service
9866. Sacrificing the good of one for good of many
9867. Perseverance in primary purpose
9868. Conformity to unity as a responsibility for safety/security
9869. Experiencing discord to see need of concord
9870. Accepting being human/making mistakes but learning
9871. Troubles in order to appreciate/be aware of/to make progress
9872. Taking time to appreciate blessings and God’s help
9873. Power by surrendering control to God and His collective care
9874. Being powerless but by surrendering control gaining care of God and direction/meaning
9875. Abstaining from trying to power my own life, while being joyful
9876. Putting reservations aside and just doing it faithfully, believing in the love and care behind struggle
9877. Remembering where my faith is and breathing through it
9878. Not running away anymore, trying to be honest and face questions
9879. Power of unseen God blessing my life as I put in joyful effort
9880. Praying to believe better God and His family care forevermore

Thursday 10/22/15
9847. Willingness to depend upon God as a necessity
9848. Choosing honesty, humility, selfless service to fellows and God
9849. Making good choices to high aspirations
9850. Equality to fulfill aspirations of happiness of all beings
9851. Tolerance of my and others’ issues to feel real love regardless
9852. Golden rule treatment
9853. Feeling my feelings but not letting my pain dictate my actions
9854. Talking and writing about emotion to let it dissipate, not seeking artificial security/masking feelings
9855. Listening to God’s voice of love and reason not the voice of my addiction or fear
9856. Drawing on God’s strength to get through my shortcomings
9857. Reality checking with God
9858. Spiritual health/growth/care by shutting out thoughts of my ego, adhering to God’s thoughts
9859. Living in the moment to fully take in life by God’s help/step 3
9860. Being on lookout for signs of life, God making every day special
9861. Slowly building unshakable faith in God and His collective love as a necessity in life
9862. Renewing faith with God in quiet time as needed to build habit, soul decorate with faith
9863. Being a happy home for God

Wednesday 10/21/15
9828. Letting God direct my life
9829. Developing understanding of fundamental equality, learning to value others equal to myself
9830. Wanting good within us all to grow
9831. Recovery/improvement in all areas of my life
9832. Renewing hope and faith, dignity and self-respect with God’s help
9833. Learning to accept myself as is
9834. Working my hardest to carry my weight, trying not to take God’s help for granted
9835. Commitment to increasing acceptance and faith
9836. Enjoying today, especially by contrasting it with past
9837. Constant practice of step 3 for faith, peaceful living/solution
9838. Faith manifested as living in present with God
9839. Making the most of each day by God’s care/in His hands
9840. Trying to express God instead of completing tasks, fruitfulness by spiritual fulfillment
9841. Responding to frustration with God’s peace and love
9842. God as first priority
9843. Looking for good in myself not just seeing faults, using personality defects in useful ways, tenacity to stick with positive/God
9844. Focusing on rewards I’ve gained and belongingness with God
9845. Longing in my heart heeded by God, listening always for Him
9846. Trying to be welcoming to God’s spirit filling my heart, being peace

Tuesday 10/20/15
9815. Liking spiritual activities more with practice
9816. Improving the application of spiritual principles/truths in my life
9817. Consciousness as living beings to desire our collective well-being, and conviction that we all have equal right to well-being
9818. Openness to belief in a concept of God that is loving, living, calming, and understanding
9819. Willingness to wait and be patient for fruits of spirituality
9820. Freedom to choose as a gift and responsibility, seeking help and outcomes to guide choices
9821. Acquiring good motives by practicing spiritual principles, learning to want the right things
9822. Letting my conscience/inner spirit guide me, admitting faults promptly
9823. Meditation to cultivate soft quiet voice of inner spirit to follow, God and Jesus to help as I seek them
9824. Admitting faults to people as well as God
9825. Usefulness and effectiveness of my life by grace of God, acting accordingly with a heart of gratitude to repay/pay forward
9826. Acceptance of God’s will no matter what as key to abundant living, God’s way as best way
9827. Tuning in to workings of God’s will in my life and world around me

Monday 10/19/15
9800. New state of consciousness by awakening to God’s help/love
9801. God’s path of meaning, belief in purpose, transformation
9802. Belief in fundamental equality of all beings/equanimity
9803. Finding enduring strength by admitting defeat, reaching out to God
9804. Sense of love, acceptance, and wonder, especially in fellowship
9805. Living in the moment to live without fear, savor each moment
9806. Honest self-examination to locate values, build character
9807. Honoring ourselves and spirit by standing for something, strength by living spiritual values
9808. Finding that prayer to God to be reasonable through emotions  is effective
9809. Wisdom to change my mind, flexibility in thinking/opinions
9810. Flexibility of thought to leave room for better ideas/ways, improving
9811. God knowing best, reliability
9812. Openness to try out ideas to see what fits
9813. Belief in God for eternity, believing in and seeking His response of love in perhaps unexpected ways
9814. Happiness with God and His care and knowledge of what I need

Sunday 10/18/15
9766. Willingness to help myself and take responsibility for decisions
9767. …But to believe God will lead me to help myself correctly
9768. Cultivating love and compassion–will for others to enjoy happiness and to be free of suffering
9769. Humility and an open mind to hear God’s voice in people and things all around me
9770. The long journey of friendship ripening in time, sharing experiences, cherishing learning and growing together
9771. Welcoming newcomers, inclusivity
9772. Welcoming diversity, finding belongingness and personal connections in unlikely places
9773. Nothing being too good to be true, keeping ideals high
9774. High ideals, anonymity, and no accolades in striving towards better things of being a body of God’s children, being of service to God and each other
9775. Taking a stand for recovery but wisdom to surrender and accept God’s help and the program, giving up my stubbornness
9776. Willingness to give up selfishness and surrender all of myself to be of use to God, not just a little bit
9777. True humility and gratitude to God for help to rise above past failures, respect of self and others, and no criticism as others make mistakes
9778. Past failures as a source of humility and gratitude to God
9779. Self respect while admitting faults

Saturday 10/17/15
9745. Deflating ego, going against desires/impulses
9746. Talking about my problems to move beyond them
9747. Consultation to make honest, wise, loving choices
9748. No longer being alone
9749. Reflecting/meditating on kindness of all beings, thoughts of repaying kindness, honorable feelings
9750. Carrying God’s vision into my daily activities
9751. Belief that my wish for a daily reprieve from struggles/addiction is granted when I ask it of God
9752. Being a home which enables me to fly, keeping in good order by God’s help and direction
9753. Cleaning house to promote positive thoughts
9754. Providing cleanliness, warmth, caring
9755. Flexibility to think differently as faith in God grows, surrendering attachment to old rigid ways
9756. Understanding of truth changing as I grow, openness to changes brought by open eyes/heart/mind and spiritual principles/actions
9757. 12 steps as telescope/instrument to recognize God
9758. Exploring beyond 5 senses
9759. Being in touch with God, belief in His guidance, improving conscious contact
9760. Claiming the childlike artist within, becoming more alive, bringing color to our lives, letting openness and creativity shine through
9761. Openness of a child, choosing joy
9762. Feeling responsibility/duty to be of service, advancing in AA work
9763. Looking up at God not down at myself
9764. Choosing to see God’s calmness, patience, love, and perfection, instead of less than pleasant surroundings of my own limitations
9765. Seeing infinite possibilities for spiritual growth beyond horizons of my selfhood

Friday 10/16/15
9730. Turning trouble/dark past into an asset to help others
9731. Growth by integrating different viewpoints
9732. Seeing all sentient beings as being as close as one’s mother
9733. Belief in undying consciousness, rebirth
9734. Self-inventory throughout day
9735. Kindness toward myself as practice for kindness to others
9736. Direction from prayer
9737. Making time to talk to God
9738. Turning my inner demons over to God to conquer
9739. Practicing restraint
9740. Admission not excuses to grow from mistakes, evaluating fear/avoidance at roots of excuses
9741. Feeling gratitude and obligations to service in AA
9742. Loyalty and devotion
9743. Finding outward world improved with inward improvement
9744. Being a refuge for God as He is for me

Thursday 10/15/15
9715. Prioritizing my soul first to be of value to others second
9716. Valuing motherhood, equality of genders
9717. Constructively reviewing day, and asking God to direct thinking, finishing and starting day w/ God
9718. Realizing my faults w/ end of day inventory, constant effort against defects of character
9719. Leaving others’ judgement to God,  taking my inventory only
9720. Certain thoughts being prayers, putting my soul on it’s knees
9721. Choosing recovery, living in the solution
9722. Acknowledging truth, generating positive energy, thoughts, lifestyle, looking for the good, self-examination to keep positive
9723. Positive faith for strength and courage, cultivating positivity
9724. Making decisions to be proud of
9725. Facing choices squarely, choosing well with God’s guidance
9726. AA as foundation for life satisfaction in other areas
9727. Living with God as He would have me live, sense of satisfaction
9728. Working for eternity not just for the here and now
9729. Sense of eternal value of my work

Wednesday 10/14/15
9694. Seeing need to examine self when sinning by gossiping
9695. Taking note of constructive acts as well as faults in inventory
9696. Noticing good intentions, thoughts, and acts
9697. Seeing credit of effort regardless of results
9698. Sharing responsibility with each other
9699. Seeing family in my fellows
9700. Asking God to direct my thinking
9701. Serenity by focus on God’s will instead of my problems, trusting in His management of my day/life
9702. Road to freedom and abstinence being rocky but worth it
9703. Welcoming people and feeling welcome, being a part of a group
9704. Feeling at home wherever I go with God
9705. Sharing myself and making friends, sense of belongingness
9706. Gratitude to God for curing my loneliness, meeting Him halfway
9707. Daily reprieve from my addictions by spiritual principles/actions
9708. Recovery and babies as God’s opinion that world should go on
9709. Seeing beauty and feeling love of God and others, feeling alive
9710. God filling us with hope
9711. Helping to improve the world
9712. AA/spiritual principles and actions/relationship with God as foundation of my life
9713. Laying my failures/mistakes/defects upon God, focus on improving not past failures
9714. Aiming toward harmony with God, faith pointing me His way

Tuesday 10/13/15
9677. Primary responsibility for solutions to my living/growing problems (by practicing steps) on my own shoulders
9678. Cultivating attitude of holding all others as dear as family
9679. Trying to relate to others to develop genuine connection
9680. Watch for defects (selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, fear) then ask at once for God to remove them, discuss them, make amends, then turn thoughts to helping someone else
9681. Better understanding of humility by discussing my wrong-doings
9682. Admitting faults facilitating growth and understanding/helpfulness
9683. Spiritual actions for understanding and acceptance as I am, changes in attitude, openness to/understanding of/approving life
9684. Many dimensions, God in my life, lighter step, liking of myself by working spiritual program
9685. Biggest difference from the smallest contributions
9686. Sense of spiritual awareness from giving to another
9687. Making a difference one person at a time, imagining kindness multiplied
9688. Giving/service from heart in true spirit of loving
9689. Looking at big picture/needs of others to keep from self-centeredness
9690. Doing my part/fitting in with God, family, friends, community
9691. Enthusiastic voluntary service
9692. Striving for improvement, working toward goals, avoiding stagnation
9693. Seeking God’s glory

Monday 10/12/15
9650. Pausing to pray that “Thy will, not mine, be done.”
9651. Repeating a favored prayer or phrase in times of disturbance
9652. Clearing a channel blocked with emotion by repeating a mantra
9653. Surest help of seeking God’s will in times of stress/distress
9654. Balancing/leveling out extreme emotional fluctuations to establish a stable basis for balanced sense of emotional closeness
9655. Questioning my emotions from various angles
9656. Abstaining from extreme emotions and the behaviors they generate
9657. Fair-mindedness and tolerance from pausing before I speak/act
9658. Abstaining from rash talk/action, guidance to reflect first then curb speech when agitated
9659. Prayer, meditation and inventories as key for positive action
9660. Seeking usefulness not success
9661. Being present at meetings then building on responsibility
9662. Not needing to be right by admission of personal powerlessness/ unmanageability
9663. Power/manageability with God
9664. Not trying to impress others, secure w/o needing to be right
9665. Depending on God/others to bridge gaps in my understanding
9666. Offer only what I know, admit what I don’t, learn from my peers
9667. Living with others as equals, depending on God
9668. Reassessing my priorities, Guidance from God, self-care, responsibility to those in need
9669. Letting God speak through me
9670. Checking my actions to assess my recovery, goodness of my path
9671. God’s guidance for right action
9672. Sharing in rewards by helping carry the load, being part of team
9673. Habit of meeting life squarely, as a challenge, not holding back
9674. Thankful for vision from God
9675. Performing tasks/doing my part in daily life in spirit of service to God
9676. New opportunity to be of use brought with each new day

Sunday 10/11/15
9629. Examining my motives for going places
9630. Starting anything on firm spiritual ground
9631. Thinking of what I can bring to the situation, not get out of it
9632. Realizing that status quo of someone I resent is short-term, dynamics change/can improve
9633. Development of self-restraint
9634. Stepping back to look at myself when something goes wrong
9635. Thanking God for daily progress
9636. Better ways of finding relief/self expression, honest confession
9637. Truth as more bearable looking at it openly/honestly not defensively
9638. Learning, gaining self-comfort from expressing myself
9639. Realizing my comfort comes from my ideas/attitudes, not situation
9640. Keeping attitude free from resentment, denial, self-pity, closed-mindedness
9641. Bringing ideas in line to reality and God’s plans
9642. Replacing denial with faith, self-honesty, humility, responsibility
9643. Seeing world as warm/inviting by maintaining spiritual progress
9644. Using my resources/supports to the fullest without shame
9645. Power from admitting powerlessness in any area of life
9646. Using energy to face problems, not fearing asking for help
9647. Helping fellows the best I can
9648. Interest in my fellows, setting relationships right, letting go of resentments by God’s help
9649. Praying to see the good in each person, praying that God develops   The good in each person

Saturday 10/10/15
9609. Growth as change for the better
9610. Drink to sober, dishonest to honest, hate to live, childish dependence to responsible
9611. Belief in/practice of spiritual principles for positive change
9612. Discarding ineffective, or even good ways in favor of better ones
9613. God as unchanging as all truth
9614. Visualization during spiritual meditation/equalization practice
9615. Questioning emotion roots, realize they’re grounded in transitoriness
9616. Looking at myself, not outward, to fix if I get disturbed/emotional
9617. Reminders that I’m human and doing my best, asking God to help with my emotions, to set me free
9618. Dependence on God for discipline against excess/restraint
9619. Sharing experiences w/ others who suffer
9620. Patience and guidance from God instead of following impulses
9621. Making a habit of thinking about consequences before acting
9622. Display of spiritual progress through actions
9623. Willingness/flexibility/open-mind to change my opinions/ideas
9624. Fog of denial clearing through growth
9625. God’s help to stay fresh, alive, open to new ideas/attitudes and become flexible not rigid
9626. Feeling responsible for integrating new AAs into fellowship/program
9627. Doing daily work as I believe God would want me to, going out of my way and not avoiding extra duties
9628. Praying to serve God well

Friday 10/9/15
9588. Seeing work as opportunity for service not just means to income
9589. Losing fears by right dependence on God, no matter circumstances
9590. Not fearing change for worse, knowing troubles turn into values
9591. Not attaching myself to my work/research to keep perspective wide, even-handed relating to all
9592. Positive internal spiritual condition to react positively to any outward experience, always seeing any disturbance as coming from within
9593. Not putting up a facade and having more substance as a result
9594. Relief of self-inventory, feel good  by responsibility of correcting self/making amends
9595. Always looking for ways to change for the better
9596. Look at my role in relationships, try to take my own inventory only if a problem arises
9597. Inventory to avoid same repeating mistakes in future
9598. Golden rule treatment of others, prompt amends when owed
9599. Avoidance of running on self-will, turning it over to God
9600. God seeking the best for everyone
9601. Seeing gravity of consequences of slipping in my program
9602. Not being ashamed of making mistakes, being human and learning in these opportunities
9603. Promptly admitting when I’m wrong to feel lighter, not acting  ashamed of mistakes/normality
9604. Siting still and listening patiently to repetition for the good of the group/others who need to hear it
9605. Letting others get stories off their chest quietly and patiently
9606. Drawing closer to God and others by bonds of the spirit, “Unity of the spirit in bonds of peace”
9607. Accept experiences of difficulty to access the bonds of the spirit
9608. Welcoming bonds of true fellowship

Thursday 10/8/15
9567. Light of reason shining through chink in my ego
9568. Humility as a foundation for spiritual progress/steps
9569. Summoning faith in adversity, useful purpose by humility
9570. Equanimity practice to overcome partiality/discrimination of fluctuating emotions
9571. Wider perspective unclouded by attachment
9572. Prompt admission of being wrong
9573. Approaching life w/ enthusiasm
9574. Minimal and constructive criticism, praise for efforts, encouraging action and courage
9575. Building up others’ self-esteem
9576. New patterns and new meaning to replace old routines
9577. Fellowship, contact w/ God
9578. Self-examination to discard defective ways/learn better ones
9579. Maintaining healthy patterns
9580. Loving the problem solving of the program
9581. Remembering to be empathetic
9582. Saying yes to giving help or accepting love
9583. God’s help to say yes to Him even when I’m struggling
9584. Readiness to help new groups, being supportive not competitive
9585. Thinking of/praying to God as a remedy for my fears/struggles
9586. God-given peace beyond the material world
9587. Praying to keep striving through challenges of tolerance and understanding

Wednesday 10/7/15
9550. Tolerance of different beliefs than mine
9551. Conviction in my spiritual beliefs/in belief in God
9552. Leveling off attachment to certain people from love/compassion/affection for genuine closeness not tinged w/ desire
9553. Looking for root of my disturbance within myself, no matter what the cause seems to be
9554. Responsibility for not reacting negatively, creating my own reality
9555. Pinpointing my own defects from looking at resentments, correcting myself when start to judge others
9556. Clarity, honest communication from telling truth, phrasing truth gently but not withholding it
9557. Dependence on relationship with my living/loving God
9558. Freedom not limitation from God-dependence
9559. Love, personal direction, guidance, inner strength from God
9560. Stamina for the long stretch from letting God carry me through
9561. Being an eternal child in my heart
9562. Feeling younger at heart, but also older/wiser/more adaptive each day by relying on God
9563. Learning from/consulting friends
9564. Being realistic about people, not putting them on pedestals
9565. Trusting in God’s strength not my own, seeing myself as weak and seeking God for help
9566. My weakness being God’a opportunity

Tuesday 10/6/15
9538. Emotional stability by dependence on God
9539. Meditating on repaying kindness
9540. Equanimity to all sentient beings
9541. Willingness to take on great tasks, seeing that fear is illusory
9542. Jumping in w/o self-consciousness, attaining potential by letting go of self-obsession
9543. Courage to let go expectations and move forward, take positive action, regardless of outcome
9544. Taking God’s cues to stay connected to spiritual path
9545. Practice, live, think according to God’s plan
9546. Seeing others more clearly by admitting truth about myself
9547. Sharing responsibility/service with the group
9548. Useful, serviceable life by faith in God
9549. Turning to God in gratitude and humility, His power to change me for the better

Monday 10/5/15
9524. Not giving in to destructive urges come what may, taking difficulty in stride
9525. Past pain for spiritual strength
9526. Combining effective methods
9527. Habit of self-searching, admission/self-acceptance, diligent self-correcting
9528. Feeling emotions w/o directing them at others, no hatred/blaming
9529. Separating a person’s behavior from the person
9530. Not letting others knock me off balance
9531. Valuing mercy over justice
9532. Thanking God for showing compassion, taking time to appreciate His gifts
9533. Turning will and aspirations over to God, remembering I’m powerless to reach goals on my own
9534. Achieving happiness through God, giving my future to Him
9535. Daily practice to prepare for harder times, living up to spiritual values in all situations
9536. Tolerance of other people even when I disagree, seeing that everyone has something to offer
9537. Unselfish efforts to please God , being led by His spirit

Sunday 10/4/15
9511. Knowing/learning when to speak truth and when to be silent
9512. Developing integrity
9513. Learning empathy/sense of intimacy/loving-kindness to develop compassion
9514. Learning to view all sentient beings as family
9515. Going through pain/”being pruned” to grow stronger spiritually
9516.  Grateful for upturned attitude, reaching out and patience
9517. Content with slow but steady progress
9518. Power of common bond in fellowship
9519. Courage with God to not run from life/problems but to take positive action to improve situation
9520. Faith, time, patience for healing
9521. God as the best doctor, following His prescriptions/will
9522. Cultivating an attitude that is always constructive, never skeptical and destructive
9523. Peace and calm in communion with God, being spirit-guided

9490. Giving without any demand for return
9491. Giving love and attention back as well as forward
9492. More power in compassion by complimenting it with insight
9493. Non-objectifying compassion, full awareness of ultimate nature
9494. Pain as touchstone of spiritual progress
9495. Inner change guiding from selfishness to selflessness
9496. Using steps to pass through emotional turmoil
9497. Accepting any external conditions by feeling good on the inside
9498. Taking stock of myself honestly to learn reason for why I feel as I do
9499. Richer life by letting go of self-will to harmonize with God
9500. Breaking reliance on ego/self-will in favor of reliance on God
9501. Consulting spiritual principles not selfish desires in decision making
9502. God vision of things larger than mine, to guide me more effectively
9503. Meshing in with order of things around me, in tune with flow of life
9504. Giving myself/experience, strength, hope
9505. Living through God’s joy
9506. Awareness that stubbornness and rigidity are rooted in fear, taking positive courageous action to change
9507. Improving listening skills
9508. Feeling intimacy of brotherhood in fellowship
9509. Quietness and assurance by living according to God’s plan
9510. Deep certainty of God’s strength and living love

Friday 10/2/15
9467. Renewing efforts after disappointment
9468. Meditation combined with self-analysis
9469. Trying for better things
9470. Combining compassion with wisdom or insight as resource for  giving help
9471. Emotional balance, sobriety, living to good purpose under all conditions
9472. Looking for cause of hurt within myself to correct
9473. Pain as marker that an area needs attention/positive action
9474. Never an end to change/growth
9475. Going beyond my wildest imagination
9476. No limit to life’s quality
9477. Limitless strength by prayer/surrender by keeping/renewing faith
9478. Daily practices of faith
9479. No limits of love, God teaching us of love as we are ready
9480. Readying myself to learn from God of love
9481. Half the fun of being human in making mistakes, honestly admitting being wrong to learn
9482. Admitting my wrongs to gain/earn trust of others
9483. Closest to perfection being admission of wrongs
9484. Admitting wrongs to go on in a fresh start
9485. Reaching people by speaking from the heart without trying to impress
9486. Personal experience and a sincere desire to help
9487. Gladness in willing God’s will
9488. Honestly trying to do God’s will and humbly accepting results of God’s will
9489. Ultimate safety in God’s arms, attuning my will to His

Thursday 10/1/15
9457. Borrowing and adapting ideas
9458. Responsibility and commitment to altruistic action
9459. Daily inventory for spiritual balance, honesty, humility
9460. Positive action in place of destructive habits–abstinence
9461. Appreciating joy by comparison to memory of pain
9462. Realizing pain can lead to spiritual growth
9463. Helping others see truth rather than helping as if I know it
9464. Noticing my values by daily inventory
9465. Not holding back, not fearing making a certain impression
9466. Effective living by dependence on God

Wednesday 9/30/15
9436. Placing God first, using His support at all times
9437. Shouldering responsibility of others’ well-being
9438. Great compassion as commitment to well-being of others
9439. Compassion always being relevant
9440. Recovery, unity, service
9441. Physical emotional spiritual recovery of happy life
9442. Self-acceptance/awareness to disregard what others think of me
9443. Success as freedom from convention, attend to what God directs
9444. Confidence in my choices
9445. Closeness with those who love me
9446. Real value in being myself
9447. Self-acceptance to become who I want to be
9448. Identifying with others, recognize we all have gifts
9449. Living as prayer by the way I do things
9450. Variation in methods of prayer
9451. Keeping up my prayer life
9452. Listening to those with experience
9453. Not doing it my way, following experts
9454. Becoming an expert at listening
9455. Renewal of courage from God
9456. Looking to God for strength, healing and power from His touch

Tuesday 9/29/25
9413. Not fearing making mistakes by willingness to admit/correct them
9414. Healthy trial and error process for growth
9415. Freely correcting my own faults
9416. Moral inventory throughout day for behavior modification
9417. Wish to bring about welfare of others/freedom from suffering
9418. Genuine compassion for all equally
9419. No longer wanting to be the exception or center of attention
9420. Being a garden variety human, feeling one with others
9421. Learning from my history/yesterday
9422. Minimizing problems by living in the here and now not the past
9423. Focus on today to not be overwhelmed, to feel safe
9424. Not worrying as part of acceptance
9425. Having faith and staying focused
9426. Awareness of changes in myself, patience with others’ reactions
9427. Gratitude for getting to know God
9428. Ability to relax and enjoy life
9429. Smiling again
9430. Not taking my life today for granted
9431. Smiling at my blessings
9432. Living as demonstration of spiritual principles
9433. Strength  I need from God
9434. God giving me tools, support and solutions with new obstacles
9435. Accepting every task as a challenge, knowing that with God the right form of success comes

Monday 9/28/15
9393. Deep honest search of my motives and actions
9394. All having potential for enlightenment/perfection
9395. Nature of mind itself as luminosity and knowing
9396. Step by step elimination of obstacles
9397. Manifesting inherent nature of consciousness by practice
9398. Gratitude and love trailing each other
9399. Loving responsibly, with respect for others’ growth
9400. Undergoing experience physically
9401. Experiencing each moment like its my first, childlike wonder of learning
9402. Hope from being God-centered not self-centered
9403. Hope (and God) as constant companion
9404. Relying more and more on God
9405. Ease of life and sense of meaning by having faith
9406. Quickness in giving hope to others
9407. Being hope, putting it into action, for my sake and others’
9408. Reaching for hope and God when I get stuck
9409. Thinking, acting, living spiritually/as recovery manifest
9410. Accepting difficulties and disciplines, sharing in common life and humanity
9411. Sympathy and understanding to connect to/help others
9412. Making use of my experiences by helping people

Sunday 9/27/15
9377. Release from dependence upon people or circumstances
9378. Long-lasting gradual transformation from sustained concerted effort and discipline
9379. Outgoing love from gratitude
9380. Giving joy/recovery/love w/o reservation or expectation
9381. Receiving in spirit by giving in love
9382. Asking more questions than providing answers, pleasure of bewilderment
9383. Wonder and curiosity for exploration
9384. Approach w/o regard for appearances, admitting ignorance
9385. Helping hand of fellowship to set us back on our feet
9386. Remembering way to move forward, accepting encouragement and support
9387. Concentration of upbeat attitude
9388. Thinking positively especially when feeling negative
9389. Self-honesty as backbone of recovery, to open us up to freedom
9390. Tapping God’s unlimited resource
9391. God-consciousness, not limiting my own understanding or spiritual vision
9392. Open mind to God’s influence

Saturday 9/26/15
9361. Respecting methods other than mine
9362. Altruistic intention to attain enlightenment to help others
9363. Concerted effort at spiritual practice
9364. Discipline at training and transforming mind
9365. Tears on joy replacing tears of desperation
9366. Making my family proud
9367. Release of realizing/admitting powerlessness, lean on God
9368. No limits to growth
9369. Look for in myself defects I notice in others, reorient focus to self in times of outward judgment
9370. Openness to new ideas, flexibility in thinking
9371. Excitement at following a new path, enjoying the trip
9372. Overcoming the first step of positive change
9373. God changing my life outlook for the better
9374. Being ever-ready to help others
9375. Supreme satisfaction of serving God, expressing love for Him
9376. Serving God for benefit of His children/my fellows

Friday 9/25/15
9341. Trying for freedom from fear
9342. Courage/grace to deal w/ fear
9343. Cultivate aspiration to help others
9344. Dependence on God
9345. Spirituality/recovery as priorities
9346. Patience/diligence like faith
9347. God’s time/plans, not mine
9348. Turn over life to God and do footwork
9349. Growth by bumps in road
9350. Faith in answers in God’s time
9351. Not fearing feelings, surrender and acceptance
9352. Dealing with strong desires to maintain good judgment
9353. Accepting strength and weakness in self and others
9354. Seeing people in the best light
9355. Bringing out good in others
9356. Spiritually rooted personality change
9357. Seeing gradual change in myself
9358. Rest/communion w/ God periodically for self-care
9359. Relaxation/serenity from faith
9360. Consciousness of God’s support

Thursday 9/24/15
9329.  Give up IQ ego
9330.  Fulfilling others’ wishes
9331.  Benefit by/of helping others
9332.  Remembering where I came from
9333.  Sharing spiritual gifts
9334. Grow understanding of God
9335. Not impose limits on God
9336. Learning from experience/problems
9337. Spirit/joy to set good example
9338. Widening horizon by giving to God
9339. Let go in all areas to God
9340. Openness to follow God’s wishes

Wednesday 9/23/15
9311.  Cheerful compromise/give and take
9312.  Compassion for all beings
9313.  Spiritual progress to help others
9314.  Altruism
9315.  Seeing I’m no exception
9316.  Feeling I belong
9317.  Sense of triumph seeing my past
9318.  Appreciation/grateful for today
9319.  Not concern w/ others’ opinion of me
9320.  Taking steps to connect to community
9321.  Accepting challenges and changes
9322.  Develop path of embracing life
9323.  Newfound self-love growing outward
9324.  Glad for God and life, giving back
9325.  Learn new things about myself
9326.  Readiness to give away message
9327.  Cultivate act of turning to God
9328.  Draw closer to God daily w/ prayer

Tuesday 9/22/15
9292.  Take responsibility for resentments
9293.  Continuous sustained effort
9294.  Mindfulness during meditation
9295.  My problems vanish as I reach out
9296.  Differentiate b/t habits and needs
9297.  Kind, considerate, useful as values
9298.  Sharing recovery to grow it
9299.  Recovery maintenance/upkeep
9300.  Careful listening and asking questions
9301.  Seek truth, open mind, apply info
9302.  Focusing on the present only
9303.  Applying slogans to life
9304.  Best efforts at restitution
9305.  Joy in spiritual living/faith
9306.  Deep happiness/security w/ God
9307.  Opportunities to serve God
9308.  Opportunities to improve relationships
9309.  Abundant, glowing, outgoing life
9310. Growing my horizons

Monday 9/21/15
9276.  Spiritual fulfillment
9277.  Reason to aid types of meditation
9278.  Enhancing positive states of mind
9279.  Willingness to work for God
9280.  God’s strength to meet responsibility
9281.  Nurturing friendship/love
9282.  Eliminating old reactions
9283.  Seeking prayer often, willingly
9284.  Commitment to spiritual world/faith
9285.  Choosing spiritual over material
9286.  Choosing path closer to God
9287.  Feeling like I matter to others
9288.  Other people mattering to me
9289.  Consistent inventories
9290.  Unseen help in improving
9291.  Act of faith, venture of belief

Sunday 9/20/15
9261.  Find benefit of constructive criticism
9262.  Pacific attitude, provide harmony
9263.  Grace to exert restraint
9264.  Tranquil abiding/intimacy by meditate
9265.  Great events with God as guide
9266.  Serving God to be healthy/happy
9267.  Trying things differently
9268.  Courage to try the unknown
9269.  Wanting to change, find better ways
9270.  Shift focus from self to feel better
9271.  Help others to be healthy/happy
9272.  Unselfish helpfulness
9273.  Abundant life by giving
9274.  God sharing his goodness with us
9275.  Choosing God’s goodness

Saturday 9/19/15
9252.  Thinking and acting along God’s will
9253.  Meditation to focus attention at will
9254.  Peace by acceptance
9255.  Multiply joys divide burdens by talk
9256.  Bonds of fellowship
9257.  Celebrating my humanness
9258.  Learn from not judge my past
9259.  Trusting God for daily strength
9260.  Feel at home when in touch w/ God

Friday 9/18/15
9238.  Examining my part in relationships
9239.  Controlled by positive impulses
9240.  Discipline of meditation
9241.  Being enveloped by God
9242.  Believing in good within myself
9243.  Reach out, take action past fear
9244.  Shared journeys
9245.  Shared respect, lasting empathy
9246.  Honesty, integrity, being true to self
9247.  Acceptance and time
9248.  Making healthy commitments
9249.  Loving my changes for the better
9250.  Venture of belief
9251.  Quiet communion with God

Thursday 9/17/15
9222.  Partnership with others
9223.  Devotion to people, ideas, projects
9224.  Joys of service, being useful
9225.  Sustained effort to cultivate positivity
9226.  Consciously engage in positivity
9227.  Meditation to cultivate good habits
9228.  Freedom from fear with God
9229.  Manageability by gifts of the spirit
9230.  Use of spiritual gifts over material
9231.  Love as effective treatment, fair, soft
9232.  Acting on principles
9233.  Freedom in letting go to God
9234.  Balancing time and effort
9235.  Work, play, loving others, self-care
9236.  Following spiritual, moral laws
9237.  Trusting in God’s way

Wednesday 9/16/15
9210.  Honest motive to follow God
9211.  Introspection
9212.  Time spent strengthening love
9213.  Contributing to society
9214.  Working together, unity
9215.  Awareness and acceptance
9216.  Prayer, meditation for emot. balance
9217.  Embracing my range of emotions
9218.  Letting go of guilt, forgiveness
9219.  Living by human rights
9220.  Embodying the steps
9221.  Living as if in eternity/spiritual work

Tuesday 9/15/15
9197.  Inner security from faith
9198.  Freedom from fear in faith
9199.  God-given purpose/meaning
9200.  Strengthening positive thinking
9201.  Service by God’s grace
9202.  Reaching out, becoming part of world
9203.  Care, strength, direction
9204.  God filing the void in me
9205.  Sharing God’s love
9206.  Being flexible with prayer-style
9207.  Taking pride in my life/love self
9208.  Strength in quietness, confidence
9209.  Resting in God’s care for strength

Monday 9/14/15
9187.  Volunteer for common good
9188.  Caring for body and mind
9189.  Forgiveness, timing, right motives
9190.  Giving up protective cover
9191.  New way of being, humility
9192.  Total surrender, disclose secrets
9193.  God’s help to be patient
9194.  Seeing God and myself in others
9195.  Seeing the best in people
9196.  Trusting God more each day

Sunday 9/13/15
9175.  New gain out of loss, regeneration
9176.  Channel, discipline mind to happiness
9177.  Daily effort, behavior modification
9178.  Forgive self to forgive others
9179.  Yearning filled by God
9180.  Steps to get closer to God
9181.  Sense of humor to ease through day
9182.  God’s help to laugh, see humor
9183.  Models to copy to improve
9184.  Learning democracy, brotherhood
9185.  Spirit of prayer altering atmosphere
9186.  God bringing quality and order

Saturday 9/12/15
9161.  Admission/correction of errors
9162.  Thoughts and emotions
9163.  Taking responsibility
9164.  Sharing enthusiasm
9165.  Marveling at/exploring world
9166.  New friends/hobbies/possibilities
9167.  Daring to dream
9168.  Well-rounded comfortable life
9169.  Belief in myself from God
9170.  Common bond, humility
9171.  Show respect even when emotional
9172.  Hope haven in AA
9173.  Strive to be in tune w/ God’s will
9174.  Single eye to God’s purpose

Friday 9/11/15
9145.  God-sufficiency
9146.  Thoughts and emotions
9147.  Courage from recovery
9148.  Dignity and humility
9149.  Feeling responsible, make amends
9150.  Living today
9151.  Becoming flexible
9152.  Bend in life’s breeze
9153.  Feeling renewed with God
9154.  Learning by make mistakes
9155.  Practicing what I learn
9156.  Goals, feelings, values
9157.  Being true to my real self
9158.  New wonderful ties, relationships
9159.  Being happy, respected, useful
9160.  Power, love, serenity by God’s help

Thursday 9/10/15
9133.  Desire to be humble and useful
9134.  Transformation for happiness
9135.  Happiness, friendship, harmony
9136.  Exploring feeling gently
9137.  Nurturing who I am
9138.  Friends and God, not being alone
9139.  Being compassionately present
9140.  A loving hug
9141.  Not judging others
9142.  Not comparing to others
9143.  Accepting new different ways
9144.  Serving God, give up worldly rewards

Wednesday 9/9/15
9121.  Welcoming new knowledge
9122.  Accomplishing together
9123.  Balancing attitudes
9124.  Dispelling misery/helping
9125.  Inspiration/positive thinking
9126.  Repairing relationships/behaviors
9127.  Comfort in balance of abstinence
9128.  Relating to ordinary, imperfections
9129.  Focus on positive thought to protect
9130.  Practice letting go of pain
9131.  Find balance of listening/talking
9132.  Praying to rely more on God

Tuesday 9/8/15
9108.  Acceptance of circumstances/self
9109.  Realistic humility
9110.  Constant effort/daily practice
9111.  Entrusting my life to God
9112.  Sharing my past to help
9113.  Finding patterns in my reactions
9114.  Personal inventory
9115.  More choices by joy in living
9116.  Open heart to God’s love
9117.  Turning to God for comfort
9118.  Gratitude for grace of God
9119.  Walking in God’s love/care
9120.  Spring in my step, joy of His love

Monday 9/7/15
9092.  Welcoming knowledge
9093.  Gladness for education
9094.  Accomplishing together
9095.  Working for greater good
9096.  Sharing positivity
9097.  Enhancing love/compassion
9098.  Not noticing others’ faults
9099.  Forgiveness not judging
9100.  Attitude of forgiveness
9101.  Needing help and each other
9102.  Common bond/sharing/connecting
9103.  Being honest/myself everywhere
9104.  Strict honesty to relax
9105.  Faith in God to relax
9106.  Sheltering arms of love/protection
9107.  God as my refuge everlasting

Sunday 9/6/15
9072.  First step as acceptance
9073.  Realistic humility
9074.  Surveys for spiritual progress
9075.  Working for benefit of others
9076.  Taking on suffering of others to help
9077.  Sense of belonging by amends
9078. Healing relationships
9079.  Deal with people on their terms
9080.  Faith in best yet to come/God’s will
9081.  Following God’s plan not mine
9082.  Sources of stability during day
9083.  Reinforcing good habits/identity
9084.  Doing daily duties/awareness
9085.  Feeling good by being responsible
9086.  God keeping me on the right path
9087.  Sound healthy sources of help
9088.  Live and let live/tolerance
9089.  Doing my best, allow others to also
9090.  Living everlasting life
9091.  Getting to know God better

Saturday 9/5/15
9055.  Quiet disclosure to lose fear
9056.  Firm determination for success
9057.  Real success from right attitude
9058.  Compassion fueling success
9059.  Indirect amends to new people
9060.  Courtesy and kindness regularly
9061.  Emotional balance from kindness
9062.  Dignity by freedom of arrogance
9063.  Humility for effortless dignity
9064.  Honesty, self-respect
9065.  Gratitude for solvable problems
9066.  Strengthening abstinence
9067.  Recovery/miracle of rebirth
9068.  Second chances, loving life
9069.  Overflowing joy for God/His love
9070.  First things first to clear mind
9071.  Spiritual progress, meaning/purpose

Friday 9/4/15
9035.  Conforming my will to God’s
9036.  Courage from altruistic attitude
9037.  Inner strength from compassion
9038.  12 steps to reconstructing life
9039.  God doing what I can’t
9040.  Daily reprieve/power in God
9041.  Power of present moment
9042.  Letting go of plans/blueprints
9043.  Open mind to claim the present
9044.  Stay in now to be free of worry
9045.  Satisfaction from amends
9046.  Pick up after self as go along
9047.  Lose fear by trusting God
9048.  Learning I can’t do life alone
9049.  Being student of life
9050.  Listen, think, then act
9051.  Grow spirit by open to learning
9052.  Call on God’s grace to calm
9053.  Keep up peace w/in
9054.  Doing things in spirit of peace

Thursday 9/3/15
9017.  Not judging/imposing rules
9018.  Putting self in 3rd person perspective
9019.  Trying to be unbiased
9020.  Availability to help
9021.  Feeling free to make mistakes
9022.  Turning my will to God
9023.  Humility to grow/develop
9024.  Atmosphere of freedom
9025.  Anonymity for humility/gratitude
9026.  Cherish recovery as its own reward
9027.  Try to be candid and caring
9028.  Cherish past that brought new life
9029.  Facing past to heal wounds
9030.  Make amends to let go of shame
9031.  Offering friendship/fellowship
9032.  Dependence on God before people
9033.  Belief in the unseen
9034.  Letting God help me, reside in Him

Wednesday 9/2/15
9002.  Humility, put spiritual before anything
9003.  See material al byproduct not aim
9004.  Resilience from compassion
9005.  Transform hardship to positive
9006.  Willingness to grow
9007.  Willing for action, honesty, openness
9008.  Helping w/o giving advice
9009.  Sense of direction/purpose by God
9010.  Recovery as cleaning up/powering up
9011.  Courage to practice spirit. principles
9012.  Judgement courage timing to heal
9013.  Helping people heal indirectly
9014.  Standing aside to let God work
9015.  Willingness to take suggestions
9016.  Give God full rein

Tuesday 9/1/15
8985.  Help body/mind through spirit
8986.  Putting concerns on paper
8987.  Affection/concern for others’ welfare
8988.  Remain open/sincere
8989.  Willingness to grow
8990.  Ongoing active study
8991.  Decisions based on ideals
8992.  Faith in God to trust others
8993.  Gratitude for values
8994.  Making wise living decisions for God
8995.  Belief in God and recovery
8996.  Regaining faith in myself, growing up
8997.  Asking God to forgive/courage/heal
8998.  Taking responsibility happily
8999.  Letting others draw conclusions
9000.  Willingness to believe/live by principle
9001.  God always understand, love, be here

Monday 8/31/15
8968.  Believing in guidance and prayer
8969.  Seeing blocks in my pipeline to God
8970.  Affection and friendship
8971.  Freely giving what was freely received
8972.  Asking nonpayment
8973.  Hope by turning it over to God
8974.  Potential by willing to let go self-will
8975.  Identifying my defects that inhibit
8976.  Surrender and take responsibility
8977.  Greet day w/ hope and gratitude
8978.  See defeat and victory in misfortune
8979.  Let go control let God carry burdens
8980.  Not facing hard times alone ever
8981.  Grow closer to God by challenges
8982.  Not criticize/judge when try to help
8983.  Keep tight rein on emotions to help
8984.  Trying to build up others/help

Sunday 8/30/15
8949.  Take blessing inventory
8950.  Joyful gratitude as achievement
8951.  Outgoing love by notice gratitude
8952.  Compassion, altruism
8953.  Interests of others in mind
8954.  Feeling home at meetings
8955.  Hugs from strangers
8956.  Encouragement and gratitude
8957.  Not acting on my fears
8958.  Give up comfort to find what’s new
8959.  Forward as God’s direction
8960.  Examine reactions, actions, motives
8961.  Treat others well to improve feelings
8962.  Change action to change thought
8963.  Pausing for God’s guidance
8964.  Self-acceptance to accept others
8965.  Prioritizing service/carrying message
8966.  New meaning in life by help others
8967.  Giving as an art/abundant living

Saturday 8/29/15
8930.  Humility before intellect
8931.  Faith from humility first
8932.  Serenity from humility
8933.  Wider altruistic attitude
8934.  View from many angles
8935.  Interconnectedness
8936.  Love and caring to grow
8937.  Sacrificing ego for humility
8938.  Expressing emotions, listen to self
8939.  Share experience, not give advice
8940.  Freedom by admit wrong/amends
8941.  Looking toward, dreams/goals
8942.  Following order, sensibility
8943.  Clarity of thought by listen for God
8944.  Being gentle/kind to self/others
8945.  Starting peace, keeping it simple
8946.  Sincere desire to do God’s will
8947.  Choosing path of love and service
8948.  Following through with right action

Friday 8/28/15
8919.  Hard work, sharp vigilance
8920.  World more important than just me
8921.  Lighter heart by sharing past
8922.  Open mind free from absolutes
8923.  Sharing secrets for relief/acceptance
8924.  Improve conscious contact with God
8925.  Belief through hard times
8926.  Following examples of winners
8927.  Checking spiritual condition daily
8928.  Pray to not be weary when try do well
8929.  Happiness as byproduct of love/serve

Thursday 8/27/15
8904.  Open-mindedness regarding religion
8905.  Everything coming together
8906.  Products of activities of many people
8907.  Taking steps to strengthen my acts
8908.  Giving freely of God’s power within
8909.  Value others for their best moments
8910.  Make best moments more numerous
8911.  Reminding self of best moments
8912.  Choosing to take care of myself
8913.  Using tools and support of friends
8914.  Always willing to change
8915.  Willing to do right no matter what
8916.  Submitting to God’s treatment/care
8917.  Willingness for spiritual discipline
8918.  Accenp challenges of better life

Wednesday 8/26/15
8891.  Guidance not on my terms
8892.  Ask for understanding of God’s will
8893.  Self-examination, meditation, prayer
8894.  My interests interwoven with others’
8895.  Happiness by giving
8896.  Daily reprieve in God
8897.  Self-caring/acceptance not complain
8898.  In touch w/ self, actions, motives
8899.  Asking God for power to carry on
8900.  Thinking of better ways to act
8901.  Faith to let go of fear
8902.  Proactive problem-solving
8903.  Giving all areas of my life to God

Tuesday 8/25/15
8879.  Responsibility, moral obligations
8880.  Moral regeneration
8881.  Keeping interest of whole humanity
8882.  Gift of bonding with others
8883.  Letting go of perfectionism/judgment
8884.  Take opportunity to reclaim my life
8885.  Clear away wreckage of my past
8886.  Choices to enhance peace of mind
8887.  Balancing adult and inner child
8888.  Being entirely honest, not withholding
8889.  Not yielding to spirit weariness
8890.  Patience for spirit power to renew

Monday 8/24/15
8863.  Learn humility from failure
8864.  Understanding rooted in follies
8865.  All have aspirations, not discriminate
8866.  Not need to understand how/why
8867.  Trusting I’ll know what’s needed
8868.  Open mind, loosen restrictions
8869.  Broaden imagination to possibilities
8870.  Learning acceptance of ebb/flow
8871.  Greeting our circumstances
8872.  Council of prayer/meditation
8873.  Quiet assurance of God
8874.  Exploring beliefs, openness abt. God
8875.  Selflessness by needing people
8876.  Learning to trust others and self
8877.  Facing problems not condemn them
8878.  All things as possible with God

Sunday 8/23/15
8848.  Constant effort for emotional sobriety
8849.  Fundamental equality
8850.  Attempts to minimize strong emotion
8851.  Courtesy and respect for boundaries
8852.  Love, tolerance, harmony
8853.  Freedom from fixed ideas/responses
8854.  Living w/ zest/enthusiasm
8855.  Learn principles of decision-making
8856.  Faith/courage/direction in decisions
8857.  Loving/respecting myself/my work
8858.  Accepting not judging
8859.  Using God’s way/vision to live/love
8860.  Personal houseclean to rid of anger
8861.  Praying for life worth striving for
8862.  Seeing beauty of goals

Saturday 8/22/15
8830.  Paying it forward
8831.  Awakening to God’s presence
8832.  Avoiding extremes in relating
8833.  Relying on God wholly
8834.  Emotion. stability/peace through God
8835.  Going forward after admitting wrongs
8836.  Daily ongoing review of actions
8837.  Look at past to let it go
8838.  Making a difference/contributing
8839.  Letting go not controlling
8840.  Accepting as it is not denial
8841.  Being open, flexible, and accepting
8842.  Listening to what I don’t want to hear
8843.  Dealing with good and bad
8844.  All the help I need if I ask
8845.  Council of others for my blind spots
8846.  Making use of mistakes/losses
8847.  Helping others w/ my experience

Friday 8/21/15
8810.  Learn from troublemakers
8811.  Avoid condemning/false righteous
8812.  Notice/question attachments
8813.  Stable by trying to give not receive
8814.  Stable w/ self, others, God
8815.  Giving up control as growing up
8816.  Remember feelings are not facts
8817.  Using God’s limitless horizon
8818.  Belief answers to problems will come
8819.  Know every problem has a way out
8820.  Letting God take charge for solution
8821.  Warmth, care of sharing w/ friends
8822.  Belief that others want best for me
8823.  Take active part in friendships
8824.  Recovery opening me back up
8825.  Refraining from judging, just learning
8826.  Beauty as an attitude
8827.  Loving myself to love others
8828.  Restoration by find God within
8829.  Praying for spirit to soar

Thursday 8/20/15
8867.  Daily reprieve by spiritual fitness
8868.  Obedience to spiritual principles
8869.  Developing equanimity
8870.  Restoring happy relationships
8871.  Changing to fit world better
8872.  Harmony with self and others
8873.  Courtesy of the heart
8874.  Able to learn from anything/anyone
8875.  Welcome new ideas/people w/ joy
8876.  See/appreciate w/ fresh eyes
8877.  Experiencing feelings of humanness
8878.  Focusing on source of strength
8879.  God’s strength to accept my feelings
8880.  Making the most of loved ones today
8881.  Patience for growth to emerge
8882.  Strong faith for slow, steady growth
8883.  Work to make my own heaven
8884.  Learning to love the better life
8885.  Reflecting on positive moments
8886.  Relying on God to help w/ problems
8887.  Fresh start each day/keep trying
8888.  God-consciousness
8889. Self respect by God’s grace

Wednesday 8/19/15
8849.  Independent by depend on God
8850.  Compassion to see others above self
8851.  Look for my mistakes in resentments
8852.  Ability to do the next right thing
8853.  Let my action fit the situation
8854.  Growth/healing depending on love
8855.  God’s perfect love for me as I am
8856.  Doing what I can
8857.  Focusing on task at hand
8858.  Only taking step right in front of me
8859.  Take care of self, set quiet example
8860.  Letting go of self-importance
8861.  See how important today is
8861.  Friends, hope, program always there
8862.  God’s help to keep it simple
8863.  Miracle change in thinking and acting
8864.  Worship as see God’s divine majesty
8865.  Pause quietly in spirit of worship
8866.  Sensing God’s power in my life

Tuesday 8/18/15
8832.  Growing/changing not standing still
8833.  Genuine compassion by see all equal
8834.  Equalization and equanimity
8835.  Positive action to remove guilt/shame
8836.  Forgiving myself by step 8
8837.  Healing self by making amends
8838.  Treasures beyond imagining right now
8839.  God-given talents and skill
8840.  Enthusiasm for the search/for today
8841.  Making what I can of possibilities
8842.  Recovery first for success elsewhere
8843.  Adjust to life and cope for easier life
8844.  God teaching every step of the way
8845.  Thanking God for His work/help
8846.  Willingness to depend on God
8847.  Surrender to God for His guidance
8848.  Act of love to draw God closer

Monday 8/17/15
8815.  Identification and transmission
8816.  Seeing how alike we are
8817.  Love and compassion
8818.  Move past guilt by amends
8819.  Full effort not half measures
8820.  Feeling connected to the world
8821.  Avoid alienation by telling truth
8822.  Pausing to avoid extremes
8823.  Be aware of body, spirit, mind needs
8824.  Doing the things I talk about
8825.  Get things done one step at a time
8826.  Patience to be pleased w/ progress
8827.  Matching my life to my dreams
8828.  God’s power to live by
8829.  Sun and fresh air
8830.  Being wrapped in Divine spirit
8831.  Be energized by God

Sunday 8/16/15
8800.  Worship, faith, love
8801.  Humans compassionate by nature
8802.  Concern for welfare of others
8803.  Looking at my role in relationships
8804.  Willingness to be honest, forthright
8805.  Practicing saying thank you
8806.  Actively participating in growth
8807.  Prayer and action
8808.  Seeking constant change
8809.  Being available to carry the message
8810.  Quiet strong rebelling against disease
8811.  Moving slow but always forward
8812.  Spiritual principles solving problems
8813.  Glad work following rest/prayer
8814.  Peace making me effective

Saturday 8/15/15
8787.  Reducing demands
8788.  Prudence, respect for others
8789.  Positive values learned by fear
8790.  Positive atmosphere
8791.  Facing harm I’ve done, feeling lighter
8792.  Reaching out to help
8793.  Healing over time not overnight
8794.  God give hope/examples to overcome
8795.  Sharing not fearing my burdens
8796.  Strengthening faith for my journey
8797.  Seeing how far I’ve come
8798.  Together in one place w/ one accord
8799.  Pray to be part of/share unified group

Friday 8/14/15
8770.  Being a good citizen again
8771.  Doing 12th step work
8772.  Better development w/ affection
8773.  Doing my best for God
8774.  Trying to repair relationships
8775.  Being myself, not perfect
8776.  Not comparing myself to others
8777.  Reexamine old ideas, try new ones
8778.  Discard ideas that inhibit growth
8779.  Stretching my boundaries/horizons
8780.  New ideas, new experiences
8781.  Let go of self-imposed limitations
8782.  Keeping my program in mind always
8783.  Ask God for help to stay out of trouble
8784.  Recognizing I have limits (no drinking)
8785.  Living life more abundantly
8786.  Accepting God’s gifts, and joyfully

Thursday 8/13/15
8749.  Serenity prayer
8750.  Need for help and affection
8751.  Develop best relations w/ others
8752.  Thoroughness
8753.  God’s help in virtue development
8754.  Accepting w/o judgment
8755.  Faith that God is directing, not me
8756.  Loving self as God/others love me
8757.  Being loving by giving love
8758.  Being spiritual by share spirituality
8759.  See problem from another’s view
8760.  Praying for others’ wellbeing
8761.  Responding to difficulty w/ love
8762.  Principles above personalities
8763.  Maintaining anonymity
8764.  Being honest and careful w/ words
8765.  Letting God speak through me
8766.  Established relationship w/ God
8767.  Reviewing my character daily
8768.  Asking God what to change
8769.  God’s help in progress to better life

Wednesday 8/12/15
8733.  Not playing the big shot
8734.  Attribute success to God not myself
8735.  Self-control during success
8736.  Learning better with affection
8737.  Look at past to progress in present
8738.  Following my own suggestions
8739.  Not pretending to be what I’m not
8740.  Willingness to ask for help
8741.  Going to any lengths
8742.  Bring behavior in line w/ God’s will
8743.  Exploring my beliefs and live by them
8744.  God as loving and forgiving to all
8745.  God living in my heart, my life
8746.  Pray for others’ change, not interfere
8747.  Being force for good influence
8748.  Helping by set example

Tuesday 8/11/15
8713.  Keeping it simple
8714.  Companionship/partnership
8715.  Service/12th step work
8716. Showing affecting/smiling
8717.  Sincere effort at objective perspective
8718.  Recognizing denial
8719.  Moving from head to heart
8720.  Tears of joy and relief
8721.  Rhythm of life
8722.  Seeking God’s will in every life aspect
8723.  Active listening
8724.  Life on life’s terms
8725.  Listening to my heart not head
8726.  Intuition, feeling more thinking less
8727.  Following my conscience/heart
8728.  Learning how to pace myself
8729.  Joining human race not rat race
8730.  Know trying to be myself is enough
8731.  Letting God bring order to my life
8732.  Belonging to God, willingness

Monday 8/10/15
8691.  Learn to spot, admit, correct flaws
8692.  Talking to God honestly
8693.  Honesty with another person
8694.  Human nature as compassionate
8695.  Gentle touch of affection
8696.  Efforts to heal past hurts
8697.  Seeing my effect on other people
8698.  Total personality change
8699.  Willing to put let go/put faith in God
8700.  Giving up control to God
8701.  Not needing to be right as letting go
8702.  Using prayer/meditation as habits
8703.  Freedom by conscious God contact
8704.  Learning to adapt to the world
8705.  Disengaging from worry
8706.  Conquering self not world
8707.  Faith the outcome will be ok
8708.  Letting go to change view of world
8709.  Seeing same thing differently
8710.  Believing in God and myself
8711.  Seeing I partner well with God
8712.  Staying close to God for peace

Sunday 8/9/15
8668.  God release us by following program
8669.  Security on 24 hour basis
8670.  See others from the human level
8671.  Smiling of affection
8672.  Forgiving everyone no matter what
8673.  Calling on spirit of forgiveness
8674.  Feel good by going with the flow
8675.  See control efforts dissipate joy
8676.  God’s transforming love/power
8677.  Freedom through God’s love
8678.  Sense of reason/purpose from God
8679.  Seeing as with new eyes, new life
8680.  Seeing God/love with me always
8681.  Gratitude for awareness of God
8682.  Turn life management over to God
8683.  Hard times to test and better me
8684.  Keep God and program close
8685.  See difficulty as blessing for growth
8686.  Having had a psychic change
8687.  Ask God for strength to change
8688.  Trusting in God fully
8689.  Being wholly at God’s mercy
8690.  God saving/loving me every day

Saturday 8/8/15
8645.  Envisioning eternal spiritual values
8646.  Progress not perfection
8647.  Avoiding perfectionism pitfalls
8648.  Taking challenges for longterm effects
8649.  Cleansing mind of guilt feelings
8650.  Willingness to make amends
8651.  Letting God do for me what I can’t
8652.  Willingness to trust God
8653.  Praying to be as a child/teachable
8654.  Accept responsibility for problems
8655.  Accept responsibility for solutions
8656.  Learning to make own decisions
8657.  God’s unconditional eternal love
8658.  Willingness to accept God’s love
8659.  Seeing love in action at meetings
8660.  Adventure of sobriety, looking inward
8661.  Looking in then reaching out
8662.  Faith turned into action/sobriety
8663.  Listening and doing as God directs
8664.  Studying the big book faithfully
8665.  Balancing effort and rest
8666.  Pray to be ready to make effort
8667.  Pray to recognize need for rest

Friday 8/7/15
8623.  Setting out tools w/o give advice
8624.  Act with wisdom not anger
8625.  Being effective by not act on emotion
8626.  Design for life that really works
8627.  Thanking God for my new life
8628.  Continually aware of God’s care
8629.  God’s unconditional love
8630.  Hope and purpose in each new day
8631.  Accepting people as they are
8632.  Delighting in simple things
8633.  Making gratitude lists
8634.  Noting spiritual assets attained
8635.  See what I share, let go of differences
8636.  Trying to take better care of myself
8637.  Loving/caring for mind body and spirit
8638.  God help to care for all of me
8639.  Faith in God’s power for inner peace
8640.  Learning to think differently
8641.  Considering my life a miracle
8642.  Reeducation/find new interests, joys
8643.  Trusting in God for that deep security
8644.  Feel deeply all is well by God’s care

Thursday 8/6/15
8595.  Sharing faith as a responsibility
8596.  Feeling trusted by God
8597.  Opportunities to practice patience
8598.  Humility as answer to selfishness
8599.  Learning to turn will/life over to God
8600.  Check-ins to keep on track
8601.  Gifts only when I’m ready for them
8602.  Being spiritually teachable by effort
8603.  Learning from setbacks
8604.  Openness to suggestion
8605.  Investigating not judging
8606.  Seeking to know/do God’s will
8607.  Finding true joy within
8608.  Joy of offering self in service for free
8609.  Warmth in fellowship of others
8610.  Surest joy from contact w/ God
8611.  Peace, direction, security from God
8612.  Joy in service, fellowship and God
8613.  Doing service when I don’t want to
8614.  God’s help to work on tolerance
8615.  God wanting the best for me
8616.  Trusting God’s care, help not to worry
8617.  Turning fears over to God
8618.  Strength from faith in God
8619.  Borrow from psychology and religion
8620.  Quiet time w/ God to refill spirit
8621.  Quiet God time as best prep for work
8622.  Pray to be full of joy of true living

Wednesday 8/5/15
8569.  Humility as b/t extremes
8570.  Constant inventory
8571.  Changing outlook
8572.  Making friends w/ situations
8573.  Deep listening to grow intuition
8574.  Putting my faith in God/others
8575.  Others to show me how
8576.  Surrendering to God/solution
8577.  See my progress as God evidence
8578.  Shaping thoughts w/ spirit. ideals
8579.  Counteracting negativity
8580.  Allowing God to shape my thoughts
8581.  Seeing God in spiritual ideals
8582.  Improving ways and relationships
8583.  Freer as I change and grow
8584.  Fearing change less w/ God’s help
8585.  Making mistakes and learning
8586.  Being good enough/ worthy of love
8587.  Listening better to God’s voice w/in
8588.  God occupy center, not me
8589.  Taking my problems to God for help
8590.  Seeking for God to fun my life not me
8591.  Continually surrendering to God
8592.  Learning to rely on God
8593.  Knowing God is with me always
8594.  Letting God help me feel good/worthy

Tuesday 8/4/15
8547.  Faith in God’s path for us
8548.  God asking us just to try not succeed
8549.  Not getting discouraged/ashamed
8550.  Quality not quantity of my work
8551.  Above all take it one day at a time
8552.  Avoiding dissatisfaction
8553.  Bringing God more fully into my life
8554.  Willingness to accept God’s presence
8555.  Allowing others to give
8556.  Refraining from advice, listen instead
8557.  Only authority being God
8558.  Getting rid of secrets and shame
8559.  Making our own luck
8560.  Luck as willingness and grace
8561.  Steps as actions, doing not talking
8562.  Spirituality as an action, grow/change
8563.  God’s help to work/move in 12 steps
8564.  Words and actions being congruent
8565.  Learning to think differently/reeducate
8566.  Seeking contact w/ God more daily
8567.  Consciousness of God helping me
8568.  Praying to be in God’s flow

Monday 8/3/15
8519.  Self-searching
8520.  New vision, action, grace
8521.  Humility for God’s help
8522.  Wanting good in me to flower/grow
8523.  Constructive meditation for growth
8524.  See connection b/t cause and effect
8525.  Examine situation for causes
8526.  Purpose of being fit for God/fellows
8527.  God’s plan expressed through love
8528.  Response of loving His children
8529.  Love by service and by example
8530.  God give serenity and direction
8531.  God solve problem in surprising ways
8532.  Integrating prayer into my life
8533.  God’s love embracing me when pray
8534.  Taking risk of trusting people
8535.  Remind self I’m not perfect either
8536.  Realize need for trusting others
8537.  Path of total abstinence
8538.  Preserving and affirming my life
8539.  Seeing I’m important to others
8540.  Trying to help others heal, recovery
8541.  Saying prayers for those I’ve hurt
8542.  Not being my own doctor
8543.  Each day as a gift to God
8544.  Use God’s interpretation not mine
8545.  Try to live as I believe God would
8546.  Try to spend day as offering to God

Sunday 8/2/15
8495.  Needing group for recovery
8496. Being small part of great whole
8497.  Sacrifice for group preservation
8498.  Group survival for individual survival
8499.  God’s grace w/ us everywhere
8500.  Disciplining my anger
8501.  Make amends to move forward
8502.  Amends to be fit for God’s will/work
8503.  Best discipline being love
8504.  Enduring discomfort of truth
8505.  Honesty as fundamental principle
8506.  Honesty feeling good and come easy
8507.  Honestly embracing life
8508.  Embrace pressure/demands of life
8509.  Need of spiritual life to grow
8510.  Ready for amends by listen/talk
8511.  Consult other people/sponsor
8512.  Working at being willing
8513.  See my part is all I can change
8514.  Take time to read prayers
8515.  Desiring cooperation
8516.  Right living to prepare for God
8517.  Harvest of useful abundant life
8518.  Praying to be ready for God’s care

Saturday 8/1/15
8463.  Sobriety as beginning of new life
8464.  Discarding ways that didn’t work
8465.  Spiritual methods that always work
8466.  New life of endless possibilities
8467.  Continued practice of 12 steps/grow
8468.  Open up about struggles/feelings
8469.  Spiritual life in application/living
8470.  Compassion/joy by ask God’s help
8471.  Learning to love/care/feel joy again
8472.  Inner work over outside show
8473.  Spirit. fit, mental and body wellbeing
8474.  Giving my all and apply principles
8475.  Abstinence as byproduct of good life
8476.  Participating in solutions not problem
8477.  Increase willingness
8478.  Honest sharing w/ sponsor/others
8479.  Self-discovery along the way
8480.  Living in reality, not being perfect
8481.  Grateful for assets, accept liabilities
8482.  Freedom to progress, free from guilt
8483.  Forgiving and feeling forgiven by God
8484.  God as ultimate real leader
8485.  Other leaders as instruments of God
8486.  Faithfully following God
8487. Readiness to work on relationships
8488. Healing and helping others heal
8489.  Add to step 8 list/keep it open-ended
8490.  Following AA program not “my way”
8491.  Strive for union b/t my goal and God’s
8492.  Pricelessness of Union w/ God
8493.  Oneness of purpose
8494.  Pray to be attuned to God’s will

Friday 7/31/15
8412.  Scientific inquiry, research/invention
8413.  Realm of spirit as all-inclusive
8414.  God’s terms not made too hard
8415.  Openness to matters of spirit
8416.  Coping w/ negative mind state
8417.  See enemy as attitude not others
8418.  Examining my problems
8419.  Serenity through acceptance
8420.  Courage from action
8421.  Thank God for “wisdom to know diff.”
8422.  Serenity prayer
8423.  My life/usefulness as gift from God
8424.  God’s serenity to keep move forward
8425.  Not control emotions but look deeper
8426.  Looking through to language of heart
8427.  Prayer working despite logic
8428.  Faith in that beyond understanding
8429.  Knowing I’ll receive what I need
8430.  AA promising freedom from addiction
8431.  Finances not reflection of recovery
8432.  Desperation to seek help
8433.  Each day clean as miracle
8434.  Spiritual riches as real reward
8435.  Thanking God for my freedom
8436.  Rewarding life in sobriety
8437.  Practice kindness, tolerance
8438.  Meaning in life by practice virtues
8439.  Aware of consequences of choices
8440.  God’s help to be thoughtful/patient
8441.  Taking stock of my lifestyle
8442.  Need for help of others in recovery
8443.  Reach out before not after choice
8444.  Sobriety, fellowship, service, faith
8445.  Letting people into by life/friends
8447.  Know I have much to offer/service
8448.  Belief in loving caring God/HP
8449.  Using God as guide in life
8450.  Keeping program easy, simple
8451.  Reminding self less is more
8452.  Lessen anxiety by live in Today only
8453.  Doing best to live one day at a time
8454.  Giving God gift of thankful heart
8455.  Look for causes of thanks in daily life
8456.  Always something to be thankful for
8457.  Diligence in seek to be glad/thankful
8458.  Build habit of constant gratitude
8459.  Each new day as new cause for joy
8460.  Thanking God sincerely
8461.  Praying for truly thankful heart
8462.  Praying for reminders of gratitude

Thursday 7/30/15
8385.  Acceptance and faith for sobriety/life
8386.  Gradual progress, some setbacks
8387.  Abandon all or nothing attitude
8388.  Letting go of perfectionism
8389.  Accept emotional problems
8390.  Calmness of mind for happiness
8391.  Lifelong work at giving it away
8392.  Being accepted in group
8393.  Choosing to be responsible
8394.  Getting involved, work in daily life
8395.  Working out problems
8396.  Giving back to AA
8397.  Acceptance w/o reservation
8398.  Feeling my feelings w/o acting out
8399.  Form habit of inventory
8400.  New healthy patterns of life
8401.  Catching myself b/f acting out
8402.  Encouragement to do what works
8403.  Practicing kindness and tolerance
8404.  God’s help to be thoughtful, patient
8405.  Being part of the healing process
8406.  Spirit being free, having hope
8407.  Hope to appreciate God’s beauty
8408.  Praying to notice beauty around me
8409.  Letting go worries of tomorrow
8410.  Happy life by living in faith
8411.  Praying to be content w/ faith’s result

Wednesday 7/29/15
8357.  Hope in growth of spirit. experience
8358.  Maintain growth by let go resentment
8359.  Interest creating happiness
8360.  Minimizing negative emotions
8361.  Reminders to share/give of myself
8362.  Simple efforts like smile, kind word
8363.  Never had it so good by 12 steps
8364.  Walking with friends
8365.  Learning to carry my weight
8366.  Trying not to look for handouts
8367.  Putting my faith in program/goodness
8368.  Let go what I have before I get better
8369.  God take better care than I imagined
8370.  Understanding limits of humanity
8371.  Hoping for forgiveness and forgiving
8372.  Accepting self then accepting others
8373.  Treat self/others w/ tolerance, forgive
8374.  Recovery in heart, program, God
8375.  Looking within for God’s voice
8376.  Defend right to choose by recover
8377.  All standing together w/ differences
8378.  Working hard for rights, dignity
8379.  Letting go of “yesterday”
8380.  God only put on me what I can take
8381.  God gives strength to meet challenge
8382.  No need to fear when with God
8383.  Pray face life w/o fear, meet challenge
8384.  Accepting God’s help to overcome

Tuesday 7/28/15
8320.  Belief in choice, choosing recovery
8321.  Restoration to sanity only by God
8322.  Willingness to practice 12 steps
8323.  Making good healthy choices
8324.  Happiness in life rests within
8325.  Mental attitude being crucial
8326.  Not forget primary purpose/humility
8327.  Happy, joyous, free by new AA life
8328.  Support of fellowship
8329.  Sharing experience, strength, hope
8330.  Putting first things first
8331.  Quiet sharing, talking
8332.  Identifying with others
8333.  Not trying to impress anyone
8334.  Loving caring community
8335.  Common goal of group as freedom
8336.  Company as a gift always available
8337.  Walk through fear of intimacy
8338.  Exposing self despite insecurities
8339.  Acknowledging/accepting my defects
8340.  Free from denial to build relationships
8341.  Take opportunities to share self
8342.  Give fellowship care of an individual
8343.  Getting help for personal issues
8344.  Demonstrating respect for others
8345.  Taking responsibility
8346.  Belief in where leader (God) leads
8347.  Knowing I’m on the right path w/ God
8348.  Choosing good leaders to follow
8349.  Being a good leader when it’s His will
8350.  Following God out of love, awe
8351.  Avoiding presumptuous resentments
8352.  Freedom from addiction
8353.  God act as my shield for inner peace
8354.  Inner peace in heart and surroundings
8355.  Not be seriously upset no matter what
8356.  Praying for God’s help with peace

Monday 7/27/15
8293.  Belief in free will, freedom of choice
8294.  Admit powerless on own, need God
8295.  Being willing as best choice ever
8296.  Self-confidence in potential
8297.  Effort to change and wanting to
8298.  See the positive side to work towards
8299.  Sacrificing to ensure unity
8300.  Learning to love God and each other
8301.  Giving time and money to keep it
8302.  See it as privilege to give/gratitude
8303.  Love of God/others ti motivate life
8304.  My giving freely as God expressing
8305.  Ask God for courage to express me
8306.  Try to take better care and be myself
8307.  Hope from experience of others
8308.  Bet my life on the group/togetherness
8309.  Way of life for today
8310.  Relate to past, hope for opportunity
8311.  Freedom in way of life with God/grow
8312.  Recognizing improvement/changing
8313.  Being sick but getting better
8314.  No longer running away, progress
8315.  Always find ways to change/improve
8316.  Freedom to choose actions
8317.  Make choices that create order in life
8318.  Set free by make good choices
8319.  Gratitude for having some control

Sunday 7/26/15 (done Monday 7/27/15)
8272.  Not resent pain of past, allow growth
8273.  Believing in God no matter what
8274.  Seeing value in human feeling
8275.  Being w simple human being
8276.  Developing new, positive attitude
8277.  Potential to change
8278.  Donate money, not just keep it
8279.  Free w/ God/others, not possessions
8280.  Ability to do without when w/ God
8281.  Ask God to take care of my will/life
8282.  God restoring to wholeness
8283. Clear past wreckage so God can enter
8284.  Surrendering unconditionally
8285.  Refraining from (self-)pity/tough love
8286.  Accepting my illness/imperfection
8286.  Accepting of not being in control
8287.  Needing others, others needing me
8287.  Give-and-take of relationships
8288.  Finally being able to give
8289.  Reaching out to help
8290.  Only taking what I’ve given
8291.  Praising God for making us better
8292.  Grateful/obeying to God’s spirit in me

Saturday 7/25/15
8233.  Better result by God’s plan than mine
8234.  Best things by put self in God’s hands
8235.  Willing to do anything to recover
8236.  New world of consciousness
8237.  Honest, open-minded by mental calm
8238.  Communicating on human level
8239.  Putting aside differences
8240.  Creating positive feelings in others
8241.  Trying to help those still suffering
8242.  Asking God for guidance always
8243.  Courage to be willing to be instrument
8244.  Want to be instrument of compassion
8245.  Strength in group not by myself
8246.  12 steps to ensure discord w/o urges
8247.  Rewards of maintaining past unease
8248.  New strength and capabilities
8249.  Peace of acceptance and freedom
8250.  Harmony by practice acceptance
8251.  Never failing if attempt to help
8252.  Gratitude by 12th step work
8253.  Attraction rather than promotion
8254.  Service as cornerstone of recovery
8255.  Only keep it by giving it away
8256.  Receiving by first giving
8257.  Try to be living example of recovery
8258.  Steps/principles applied to all of life
8259.  See reward not threat by let God work
8260.  Reassurance by let god work all time
8261.  Examine life to better apply principles
8262.  All parts of life live again by recover
8263.  See that addiction is death
8264.  Hope for healing, grow past fear
8265.  Building world on 12 steps and hope
8266.  Giving myself to life, God, and hope
8267.  Talking about hopes with others
8268.  Owe my life to God and AA
8268.  Paying back/forward rewards of AA
8269.  Holding my life in trust for God
8270.  Leaving results to God, practice
8271.  Going all out for God and improving

Friday 7/24/15
8208.  Personality change to quit drinking
8209.  Changing self to meet condition
8210.  Benefit from materials w/ right attitude
8211.  Thinking of how to fill others’ needs
8212.  Overcome selfishness by giving help
8213.  Spiritual awakening by surrendering
8214.  Not need to cope by food misuse
8215.  God doing for me what I can’t myself
8216.  Celebrating miracle of new life
8217.  Recognition of self, assets and faults
8218.  Risk vulnerability and let go of facade
8219.  Free to lose the mask and trust self
8220.  Self-esteem grow by be true self
8221.  All having same goal, help each other
8222.  Together in common solution/purpose
8223.  What we share stronger than diff.s
8224.  Strengthening common cause
8225.  Work as adult to be spirit. centered
8226.  Spirituality by getting rid of self-will
8227.  Self-love to replace self-will
8228.  Talk to others abt. hard parts of AA
8229.  Keeping my spiritual defenses strong
8230.  Keeping as close as I can to God
8231.  Abide by God and rejoice in His love
8232.  Living with God in heart and mind

Thursday 7/23/15
8185.  Responsibility to help others in AA
8186.  Ready to serve group or individual
8187.  Noticing effect of mental attitude
8188.  Ask God defect removal to be useful
8189.  God decide when to remove defects
8190.  Able to feel bad w/o acting out
8191.  Realize feelings have no power on me
8192.  No longer try to escape if feel bad
8193.  Experience to know my way fails
8194.  Live life not driven by self-will
8195.  Think for myself not of myself
8196.  Seek knowledge of God’s will, relax
8197.  Think, take initiative, plan in God’s will
8198.  Surrender self-will to be at peace
8199.  Learn boundary b/t helping and fixing
8200.  Being silent to listen better
8201.  Remembering to think before speak
8202.  AA itself as the ideal, not an individual
8203.  Trust in principles more than members
8204.  Peace beyond understanding by trust
8205.  Unconditional trust in God
8206.  Guard against worry, distraction, fear
8207.  Not let anything disturb heart-calm

Wednesday 7/22/15
8158.  Fit spirit. condition for God’s direction
8159.  Abandoning self to God
8160.  Mental calmness for good health
8161.  Joy of giving
8162.  Free from d facts to be of service
8163.  Humility of giving all of me to God
8164.  God removing bad and return good
8165.  Power of repetition
8166.  New insight each time I read passage
8167.  Being who God intended me to be
8168.  Trying not to dishonor my spirit
8169.  Talking about my impulsive actions
8170.  Practice sharing my thoughts
8171.  Finding the goodness inside me
8172.  God speaking to us in many ways
8173.  Relax and invite God into my life
8174.  God’s help to find whatever I need
8175.  God’s kingdom within us
8176.  Diversity of the fellowship
8177.  Everyone make different contribution
8178.  Strength in diverse talents of group
8179.  Recognizing the good in everyone
8180.  Doing good by power of God not self
8181.  Feeling actuated by God’s grace
8182.  Not being held back by fear or doubt
8183.  Faith in future by depend on God
8184.  Confidence I can effect/channel good

Tuesday 7/21/15
8132.  Tempered demands by spirit. growth
8133.  Redirecting demands to spirituality
8134.  Grow in awareness/mature love
8135.  Realize disturbance is short, be calm
8136.  Priceless gift of newfound peace
8137.  Open and willing heart
8138.  Peace/freedom from surrender
8139.  Surrender as ongoing act of faith
8140.  Faith as freedom and victory
8141.  Going to any lengths for recovery
8142.  Abstinence as a new life
8143.  Following suggestions and listening
8144.  Never thinking I know enough
8145.  Not trying to fix myself, getting help
8146.  Know I need guidance, support, God
8147.  All of us being in this together
8148.  Not judging others or their issues
8149.  Acceptance in all aspects of life
8150.  Not need to control or avoid others
8151.  Comfort living my own life only
8152.  Speak w/ understanding not critical
8153.  Tolerance overriding gossip/criticism
8154.  Faith changing any situation
8155.  Asking God for help, faith in His help
8156.  Faith to be truly effective
8157.  Depending more on God than myself

Monday 7/20/15
8101.  Consider merits of my wishes/prayers
8102.  Asking only “…if it be Thy will.”
8103.  Health, material facilities, companions
8104.  Positive emotions good for health
8105.  Being nothing w/o God
8106.  Humbly asking for relief of defects
8107.  Growth as phenomenon of nature
8108.  Be responsible for footwork, not result
8109.  Overcome pride/ego/misused will
8110.  Pain of growth less acute each time
8111.  Learning by letting go and letting God
8112.  Getting better but never mastering
8113.  Letting control go to God
8114.  Strength in admitting weakness
8115.  Being part of collective “we”
8116.  Wealth of experience in fellowship
8117.  Never having to be alone again
8118.  Reliability of hope and belief
8119.  Decision to do whatever necessary
8120.  Foundation to offer hope to others too
8121.  Belief tending to grow
8122.  Ability to live life fully through sobriety
8123.  Happier by opening up
8124.  Feeling alive and “a part of”
8125.  Group loyalty and loyalty to members
8126.  Never making accusations
8127.  Trying not to think ill of anyone
8128.  Group success by loyalty
8129.  Obedience, faith to God w/o question
8130.  Follow God according to conscience
8131.  Living by dictates on my conscience

Sunday 7/19/15
8080.  Turn life over to God’s care/protection
8081.  Pick ideas that work, not my own
8082.  Transform anger to energy/action
8083.  Need for direction, less pride
8084.  Limitless possibilities for growth
8085.  Ideas leading to compassion/trust
8086.  Putting God first
8087.  My life totally different in recovery
8088.  Give up old ways first then find new
8089.  Set realistic goals, then dream bigger
8090.  Find my dreams come true w/ action
8091.  No illusion of control over drinking
8092.  Asking God to keep me on path/sober
8093.  Let things happen, not control them
8094.  Recovery being based on trust
8095.  Learn to give up control as way of life
8096.  Trusting more daily
8097.  Change with spirituality/God
8098.  Miracles when guided by God
8099.  True desire to surrender life to God
8100.  Pray to be used to help others change

Saturday 7/18/15
8058.  Freedom first of all
8059.  Willingness to deal w/ my defects
8060.  Trying hard for sterling qualities
8061.  Compassion as an emotion
8062.  Seeing link b/t gratitude and humility
8063.  Being grateful for what I have
8064.  God continuing to provide for me
8065.  Relying on God so I can relax
8066.  Knowing I have very few answers
8067.  Let go of need to know everything
8068.  God answering what I need to know
8069.  Gratitude for desperation for step 1
8070.  Willingness to surrender
8071.  Gift of be honest/openminded/willing
8072.  Improvement by daily practice
8073.  Focusing on what I enjoy for success
8074.  Success as enjoyment of my effort
8075.  Avoiding gossip and criticism
8076.  Pulling together to succeed in unity
8077.  Gratitude for undeserved love by God
8078.  Relying on God’s grace, for humility
8079.  Effective by gratitude to God/humility

Friday 7/17/15
8036.  Welcoming criticism
8037.  Learning/changing by taking criticism
8038.  Seeking refuge in spirituality
8039.  See cessation as helpful
8040.  Stability by giving not receiving
8041.  Surrender unhealthy demands to God
8042.  Surrender and self-examination
8043.  Humbly asking for help
8044.  Living as nature intended
8045.  Reviewing strength of my program
8046.  Use problems to reinforce recovery
8047.  Find ways to strengthen my program
8048.  Willingness to act as soon as possible
8049.  Learning to “act as if”
8050.  Facing myself to lose my fear
8051.  Feel better by sharing worries
8052.  Having all the resources/help I need
8053.  Have peace I never thought possible
8054.  See happy faces and feel happy
8055.  God always immediately available
8056.  Letting go defects to let in God more
8057.  Prayer/work to draw closer to God

Thursday 7/16/15
8016.  Trying humility for defect removal
8017.  God helping with any problem
8018.  Practice to cease negative emotions
8019.  Humility healing pain
8020.  Humility for life on life’s terms
8021.  Positive response to bad events
8022.  Having spiritual strength to survive
8023.  Reveal feelings, not people-pleasing
8024.  Emotional balance to disagree nicely
8025.  Seek my own approval before others’
8026.  Build fractured self-esteem by service
8027.  Respecting myself, being true to me
8028.  Feel worthy, deserving of God’s love
8029.  Help by setting good example/action
8030.  Enjoying watching another in spotlight
8031.  Everything work by follow God’s will
8032.  Deep security in good/purpose/God
8033.  Knowing God will take care of me
8034.  God as my refuge from ills
8035.  Call, accept, use God’s power/safety

Wednesday 7/15/15
7997.  Sacrificing time and some money
7998.  Unity, service, recovery
7999.  Effort toward gradual change
8000.  Analyze usefulness of thoughts
8001.  Put character-building/spirituality first
8002.  Humility as foundation of progress
8003.  Work to eliminate pride
8004.  Admit powerless, give up will, be free
8005.  Realize effect of my behavior on other
8006.  Taking responsibility for my actions
8007.  Quality relations w/ various people
8008.  Enjoying companionship of fellows
8009.  Examining my part in relationships
8010.  See today as an opportunity
8011.  Take chance to grow nearer to God
8012.  Alone time to rest, meditate w/ God
8013.  Feel fundamentally all is well/serenity
8014.  Deep down inner calm from God
8015.  Faith to climb steadily through life

Tuesday 7/14/15
7969.  Having what I glimpsed when drunk
7970.  Finding God better without alcohol
7971.  Curiosity about the universe
7972.  Transforming anger to motivation
7973.  Acting from love and concern
7974.  Nourishing serenity from humility
7975.  Humility to lose myself and my pain
7976.  Balance/humility to enjoy humanness
7977.  Facing what I think I can’t do
7978.  Fear disappearing by facing it straight
7979.  Sponsor and tools to help face fears
7980.  Using the help always available to me
7981.  Nurture source of recovery benefits
7982.  Look good outside not being enough
7983.  Inner growth, change, acceptance
7984.  Freedom by abstinence/sobriety
7985.  Freedom by spiritual growth
7986.  “Paying” God for greater freedom
7987.  Learning from program to slow down
7988.  Checking for trueness to my values
7989.  Bring God along to have fun
7990.  Connect to God by meditation
7991.  Being true to God while having fun
7992.  Peace of mind/serenity from growth
7993.  Look for God’s lead in relationships
7994.  God protects from temptation/failure
7995.  Relying on God to go forward
7996.  Deep safety from God, go w/o fear

Monday 7/13/15
7948.  Not procrastinating
7949.  Common sense, compassion, wisdom
7950.  Seeing no sense in anger, defeating it
7951.  Desire to do God’s will as humility
7952.  Help others with my experience
7953.  Hope to get through times of pain
7954.  Living my best today, not live in future
7955.  Everything I need to live today
7956.  Learn to ask for help when needed
7957.  Not concerned with appearances
7958.  Willing to reveal my difficulties
7959.  Putting humility into action
7960.  God helping me with my arrogance
7961.  Not trying to control others
7962.  Choosing good healthy friends
7963.  Treating friends like family
7964.  Staying on the recovery beam
7965.  Believe God has good in store for me
7966.  A growing expanding life to be happy
7967.  Complete faith for the next good thing
7968.  An expectant attitude of good things

Sunday 7/12/15
7924.  More serenity less fear by prayer
7925.  Quiet non-tension courage by pray
7926.  Problems as instruction not calamity
7927.  Purpose/direction increasing
7928.  Anxieties fade with prayer
7929.  Health, relations improving w/ God
7930.  Think of God for peace of mind
7931.  Summon faith through humility
7932.  Showing submissive respect/humility
7933.  Increase proficiency/prob-solving
7934.  Humility by commune w/ God daily
7935.  Share experience not teach
7936.  Sensitivity, understanding, wisdom
7937.  Listening not advising
7938.  Prioritizing, delaying gratification
7939.  Patience by practice recovery
7940.  Not need understand God for faith
7941.  Believe God understands me
7942.  Change thinking and acting
7943.  God’s help against old attitudes
7944.  Notice what I still need to change
7945.  Effort to draw nearer to God’s will
7946.  Gratitude for full constructive days
7947.  God as wholly reliable to depend on

Saturday 7/11/15
7909.  Happy by letting go of control
7910.  Preparation to be peaceful in turmoil
7911.  Want humility not just need it
7912.  Way of life as joyful
7913.  Serene/free/joyful by spirit. principles
7914.  Benefits of rely on higher power
7915.  Being myself honestly, gratefully
7916.  Seek/give encouragement
7917.  Being forgiven, accepted
7918.  Practice generosity, compassion
7919.  Being lovable by being myself
7920.  Renewed faith by try to pass it on
7921.  God always help me face anything
7922.  Trying to live God’s way not mine
7923.  Deep security no matter what by God

Friday 7/10/15
7881.  God as my authority
7882.  Obeying rules willingly b/c want to
7883.  Living experience rooted in love
7884.  Life-giving communications/books
7885.  Curiosity through fear
7886.  Finding new meanings of humility
7887.  Ask God’s help to see my part in prob
7888.  See how my defects cause problems
7889.  Putting self-reliance aside, ask help
7890.  Peace from put self in God’s power
7891.  Abstinence and self-acceptance
7892.  See more to admire than condemn
7893.  See how my mind tints the good I see
7894.  Changing me not the world/people
7895.  Replace bad think w/ good principles
7896.  Adjust my attitude by alter my actions
7897.  Starting off talking by listening first
7898.  Express positivity in my actions/words
7899.  Express concern w/o criticizing
7900.  Work on expressing loving concern
7901.  Offering praise not criticism
7902.  Responsible for my own mood only
7903.  Loving self/others just as we are
7904.  Looking for ways to share my happy
7905.  Overcome problems by faith in God
7906.  Not held back by unbelief
7907.  Believing in change as possible
7908.  Be channel for God into others’ lives

Thursday 7/9/15
7858.  Believe I can be forgiven
7859.  Ability to forgive others by forgive self
7860.  Not needing guarantees/faith in God
7861.  God do for me by doing through me
7862.  Humility by know God does not me
7863.  Be instrument by doing work
7864.  Business of love and service doing
7865.  Pain to inspire change/improvement
7866.  Feeling feelings in order to recover
7867.  Not avoiding pain, going through it
7868.  Not alone when facing pain
7869.  Knowing less by learning more
7870.  Acknowledge magnitude of miracle
7871.  Open eyes to miracle of my new life
7872.  Doing footwork for God’s care
7873.  Working/action for solutions
7874.  Finding answers in my behavior
7875.  Working for joy for self and others
7876.  Matching my actions and words
7877.  Not relying on myself only anymore
7878.  Meeting life with affirmative attitude
7879.  Accept power to do right thing
7880.  Going along by faith not halt in doubt

Wednesday 7/8/15
7830.  Vision to make good estimates
7831.  Using capability for foresight
7832.  Vision beyond today
7833.  Being result of positive consciousness
7834.  Stages in a process, one by one
7835.  Move out of self toward others/God
7836.  Feeling clean through humility
7837.  God preparing me for anything
7838.  Give thanks for joy of being useful
7839.  Appraising my honesty, help w/ denial
7840.  Address confusion head on
7841.  God as power underlying recovery
7842.  Freedom by grace of God
7843.  Change patterns to make progress
7844.  Inventory defect, then pray for release
7845.  Practice patience/love if irritable
7846.  No room for anger if I’m being loving
7847.  Accept not avoid pain
7848.  Learn to turn pain over to God
7849.  Run to comfort of friends and God
7850.  Knowing I’m not alone when in pain
7851.  Talking about pain to friends
7852.  No reservations about being alcoholic
7853.  Cooperating w/ force for good/God
7854.  Bring my desires to oneness w/ God’s
7855.  God working through tangible/people
7856.  Trying to make God’s will my will
7857.  Keeping in stream of goodness/God

Tuesday 7/7/15
7804.  Not caring for acclaim as a group
7805.  Spirit of anonymity
7806.  Growing and working in unity
7807.  Importance of subtle mind-states
7808.  Not making demands, just requests
7809.  Not live by unsatisfied demands
7810.  Peace by reducing demands
7811.  Peace by let go of expectations
7812.  Peace, gratitude, spiritual security
7813.  Surrendering over and over
7814.  Common bond greater than difference
7815.  Remember ind. difference when help
7816.  Help others find best way for them
7817.  God’s presence when helping another
7818.  God as source of change
7819.  Hope/acceptance over denial/despair
7820.  God/grow as more powerful than me
7821.  Notice how God’s worked in my life
7822.  Let program work through me
7823.  Not trying to impress people/humble
7824.  Being brave enough to accept help
7825.  Inviting others into my life
7826.  Needing others to stay well
7827.  Faith in selfless aspirations
7828.  Willingness to be tested/challenged
7829.  Giving outcome to God/faith

Monday 7/6/15
7785.  Reliance upon God’s power not mine
7786.  See strong effects of mind-state
7787.  Awareness of impermanence
7788.  Faith in God to overcome fear
7789.  See fear as root of most distress
7790.  Asking God for help with my fear
7791.  Willingness to ask for direction
7792.  Do what’s necessary/responsible
7793.  Humility in asking for help
7794.  New attitudes and ways of dealing
7795.  Change behavior, not just say sorry
7796.  No confusion by steps as foundation
7797.  Combining types of help
7798.  Joy outweighing pain by right action
7799.  Not forget all God has given me
7800.  Wish to be useful always granted
7801.  God always help me be of proper use
7802.  Claim God’s supply of strength by ask
7803.  Faith in effectiveness of God’s help

Sunday 7/5/15
7764.  Self-realization/admitting powerless
7765.  Appreciating impermanence
7766.  Carry God’s will and give up own will
7767.  Right direction of my willpower
7768.  Accept honest limitations/take guide
7769.  Turn fault to asset/strong will
7770.  Not seek geographic cure/escape
7771.  Understanding my longings
7772.  Willingness to act in my best interest
7773.  Refining my prayer/meditation
7774.  To each his own own concept of God
7775.  Explore new conscious contact ways
7776.  Faith in all areas of my life
7777.  Ask for needs/trust what God gives
7778.  Slow steady spiritual progress
7779.  Learning to be just human/progress
7780.  Feeling good about being average
7781.  Noticing what’s special about me too
7782.  Not making excuses/admitting issues
7783.  Remembering God is ever-present
7784.  Belief in God’s direction for me

Saturday 7/4/15
7737.  Choosing own conception of God
7738.  Not need to explain spirit. experience
7739.  See problem from different angles
7740.  Less mental burden by more aspects
7741.  Look for beneficial aspects of issue
7742.  Draw comparison b/t events
7743.  Fundamental idea of God inherent
7744.  Faith becoming natural and effective
7745.  Aware of flaws w/o being too critical
7746.  Easy does it w/ inventory
7747.  Not take self too seriously
7748.  Joy of life by freedom from obsession
7749.  Being happy with my progress so far
7750.  Resolve not run from conflicts
7751.  Backing away from conflict
7752.  Honest, open, responsible, forgiving
7753.  Trust in guidance of spirit. principles
7754.  Live day to best of ability as a choice
7755.  Overcoming need to escape
7756.  Joy and laughter w/ family
7757.  Dare to dream and trust in God/hope
7758.  Dreams including self-improvement
7759.  Hope only for sobriety/regeneration
7760.  Live normal responsible life by sober
7761.  Work without hope of material gain
7762.  Discover God in a friend in need
7763.  Be friend to God and others

Friday 7/3/15
7715.  Tolerance to be/stay honest
7716.  Adjusting myself to conditions
7717.  Realize I can’t succeed alone
7718.  Staying in company of others
7719.  Opportunities from hardships
7720.  Finding value/learning in tragedy
7721.  Experience as a teacher
7722.  Acting “as if” I’m getting God’s help
7723.  Enjoying beauty as God-given right
7724.  Make first move in giving to world
7725.  Enthusiasm for life’s gifts
7726.  Not fearing to show my happiness
7727.  Set aside quiet time for self and God
7728.  Make conscious contact consistent
7729.  Feedback I need only by sharing
7730.  Try what works for others/suggestions
7731.  Share secrets to rid of shame
7732.  Start of good by admitting powerless
7733.  Hungering for righteousness/do good
7734.  Fullness from faith
7735.  Stay w/ God’s spirit for discoveries
7736.  Letting God lead past material goods

Thursday 7/2/15
7694.  Humility in legitimate regret of wrongs
7695.  Not exaggerating my good or bad
7696.  Stand up to hardships by face issues
7697.  Learn lessons from suffering
7698.  Willing, honest, openminded by need
7699.  Acceptance to be true self w/ others
7700. Self-honesty for self-acceptance
7701.  Serenity at heart of sobriety
7702.  Willing to say no/go to any lengths
7703.  Awareness of my limitations
7704.  Freedom to be myself by sobriety
7705.  Everyone have different lessons
7706.  Help each other shine in own ways
7707.  Open ears, find commonalities
7708.  Strengthen action to weaken worry
7709.  Find God in/focus on the moment
7710.  Appreciating fellowship/efforts
7711.  Childlike spirit in hope and faith
7712.  Simple trust, life joy, ready laughter
7713.  Lack of criticism, desire to share
7714.  Strive to be childlike/trust in God

Wednesday 7/1/15
7666.  Mutual trust at foundation
7667.  Faith broadening and deepening
7668.  Motivation, determination, confidence
7669.  Meaningful life through difficulties
7670.  Strong mental attitude from hardships
7671.  Not being overwhelmed by problems
7672.  Comfort by being in God’s hands
7673.  My best today as all I need to do
7674.  See my issues clearly by abstinence
7675.  Using defects as incentive to grow
7676.  Joy at another’s virtue and strength
7677.  Not comparing myself to others
7678.  Appreciating each as is for harmony
7679.  Sharing, steps, mtgs, principles
7680.  Un-complicating my life/simple focus
7681.  Help others to combat selfishness
7682.  Regularity and routing in my life
7683.  Simple program as guide to serenity
7684.  Accepting help and direction offered
7685.  Freedom by seeking spirit. principles
7686.  Remember I need help/I’m human
7687.  Humility as a great strength
7688.  Asking God’s help throughout day
7689.  Life getting easier as I go along
7690.  Learning trust/calm in storms daily
7691.  Be grateful/humble/calm/love for God
7692.  Loving desire to help others
7693.  Infectious spirit of calm/trust in God

Tuesday 6/30/15
7644.  See my role in feeling hurt/disturbed
7645.  Not indulge in “justified” anger
7646.  Become more realistic b/c of tragedy
7647.  Confidence by get through tragedy
7648.  Inner strength from misfortune
7649.  Self-sacrifice for unity/good of group
7650.  Sacrificing personality traits
7651.  Relief of letting go/turn over outcome
7652.  Not over-planning/forcing to my will
7653.  Freedom by relinquish control
7654.  Plan action not outcome
7655.  Faith as foundation for courage/future
7656.  Renew recovery commitment daily
7657.  Sobriety as state of mind/way of life
7658.  12 steps as my plan for living
7659.  Thinking instead of reacting
7660.  God/others to help live by steps
7661.  Seize/live in the present/let go fear
7662.  Letting go burden of past failures
7663.  Moving forward in faith/lighter path
7664.  Life improving w/ each “step” forward
7665.  No longer making same old mistakes
7665.  Cast off shame/live in light/right acts

Monday 6/29/15
7618.  Not taking on too much at once
7619.  Give up all or nothing attitude
7620.  Begin with a minimum then enlarge
7621.  Not be discouraged by setbacks
7622.  Reducing suffering by change attitude
7623.  Reduce anxiety by new attitude
7624.  Attitude as preparation for misfortune
7625. Get familiar w/ problems, desensitize
7626.  Recognize/quash grandiose thoughts
7627.  Ripple effect of my sobriety/1 purpose
7628.  Accepting hard, honest answers
7629.  Trade self-will for real serenity
7630.  Using the help offered/available
7631.  Steps to solve problems as arise
7632.  Vital, ongoing recovery program
7633.  Staying a step ahead of my issues
7634.  Alert for time/way to practice recovery
7635.  Apply today approach to all life areas
7636.  Knowing what I need to for today
7637.  Acting “as if” have faith when in doubt
7638.  Continuous work toward goals
7639.  Spiritual goals to last a lifetime
7640.  Learn by process of work not achieve
7641.  Always striving to improve
7642.  All works out by doing God’s will
7643.  Discipline and prayer rewarding peace

Sunday 6/28/15
7603.  Unity, service, recovery
7604.  Conscience of the fellowship
7605.  Not avoiding difficulties
7606.  Facing life with a good attitude
7607.  Determination of founders
7608.  Silent courage
7609.  Courage to risk the unknown
7610.  Reaching out in service
7611.  Service by examine own motives
7612.  Follow guidance of group conscience
7613.  Practice to keep growing
7614.  Find God by admit human limits
7615.  New mental attitude w/o fear
7616.  Take life day by day as God reveals
7617.  Leaving future to God’s care

Saturday 6/27/15
7563.  Growing and helping others grow too
7564.  Loving without any demands
7565.  Meeting problems I face gracefully
7566.  Seeing more goals than happiness
7567.  Happiness as a byproduct not goal
7568.  Trying to be as God wants me to be
7569.  Willing to learn from pain and share
7570.  Thanking God for happy as it comes
7571.  Accepting illnesses in life
7572.  Not let illness make mental burden
7573.  See value of conforming/obeying
7574.  Growth in unity and function
7575.  Evidence of God’s grace among us
7576.  Not fight life anymore, give in to God
7577.  See meaning of group membership
7578.  Do my part b/f give problem to God
7579.  Responsibility by doing footwork
7580.  See possibilities w/ honesty/amends
7581.  Curbing temper, biting tongue
7582.  Taking action I’ve been putting off
7583.  Pray for willingness to do what I can
7584.  Try not to get defensive about defects
7585.  Seeing room to grow always
7586.  See necessity of continuous change
7587.  Open-minded if defects pointed out
7588.  See defects as opportunity to grow
7589.  Let go of defenses to find freedom
7590.  Greet change w/ open mind and heart
7591.  Not let biases interfere w/ step work
7592.  Needing all the others in fellowship
7593.  God’s help to let go of biases to help
7594.  AA rooms being full of love/heavenly
7595.  Faith in power of love
7596.  Seeking out love with God’s help
7597.  Value/seek love over material things
7598.  Live each day as it comes w/ peace
7599.  Not let daily trouble disturb my calm
7600.  Achieving poise and peace of mind
7601.  Bringing blessings with me to share
7602.  Being transmitter of God’s blessings

Friday 6/26/15
7523.  Enduring strength by admit defeat
7524.  Humble admission/steps to liberation
7525.  See humility as necessity
7526.  Desiring humility for itself
7527.  Look directly at problem/analyze it
7528.  Realize problems part of all our lives
7529.  Not chasing fake/elusive feelings
7530.  Life getting better one day at a time
7531.  Sobriety as gift growing w/ time
7532.  Conviviality, companionship, joy
7533.  Colorful imagination/feel life is good
7534.  Cracking open self-protective wall
7535.  Not fearing looking in my own heart
7536.  Learning surrender meaning daily
7537.  Not fighting feelings anymore/step 3
7538.  Fear lessened as faith strengthened
7539.  Surrender as beginning of new life
7540.  Finding new better ways of life
7541.  No longer relying on life by self-will
7542.  Easier to trust God than myself
7543.  The more I surrender, easier it gets
7544.  Responsible/conscientious action
7545.  Leaving results up to God
7547.  Surrender/act on faith/living principles
7548.  Life simpler than I thought w/ spirit.
7549.  Learn to listen also by reading
7550.  Utilizing many resources
7551.  Asking God to help me be my best
7552.  Peace, harmony, happiness w/ life
7553.  Harmony by singing God’s songbook
7554.  Choices in line w/ who I want to be
7555.  Honesty about my weaknesses
7556.  See change of thinking as solution
7557.  Action against handicap by accept it
7558.  Not do things before self/life is ready
7559.  Waiting for proper time/not impulsive
7560.  Balance, timing by spiritual principles
7561.  Not rush into life alone/seek guidance
7562.  Delay action to do right/not act alone

Thursday 6/25/15
7490.  Sticking to my purpose
7491.  AA sticking to single purpose
7492.  Resisting proud assumptions
7493.  Avoiding negative behaviors/actions
7495.  Implementing principles in daily life
7496.  Life meaning from good conduct
7497.  Attitude/act to be constructive/peace
7498.  God and me both forgiving myself
7499.  Realize life itself is journey w/o end
7500.  Willing to accept change/responsible
7501.  Cooperating w/ God to change flaws
7502.  Work on problems from inside not out
7503.  Doing footwork for a bright future
7504.  Living better than I thought possible
7505.  Process of coming to believe
7506.  Willing to see miracles in simple ways
7507.  Feeling more than lucky
7508.  Examples of God working in my life
7509.  Trust in God to keep moving forward
7510.  Know God will never let me down
7511.  Not delay commitment or recovery
7512.  Relating to God not just analyzing
7513.  Let go of analyzing and do step work
7514.  Not hide behind others’ mistakes
7515.  Taking responsibility for my actions
7516.  Facing my defects to know self better
7517.  Make my weakness my greatest asset
7518.  Face, examine, trace origin of flaws
7519.  Awe in face of God when I worship
7520.  Worshipping in wondering amazement
7521.  Ability to experience God in my life
7522.  Pray for God to express Self in my life

Wednesday 6/24/15
7459.  Wise, loving advisors
7460.  Help ferreting out my defects
7461.  Acquiring truthful principles
7462.  People to go to w/ my problems
7463.  Wisdom and integrity by asking
7464.  Practice joyful effort successfully
7465.  Focus on events, actions, goals
7466.  Using positive judgment
7467.  Having found God works in my life
7468.  Relearning life sober
7469.  Liking what’s also good for me
7470.  Pain put me in touch w/ what I need
7471.  Pain tells me what to change
7472.  Examining old ways of thinking
7473.  Accepting defects of others too
7474.  Tolerance of others strengthen myself
7475.  Tolerance for better relationships
7476.  Recall my defects if see another’s
7477.  Focus on love and acceptance
7478.  Being forced into honesty/self-honest
7479.  Grateful for other’s help w/ honesty
7480.  Looking for beauty if see defects
7481.  Beauty of helping others
7482.  Turn to program when in need
7483.  Letting myself feel beautiful
7484.  Effort to control unstable emotions
7485.  Not let piques interfere w/ good acts
7485.  Move quietly/duty if waiting for God
7486.  Attitude of quiet faith as rewarding
7487.  Act on duties/not change w/ piques
7488.  Quiet faith strong as direct guidance
7489.  Not let pique stop me living God’s will

Tuesday 6/23/15
7426.  Camaraderie, joyousness, democracy
7427.  Joy of escape from disaster of old life
7428.  Feeling of sharing common peril
7429.  Letting myself be convinced
7430.  Knowing I’m not alone anymore
7431.  Joyful effort, able to bear hardships
7432.  Generosity, act of giving, being ethical
7433.  Not being a victim of others…
7434.  Only victim of own expectation/choice
7435.  Gain confidence by practice honesty
7436.  Search my motives/be honest/trusting
7437.  Willing to surrender from hard past
7438.  Recalling benefits of first surrender
7439.  Find new situations to surrender in
7440.  Hope instead of pain by surrendering
7441.  Step 3 relief, freedom, fresh hope
7442.  Patience for slow daily growth
7443.  Each day an opportunity to be w/ God
7444.  Use words to bring peace to others
7445.  Treating my words as gift from God
7446.  Using words to built relationships
7447.  Remember power of words/use kindly
7448.  Add love/kindness to world w/ words
7449.  God’s strength where I’m weak
7450.  Well by faith/constant God contact
7451.  Count on God, help master emotions
7452.  God’s help to think well of others
7453.  Constantly recharging w/ God’s care
7454.  God will revive my fainting spirit
7455.  Taking time to rest/commune w/ God
7456.  Patient to rest/renew energy to go on
7457.  Able to meet any challenge after rest
7458.  Remember to rest/feel for God’s love

Monday 6/22/15
7390.  See role of my defects in problems
7391.  Ruthless cross-examination of self
7392.  Security by steps/free from defects
7393.  Feeling lucky to be human
7394.  Eloquence to relate to others
7395.  Using my assets for benefit of all
7396.  Admit powerless over many things
7397.  Recognize God, not me, has power
7398.  Practice acceptance in many aspects
7399.  Not fighting myself or anyone else
7400.  Peace of mind by give life to God
7401.  Feel blessed just to be here
7402.  Blessing of eating disorder abstinence
7403.  Each day a gift b/c of recovery
7404.  Not complain or wish things different
7405.  Exposing my destructive habits
7406.  Feeling I owe something to life
7407.  Self-acceptance as supreme blessing
7408.  Accepting reality
7409.  Not need drugs to change perception
7410.  Not need buffer from life anymore
7411.  Let go expectations/accept as is
7412.  No need to distort truth/run from life
7413.  Self-acceptance from 12 steps
7414.  No more walls around myself
7415.  Do what I need to not be alone again
7416.  Knowing I’m never alone/God/people
7417.  Cross to honesty by admit powerless
7418.  Honesty making recovery work
7419.  Honesty for self-respect and healing
7420.  Problem solved by give it to God
7421.  Giving myself to care of God
7422.  Not allow self get upset/serenity work
7423.  Faith that issues cared for as come up
7424.  Faith/God not doubt in my own future
7425.  Face future w/ courage by God’s help

Sunday 6/21/15
7360.  Lay aside all prejudice for benefits
7361.  Rational idea of life from faith
7362.  Stability, happy, useful from faith
7363.  Detaching self from possessions
7364.  Contentment by not desiring
7365.  Apply intelligence for enjoyment
7366.  Satisfaction by daily life behavior
7367.  Good attitude and good motivation
7368.  Life-long work toward free from fear
7369.  Faith as remedy to fear
7370.  Feel self-worth toward God
7371.  Choose to give fears to God
7372.  Being same w/ others as with myself
7373.  Encouragement to be myself
7374.  Finding I have little to lie about
7375.  Courage, practice, support, God
7376.  Meditating for self-honesty
7377.  Becoming less sensitive/emotional
7378.  Humor, acceptance, love daily
7379.  Remember God can handle anything
7380.  Realize I’ll never know what’s in store
7381.  Never being done knowing the steps
7382.  Discovering new treasures in steps
7383.  Faith in God to stabilize emotions
7384.  Faith for balanced life perspective
7385.  Realize problems soon disappear
7386.  Serene mind through turmoil
7387.  Spiritual is real, material is temporary
7388.  Serenity by faith but not reason
7389.  Look up, around, away from myself

Saturday 6/20/15
7328.  Respecting anonymity promise
7329.  See importance/humble of anonymity
7330.  Contentment to attain happiness
7331.  Health, wealth, companions for happy
7332.  Contentment w/ what I do have
7333.  Trying for freedom from fear
7334.  Courage/grace to deal w/ fears
7335.  No longer make decisions out of fear
7336.  God’s help for courage to take action
7337.  Becoming who I wish to be w/ help
7338.  Steps and people in my life to help
7339.  Let go guilt to deal w/ problems
7340.  Not issuing blame/guilt
7341.  Not get immobilized over mistakes
7342.  Taking responsibility and moving on
7343.  Accept mistake as humanness proof
7344.  Prayer/meditation to reach God
7345.  Quiet time to get in tune w/ God
7346.  More empathy by meditating
7347.  Quietly powerful peace by meditation
7348.  Time and practice for meditation
7349.  Listening even if I don’t hear yet
7350.  Looking for beauty, learn to see it
7351.  Use new vision/attitude to see beauty
7352.  Order in my life, can depend on self
7353.  Following natural order/steps
7354.  Flowing w/in God’s order
7355.  Ready/willing to carry message
7356.  Vision for direction/purpose each day
7357.  See God w/ faith to bring Him here
7358.  Miracles by belief in God
7359.  Whole life/me change by belief in God

Friday 6/19/15
7291.  Undreamed of rewards by try to help
7292.  Giving without expect return
7293.  Paradox of being rewarded by giving
7294.  God’s gift of a beginning
7295.  Sense of being on edge of mysteries
7296.  Spiritual desires trump material ones
7297.  Aspiring to be of benefit to others
7298.  Aspire enlightenment to help others
7299.  Contentment as antidote to desire
7300.  Middle way, avoid extremes
7301.  Paradox of strength out of defeat
7302.  Lose old life as condition for new life
7303.  Feeling of it being ok to admit defeat
7304.  Presence of great love in AA rooms
7305.  Feeling free me when thought trapped
7306.  Doing all steps, not pick and choose
7307.  Longing to change stronger than fear
7308.  Interesting search, rewarding lifestyle
7309.  Program to show me what to do
7310.  Happy/free by lose self-obsession
7311.  Healing from healthy laughter
7312.  Relief of self-obsession by humor
7313.  Not overwhelmed easily if keep humor
7314.  Brighter perspective when see humor
7315.  Looking for humor in adversity
7316.  Laughing at my imperfections
7317.  See footwork for spiritual assets/grow
7318.  Grow stronger by handle difficulties
7319.  Get along w/ people by keep it simple
7320.  Get along w/ people by tell the truth
7321.  Not let excuses stand in my way
7322.  God’s help to keep me honest
7323.  Choice of sobriety or misery each day
7324.  Feel good by choose happy useful life
7325.  Look forward to work b/c see rewards
7326.  Diligently seeking the good/obey God
7327.  Make spirituality my real life’s work

Thursday 6/18/15
7257.  Not taking AA unity for granted
7258.  Huge benefit of fellowship gatherings
7259.  Larger vision beyond my own group
7260.  Vision-stretching processes
7261.  Distinguish b/t no confidence/humble
7262.  Volunteering for common interest
7263.  Know freedom by relieving baggage
7264.  Following “recommendations”
7265.  Serving by desire not decree
7266.  Benefit from growth of others
7267.  Bring what I learn back to group
7268.  Common welfare grow by my freedom
7269.  AA as benign anarchy/idealism action
7270.  No habit being immune to 12 steps
7271.  Potential of habits to be removed
7272.  Nameless amends for bad memory
7273.  Restitution to community/give back
7274.  Giving to world around not taking
7275.  Try to make community better place
7276.  Carry recovery message in daily life
7277.  Making my will one w/ God/adapt self
7278.  Know difference b/t my will/God’s will
7279.  Having a choice in who’s will I follow
7280.  Let go of self-will/choose God’s help
7281.  Realize my past life was not a waste
7282.  Learn new way of life b/c past addict
7283.  Getting to know self, God, others
7284.  Taking note of what I’ve learned
7285.  Recovery as worthwhile adventure
7286.  Recovery worth the tough battle
7287.  God set my thoughts right/quiet time
7288.  Impart to others what God teach me
7289.  Share victories, spread peace of mind
7290.  Help others find security/strength I did

Wednesday 6/17/15
7213.  Close scrutiny to we own true motives
7214.  Admit to bad motives/no justifying
7215.  Constructive self-criticism
7216.  Inventory to avoid denial/rationalizing
7217.  Examining my mental world
7218.  See good and bad of a mental state
7219.  Strong self-sense to avoid negativity
7220.  Distinguish b/t types of ego
7221.  Ego for serving/take responsibility
7222.  Find Great Reality deep within
7223.  Consciousness of belief
7224.  Attitude for spiritual success
7225.  Diligent searching within self
7226.  Increasing attentiveness in listening
7227.  Patience, belief/steadfast love come
7228.  Meeting God by follow spirit. program
7229.  Dealing w/ emotions I used to avoid
7230.  Ability to face problems w/ God’s help
7231.  Steps 4-9, and 10 to heal anger
7232.  No longer blocking off self-awareness
7233.  Reaching out to become free
7234.  Love/acceptance of AA’s to reach out
7235.  Increasing intimacy abilities/desires
7236.  Reach out in more meaningful ways
7237.  Risk getting hurt by build relationships
7238.  Risk revealing self to others/no walls
7239.  Freedom from taking healthy risks
7240.  See my own great capacity for love
7241.  Power of heart when tear down walls
7242.  Getting stronger each day abstinent
7243.  Get familiar w/ resistances/strengths
7244.  Recovery growing steadier/stronger
7245.  Excitement for sober life
7246.  Feel blessed by gift of recovery
7247.  Taking note of the day’s gifts/grateful
7248.  Life of sobriety, peace, usefulness
7249.  Privilege of having lived two lives
7250.  Lifelong effort to pay priceless debt
7251.  Think about God to drive away evil
7252.  Thinking of God as often as possible
7253.  Use God thought prayerful/purposely
7254.  Spiritual things making life worthwhile
7255.  Rest/peace from think of God’s care
7256.  God’s unconditional love

Tuesday 6/16/15
7166.  Look out/council for self-deception
7167.  Praying rightly “thy will not mine”
7168.  Not going to extremes
7169.  Honest appraisal to see superficiality
7170.  Start to understand love of man/God
7171.  Use intelligence for long-term good
7172.  Awareness from education
7173.  Mind to judge/use potential for good
7174.  God’s terms always doable
7175.  Realm of spirit inclusive of all people
7176.  Earnestly seeking God’s will
7177.  Open-mindedness to matters of spirit
7178.  Spirituality of sharing myself
7179.  Closer to God by joining fellow man
7180.  Not putting off duties anymore
7181.  Action in present for improvement
7182.  See what I can do, act accordingly
7183.  Turning over to God what I can’t do
7184.  Courage to risk failure and act/grow
7185.  Failure better than success to grow
7186.  God’s peace to not fear failure
7187.  Peace of mind by perform duties/act
7188.  Knowing what I can change by growth
7189.  Adapting to world not try to change it
7190.  Not blame world for my problems
7191.  Changing my own attitude/actions
7192.  Pray for wisdom of what I can change
7193.  Pray for willingness to change myself
7194.  Accepting my life gratefully to love it
7195.  Strength to be myself from spirit. work
7196.  Not need mask/accepting myself
7197.  Accept others and self more as I go
7198.  Practice at treating myself well
7199.  Prayer/help others to rid resentments
7200.  Praying for those who wronged us
7201.  Keeping my heart free of hate
7202.  Find healthy uses for my energy
7203.  Serenity grows as anger loses power
7204.  Not let self be influenced by negativity
7205.  Service to accompany faith
7206.  Giving recovery away to keep it
7207.  Serving others as purpose in life
7208.  Confidence in good/purpose universe
7209.  Seek God b/f struggles weigh down
7210.  Habit of seek God before I need Him
7211.  Difficulties don’t arise when w/ God
7212.  Not let bustle crowd out God/balance

Monday 6/15/15
7126.  Following my nature to grow
7127.  Following God’s intention to grow
7128.  Search for reality of love in God/life
7129.  Chipping away my irrationality
7130.  Love and rationality for growth
7131.  Listen to body to determine wellbeing
7132.  Use intelligence/judgement for happy
7133.  Patience and humility for God
7134.  Developing little by little
7135.  Seeing God in other people
7136.  Reaching past abstinence/sobriety
7137.  More sanity, balance, freedom as I go
7138.  Growth as unending process
7139.  Not get discouraged if fail goal
7140.  See reach for goal as its own victory
7141.  More pain by stay same than change
7142.  Let go familiar misery for the unknown
7143.  Not let fear keep me from growing
7144.  Leave situation that doesn’t work
7145.  See pain comes from resisting change
7146.  New joys/loves to replace old misery
7147.  Concentrate on our common purpose
7148.  God not wanting me to be alone
7149.  See we’re more alike than different
7150.  Love available to us in our fellows
7151.  Same purpose outweighs differences
7152.  Ability/feeling of laughing again
7153.  Recovering my sense of humor
7154.  Easing up by see funny side of things
7155.  Laughter helping us heal
7156.  Fellowship, faith, service
7157.  Faith for when fellowship is lacking
7158.  Mean it when say “thy will not mine…”
7159.  Wonder in feeling of being led by God
7160.  Try to realize God’s good more daily
7161.  God’s ways as wonderful beyond me
7162.  Peace/joy by following God
7163.  God planning/blessing my life
7164.  Not let interfere w/ God’s guidance
7165.  Develop feeling of being led by God

Sunday 6/14/15
7084.  Do what I know to be good for me
7085.  Praying because it’s good for me
7086.  Gifts from persisting in prayer
7087.  Ability to face hard circumstances
7088.  Accepting myself and world around
7089.  Accepting God who is All
7090.  God loving all
7091.  Deeply/humbly meaning my prayers
7092.  Security w/ God come what may
7093.  Freedom from worldly clamors
7094.  Genuine affectionate smiles
7095.  See much depends on my behavior
7096.  Give a smile to get a smile
7097.  Design for life works in hard times
7098.  AA works for real life problems
7099.  Support/comfort/strength from AA
7100.  Never stopping helping others
7101.  Not overwhelmed but accepting life
7102.  AA as a mainstay in my life
7103.  Not pretending to know what I don’t
7104.  Knowing I have no answers just faith
7105.  Solutions come from God as needed
7106.  Know what I need just for today
7107.  Life depend on turning it over to God
7108.  Deal w/ pain by spiritual maintenance
7109.  Time/effort/open mind/faith for God
7110.  Assuring self God is helping through
7111.  Surviving any setback
7112.  Hard work to build faith, trusting God
7113.  Meetings help w/ life problems
7114.  Faith in fellowship/respect for meeting
7115.  Time passing at just the right pace
7116.  Time to learn as I go and keep interest
7117.  Patience to let time go at own pace
7118.  Not rushing to future
7119.  Make today good by do God’s will
7120.  Finding ways to be more healthy
7121.  Alter self not so much circumstances
7122.  Conditions changing from self change
7123.  Becoming what God wants from me
7124.  Following my conscience
7125.  Facing problems w/ God’s grace

Saturday 6/13/15
7054.  Understand hurt I’ve done
7055.  Willingness to repair relationships
7056.  Acceptance of what I can’t repair
7057.  Behaving like a relationship partner
7058.  Balancing brain and compassion
7059.  Attending to affection
7060.  See importance of amends
7061.  Amends as lifelong endeavor
7062.  Give hope by example of my sobriety
7063.  Quiet support, silent understanding
7064.  Open mind to listen w/o advising
7065.  Hugs/listening when words fail
7066.  Learning when to give silent support
7067.  Learn when to talk to cheer/comfort
7068.  See miracle of my full life/gratitude
7069.  Certain problems as privileges
7070.  Feel committed, in tune, successful
7071.  Put all I have into life/not fear failure
7072.  Always putting in my best effort
7073.  Giving my worrying to God/let it go
7074.  Trust in God/everything will be ok
7075.  Learning to live by the AA slogans
7076.  Reeducating my mind/think differently
7077.  Take long view over short view
7078.  Quiet communion for God’s guidance
7079.  Honestly try to live as God wants
7080.  Attitude of Thy will not mine be done
7081.  Better things by act on God guidance
7082.  My impulses as leading by God spirit
7083.  Try to think God’s thoughts after Him

Friday 6/12/15
7012.  Learning instead of blaming myself
7013.  Experience strengthening conviction
7014.  Humility from pain to heal pain
7015.  Fear pain less, desire humility more
7016.  New life from past pain
7017.  Belief in path to end suffering
7018.  Universal principle of causality
7019.  Realize potential and need to utilize it
7020.  Seeing all actions as significant
7021.  Ability to form true partnership
7022.  Being a trusted friend/companion
7023.  Walking the way I talk
7024.  Looking at others’ actions not words
7025.  Emotional/interpersonal sobriety
7026.  Inspiration/hope from others’ success
7027.  Paying my gifts forward/live in hope
7028.  Believe in others to believe in self
7029.  Remembering principle b/f personality
7030.  Openly admitting my struggles
7031.  Know others have got through it too
7032.  Be a hope beacon on recovery path
7033.  Loving attitude of my fellows
7034.  Growth that’s worth the pain
7035.  Slowly become generous/honorable
7036.  See self as others do/let go defects
7037.  Working in my self-centeredness
7038.  Rely on faith for happiness
7039.  Faith to leave control to God
7040.  Trust in God’s help as trouble arises
7041.  Faith in what works, not just God
7042.  Faith in groups, steps, improvement
7043.  God’s strength to do hard things
7044.  Faith to know I’m not alone
7045.  Feeling surrounded by God’s love
7046.  Notice when need control to let it go
7047.  Know I can do it b/c others have too
7048.  Realize I’m not as unique as I thought
7049.  Relating to others
7050.  Build life on obedience to God
7051.  Steadfast in storms by do God’s will
7052.  Acts of obedience to heavenly vision
7053.  Daily doings of God’s will/follow God

Thursday 6/11/15
6978.  Giving time and money in service
6979.  Realizing my potential
6980.  Self-confidence in my abilities
6981.  Ability to build a better world
6982.  Awareness of my potential
6983.  Transforming the self
6984.  Increase good/reduce bad qualities
6985.  Carry spirituality Into family life
6986.  Amends by patience/tolerance
6987.  Refraining from “fixing” others
6988.  Showing/living my spiritual progress
6989.  Instincts show reality where logic fails
6990.  Clarity from indecision by instinct
6991.  Spiritual program for my instincts
6992.  Trusting solutions to God
6993.  Recognize limits of reason/logic
6994.  Feeling clean about myself/my life
6995.  Feeling clean by living clean
6996.  Freshness of own my wrongs/amends
6997.  Vitality from values/seeking God’s will
6998.  See that suffering is state of mind
6999.  Not judging another’s pain/just help
7000.  Addict shame turn to recovery pride
7001.  Going from my own enemy to friend
7002.  Bravely facing my fears,
7003.  Not running even if I’m scared
7004.  God’s help to be brave
7005.  Ability to hold my head high/proud
7006.  Stop trying to run my own life/let God
7007.  God’s peace past understanding
7008.  Peace undisturbed by worldly trouble
7009.  Values of God’s kingdom
7010.  Praying to be at peace
7011.  Thanking God for sharing His peace

Wednesday 6/10/15
6941.  Let go of excuses, refusals, rebellion
6942.  Another’s help w/ self-appraisal
6943.  Direct counsel of someone else
6944.  Clarity to see past rationalization
6945.  Facing bad behavior w/o excuses
6946.  Human potential to create happiness
6947.  Realizing natural creative ability
6948.  Give God chance to slow me/patience
6949.  Look at events from God’s viewpoint
6950.  Relax by levitating angle of vision
6951.  Resources to use to cultivate patience
6952.  Asking God to slow me down/breathe
6953.  Handle life better by not rushing
6954.  Patience as remedy for trouble
6955.  New peace by clearing selfish motives
6956.  Notice when I act for wrong reasons
6957.  Notice change in motives by program
6958.  Desire to share rewards of my life
6959.  Work steps to grow spiritually
6960.  Wholesome spirit, peace of mind
6961.  Generosity w/ love and recovery
6962.  Making a difference/helping as legacy
6963.  Wanting to act for right reasons
6964.  God’s acceptance despite mistakes
6965.  Choose prayer/ask help always option
6966.  God always helps if I ask
6967.  Become less foolish/no self-sabotage
6968.  God help me stay out of my own way
6969.  Working for change not just wish it
6970.  Steps, meetings, service
6971.  Courage, hard work, God’s help
6972.  Instinct to turn to decency/morality
6973.  Calling upon faith in my heart
6974.  Thanks, praise, prayer, communion
6975.  Small good deeds done faithfully
6976.  Investing in God daily
6977.  Ability to call on investments if in need

Tuesday 6/9/15
6905.  See demands as root of disturbance
6906.  Surrender demand continually to God
6907.  Emotional sobriety
6908.  See unhealthiness of demands
6909.  Humans equal in potential
6910.  Using my mind in right direction
6911.  24 hr living to handle many problems
6912.  Protecting, nourishing my program
6913.  Put acceptance over expectations
6914.  Surrender defects “just for today”
6915.  Getting out of own way
6916.  Stop thinking about my performance
6917.  Let go of self-consciousness to God
6918.  Action w/o thinking of myself
6919.  God taking me off my hands
6920.  New possibilities for old dreams
6921.  Freedom/ability to pursue ambitions
6922.  Making use of opportunities
6923.  Success w/in reach through recovery
6924.  Doing footwork to realize dreams
6925.  Miracles by doing daily task
6926.  Practice patience/faith/love all day
6927.  Keep spirit. practice through turmoil
6928.  Do daily activities in God’s spirit
6929.  Look for good in others not blame
6930.  Slow to watch/listen dispassionately
6931.  God’s help to praise people around
6932.  Taking stock of others’ good qualities
6933.  Looking past others’ bad qualities
6934.  Gladness about change in my lifestyle
6935.  Belief (in God/good) no matter what
6936.  Trying to merge my mind w/ God’s
6937.  Oneness of purpose when w/ God
6938.  Harmony w/ others when w/ God
6939.  Conform my will/direction to God’s
6940.  Get in stream of goodness in universe

Monday 6/8/15
6869.  See how material can aid spiritual
6870.  Sharing material in helpfulness
6871.  Look at motive to determine defect
6872.  See proper use of instincts
6873.  Right channeling of instincts
6874.  Internal and external ways to happy
6875.  Mental and material development
6876.  Affection, sense of involvement
6877.  Honesty, discipline
6878.  Intelligence guided by good motives
6879.  Good qualities from birth to hone
6880.  Self-searching for vision/action/grace
6881.  Humility to receive God’s help
6882.  Discarding what doesn’t work
6883.  Daily reprieve by spiritual fitness
6884.  Seeking progress not perfection
6885.  See defects hinder my use to others
6886.  Affirm belief that God changed me
6887.  Emptying  myself for God to fill
6888.  Awareness/light/love, hope facing day
6889.  Let go of control for belief instead
6890.  Open mind to do as I’m told
6891.  Life as God’s limitless frontier
6892.  Open mind for God’s will as priority 1
6893.  All I need is be willing, God does rest
6894.  Try recovery ways of successful ones
6895.  Practicing to the best of my ability
6896.  Not giving up on others w/ trouble
6897.  Stopping to think and listen/be quiet
6898.  Relief of no need for control
6899.  Learning give/take of talk/listen
6900.  Listening to God not just praying
6901.  Life as opportunity to train my soul
6902.  Life being for soul not for body
6903.  Choosing what’s good for my soul
6904.  Pray to realize God’s purpose for me

Sunday 6/7/15
6838.  Compassion for those who harm me
6839.  Showing tolerance, pity, patience
6840.  Avoid retaliation/argument
6841.  Kind, tolerant view of everyone
6842.  Mental attitude to face tragedy
6843.  Mental happiness affect my body
6844.  Keep desires within reason/relative
6845.  Notice when I depart from God’s will
6846.  Long-term hope/gain perspective
6847.  Understanding becoming truth
6848.  Dreams turn real w/ hope/persevere
6849.  Full light heart in God’s presence
6850.  Look w/in not search for facts
6851.  Spirituality nurtures my uniqueness
6852.  Peaceful to just be/fill peace potential
6853.  God-given potential
6854.  Adventure of spiritual discovery
6855.  Hope everywhere in slow progress
6856.  Persistence/keep coming back
6857.  People who believe in me
6858.  Results through practice
6859.  Unconditional love/support for all
6860.  Quiet realization of God’s gifts
6861.  Practice spiritual aliveness
6862.  See forgiving as privilege/duty/healthy
6863.  Let go by forgive/make room for love
6864.  People I resent teach me/be grateful
6864.  New life, grow grace, power, beauty
6865.  Reaching after things of the spirit
6866.  Change in manner of what I reach for
6867.  Delight in wonders of abundant life
6868.  Character change by spirit. reaching

Saturday 6/6/15
6805.  Let go of false pride/self-justification
6806.  Harmony/love by give up false pride
6807.  Overcome suffering to happy life
6808.  Action for long-term interest
6809.  Judge by circumstances/see relative
6810.  Spirit. progress/removal of defects
6811.  Self peace to tolerate others
6812.  Not letting another disturb me
6813.  Tolerate others by self-acceptance
6814.  Acknowledge my feelings
6815.  Growth in understanding
6816.  See don’t need to act on feelings
6817.  Always being more to learn/recovery
6818.  Turning to steps more readily daily
6819.  Anger/resentment to forgiveness
6820.  Denial to honesty/acceptance
6821.  Serenity in place of pain
6822.  Maintain hope in recovery process
6823.  No need for self-pity/see solutions
6824.  Belief everything will work out
6825.  Changing old patterns/better habits
6826.  Deep roots in recovery
6827.  Steps, fellowship, service
6828.  Become beautiful strong spiritual
6829.  Weather storms in return to health
6830.  Seeing God’s results
6831.  Belief in the unseen
6832.  No longer try to escape/facing self
6833.  God conception varying w/ person
6834.  Knowing God supplies what I need
6835.  God fill different needs for diff. people
6836.  Turn to God before I even need Him
6837.  Bring every issue to God for help

Friday 6/5/15
6771.  Living in day apply to emotional life
6772.  Work to bring life to faith
6773.  Society initiative from individuals
6774.  Sense of individual and responsibility
6775.  Value of making an effort
6776.  Give up self-determined objectives
6777.  Strive for God’s objective for me
6778.  Abandon limited objectives
6779.  Knowing I can’t save myself/seek help
6780.  Embrace God’s will by see my faults
6781.  God’s power when I’m powerless
6782.  Relief of obsession by give up my will
6783.  Trust increasing daily
6784.  Flowing with my environment
6785.  Prayer as starting place for honesty
6786.  Feeling accepted so I open my heart
6787.  Prayer life ripples through other parts
6788.  Life enriched by real relationships
6789.  Honesty w/ myself by honest w/ God
6790.  Practice/work to be more honest
6791.  Praying for willingness when it’s hard
6792.  Look at my specific not general errors
6793.  Notice miracles in others around me
6794.  Notice life as it happens now
6795.  Feel better by staying in present
6796.  Choices/control only in the present
6797.  Defer to God in running my life
6798.  Finally learned/learning to ask for help
6799.  Identify/ask people who can help
6800.  AA power to rebuild human wreckage
6801.  Heed divine voice of my conscience
6802.  Find rest from small still voice within
6803.  God being both strong and tender
6804.  Listening/waiting patiently for God

Thursday 6/4/15
6731.  Cessation of bad habits
6732.  God lifting obsession through steps
6733.  Admit defeat for total willingness
6734.  Freedom under God, new dimension
6735.  Wisdom to judge action consequence
6736.  Wisdom to employ compassion
6737.  Identifying problems/belief in solution
6738.  Act on decision to seek solution
6739.  Willingness for God to remove defects
6740.  Willingness to ask for help
6741.  Solid foundation to build on/steps
6742.  God’s help not to cling to old self
6743.  Give self credit/let go of perfection
6744.  Same treatment for similar people
6745.  Apply belief of fairness to self too
6746.  Not demand perfection/tolerance
6747.  Concern for others replace self-focus
6748.  Negative sense of self replaced
6749.  Positive concern for other as solution
6750.  Active loving concern for others
6751.  Build self-esteem by build others up
6752.  Building instead of destroying
6753.  Having choice in my behavior
6754.  Not try to impress others/not glorify
6755.  Learn to face/solve problems
6756.  Problems scare me less and less
6757.  Know self/God better by face problem
6758.  Know God’s with me at every step
6759.  Pray for courage/wisdom to ask help
6760.  Feeling good upon awakening
6761.  Full use of my intelligence
6762.  Joy in work
6763.  Love/trust of family
6764.  Lack of remorse
6765.  Confidence of my friends
6766.  Prospect of a happy future
6767.  Appreciation of nature’s beauty
6768.  Express spiritual in daily life
6769.  Molding life to something useful/good
6770.  Not be discouraged by slow progress

Wednesday 6/3/15
6691.  Keeping desires/demands in check
6692.  Letting go of instincts/avoid collision
6693.  Take what’s offered not what I want
6694.  Not imposing demands on others
6695.  Thoughts about Buddha Nature
6696.  Thoughts about human potential
6697.  Stories of getting past hardships
6698.  Determination, confidence, potential
6699.  Doing what helps instead of brooding
6700.  Willingness being indispensable
6701.  Inspiring examples of others letting go
6702.  Let go to power greater than me/God
6703.  See how my will spoils my endeavors
6704.  Search out/be ready for God’s current
6705.  Prayer/meditation to see God’s will
6706.  Spiritual principles on God’s path
6707.  God’s path works under all conditions
6708.  Continual spirit. work past abstinence
6709.  Direction in steps 3 and 11 when lost
6710.  Amends by change behavior/attitude
6711.  Follow direct w/ indirect amends
6712.  Examine patterns of behavior/attitude
6713.  Effort to repair my past damage
6714.  Change to avoid doing future damage
6715.  God love/accept me no matter what
6716.  God’s gift to accept myself more daily
6717.  Build on strong/valuable parts of me
6718.  Self-acceptance by see in new way
6719.  Slowing down life pace in recovery
6720.  Youthful spirit, excitement for life
6721.  See world as place to explore/no fear
6722.  Seeing smiles joy and hope in others
6723.  Regaining youthful spirit in recovery
6724.  Try to be as excited to live as children
6725.  No longer trying to cover up feelings
6726.  Transformative power of love
6727.  Trying to love everybody, no reserve
6728.  Seeing blessings from God/gratitude
6729.  Habit of saying “thank you” to God
6730.  Never stop giving God thanks/love

Tuesday 6/2/15
6668.  Receive from God what’s most useful
6669.  Confidence in my pat/right track
6670.  Fruits of spiritual progress
6671.  Less dramatic but steadier moods
6672.  Comfort with my moods/myself
6673.  Well-trodden path of the 12 steps
6674.  Tools/God give comfort when alone
6675.  Readiness to hear and assimilate
6676.  Know joy of abstinence by experience
6677.  Surpassing sense of well-being/abst.
6678.  Experience propel me forward
6679.  Taking risk of changing self/defects
6680.  Identify/remove source of pain
6681.  Seeing fear of change is groundless
6682.  Gentle change, one step at a time
6683.  Freedom by applying steps to my life
6684.  Understanding/see we’re all human
6685.  Overlooking others’ shortcomings
6686.  Give up defects “just for today”
6687.  Look forward to day ahead/no dread
6688.  Less selfish by belief/love in God
6689.  Develop faint likeness to Divine w/in
6690.  Notice God’s grace at work in others

Monday 6/1/15
6634.  Spiritual fitness to live normally
6635.  Meeting life’s conditions
6636.  Recognize/respect other’s well-being
6637.  Purification from attachment
6638.  New attitude/outlook
6639.  Self-seeking start to slip away
6640.  Steps, meetings, carrying message
6641.  Healthy attitude and actions
6642.  Complete willingness in recovery
6643.  Free from arrogance/false modesty
6644.  Freedom by ask God for help
6645.  Consciousness of own thoughts
6646.  Asking God to remove bad thoughts
6647.  Freeing mind of all but God’s love
6648.  Work for honest balanced self-view
6649.  Bring body so mind will follow
6650.  Learn by repetition/persistence
6651.  Drop my guard to really listen
6652.  Noticing my mind opening up
6653.  Heart and mind coming together
6654.  Using virtues w/o corrupting them
6655.  Self appraisal to not be self-righteous
6656.  Humble constructive virtue practice
6657.  Being ready to let go defects/improve
6658.  Ask God’s help to allow for peace
6659.  Asking self what my defects do for me
6660.  Gratitude for today by look at my past
6661.  All of us born w/ spark of divine within
6662.  Tending celestial fire within
6663.  Real desire to live right/do God’s will
6664.  Growth by try to do God’s will for me
6665.  Grow like God by spend time w/ Him
6666.  Divine companionship to the spiritual
6667.  Gradual transform to the new life

Sunday 5/31/15
6597.  Combating justification/no excuses
6598.  Not being victim of my emotions
6599.  Not issuing blame to others
6600.  Strong mind force as love catalyst
6601.  Show others the way/being example
6602.  Self-honesty for freedom
6603.  Help from sponsor to see truth
6604.  Living as testimony to God’s grace
6605.  Sharing gifts of wellness
6606.  Spirit of readiness to serve
6607.  Serenity prayer meaning from honesty
6608.  Identifying what I can change
6609.  Blessings by willing to be self-honest
6610.  Ask for courage to dig out defects
6611.  Manageability by live in moment
6612.  Break down problems/handle parts
6613.  No need to fix everything at once
6614.  Take problems one at a time
6615.  Letting go to follow God’s will
6616.  God’s will for me better than mine
6617.  Become more giving and willing daily
6618.  Laughing/adding joy to world
6619.  Balancing hard work and fun
6620.  Dropping everything to help someone
6621.  Doing what used to scare me
6622.  Making time to do what I’ve put off
6623.  Pushing self to stay fresh to world
6624.  God’s grace to see humor in life
6625.  Trying new things for fun
6626.  Volunteer to help before I’m asked
6627.  Give interest, enthusiasm, devotion
6628.  Giving myself to help others
6629.  Linking my soul/mind to God/prayer
6630.  Confidence in goodness/purpose
6631.  Strength to overcome by prayer
6632.  All spiritual help I need from God
6633.  Linking self to God’s will

Saturday 5/30/15
6556.  No fear in discussing my issues
6557.  Seeing value of public anonymity
6558.  Connection b/t humility/anonymity
6559.  Altruism as principle of my path
6560.  Work for greater insight into reality
6561.  More compassion by more insight
6563.  See possibility of path out of suffering
6564.  Compassion by possibility belief
6565.  Spontaneous compassion
6566.  Motivated by interest in helping others
6567.  Carry message of hope as a purpose
6568.  Humble gratitude to God
6569.  Willing to follow path of sanity/love
6570.  Deliberation/sense of purpose
6571.  Effort to not rush/take in moment
6573.  Enjoying people/nature around me
6574.  Long-term pleasure of abstinence
6575.  Being glad to be alive/use life well
6576.  Sharing to keep isolation away
6577.  Not feeling lonely/empty anymore
6578.  Making new friends gratefully/no fear
6579.  God filling emptiness/loneliness
6580.  Comfort being alone b/c of God
6581.  Fulfillment in interactions w/ others
6582.  Not needy w/ people/God always with
6583.  Connection to God (greater than me)
6584.  Knowing I’m never alone/HP comfort
6585.  Silence/attention to listen (at mtg.s)
6586.  Stepping out of own thoughts
6587.  Focus w/ open ears/closed mouth
6588.  Life away from danger/1 day at a time
6589.  God teaching me to live in present
6590.  Having the moment, no more or less
6592.  Making proper use of my moments
6593.  Carry my loads w/ joy not grudgingly
6594.  Praise in action/be humble/grateful
6595.  Feeling fundamentally that all is well
6596.  Humility from undeserved blessings

Friday 5/29/15
6520.  Sensible/tactful/considerate/humble
6521.  Make amends w/o burden others
6522.  Ability to stand on my own feet
6523.  Mindful not to be swayed by fear
6524.  Apply reason to keep optimism
6525.  Analytical meditation
6526.  Not give in to negative feeling/thought
6527.  Individual freedom by tolerance
6528.  Acceptance by others’ tolerance
6529.  Acceptance/love as God’s will for us
6530.  Strength of gentle support to grow
6531.  Growth beyond present capability
6532.  See self-truth in accepting/loving way
6533.  Kind/respect as do responsibilities
6534.  See no need to be hard/unjust
6535.  Strength in gentleness/consideration
6536.  Belief God will take care of me
6537.  Greatest faith from hardest times
6538.  God’s care provide comfort I seek
6539.  Moving on from difficulty w/ hope
6540.  Know need not despair b/c of God
6541.  God alway here to rely on
6542.  Learning life/recovery from fellowship
6543.  Contributing to fellowship
6544.  Choose friends wisely
6545.  Trust/love by not judging
6546.  Feeling not just thinking/judging
6547.  Loving a person whole/not pick apart
6548.  God’s help to love better
6549.  Mindful to catch self when judge
6550.  Help others do as I’ve done/steps
6552.  See my alcoholism as good fortune
6553.  Try to do one helpful thing each day
6554.  Using my gratitude to propel helping
6555.  Pray be use by God to lighten burden

Thursday 5/28/15
6483.  Open mind/tolerance of differences
6484.  Patience with speed of others’ growth
6485.  Patience w/ speed of my own growth
6486.  Not need be affected by opinion
6487.  Tolerance/not act in contrary manner
6488.  Tolerance as strong countermeasure
6489.  Tolerance despite ability to react
6490.  Being inclusive/show equal rights
6491.  Unconditional acceptance in group
6492.  Extend acceptance to newcomers
6493.  Freedom to be different and accepted
6494.  Faith, patience, love, acceptance
6495.  Contributing my positive attitude
6496.  Seeing I have no right to judge others
6497.  Faith/love replace fear/intolerance
6498.  Focus on doing footwork not outcome
6499.  Ask God for courage to see defects
6500.  Willingness to let go of my defects
6501.  Changing self to meet any future
6502.  Peace w/ whatever future brings
6503.  Humility to be myself as I am
6504.  Relearning who I am/how to act
6505.  Healing power/instruction of steps
6506.  Feel it’s ok to be who I really am
6507.  Try to be who God intended me to be
6508.  Vigilance to notice new defects
6509.  Ask God’s help w/ self-honesty
6510.  Not fear faults, accept God’s love
6511.  Courage to face what can’t change
6512.  Courage to face what I can change
6513.  Building hope by take on challenges
6514.  Use my defeat to help others
6515.  Being/feeling useful
6516.  Practicing the presence of God daily
6517.  Living as is God is right beside me
6518.  Room for faith by not seeing God
6519.  Never feel alone/helpless w/ God

Wednesday 5/27/15
6540.  Outline action program for newcomer
6541.  Explain how help others helps me
6542.  Giving w/ no strings attached
6543.  Working w/o thought of outcome
6544.  Stability from effort/just try to give
6545.  Notice essence of diff. religions
6546.  See humans as basically same kind
6447.  Communicate past differences
6448.  Honest effort to God’s perfection
6449.  No more maudlin guilt
6450.  Program of dos not don’ts
6451.  Sweat over fixing defects
6452.  Praise God for progress today
6453.  No more woe to me for sins
6454.  Finding solution/being found
6455.  Changing opinion w/ new info
6456.  Willing to give up old ideas
6457.  Evaluation opinions for validity
6458.  Stop in middle of habit to ask why
6459.  Ask God’s help as best decision ever
6460.  Daring to succeed through challenges
6461.  Learning to meet challenges, not run
6462.  More likely meet challenge as go on
6463.  Tools to meet challenge always there
6464.  God making my life manageable
6465.  Action to improve God contact
6466.  God’s grace to meet new challenges
6467.  Answer come when I can handle it
6468.  Willing to wait for true answers
6469.  Accept having unanswered questions
6470.  Preparing myself for answers
6471.  See self-will as greatest danger
6472.  Home always found with God
6473.  Try to focus more on God than self
6474.  Replace self-will with love
6475.  Continuance/follow through
6476.  Offering encouragement
6477.  Progress easier with others on path
6478.  Strong roots in recovery
6479.  Deeper rooting for higher growth
6480.  Roots of recovery as faith
6481.  Success/helpfulness by faith
6482.  Secure in goodness/purpose of world

Tuesday 5/26/15
6507.  Not going it alone on spiritual matters
6508.  Consult another abt. God’s likely will
6509.  Practice/humility to check w/ others
6510.  Guidance from others not just God
6511.  Not invest all in only one hope
6512.  Many individual hopes simultaneously
6513.  Many hopes linger even if one fails
6514.  Growth depend on failure not success
6515.  Setbacks move me forward spiritually
6516.  Overcome pain/adversity in recovery
6517.  Need for/beauty of humility
6518.  Simple truths revealed by failures
6519.  Choose long-term over short- comfort
6520.  Find security/comfort within
6521.  Seeing illusion of external comforts
6522.  Admit depth of own powerlessness
6523.  Admission founding faith in God
6524.  Understanding of God in group/mtg.s
6525.  Unconditional love in groups/mtg.s
6526.  Collective experience of group
6527.  Practical knowledge of what works
6528.  Some caring force to help w/ recovery
6529.  See signs of God with open mind
6530.  Incorporating God into daily life
6531.  Find best/new ways to keep by God
6532.  Relaxing/living/not being alone
6533.  Sunlight-feeling of recovery
6534.  Sense of expansiveness of world
6535.  Gradual belief by experience results
6536.  Make self ready for God by discipline
6537.  Outward evidence of inward discipline
6538.  Manifest God’s power in daily living
6539.  Be/feel ready to meet all opportunities

Monday 5/25/15
6468.  Love as force for unity
6469.  Being compelled by love
6470.  Absorb/transmit experience lessons
6471.  Transforming fear/despair
6473.  Comfort from open-mindedness
6474.  Smiling, showing genuine feeling
6475.  Openness makes new friend like old
6476.  Free to act according to circumstance
6477.  Create positivity to allay others’ fear
6478.  Gratitude for my 2nd chance at life
6479.  Gratitude for freedom, peace, growth
6480.  Gratitude in action/carrying message
6482.  Find new ways to apply principles
6483.  Courage/faith to give control to God
6484.  Being accepted as I am/friends
6485.  Having sane path to follow/not lost
6486.  Offering my talents to others
6487.  Cultivating gentleness/understanding
6488.  Restored to usefulness by God
6489.  Volunteering service before asked
6490.  Grow by notice both bad and good
6491.  Bad feel not necessarily bad for me
6492.  Learn more from failure than success
6493.  Don’t value judge emotions
6494.  Look for lesson not assign value
6495.  Success as learning from failure
6496.  Practicing living one day at a time
6497.  Patience to live in the now
6498.  God-given insight for better tomorrow
6499.  Look for specialness in each person
6500.  Listen/learn/celebrate differences
6501.  Conviction/helping others develop it
6502.  Accomplishment unlimited in helping
6503.  God’s help in all good/helping work
6504.  Give up only what’s not God’s will
6505.  No limit to success by God’s help
6506.  Rely on God to not get discouraged

Sunday 5/24/15
6429.  See trouble of self-centeredness
6430.  Making effort to focus on others
6431.  Slow loss of self-seeking motives
6432.  Respect diff methods for diff people
6433.  Valuing other traditions too
6434.  Education for more tolerant attitude
6435.  Admire/respect practice of others
6436.  See my misery is my making
6437.  God wants us happy, joyous, free
6438.  Use trouble to show God knows all
6439.  Lay down self to pick up spirit. tools
6440.  Let go of old/what causes trouble
6441.  God-given mind and spirit
6442.  Capacity for love and compassion
6443.  Recognize anger, see root as defect
6444.  Deal constructively w/ emotions
6445.  Entirely ready for God to remove flaw
6446.  Sanity/balance always within reach
6447.  Facing self and feelings/not running
6448.  Risk vulnerability/let others get close
6449.  Taking risks w/ feelings, share self
6450.  Always a meeting w/ good company
6451.  No longer feel need to run/hide
6452.  Openly, honestly expressing feelings
6453.  Encouraged/nourished by others
6454.  Find strength, freedom in others too
6455.  Freedom to be myself with others
6456.  Growth by risk vulnerability
6457.  Accept hard truth to get better/free
6458.  Counting blessings
6459.  Realize when taking things for granted
6460.  Take time to think of all my blessings
6461.  Remember: sober solution to anything
6462.  Telling people I’m glad they’re around
6463.  Open up to get others to open up
6464.  Talk about what weighs on mind
6465.  When I try to help God will help me
6466.  Always try to be willing to help others
6467.  Only keep what I give away

Saturday 5/23/15
6382.  Humility/responsibility as standards
6383.  Spirit. develop. by adhere standards
6384.  Willing to accept/act on obligations
6385.  Right being and right doing
6386.  Find/do God’s will by standards
6387.  Education/awareness/open mind
6388.  My future depending on others
6389.  Try understand nature of existence
6390.  Impossible to be separate from others
6391.  Interconnectedness of lives
6392.  My well-being connected w/ others’
6393.  Mental/physical well by spirit. health
6394.  Get over pride/confront spirit. illness
6395.  Put humility before intelligence
6396.  Not want to seem better than I am
6397.  Recognize/admit weakness as health
6398.  Ask God to enlighten me/show will
6399.  Ask for strength to execute God’s will
6400.  Discover need lots help as improve
6401.  Talk program/live in recovery
6402.  Abstinent thinking directed speech
6403.  Take responsibility for errors/actions
6404.  Active work/learning shown by talk
6405.  See what needs work by listen to self
6406.  Not benefit at another’s expense
6407.  Leaving things unsaid to not harm
6408.  Take responsibility not ease guilt
6409.  Guidance of sponsor
6410.  Amend for free of defects not remorse
6411.  Check motives and check w/ sponsor
6412.  Listen to what I don’t want to hear
6413.  Apply hard things to my program
6414.  Time as gift, time helps heal
6415.  Knowing tough times will pass
6416.  God remind me sun will shine again
6417.  Not need to be happy all the time
6418.  Know things get better after worse
6419.  Reflect on past trouble gotten through
6420.  12th step work as confidence,
6421.  Confession, conviction,
6422.  Conversion, continuance
6423.  Sincerely wanting to help others
6424.  Action now as prep for future
6425.  Prioritizing duties
6426.  Not seek credit for God’s errands
6427.  Leaving results/outcome to God
6428.  Serenity by let go control of outcome

Friday 5/22/15
6342.  Consider motives in inventory
6343.  Wellness depend on God nothing else
6344.  Relationship w/ God help w/ anything
6345.  Using any definition of God I please
6346.  Self-sacrifice to protect others
6347.  Promoting good human qualities
6348.  Acknowledge many sides of humanity
6349.  Realize folly of self-centered thinking
6350.  Journey to God as a group effort
6351.  Power, strength, safety in numbers
6352.  Divine purpose w/ God and others
6353.  Being channel for God’s healing love
6354.  Self-honesty only through abstinence
6355.  Accept self but ask hard questions
6356.  Sober/abstinent shows in my thinking
6357.  Life changes evidencing awakening
6358.  Not try to control outcomes or worry
6359.  Not want judge/interpret others’ acts
6360.  Ability to enjoy the moment
6361.  Spontaneous smiling
6362.  Keep close to spirit. awakened people
6363.  Overwhelming episodes of gratitude
6364.  Receptive to love/desire to return it
6365.  Rejoice as notice awaken symptom
6366.  Greatest desire as spiritual awakening
6367.  Not need to know why
6368.  Learn service by tragedy
6369.  Learn oneness w/ God by tragedy
6370.  Accepting tragedy w/ God’s help
6371.  Ask/accept God’s help when I can’t
6372.  Things go ok when I “show up”
6373.  Feel good by do what I don’t want to
6374.  Seeing self in others/listen/relate
6375.  Mind/body/spirit congruence/balance
6376.  Show up/doing my part in God’s plan
6377.  Impressed by not hold back in share
6378.  Better off by sharing more
6379.  Strength to meet any situation w/ God
6380.  Appropriate not supplicate strength
6381.  Happy by try to live as child of God

Thursday 5/21/15
6304.  Sharing responsibility w/ group
6305.  Self-supporting groups
6306.  Accepting bad parts of life
6307.  Not forgetting good qualities in life
6308.  Take inventory of blessings
6309.  Gratitude for blessing I didn’t work for
6310.  Sound mind and body
6311.  Health, family, money, AA
6312.  Ask God to help me recall blessings
6313.  Gratitude all through day
6314.  Truths emerge from admitting defeat
6315.  More truth of self revealed everyday
6316.  Welcoming worst and best about me
6317.  Bee benefit of situation exposing me
6318.  Remember where I’ve been/mtg.s
6319.  Remember where I’m going/mtg.s
6320.  Understanding/understood by others
6321.  Feeling at home in meetings
6322.  Experience/example of others
6323.  Identification w/ others in AA
6324.  Help self before help others
6325.  See my problems, seek change/grow
6326.  Having something to offer by growth
6327.  Passing it on, help others grow
6328.  Others grow through my love for them
6329.  I grow through God’s love for me
6330.  Sharing love and growth
6331.  Never done growing/learning
6332.  Patience to grow slowly
6333.  God’s help to see strength as I grow
6334.  Find ways to use strength better
6335.  Having more by sharing
6336.  Let go of shame, selfish, loneliness
6337.  Grow character in daily duty/discipline
6338.  Obedience to heavenly vision
6339.  Balance busy/work and spirituality
6340.  Most need God breaks when busy
6341.  Picking self up/going on when I fall

Wednesday 5/20/15
6266.  Not being victim of others’ actions
6267.  Confess my sins not others’
6268.  Usefulness by let go resentments
6269.  Forgive others by forgive self first
6270.  See gossip as emotional illness
6271.  Not be angry at sick people
6272.  Overcome emotionality by forgiveness
6273.  Seeing much depends on my attitude
6274.  See situation from another angle
6275.  Reminders of what doesn’t work
6276.  One day at a time above all
6277.  Break up goals to daily increments
6278.  Confidence in today only
6279.  Try more goals after achievement
6280.  Feeling at home at meetings
6281.  Never being alone with my problems
6282.  Feeling understood by my fellows
6283.  Joy multiplied by share it w/ others
6284.  Doing what I thought impossible
6285.  Ability to enjoy simple pleasures
6286.  Broad interests in my life
6287.  Time for activities and family
6288.  Discovering new pursuits
6289.  Enjoying normal life, simple living
6290.  Found a H.P. (God) who speaks to me
6291.  Respect others’ different HP relation.
6292.  Work on my HP personal relationship
6293.  Never being an expert, all equal
6294.  Stick to people I want to be like
6295.  Follow path of those who see better
6296.  Sharing from a helping motive
6296.  The more I give the more I get
6297.  Witnessing and confession
6298.  Feeling of helping as one of the best
6299.  No real victory without God
6300.  Real success is in spiritual realm
6301.  Victory over sin/temptation
6302.  Keeping a brave/trusting heart
6303.  Victory over self by God’s help

Tuesday 5/19/15
6234.  See past denial to my real motives
6235.  Not making excuses or rationalizing
6236.  See reasons for character defects
6237.  Sponsor help to see self more clearly
6238.  Search for false/unconscious motives
6239.  Take action b/f problem gets obvious
6240.  Giving w/o expect anything in return
6241.  Developing idealistic attitude
6242.  Joy of sobriety, seeing life’s beauty
6243.  Life full of loving God
6244.  Paying forward God’s love for me
6245.  Richness to life by doing for others
6246.  Let go of self-condemnation
6247.  Accept/see beauty of flaws/mistakes
6248.  Forgive self to face today’s problems
6249.  Review performance to improve
6250.  See ways to live differently/improve
6251.  Special effort to escape daily rut
6252.  Spend time to do what needs improve
6253.  Take time out to spend with God
6254.  Targeting areas that need work
6255.   Look for what cuts me off from God
6256.  Harmony from living by principles
6257.  Trusting more by get through struggle
6258.  Action to respect/learn from struggle
6259.  Not taking struggle personally
6260.  Find lift from fellowship/meetings
6261.  Try to contribute to fellows/meetings
6262.  Overcome by put in God’s hands
6263.  Security by trusting God
6264.  Try to live how God wants me to
6265.  God’s guidance always available

Monday 5/18/15
6202.  Give thanks for pain/learning lessons
6203.  Present blessing from past suffering
6204.  New freedom in God’s grace
6205.  Work on acceptance though difficult
6206.  Act for clear conscience
6207.  Seeing improvement is possible
6208.  Freedom to choose abstinence
6209. Happy/free by spiritual program
6210.  Joy of inventorying new freedoms
6211.  Freedom from shame to be myself
6212.  Freedom to fulfill my own potential
6213.  One-to-one conversation
6214.  Being ok where I am now in life
6215.  Make amends, not end relationships
6216.  Accept responsibility of friendship
6217.  Amends/paying what we owe
6218.  Strong/richer relationship by amends
6219.  Admitting/believing I was wrong
6220.  Let go, be forgiven out of my hands
6221.  Keeping amends simple, just my part
6222.  Stress indicating change to come
6223.  Work through stress and improve
6224.  Staying faithful in stress
6225.  Handle stress constructively
6226.  Finding life in present only
6227.  God helps stay in present
6228.  Inability to do it alone, camaraderie
6229.  Sight by faith, sensing God
6230.  Power to see past material if I try
6231.  Contact God as remedy for anything
6232.  Vital power, peace, serenity in God
6233.  Using faith’s sight

Sunday 5/17/15
6182.  See error of over-dependence
6183.  Depend ultimately in God
6184.  Match calamity w/ serenity w/ God
6185.  The process of beginning
6186.  Taking care of environment
6187.  Forgiving self and others
6188.  God lift resentment so I can forgive
6189.  Realize don’t know self that well
6190.  Taking steps in self-awareness
6191.  Know self to know God’s will for me
6192.  Ready to do what God wants
6193.  Restoration to right size, equality
6194.  Settling down by spirituality
6195.  Work not to overreact
6196.  Deal constructively w/ bad feeling
6197.  Greatest gift as spiritual growth
6198.  Taking risks/adventure to grow
6199.  Taking care of needy whenever I can
6200.  Live in preparation for unknown good
6201.  Training w/ this life for better things

Saturday 5/16/15
6141.  Find work to do by pray/listen
6142.  Work to keep growing
6143.  Seeing ways to improve
6144.  Help to take life on life’s terms
6145.  Trying to reduce suffering
6146.  Notice help given not needed
6147.  Try not to take help for granted
6148.  Take notice of even little deeds
6149.  Looking for the good in people
6150.  See desirability of forgiveness
6151.  Giving/receiving forgiveness
6152.  Feeling of forgiving others/self
6153.  Often be willing as all required
6154.  Starting day over at any time
6155.  Not putting off personal goals
6156.  Change as soon as see need
6157.  Take God’s will as if my own
6158.  Relationship w/ loving God
6159.  Growing relationship w/ God
6160.  Make decision to follow God
6161.  Patient to seek God guidance
6162.  God’s guidance always here
6163.  Hearing God in my conscience
6164.  Serenity by sensing God
6165.  Direction in confusion/trouble
6166.  Content w/ God’s will not mine
6167.  Trusting God’s clarity
6168.  Most happy when follow God
6169.  Not forgetting my limits/flaws
6170.  Practicing accepting as I am
6172.  Taking time to relax when busy
6173.  Relaxing while listening to God
6174.  Taking rest I need to hear God
6175.  Finding new ways to relax
6176.  Take Good Samaritan chances
6177.  Making time to help others
6178.  Never being weary in prayer
6179.  Need of daily prayer/benefits
6180.  Feel one w/ God by commune
6181.  All strength I need w/ God

Friday 5/15/15
6099.  Taking up causes
6100.  Filling citizen responsibilities
6101.  Aversion to group controversy
6102.  Dialogue through conflict
6103.  Practice non-violence principle
6104.  Work/effort alongside prayer
6105.  Hope by spiritual experience
6106.  Know peace by know God
6107.  Doing the footwork/action
6108.  Pray to be willing
6109.  Put defects in God’s hands
6110.  Liking self w/o being perfect
6111.  God love me unconditionally
6112.  God fill my needs only if I ask
6113.  God doing only what I can’t
6114.  Look past fear to see real self
6115.  Find fears were unwarranted
6116.  Being human, no more no less
6117.  Similar struggle w/in everyone
6118.  Bring out buried defects
6119.  Notice flaws to change them
6120.  Find fear diminishes if faced
6121.  Flourish in self-awareness
6122.  Exposing fears so they vanish
6123.  Develop power to soothe
6124.  God help suggest/endure/love
6125.  Importance of 12th step work
6126.  Seeing joy of self-sacrifice
6127.  Practicing act of giving
6128.  The feel/ability of real laughter
6129.  Feeling more alive each day
6130.  Having full range of emotions
6131.  Work to make room for happy
6132.  Try to spread laughter/cheer
6133.  Find new ways of happy/useful
6134.  Enjoying benefits/opportunities
6135.  Seek spirit. first not material
6136.  Requisite for happy is spiritual
6137.  Honesty, purity, selfless, love
6138.  Uselessness of material aims
6139.  Not expect good w/o spiritual
6140.  Put effort into spiritual goals

Thursday 5/14/15
6072.  Progress seeing self honestly
6073.  Inventory by turn out pride/fear
6074.  Confidence from facing myself
6075.  “Middle way” reconciliation
6076.  Solve problem by compromise
6077.  Sharing views, feelings, rights
6078.  Humility for self-honesty
6079.  Seeing it’s ok to be just me
6080.  Self-acceptance by tell of past
6081.  Having today only
6082.  Calm by not project past today
6083.  Live in day fights complacency
6084.  Learn by making mistakes
6085.  Make new not same mistakes
6086.  New mistakes show courage
6087.  Practice to maintain skill
6088.  Healthy lifestyle as a skill
6089.  Work on recovery skills
6090.  Honesty as live by what’s true
6091.  Treat honesty w/ care/respect
6092.  Seeing power of truth/honesty
6093.  Say only what need to be said
6094.  Not lonely, new relationships
6095.  New relationships in old ones
6096.  Release by new perspective
6096.  Energy outlet of helping others
6097.  Try to grow God’s spirit w/in
6098.  Only God understand wholly

Wednesday 5/13/15
6026.  See diff. b/t appearance/reality
6027.  Courage to push past doubt
6028.  Keeping sense of self in check
6029.  Sense of purpose in belief
6030.  God being all-powerful guide
6031.  Cultivate compassion attitude
6032.  Automatic habits from attitude
6033.  Compassion in action
6034.  Good action from compassion
6035.  Dialogue from non-violence
6036.  Willingness to compromise
6037.  Listening to/respecting others
6038.  Not seeing “us” and “them”
6039.  Interdependent interests
6040.  Self interconnected w/ others
6041.  Approach w/ a sharing spirit
6042.  Putting faith in others and God
6043.  Willing to do work to recover
6044.  Facing fears as the best way
6045.  Replace illusion w/ better/hope
6046.  Freedom from illusions
6047.  Will/energy full from hope
6048.  God give what I can handle
6049.  God’s scaffolding/teaching
6050.  Hope in spiritual progression
6051.  Life as different when I change
6052.  Faith producing understanding
6053.  Seeing the bigger picture
6054.  Unfold/deepen God relation
6055.  Acceptance becomes habit
6056.  Continuing on no matter what
6057.  Seeing I don’t have all answers
6058.  Happy by thinking of others
6059.  Being a friend to be fulfilled
6060.  Know love by showing love
6061.  Walk/talk w/ God for joy
6062.  Bringing happiness to others
6063.  Love/respect instead of hate
6063.  Respond calm no matter what
6064.  Being changed by my actions
6065.  Respectability by be respectful
6066.  Glad I don’t need escape
6067.  AA Fellowship/release/strength
6068.  Trying not to judge ever
6069.  Leave big work/judge to God
6070.  God teaching understanding
6071.  God’s power to change us all

Tuesday 5/12/15
5990.  Improving spiritual outlook
5991.  Valuing good human qualities
5992.  Happiness in compassion
5993.  Try best to be warm-hearted
5994.  Talking about my past/issues
5995.  Change attitude about past
5996.  Change attitude w/ action
5997.  Help of fellows to change acts
5998.  Choosing straight path to goal
5999.  Calm understanding of pain
6000.  Program tells me what to do
6001.  Having a path to follow
6002.  Being on path to my objectives
6003.  Life of sanity and usefulness
6004.  Indirect indications of God
6005.  Clean feel after admit wrong
6006.  Satisfaction from helping
6007.  Extraordinary sign by meditate
6008.  Taste of source of recovery
6009.  Tapping into Higher Power
6010.  Fit spirituality into daily life
6011.  Perception of success/happy
6012.  Judge self by own standard
6013.  High order success measures
6014.  Learning by observing
6015.  Gain skill by act as if I have it
6016.  Finding God in people/events
6017.  Act w/ God always leading me
6018.  Outlets for my energies
6019.  God’s strength not to run away
6020.  Having found what I need
6021.  Healthy lifestyle that works
6022.  Turn out unhelpful thoughts
6023.  Treasure as faith/courage/love
6024.  Face day w/ peace and hope
6025.  Safety/protection by faith

Monday 5/11/15
5954.  Conscientious examination
5955.  Seeing past denial of defects
5956.  Find flaws under justification
5957.  Confronting myself
5958.  Turning the other cheek
5959.  Love for fellows by love in God
5960.  Having infinite love
5961.  Seeing all life equally precious
5962.  Belonging by candor of issues
5963.  Listening to another’s conflicts
5964.  Freedom from buried emotions
5965.  Joy and love of God
5966.  Willingness as only key
5967.  Willing to give up gratification
5968.  God replace sedation w/ better
5969.  Amazement at simplicity
5970.  Working toward life balance
5971.  Rely on experience of others
5972.  Ask for help even if it’s simple
5973.  Increasing clarity of vision
5974.  Decisions becoming easier
5975.  No more paralysis by setback
5976.  Ask God for more self-aware
5977.  Courage/relief by admit wrong
5978.  Ability to change w/ work
5979.  Increasing self-honesty ability
5980.  Seeing uselessness of lying
5981.  Being a loyal group member
5982.  Not letting people down
5983.  God’s spirit as “Divine Third”
5984.  God’s spirit in fellowship
5985.  God making change
5986.  Being means for God’s change
5987.  Feel right by God’s presence
5988.  Pray to be channel for God
5989.  God always there to help me

Sunday 5/10/15
5930.  Needing help/being needed
5931.  Shrink problem w/ big outlook
5932.  Less frustration w/ perspective
5933.  Constant effort toward attitude
5934.  Spiritual tools actually working
5935.  Humility to see self as I am
5936.  Sincere try to be all I can be
5937.  Humility by sharing my past
5938.  Joy and relief of honesty
5939.  God doing for me what I can’t
5940.  Freedom from self-bondage
5941.  Self-inventory to calm nerves
5942.  Open to let truth come to me
5943.  See my strength/weakness
5944.  God guiding me in inventory
5945.  See effects of my defects
5946.  God showing me my defects
5947.  God switch defect w/ attribute
5948.  Being entirely ready to change
5949.  My basic nature improving
5950.  Being inseparable from God
5951.  God’s loving beyond all things
5952.  Sacredness of relating to God
5953.  Action, not just talk
5954.  Real living not just talk about it
5955.  Letting my actions speak
5956.  Do what I’ve been putting off
5957.  Loyalty to fellowship
5958.  Calmness to be constructive
5959.  Be still not rush to action
5960.  Calm by perfect trust in God
5951.  Calmness as trust in action
5952.  Cultivating spirit. calmness
5953.  Learning/practice inner peace

Saturday 5/9/15
5899.  Spiritual conviction
5900.  Spiritually equal to others
5901.  Gratitude for God’s grace
5902.  Seeing relativity of situation
5903.  Compare life to much worse
5904.  God helps if you help yourself
5905.  See security desire as defect
5906.  See root of defects as “needs”
5907.  Walking through fear
5908.  Depend on God’s will not self
5909.  Willingness always
5910.  Respect people as they are
5911.  Acceptance to help improve
5912.  Letting go of defenses
5913.  Accept/respect not judged
5914.  Separate person from defects
5915.  Rewards/honesty of writing
5916.  Humility to admit I don’t know
5917.  Seeing my limitations
5918.  Giving only knowledge I have
5919.  Seeing when to hold back
5920.  Seeking God’s voice/guidance
5921.  Practice seeing life as beautiful
5922.  Being w/ people who love life
5923.  Life special by having lost it
5924.  Opening eyes/heart to joy
5925.  Second chance at life
5926.  Strength by God to see good
5927.  Discipline/self-denial at times
5928.  Firm grip against wishful think
5929.  God’s guiding in relationships

Friday 5/8/15
5873.  Wider understanding
5874.  Look at object in different light
5875.  Discover good within the bad
5876.  Flexible way of seeing things
5877.  Cultivate balanced attitude
5878.  Going contrary to desires
5879.  Feel belonging/humble/serene
5880.  Feeling one w/ God and man
5881.  Real desire as peace w/ self
5882.  Turning desires over to God
5883.  Fulfill by renounce my wishes
5884.  Giving my best to task at hand
5885.  Live in moment/get lost in task
5886.  Know I don’t have all answers
5887.  Be teachable, admit ignorance
5888.  Being here to learn
5889.  Listen to others’ good ways
5890.  Learn from others’ experience
5891.  Sticking to basics/keep simple
5892.  Practical lifestyle solution
5893.  Learning to speak w/ care
5894.  Learn when/how to speak
5895.  Speak truth by speak w/ love
5896.  Gratitude for faith in God
5897.  Taking time, not hurrying
5898.  Resting with God for peace

Thursday 5/7/15
5849.  Partnership in common effort
5850.  Being/feeling equal to others
5851.  Belonging in God’s plan
5852.  No pomp and circumstance
5853.  Diminish anger by checking it
5854.  Not express/react with anger
5855.  Hard on self, easy on others
5856.  No act at another’s expense
5857.  Sharing common aims
5858.  Take others into confidence
5859.  Not try solve others’ problems
5860.  Feeling blessed as I am now
5861.  Comfort in prayer/meditation
5862.  Spirit retreat in world’s turmoil
5863.  Respond to fear with peace
5864.  Inviting peace into my life
5865.  Restored to sanity by God
5866.  Not having secrets, share self
5867.  Pride instead of shame
5868.  Knowing I’m a good person
5869.  Maintaining gratitude
5870.  No other group like one I’m in
5871.  God blessing good efforts
5872.  God directing my efforts

Wednesday 5/6/15
5815.  Prudence
5816.  Think it through objectively
5817.  Learning from bad decisions
5818.  Thank HP for propel my action
5819.  Having love for myself first
5820.  Confidence to carry through
5821.  Pain vanish when talked about
5822.  Healing tranquility replace pain
5823.  Releasing locked up feelings
5824.  Change responses to life
5825.  Asking God for help daily
5826.  Spiritual sustenance of step 3
5827.  Act of surrender filling the void
5828.  Give all to God, accept peace
5829.  God, not I, know what I need
5830.  Enjoy atmosphere of recovery
5831.  Ability to relax
5832.  Providing hope to others
5833.  Not take self too seriously
5834.  Having fun, lightening up
5835.  Taking turns doing group work
5836.  Act in spirit of humility
5837.  Menial tasks, practice humility
5838.  Following a middle course
5839.  Reflecting on my actions
5840.  Slowing down to think through
5841.  Time to consult God
5842.  Becoming wiser over time
5843.  Seeking God’s wisdom
5844.  Keeping perspective on self
5845.  Stay small not build self up
5846.  Helping the weary find rest
5847.  Turn to spiritual when weary
5848.  Pray I provide what is needed

Tuesday 5/5/15
5792.  Emotional security
5793.  Healthy dependence on God
5794.  Learning right relations
5795.  Not being alone any longer
5796.  Affection as dominant force
5797.  Adjust attitude w/ intelligence
5798.  Fill my interest by compassion
5799.  Counsel of another person
5800.  New understanding slowly
5801.  Yielding to reality
5802.  The slow and nurturing way
5803.  Love/forgive self and others
5804.  Slow steady growth rewards
5805.  Willing to do anything/recovery
5806.  Follow direction/open-minded
5806.  No more self-sabotage
5807.  God’s help to avoid pitfalls
5808.  Healing by forgiving
5809.  Room for God’s will by forgive
5810.  See resentment as self-will
5811.  Remember to put humility first
5812.  Reach God w/ heart not head
5813.  Selectively notice what’s good
5814.  Ability to sense God/His love

Monday 5/4/15
5759.  Not getting discouraged
5760.  Think through, not run away
5761.  Recovery not contingent
5762.  Make decision to face music
5763.  Peace by affection disposition
5764.  My body appreciate peace
5765.  Have someone to be honest
5766.  Sharing honesty as virtue
5767.  Found my place in fellowship
5768.  Help others find their place
5769.  Learn honesty in all dealings
5770.  God’s plan come by H.O.W.
5771.  Healing in God’s time, no rush
5772.  Watch for opportunity
5773.  Responsible for miss chances
5774.  Welcoming newcomers
5775.  Reaching out to others
5776.  Paying help forward
5777.  See I’m powerless w/o God
5778.  God as answer to all problems
5779.  Giving my love away to feel it
5780.  Expressing my best self/love
5781.  Seeing the best in others
5782.  Believing in myself
5783.  Doing my share
5784.  Handling life best I can w/ God
5785.  Being proud of changes
5786.  Not need to build self up false
5787.  Think God’s thought after Him
5788.  Occupy mind w/ thought of HP
5789.  Train my mind in quiet times
5790.  Purpose in spirit. development
5791.  Living like God wants me to

Sunday 5/3/15
5730.  Love their best, not fear worst
5731.  Repeating mantras
5732.  Emotional balance/perspective
5733.  Take rest time w/ God if tense
5734.  Notice symbols of affection
5735.  Health from affection
5736.  Showing affection freely
5737.  Turn theory to application
5738.  Intimate talk with others
5739.  Relief from self-disclosure
5740.  Strength from powerlessness
5741.  Be functional and contributing
5742.  Spiritual work daily
5743.  Gratitude for recovery
5744.  Overall sense of joy in new life
5745.  Feeling stronger than words
5746.  Relating from the heart
5747.  Sharing gratitude w/ others
5748.  Put persistence to good use
5749.  Try to lessen self-centeredness
5750.  Listening to my mistakes
5751.  Claim/examine my mistakes
5752.  Not feeling ashamed
5753.  Learning how to relax
5754.  Helping not criticizing
5755.  Giving up worries for peace
5756.  Easy does it as working motto
5757.  Overcome myself to forgive
5758.  Injury gone by letting go of self

Saturday 5/2/15
5702.  Joy of seeing others succeed
5703.  See assets as God’s gifts
5704.  Not take credit for success
5705.  Increase willingness for HP will
5706.  Physical touch/affection
5707.  Dark past as great possession
5708.  My experience benefits others
5709.  Life better than I imagined
5710.  Carry message from God
5711.  Examining my attitude
5712.  Making recovery attractive
5713.  Open to spiritual principles
5714.  Enjoying life, not just living it
5715.  Being open to possibilities
5716.  The help of other people
5717.  Paying help forward
5718.  Happiness as a by-product
5719.  Happy by doing what I should
5720.  Happiest doing God’s will
5721.  God knows what’s best for me
5722.  Enjoy myself and what works
5723.  Taking it easy, moderation
5724.  Doing as expression of being
5725.  Be honest pure unselfish love
5726.  Continuing to choose the good
5727.  Quiet time w/ God to prepare
5728.  Preparation for creative action
5729.  Opportunities when I’m ready

Friday 5/1/15
5676.  Outside help for self-appraisal
5677.  Willingness to take advice
5678.  Firm foundation for integrity
5679.  Develop unbiased compassion
5680.  Genuine love/mutual respect
5681.  Long-lasting commitment
5682.  God contact through people
5683.  Experience God by love others
5684.  Willing to face past/darkness
5685.  Walking through fear to peace
5686.  Revealing secrets/rid guilt
5687.  Easing up on seriousness
5688.  Recognize when unrealistic
5689.  Wholesome “madness”
5690.  Feel worthwhile by service
5691.  Have positive impact on others
5692.  Gratitude for chance of service
5693.  Loving productively
5694.  Able to love/care for myself
5695.  Love others better by love self
5696.  Belonging by share on wrongs
5697.  Humility to forgive self
5698.  Courage to admit all wrongs
5699.  Care for others, want to help
5700.  Do charity even if it’s not taken
5701.  Try to be expression of God

Thursday 4/30/15
5645.  Spiritual experimentation
5646.  Open-minded, trying new idea
5647.  Genuine smile of compassion
5648.  Create positive atmosphere
5649.  Keep recovery by give it away
5650.  Growing with others
5651.  Togetherness in recovery
5652.  Serenity from turmoil
5653.  Struggles are temporary
5654.  Understanding from mistakes
5655.  Let go of my way, give to God
5656.  Paid price w/ pain for serenity
5657.  Do work, God does results
5658.  Entrust changing me to God
5659.  God do for me what I can’t
5660.  God’s help always w/in reach
5661.  Strength from challenges
5662.  Trusting in God no matter what
5663.  Accept good w/o ego growth
5664.  Actions and motives change
5665.  Accept w/o need understand
5666.  Examining own thinking
5667.  Let go of what doesn’t help
5668.  Use my gifts to do God’s will
5669.  Thinking about what I love
5670.  Reliance on faith in God
5671.  Potential as child of God
5672.  Divine spark in everyone
5673.  Spiritual exercise to develop
5674.  Life full of glad promise
5675.  Stay in sunshine of God’s love

Wednesday 4/29/15
5623.  Admittance of God’s grace
5624.  Cooperate w/ life instinct
5625.  New better motivation by God
5626.  Rebirth to opportunity
5627.  See humans as mostly similar
5628.  Compassionate atmosphere
5629.  Lifelong job learning respect
5630.  Assert discipline from within
5631.  Free by God’s will not mine
5632.  Leave results to God
5633.  Not living in “what ifs”
5634.  Facing today only
5635.  Faith in God’s care for me
5637.  Comfort in “what is”
5638.  Forgiveness by forgiving
5639.  Talk about being wrong
5640.  Less shame by sharing errors
5641.  Self-acceptance/God loves me
5642.  Faith, hope, charity
5643.  Success by harmony w/ God
5644.  Happy by harmony w/ others

Tuesday 4/28/15
5606.  Resources outside myself
5607.  Same emotional level relating
5608.  Humility and responsibility
5609.  Valid motivations
5610.  Freedom from self
5611.  Like others more as I recover
5612.  Changing my perceptions
5613.  Things tolerable if I’m tolerant
5614.  New outlook on self/others
5615.  Know success by God not me
5616.  Ignoring intellectual wisdom
5617.  Self aware to see good in me
5618.  Gratitude turned to action
5619.  Carrying good news
5620.  Submission, God, action
5621.  Leaving results to God
5622.  Giving God my helping hand

Monday 4/27/15
5871.  Mature balanced relations
5872.  Emotional sobriety
5873.  Carry experience to all affairs
5874.  Renewed citizenship
5875.  Create friendly atmosphere
5876.  Ask God how I can help
5877.  Create right connect w/ God
5878. Journey of joyful discovery
5879.  New experience daily
5880.  Greater hope daily
5881.  Deeper faith daily
5882.  Broader tolerance daily
5883.  Daily maintenance of attributes
5884.  Normal everyday joys of life
5885.  Resources within self
5886.  Not act on every thought
5887.  Strength in action
5888.  Go to God w/ indecision
5889.  Put aside rigid ideas/prejudice
5890.  Confront past to release it
5891.  Unearthing new understanding
5892.  No resentment justified
5893.  Grow awareness of liabilities
5894.  Grow responsibility to let go
5895.  Willing to set myself free
5896.  Highest standards, best efforts
5897.  Developing into better person
5898.  Spirit wants to learn new ways
5999.  Ask for help always a choice
5600.  Listening to little inner voice
5601.  Reflecting on choices
5602.  Release by submission
5603.  Feeling God beside me
5604.  Spirit-consciousness
5605.  Pray for spiritual vision of God

Sunday 4/26/15
5837.  Thinking ahead
5838.  Ask for free of self-seek motive
5839.  Thoughts on higher plane
5840.  Clear thought of bad motives
5841.  Ask God for inspiration
5842.  Ability to relax by surrendering
5843.  Ask for freedom from self-will
5844.  Inner strength by compassion
5845.  Communicating heart to heart
5846.  Happy as byproduct not aim
5847.  Ask for self-acceptance
5848.  Growing through pain
5849.  Use learning as gift for others
5850.  Willing to learn from pain
5851.  Know I’m never abandoned
5852.  Grace revealed in God’s time
5853.  Reaffirm myself in God’s hand
5854.  Self-acceptance by steps
5855.  Accept self-responsibility
5856.  Surrender/honest/faith/humble
5857.  Relief of past mistake burden
5858.  Relief by spiritual principles
5859.  Trust in growth process
5860.  Doing work before rewards
5861.  Willing to do whatever it takes
5862.  Remember live in the moment
5863.  Gratitude for the moment
5864.  Exploring life out of gratitude
5865.  Submission, release, action
5866.  Withdrawal to renew strength
5867.  Doing what I think God wants
5868.  Know when to rest w/ God
5869.  Know when to work w/ God
5870.  Pray God be master always

Saturday 4/25/15
5799.  Turn calamity to spirit. growth
5800.  Soften up, willing do anything
5801.  Letting go absolutely
5802.  See others’ right to be happy
5803.  Caring responsibility
5804.  Motivation to care for others
5805.  Self-confidence reduce fear
5806.  Determination in difficulty
5807.  Clear aims despite fail at first
5808.  Optimism/determined attitude
5809.  Success from attitude
5810.  Freedom with God
5811.  Freedom from obsession
5812.  Freedom after admit defeat
5813.  Happy to admit powerless
5814.  Expressing feelings
5815.  Having feelings to express
5816.  Feeling good and bad emotion
5817.  Growth by being honest/open
5818.  Freedom of choice
5819.  Sharing everything honestly
5820.  Dreams instead of nightmares
5821.  Accepting/facing challenges
5822.  Support to face realities
5823.  Strength in unity w/ others
5824.  Embrace reality/life as it is
5825.  Awareness
5826.  Communication skills
5827.  Come alive by attend to God
5828.  Growing up happy/grateful
5829.  Never to late to grow up
5830.  See people proving recovery
5831.  Praying for those in conflict
5832.  Willing only blessing for others
5833.  Leaving correcting to God
5834.  Occupy self w/ what God gave
5835.  Accepting God’s blessing
5836.  Harmony, beauty, joy, happy

Friday 4/24/15
5776.  Middle of road/avoid extremes
5777.  Compassion as reply to hostile
5778.  Able to be own best friend
5779.  Able to love self, and so others
5780.  Learn about self by God’s side
5781.  Solitude to uncover truth
5782.  God’s company for fun alone
5783.  Able to face fears w/ God
5784.  Energy for activities
5785.  Becoming trustworthy
5786.  Being a capable person
5787.  Serving God and others
5788.  Be productive society member
5789.  Deal w/ problem constructively
5790.  Stumbling block as step stone
5791.  Accepting daily problems
5792.  Think through for wise choices
5793.  Decisions for long-term goals
5794.  Program works through grace
5795.  Knowing God will help always
5796.  Following spirit’s lead
5797.  Wants become less important
5798.  My center as God not myself

Thursday 4/23/15
5755.  Hard on self, gentle on others
5756.  Taking time w/ amends
5757.  Unbiased compassion
5758.  Go to any length for well-being
5759.  Acceptance of other ways
5760.  Not run away from emotions
5761.  Not run from problems
5762.  Others’ belief strengthen mine
5763.  All need to know–God helps
5764.  Not need to know all answers
5765.  Think through consequences
5766.  Know how to overcome urges
5767.  Good listening by letting go
5768.  Stepping outside of myself
5769.  God teaching me to listen
5770.  Seeing recovery in others
5771.  Seeing God’s work in others
5772.  Cooperate w/ God in be aware
5773.  Feeling God not just led by HP
5774.  Relief in realize God presence
5775.  Spirit rewards come naturally

Wednesday 4/22/15
5731.  Choosing how not if to give
5732.  Unconditional recovery
5733.  Depending first on God
5734.  Respect/compassion w/o pity
5735.  New footing and new soil (HP)
5736.  Present representing eternity
5737.  Clearing mind of past debris
5738.  Have time of my life as now
5739.  Road of unlimited possibilities
5740.  Responsible society member
5741.  Staying on right path w/ God
5742.  Chance to repair my damage
5743.  Accept self/give self to God
5744.  Having spiritual home
5745.  Feeling spiritual wholeness
5746.  Admit I don’t know best way
5747.  Demonstration of change
5748.  Divine control over me
5749.  Unquestioning obedient to HP
5750.  Seeking God in all situations
5751.  If in doubt do as God would
5752.  Willing to do God’s will always
5753.  God’s will as first priority
5754.  Always ready to serve God

Tuesday 4/21/15
5705.  Steps to transcend pain
5706.  Being inspired by others
5707.  Compassion and affection
5708.  Sense of caring
5709.  Practicing
5710.  Acquire spirit of service
5711.  Cultivating faith
5712.  Appreciating virtues
5713.  Beauty tolerance, forgiveness,
5714.  Service, serenity
5715.  Give my lack of control to God
5716.  Freedom of God’s moderation
5717.  Enjoying life in moderation
5718.  God doing for me what I can’t
5719.  New thinking w/o fear
5720.  Overcoming by willingness
5721.  What I see as reflecting myself
5722.  Less sensitive/loving reflection
5723.  Reflecting soft loving kindness
5724.  Handing my problems to God
5725.  Humility from working program
5726.  Humble/grateful by God grace
5727.  Forgiveness for past sins
5728.  Honest trying to do God’s will
5729.  Complete faith/trust in God
5730.  Do what I can to spread good

Monday 4/20/15
5682.  Taking suggestions
5683.  Inclusive fellowship
5684.  Prioritizing mental attitude
5685.  Ask God to direct thinking
5686.  Examining my motives
5687.  Dispel selfishness as it arises
5688.  Triumph of make peace w/ self
5689.  Peace independent of external
5690.  Inner tranquility
5691.  Helping by setting example
5692.  Let others find own way
5693.  Working my own program only
5694.  Praying for willingness
5695.  Practice/carry out willingness
5696.  See need of faith when in want
5697.  Listening to God’s love
5698.  See craving as spiritual need
5699.  Putting much into life
5700.  Take out what I put in to life
5701.  Letting good things come
5702.  Quiet satisfaction/serenity
5703.  Free to choose good for self
5704.  Acting on side of goodness

Sunday 4/19/15
5645.  Glimpse of meaning of an ideal
5646.  Progress to ideal no perfection
5647.  Striving for God as objective
5648.  Environment for happy mind
5649.  Attitude for happy mind
5650.  Coming together in defects
5651.  Identifying with another
5652.  Sharing another’s feelings
5653.  Accept self by see defects
5654.  Not take credit for success
5655.  Not blame other for their flaws
5656.  Support to uncover my flaws
5657.  Serenity from hard work
5658.  Willingness to communicate
5659.  Reach out good times and bad
5660.  Doing footwork on right path
5661.  Making/working for goals
5662.  Ability to take life on its terms
5663.  Redirecting “if only” to present
5664.  Feel fortunate just being alive
5665.  Use tools eliminates “if onlys”
5666.  Ability to think clearly
5667.  Progress in handling problems
5668.  Friends, love, hope
5669.  Shrinking fears
5670.  Blessings with each new day
5671.  Feel trust, joy, self-love
5672.  Surprise at how good life is
5673.  See contrast from way of life
5674.  Sharing my blessings/recovery
5675.  Feel right with world
5676.  Quiet satisfaction
5677.  Joy from the many little things
5678.  Recovering lost ambition
5679.  Tenderness of intimate w/ God
5680.  Needed strength from God
5681.  Bright horizon, moving forward

Saturday 4/18/15
5612.  Rediscovering what was lost
5613.  Seeing folly of rely on my will
5614.  Spread positive atmosphere
5615.  Change starting w/ individual
5616.  Willing for God to lift defects
5617.  Honesty w/ self, others, God
5618.  Solid relationship w/ God
5619.  Squaring things w/ conscience
5620.  Speak/act in line w/ principles
5621.  Take responsibility/no excuses
5622.  Humility of see I’m powerless
5623.  Asking God to do what I can’t
5624.  Patience with my defects
5625.  Become less critical of others
5626.  See others cope w/ flaws too
5627.  Empathy born of humility
5628.  Truly understanding others
5629.  See w/ God’s understanding
5630.  Common acts of kindness
5631.  Everyday observances
5632.  Living up to what sustains me
5633.  God noticing little successes
5634.  Satisfaction in simple things
5635.  Being kind to myself
5636.  Giving gift of patience
5637.  Use a loving parent voice
5638.  Be patient w/ self like God is
5639.  Notice voice I use w/ self-talk
5640.  Take out what I put into life
5641.  Strive for friendly/helpfulness
5642.  Have good effect on others
5643.  Talk/act to show others I care
5644.  Make warm welcome a priority

Friday 4/17/15
5580.  Adversity as chance to grow
5581.  Freedom of sober way of life
5582.  Accepting others
5583.  Bringing positive atmosphere
5584.  Happy environments
5585.  See fear as illusion w/ faith
5586.  Do right thing in spite of fear
5587.  Courage as willingness to act
5588.  Learn to feel joy not fear
5589.  Showing love with action
5590.  Caring, remembering, listening
5591.  Put my issues aside to assist
5592.  Emotional maturity to love
5593.  Expanding capacity for love
5594.  Structure life around AA
5595.  Keeping priorities in place
5596.  Looking forward to duties
5597.  Knowing how to feel better
5598.  Wanting what’s good for me
5599.  Not facing life alone
5600.  Conform my will to God’s
5601.  Change world by change self
5602.  Being who I dream to be
5603.  Put ideas into application
5604.  Getting help to improve self
5605.  Build happy life as prevention
5606.  My experience of God’s power
5607.  See God in my relationships
5608.  Build proof of God’s guidance
5609.  Wonder, humility, gratitude
5610.  Faith in God’s purposes
5611.  Ability to notice goodness

Thursday 4/16/15
5553.  Healthy practice become habit
5554.  Accurate self-appraisal habit
5555.  Necessity of inventories
5556.  Better day by self-examination
5557.  Recognizing my nature
5558.  Transforming human heart
5559.  Use intelligence constructively
5560.  Giving to God my anger,
5561.  Let go resentment, self-pity, 5562.  Give God my judgmentalism,
5563.  No self-righteous indignation, 5564.  Free from false pride/humility
5565.  Can’t afford to indulge defects
5566.  Refrain from advice-giving
5567.  Help to find what works for me
5568.  Other strength match my need
5569.  Experimenting w/ new ideas
5570.  Work to be who I’m meant to
5571.  Self-esteem from change
5572.  Commitment to goals
5573.  God as practical and spiritual
5574.  Giving control/will to God
5575.  Faith as insurance, pay daily
5576.  Trying to love all humanity
5577.  See others as brothers/sisters
5578.  Service as love in action
5579.  Love for other by God love me

Wednesday 4/15/15
5522.  Seeing problems of self-will
5523.  Developing willingness
5524.  Spiritual exertion
5525.  Conforming my will to God’s
5526.  Using intelligence for good
5527.  Gift of choice
5528.  Choosing freedom/spirituality
5529.  Freedom from self-inventory
5530.  Hope from admit powerless
5531.  Letting God care for me
5532.  Turning fears over to God
5533.  True companionship
5534.  A place where I’m useful
5535.  Fellowship give self-reflection
5536.  Fellowship gatherings/activity
5537.  Teachers/helpers/friends/love
5538.  Care/support in fellowship
5539.  Confidence in new situations
5540.  Confidence from faith in God
5541.  Faith when confidence fails
5542.  Strengthening faith safety net
5543.  Feeling of laughing again
5544.  Feeling what I once repressed
5545.  Newfound sense of humor
5546.  Growth as more happy room
5547.  Attending to joy/laughter
5548.  Spreading laughter
5549.  Faith more effective than fear
5550.  Find calm in God all day long
5551.  Choosing not to argue
5552.  Faith in God’s purpose

Tuesday 4/14/15
5492.  Feeling fortunate
5493.  Understanding and loving well
5494.  Kinship in common suffering
5495.  Deliverance by God’s grace
5496.  Open communication
5497.  Attaining happiness
5498.  Overcoming suffering
5499.  Respect for all creatures
5500.  Forgive self relieve resentment
5501.  Sunlight of let go resentments
5502.  Wanting to be myself
5503.  Efforts of self-discovery
5504.  Power of growth
5505.  Patience with growth
5506.  Being my own person
5507.  Envisioning no more defects
5508.  Uncover core of my conduct
5509.  Seeing what lies past fear
5510.  Motivation to push past fear
5511.  God’s vision for my dreams
5512.  Growing awareness of world
5513.  Discovering new parts of life
5514.  See beauty by look for beauty
5515.  Need by friends on same path
5516.  Thinking of people I’m glad for
5517.  Telling other I appreciate them
5518.  Balance w/ spiritual at center
5519.  Poise as gift from God
5520.  Peace amid daily distractions
5521.  Inner peace of God in center

Monday 4/13/15
5460.  Go out of way to help enemy
5461.  Not demanding/unreasonable
5462.  Show kindness where none
5463.  Try to be warm-hearted
5464.  Happy from mental attitude
5465.  Appreciate value of life
5466.  Taking opportunities in life
5467.  Life meaning in the present
5468.  Effect of many spirit. practices
5469.  Effective communication
5470.  Ability to relate by lessen ego
5471.  Not succumb to self-pity
5472.  Lessen suffering by empathy
5473.  Turn life over moment at a time
5474.  Turn over fears to God to heal
5475.  Know program to deal w/ fear
5476.  Not need approval to be ok
5477.  Do right thing for right reasons
5478.  Confidence from right action
5479.  Approve of self by principles
5480.  Rehearse kind, patient love
5481.  Honest labor
5482.  Loss of self-focus in work
5483.  Boredom being a choice
5484.  Turn answers into action
5485.  Use time wisely for work/fun
5486.  Filling time in positive ways
5487.  Deliberate happiness of sober
5488.  Use presence to better world
5489.  See/understand others’ issues
5490.  Living in spirit of prayer
5491.  Doing my part to improve life

Sunday 4/12/15
5425.  Unity with others
5426.  Happiness by sobriety
5427.  Readiness to help
5428.  Care, vigilance, effort
5429.  Refuge in God
5430.  Enthused by wisdom/love
5431.  Remaining to give help
5432.  Making effective choices
5433.  Understanding my disease
5434.  Giving up insanity
5435.  Talk less listen sensitively
5436.  Seeing I don’t have all answers
5437.  Allowing silencer
5438.  Relief in saying I don’t know
5439.  Knowledge not equaling worth
5440.  Sense of direction from God
5441.  Not being lonely anymore
5442.  Humility in seeing big picture
5443.  Effects of group effort
5445.  Effort to alleviate suffering
5446.  Connectedness to others
5447.  Aware of larger perspective
5448.  Expanding my view/less ego
5449.  Enjoying way of life/learning
5450.  Feeling alive for first time
5451.  Feeling like sunshine
5452.  Praying for what’s right
5453.  Mysterious ways of God
5454.  Accepting God’s will not mine
5455.  Pleasantness of sober world
5456.  My need as God’s opportunity
5457.  Faith/help when helpless
5458.  Express faith, unlock God
5459.  Faith God meets need his way

Saturday 4/11/15
5391.  Sense of belonging
5392.  Candid talk of my conflicts
5393.  True kinship w/ man and God
5394.  Enhance altruism/compassion
5395.  Cultivate altruistic thoughts
5396.  Not blaming anymore
5397.  Disclosing defects
5398.  Taking my own inventory
5399.  Acting on faith
5400.  Emancipation from sorrow
5401.  Emancipation from craving
5402.  Taking suggestions of others
5403.  No problem too big for God
5404.  Insight by open-mindedness
5405.  Experience of others
5406.  New ideas/way filling need
5407.  Getting past denial/admission
5408.  Admitting/see new possibilities
5409.  Grafting new ideas to my life
5410.  Having choices by sobriety
5411.  Choosing freedom/abstinence
5412.  Freedom by let go let God
5413.  Honoring freedom w/ lifestyle
5414.  Healing by exposing pain
5415.  Share honestly about my pain
5416.  Pain as part of life, not defect
5417.  Being convinced of program
5418.  Accepting self-discipline
5419.  Resist fear, pride, lust, gossip
5420.  Resist resentments, hate
5421.  Discipline keep me w/ winners
5422.  Try live way God wants me to
5423.  Living life worthy of example
5424.  Carry on despite hindrances

Friday 4/10/15
5352.  See effect I’ve had on others
5353.  Need more than just sobriety
5354.  Desire to change/amend ways
5355.  Determined to spirituality
5356.  Want to recover to help others
5357.  Holding others dear always
5358.  Hold others as superior
5359.  Avert emotional affliction
5360.  Hold dear those I dislike
5361.  Offering others the victory
5362.  No fear of/accepting defeat
5363.  Learning from mistreatment
5364.  Taking on suffering of others
5365.  Offering others benefit/joy
5366.  Release from clinging bondage
5366.  Recognizing illusions
5367.  Let go of 8 mundane concerns
5368.  Growth/change by willingness
5369.  Willing to take responsibility
5370.  Fun in willingness not results
5371.  Time to acquire experience
5372.  Enriching experiences
5373.  Sharper awareness of others
5374.  Help ability from experience
5375.  Everything in God’s time
5376.  Patience with my growth
5377.  Do footwork, wait for results
5378.  Maintaining recovery basics
5379.  Using tools not to lose them
5380.  Control of internal conditions
5381.  Responsibility for feelings
5382.  Make internal condition for joy
5383.  Acting to improve feelings
5384.  Letting go of negative feelings
5385.  Holding onto/working for joy
5386.  Learning from feelings
5387.  New world from changing self
5388.  Humility/obedience for God
5389.  Responding to God’s love
5390.  Being a good home for God

Thursday 4/9/15
5315.  Conform gladly to principles
5316.  Being forced into virtue
5317.  Choosing what chose me
5318.  Understanding personalities
5319.  Relate to world appropriately
5320.  Willingness to do anything
5321.  Doing anything for freedom
5322.  Freedom in spiritual actions
5323.  Accepting what I can’t change
5324.  Calm rational dealing w/ life
5325.  Accepting shortcomings
5326.  No more anger by acceptance
5327.  Problems solved w/ sobriety
5328.  More freedom in more sobriety
5329.  Not acting on feelings
5330.  Freedom from impulses
5331.  Feeling emotion w/o acting out
5332.  Get help from bigger source
5333.  Living program as prescribed
5334.  God doing what I can’t
5335.  Future comes in doable pieces
5336.  Focus on task at hand
5337.  Planning/goals for future
5338.  Good future by stay in present
5339.  Keeping my energy in present
5340.  Bringing self back when drift
5341.  Recover proper relationships
5342.  Making new friends
5343.  Loneliness vanishing
5344.  Thinking more about others
5345.  Solve alcohol by personality
5346.  Fear as powerless phantom
5347.  Beauty, joy, peace, love work
5348.  Being forgiven by God
5349.  Forgiving myself
5350.  Seeking more of spiritual life
5351.  Letting God live in me

Wednesday 4/8/15
5278.  Not relying on my intelligence
5279.  Being tiny part of cosmos
5280.  Assurance from God’s love
5281.  Applying what I learned
5282.  See gap b/t reality/appearance
5283.  Not be deluded by appearance
5284.  Relate better past appearance
5285.  Relating to world realistically
5286.  Relating to world effectively
5287.  Discover faults to correct them
5288.  Dreams to move me forward
5289.  Looking w/in to be free
5290.  Facing fear of myself
5291.  Grow past fear by risking
5292.  Using my imagination
5293.  Acts of courage
5294.  Willing to leave comfort zone
5295.  Taking a chance on a new way
5296.  Happiness as a choice
5297.  Happiness from involvement
5298.  Content by losing self-focus
5299.  Happiness by be of service
5300.  Accepting today as it is
5301.  Peaceful by keeping it simple
5302.  Doing what I need to today
5303.  Let go of distraction w/ action
5304.  Tend to what’s in front of me
5305.  Let go of what others think
5306.  Taking good care of myself
5307.  Self-care for good relationship
5308.  Doing what’s best for recovery
5309.  Simplicity of action
5310.  Faith in God making life new
5311.  Making a stand for God
5312.  Willing to look foolish for faith
5313.  Honesty, purity, unselfishness
5314.  Love, gratitude, humility

Tuesday 4/7/15
5244.  Principles before personalities
5245.  Effective leadership
5246.  Putting principles into action
5247.  Dedicated effective action
5248.  Backing up/helping leaders
5249.  Not clinging to material things
5250.  Not cling to transitory things
5251.  Release from bondage
5252.  Meditative sessions
5253.  Relate to world post-meditate
5254.  Perception being malleable
5255.  Gratitude to loved ones
5256.  God/program protecting me
5257.  Using same tools in new ways
5258.  Doing things I don’t want to
5259.  Firsthand experience
5260.  Give comfort from experience
5261.  Ability to relate to others
5262.  Past troubles being priceless
5263.  Seeing blessing in disguise
5264.  Pray, meditate, listen, believe
5265.  Solutions by giving to God
5266.  Listening to other opinions
5267.  Listening w/o reacting
5268.  Value relationship over be right
5269.  Flexibility by let go of self-will
5270.  Personal integrity
5271.  Facing problems honestly
5272.  Taking honest inventory
5273.  Not making excuses
5274.  Happy from service to others
5275.  Happy from self-forgetting
5276.  My future being less important
5277.  Caring more about others

Monday 4/6/15
5220.  Borrowing ancient wisdom
5221.  Universality of morality
5222.  Form/method match wisdom
5223.  Help for manageability
5224.  Growing contentment
5225.  Be part of human family
5226.  Less volatile emotions daily
5227.  Unconditional self-acceptance
5228.  More to me than attributes
5229.  Humility to see my own beauty
5230.  Life feeling easier to handle
5231.  Examining self-honesty
5232.  Value of theory in application
5233.  Working for results
5234.  Staying close to God
5235.  Knowing I’m on the right path
5236.  Help from experience of others
5237.  Guides becoming friends
5238.  Asking questions
5239.  Solving personality problems
5240.  Relaxing grip on materialism
5241.  Get all from God anew daily
5242.  Open to receive God’s grace
5243.  Let go and receive again

Sunday 4/5/15
5199.  See my part in resentments
5200.  Not blaming others
5201.  Method and wisdom/insight
5202.  Relations by selflessness
5203.  Be person among persons
5204.  Being useful society member
5205.  Freedom from surrender
5206.  Solution by give to God
5207.  Realize others understand me
5208.  Hope by relating to others
5209.  Passing along the solution
5210.  Room for diversity
5211.  See folly of old ways
5212.  New lifestyle w/ God
5213.  Releasing old bad habits
5214.  Genuine, not synthetic joy
5215.  Self-pity become self-respect
5216.  Know how to get past misery
5217.  Work to provide self/others joy
5218.  Forget myself in others/God
5219.  God as an interpreter b/t us

Saturday 4/4/15
5173.  Making stand in adversity
5174.  Inspiring demonstration
5175.  God not deserting me
5176.  Not let praise affect ego
5177.  Open eyes from criticism
5178.  Ego balance b/t extremes
5179.  Not seeking approval of others
5180.  Seek approval from God/self
5181.  Admit when I don’t know
5182.  Humility by see my ignorance
5183.  Wisdom to rain teachable
5184.  Consider spirit state in choices
5185.  Responsibility for my decisions
5186.  Tools to make good choices
5187.  Resources/others/God guide
5188.  Keep close to God for peace
5189.  Lasting long-term rewards
5190.  Work for peace of mind
5191.  Not acting like a judge
5192.  Giving anger to God
5193.  Deeper strength than my own
5194.  Think more of others less self
5195.  Depending on God not self
5196.  Do best to understand others
5197.  Avoiding confrontation
5198.  Thinking about helping others

Friday 4/3/15
5144.  Put life on give and take basis
5145.  Partnership/brotherhood
5146.  No demand for repayment
5147.  Give up own interest for group
5148.  Sacrifice for unity/fellowship
5149.  Checking my motives often
5150.  Keep practice pure, no desire
5151.  Accepting responsibility
5152.  Not expecting perfection
5153.  Honesty about errors
5154.  Wants matching needs
5155.  Letting go of selfish wants
5156.  Eliminating life clutter/excess
5157.  Wanting what I already have
5158.  Growth from denial of wants
5159.  Unique spiritual experiences
5160.  Spirituality affecting whole life
5161.  Guidance/love for fulfillment
5162.  Fountain of live within
5163.  Staying open to love
5164.  Listening to body
5165.  Getting enough rest/sleep
5166.  Seeing beyond myself
5167.  Greatness of doing service
5168.  God’s help in all things
5169.  God unconditionally available
5170.  Use free will to ask God’s help
5171.  Worth by service to others
5172.  Happy/useful by God/service

Thursday 4/2/15
5115.  Putting aside prejudice
5116.  Attain what was out of reach
5117.  My own conception of God
5118.  Belief in God
5119.  Release from bondage
5120.  Nonreactivity to situations
5121.  Impervious peace of mind
5122.  Not needing others’ approval
5123.  Grow character not reputation
5124.  Giving up chasing illusions
5125.  Freedom from expectations
5126.  Open mind for singing heart
5127.  Getting out of my own way
5128.  Willing to take what comes
5129.  Successful lifestyle
5130.  Sense of belonging
5131.  Reaching out to give back
5132.  Spiritual quest not contest
5133.  Avoiding competing w/ others
5134.  Giving up perfection
5135.  Not need to know everything
5136.  Not get in way of being useful
5137.  Being real/relatable/not perfect
5138.  Fun of learning/messing up
5139.  Claim mistakes/shortcomings
5140.  Being appreciative of others
5141.  Caring about others
5142.  The company of God
5143.  Accept every growth challenge

Wednesday 4/1/15
5080.  God wanting me happy, free
5081.  See misery was self-made
5082.  Reduce self-centeredness
5083.  Increase empathy and concern
5084.  Training mind for altruism
5085.  Want peace to give to others
5086.  Admit wrongs to move to right
5087.  Willing and persistent effort
5088.  Strong/helpful sense of self
5089.  Self-awareness
5090.  Honest encounter w/ reality
5091.  Meeting issues directly
5092.  Return of self-respect
5093.  Self-esteem not stem in others
5094.  Good thoughts regardless
5095.  Self-confidence for creativity
5096.  Criticized w/o feeling inferior
5097.  Healthy relationships
5098.  Seeing faults of self-will
5099.  Taking responsibility
5100.  Aligning my will w/ God’s
5101.  Using power to heal
5102.  Appreciating culture
5103.  Learning my inner powers
5104.  Using my gifts for others’ good
5105.  Seeing how I affect others
5106.  Matching my actions to words
5107.  Seeing no need for dishonesty
5108.  Trying to earn what I’m given
5109.  Reliance upon God
5110.  Letting God in at last
5111.  See diff b/t be w/ God and w/o
5112.  Not attempting life w/o God
5113.  God ever-present/pervading
5114.  Noticing what helps

Tuesday 3/31/15
5042.  Self-searching as habit
5043.  Ability to admit/accept faults
5044.  Effort to correct wrongs
5045.  Feeling affinity w/ others
5046.  Empathy for suffering
5047.  Practice of visualization
5048.  Visualizing taking/giving
5049.  Life meaning from God
5050.  Fullness of gratitude
5051.  Be member of good standing
5052.  Acceptance by fellows
5053.  Daily reprieve from suffering
5054.  Power to be who I want to be
5055.  Giving self to God
5056.  Full use of potential from God
5057.  Uncover/exposing secrets
5058.  Getting acquainted w/ self
5059.  New understanding of self
5060.  Adjust behavior to be genuine
5061.  Outsides matching my insides
5062.  Acting on growth experienced
5063.  Peace from handling irritation
5064.  Serenity dominating my life
5065.  Appreciate gift of daily living
5066.  Learn to handle the little things
5067.  Perspective and patience
5068.  Laughing at myself
5069.  Being happy w/ my quirks
5070.  Accepting my humanness
5071.  Use laughter to make life easy
5072.  Experience, not want my way
5073.  Accepting rejection w/ grace
5074.  Not sulking when don’t receive
5075.  Happy by give others attention
5076.  Being judged by me heart
5077.  Noticing steady progress
5078.  Persevering in good things
5079.  Advancing despite stumbles

Monday 3/30/15
5017.  Self-survey from critics
5018.  Develop patience from critics
5019.  Looking from 3rd person view
5020.  Being impartial to self interest
5021.  Common strivings
5022.  Find examples of God’s love
5023.  Group conscience
5024.  Finding emotional balance
5025.  Forgiving myself
5026.  Restraint of pen and tongue
5027.  No need to react w/ anger
5028.  From self- to God-centered
5029.  Always being hope w/ God
5030.  Not dragged down by struggle
5031.  Resources to get through
5032.  Putting principles into action
5033.  Learn about myself/4th step
5034.  Life being free
5035.  Talk about urge to lessen it
5036.  Love/attend to other people
5037.  Being calm, true, quiet
5038.  Deep inner security
5039.  Being true to highest ideals
5040.  Accepting criticism and praise
5041.  Letting God judge me

Sunday 3/29/15
4979.  See ventures as experiments
4980.  Trying only not need success
4981.  Approaching life, trying new
4982.  Connecting to my feelings
4983.  Caring for my welfare
4984.  Learn other-care by self-care
4985.  Giving to learn loving-kindness
4986.  Taking to learn compassion
4987.  Peace, security, understanding
4988.  24 hours of eternal fulfillment
4989.  Soundness of mind
4990.  Listening to conscience
4991.  Letting go by serving others
4992.  Put aside what I think I know
4993.  Take advantage of learning
4994.  Seeing ways I don’t know yet
4995.  God’s will becoming my will
4996.  New values and standards
4997.  Guidance by inner knowledge
4998.  Inner knowledge from God
4999.  When want tos match shoulds
5000.  Values by conscious contact
5001.  God’s will as my own true will
5002.  Hope as a haven
5003.  Following law of kindness
5004.  Smiling and bringing hope
5005.  Opening my heart to God
5006.  God filling my heart
5007.  Listening to my own words
5008.  True honesty by try repeatedly
5009.  Living both in world, w/ God
5010.  Strength from be alone w/ God
5011.  Special times to be w/ God
5012.  Inner life apart from world
5013.  Wear world as loose garment
5014.  Secure in world from inner life
5015.  World success from inner life
5016.  Nothing invading God’s place

Saturday 3/28/15
4949.  Letting go of secrets
4950.  Humility, fearlessness, honesty
4951.  Willing to accept work to help
4952.  Willingness and commitment
4953.  Seeing others as equal to me
4954.  Relating to different people
4955.  Letting God regulate my life
4956.  Giving control to God’s care
4957.  Focus on action not results
4958.  Being cared for in God’s time
4959.  Facing feelings w/ support
4960.  Learning to regulate emotions
4961.  Suppressed emotion surfacing
4962.  Mature to emotional adulthood
4963.  Act maturely, grow emotionally
4964.  Being shown goals and path
4965.  Giving help I’ve been given
4966.  Gratitude for God’s love/help
4967.  God helping me out of trouble
4968.  Noticing changes in others
4969.  Given up on my way, grow up
4970.  Noticing changes in myself
4971.  Trying not to be selfish
4972.  Confidence in the unseen/faith
4973.  Fundamental good/purpose
4974.  Obedience/living by faith
4975.  Doing what God wants me to
4976.  Gratitude, humility, honesty,
4977.  Purity, unselfishness, love
4978.  Faith/obedience to not sin

Friday 3/27/15
4918.  Self-sacrifice w/ faith
4919.  Unselfish constructive action
4920.  Deflation at depth
4921.  Giving understanding
4922.  Self-forgetfulness humility
4923.  Kinship w/ fellows
4924.  Backing up faith w/ action
4925.  Being prepared for hardship
4926.  Foundation of free choice
4927.  Freedom from obsession
4928.  Dignity from choosing well
4929.  Not whitewashing or excusing
4930.  Treating self same as others
4931.  Refraining from judgment
4932.  Not categorizing fellows
4933.  See others as fellow travelers
4934.  Noticing others’ best qualities
4935.  Living authentically
4936.  Comfort w/ not knowing
4937.  Freedom of self-acceptance
4938.  Reaching out
4939.  Program for way of life
4940.  Power of fellowship
4941.  Power of sharing about self
4942.  Power of belief in God
4943.  Power by working w/ others
4944.  Accepting/working for power
4945.  God’s spirit as eternal
4946.  Conquering oneself
4947.  God’s spirit in the worthwhile
4948.  Improved relationships by God

Thursday 3/26/15
4890.  Want good habit, not just need
4891.  Voluntary reaching for humility
4892.  Reverse attitude/value others
4893.  Reduce attachment to self
4894.  The teaching never ending
4895.  Never being on my own
4896.  Each day being brand new
4897.  Pushing past fears
4898.  Taking risk of trusting others
4899.  Developing bonds w/ people
4900.  Discretion
4901.  Meeting pain with empathy
4902.  Learn trust self by trust other
4903.  Feel open about my life in trust
4904.  Find rewards of share abt. self
4905.  No guilt/shame w/ God
4906.  No danger/losses w/ God
4906.  Worship only God above all
4907.  Developing/deepening beliefs
4908.  Expressing love of God
4909.  See it’s ok to need people
4910.  Putting life in God’s hands
4911.  Accepting others’ care/love
4912.  Strength from helping others
4913.  Merit in doing right
4914.  Experience God through faith
4915.  Free will for morality
4916.  Venture of belief
4917.  Spirit. power from good choice

Wednesday 3/25/15
4861.  Offering self to God
4862.  Relief from bondage of self
4863.  Transcendence over difficulty
4864.  Offering benefit/joy to others
4865.  Quietly take on hurts of others
4866.  Have indirect or direct impact
4867.  Equalizing and exchanging
4868.  Outgoing love from gratitude
4869.  Quality of life in sobriety
4870.  Ability to give/receive love
4871.  Opportunity to serve others
4872.  A full and thankful heart
4873.  Evening out wants and needs
4874.  Balance for sanity
4875.  Needs not wants being met
4876.  Sharing faith, strength, hope
4877.  Bond of helping each other
4878.  Giving help I was given
4879.  God guiding through change
4880.  Accept help to endure change
4881.  Finding new ways to change
4882.  God’s unshakability
4883.  Try to be human, not perfect
4884.  Gentleness, love as power
4885.  Giving up trying to be perfect
4886.  See mistake as time to learn
4887.  Strength from faith
4888.  Daily persistence for spirit.
4889.  Gaining spiritual experience

Tuesday 3/24/15
4838.  Seeing true nature
4839.  Admission of powerlessness
4840.  Mistreatment as a teacher
4841.  Cultivate patience/tolerance
4842.  Listening for guidance
4843.  Acting not reacting
4844.  A life worth sharing
4845.  Not try to be exception to rule
4846.  Restoration to sanity
4847.  Freedom from obsession
4848.  Freedom in admission
4849.  Steps to freedom
4850.  More to look forward to daily
4851.  Having choices/possibilities
4852.  Life in present filled w/ hope
4853.  Form healthy patterns of living
4854.  Kind, love, honesty as habits
4855.  Loving my enemy
4856.  Giving up control/self-will
4857.  God take my desire to control
4858.  Release/strength in confession
4859.  Taking life on faith
4860.  My experience of God’s power

Monday 3/23/15
4811.  Discovery of faith
4812.  Nonreactive to being provoked
4813.  Life like a gift from/to God
4814.  Reflect so I don’t self-deceive
4815.  Accept person’s defects
4816.  Beauty in flaws and qualities
4817.  Let go perfection expectation
4818.  Doing the footwork
4819.  Two-way street relationships
4820.  Responsibility in relationships
4821.  Act to keep God connection
4822.  Accepting God’s will/gifts
4823.  Emotion/physical/spirit. health
4824.   Daily work for change
4825.  Hope by let go of demands
4826.  Belief in good through the bad
4827.  Know God’s with me always
4828.  Never have to be alone again
4829.  Giving up control
4830.  Realize never had control
4831.  Hope by believe in self
4832.  Experience, strength, hope
4833.  Gifts to share
4834.  Helping other restore hope
4835.  Get strength from fellowship
4836.  All power being God’s
4837.  God’s strength to life of victory

Sunday 3/22/15
4780.  Maintaining progress
4781.  Final dependence on God
4782.  Vigilant self-care taking
4783.  Rallying together
4784.  Society outreach
4785.  Making social contributions
4786.  Belief I have something to offer
4787.  Doing God’s will over mine
4788.  Acceptance as a solution
4789.  Change as a solution
4790.  Power for solution from God
4791.  Shared experience
4792.  Coming together in a solution
4793.  Privilege of decision-making
4794.  Principle of self-support
4795.  Freedom by being responsible
4796.  Self-honesty about feelings
4797.  Humbly honest for God’s help
4798.  Feeling, risking vulnerability
4799.  Fresh start of recovery
4800.  Work to stay young at heart
4801.  See through eyes of a child
4802.  Stay open to beauty/life gifts
4803.  Gentle beauty of the childlike
4804.  Finding strength I need in God
4805.  Fundamental need as spiritual
4806.  Passing on spiritual gifts
4807.  Recovery for sale of others
4808.  Getting it by giving it away
4809.  Strength from passing it on
4810.  Use God’s power to help other

Saturday 3/21/15
4750.  Prayer for God’s will not mine
4751.  See when I take my will back
4752.  Tool more effective by practice
4753.  Relate to unfortunate people
4754.  Meet challenge of relating
4755.  Treating well as spirit. impetus
4756.  Spiritual preceding material
4757.  Spiritual relief of material fear
4758.  Using talents to benefit others
4759.  Use not own God’s wealth
4760.  Work to help not possess
4761.  Enjoy what b/f took for granted
4762.  See self-defeating habits go
4763.  Risking closeness
4764.  Feeling moment w/ my entirety
4765.  Simple pleasure of normal day
4766.  Recovery in all areas of life
4767.  No more spiritual void
4768.  No more emotional agony
4769.  Choose experience gift of life
4770.  Create conditions for good life
4771.  Always preparing new growth
4772.  Action for spirituality
4773.  Staying open to change
4774.  Meet fear of trying new things
4775.  Forgetting about future
4776.  Future taking care of itself
4777.  All being well fundamentally
4778.  Unruffled by surface wrongs
4778.  God staying w/ me on journey
4779.  Know God plans my journey

Friday 3/20/15
4730.  See sins hiding behind virtues
4731.  Averting negativity as it arises
4732.  Mindfulness training
4733.  Forgiveness from the heart
4734.  Love and tolerance as a code
4735.  Belief in possibilities
4736.  Try as all needed for success
4737.  Want/expect recovery to work
4738.  Freedom by ask for help
4739.  God preserving my life
4740.  God’s power as I’m powerless
4741.  Letting go of false pride
4742.  Accepting help humbly
4743.  Interest in others
4744.  Helping people as purpose
4745.  Friendship as way of life
4746.  Through others, finding myself
4747.  Not worry about future
4748.  Live both material/spirit. plane
4749.  God’s spirit by many channels

Thursday 3/19/15
4705.  Character building progress
4706.  Willingness to work
4707.  Cooperation w/ God’s will
4708.  Required only to try my best
4709.  Always checking negativity
4710.  Catch/halt bad tendencies
4711.  Remaining on guard/alert
4712.  Free from emotion explosions
4713.  Serenity from daily prayer
4714.  My awe as prayer 1st worked
4715.  Life not depend on conditions
4716.  Life depending on my attitude
4717.  Power to give up worry
4718.  Releasing inner spirit/fresh joy
4719.  Not hoard spirit b/c of fear
4720.  Identification and experience
4721.  Sharing what’s effective
4722.  Letting go of ineffective traits
4723.  Not be controlled by emotions
4724.  Accept feelings w/ calmness
4725.  Not regret past by good action
4726.  Doing the right thing today
4727.  God’s spirit never leaving me
4728.  Often feeling God’s presence

Wednesday 3/18/15
4671.  Loving the best in others
4672.  Not fearing worst of others
4673.  Accept others sins w/ virtues
4674.  Overcome negative impulse
4675.  Diligence w/ positive thought
4676.  Independence by rely on God
4677.  Growing willingness
4678.  Trust/willingness hand in hand
4679.  God knowing better than me
4680.  Unrealized needs being met
4681.  God bringing me to myself
4682.  Valuing people’s uniqueness
4683.  Proof of God unnecessary
4684.  Belief from spirit. experience
4685.  Acting by give anxiety to God
4686.  Doing only what’s possible
4687.  Thanking God, not need proof
4688.  Knowing I can, no matter what
4689.  Share about distress w/ hope
4690.  Help newcomer by be honest
4691.  Honesty about struggles
4692.  Expressing only from love
4693.  Refrain from judgment
4694.  See how judging reflects me
4695.  Being person of action
4696.  Taking risks not avoiding
4697.  Getting involved as a habit
4698.  Practicing care for self/others
4699.  Gaining skills by doing
4700.  Action from trust and practice
4701.  Forgetting future, living today
4702.  Gift of being in the present
4703.  Persistent practice to achieve
4704.  Spirit. treasures by keep trying

Tuesday 3/17/15
4633.  Profit from experience
4634.  Guidance in decision-making
4635.  Intuition agreeing w/ logic
4636.  Knowing my situation
4637.  Selectivity w/ thoughts
4638.  Knowing right and wrong
4639.  Commitment to spirit. practice
4640.  Raising others above me
4641.  Letting feelings in
4642.  Odd coincidences
4643.  Convincing of powerlessness
4644.  Blessings in disguise
4645.  God’s intervention
4646.  God move in a mysterious way
4647.  Seeing ways I need help
4648.  See how I’m different/need AA
4649.  Not partaking in bad habits
4650.  Temperance
4651.  Showing courage not my own
4652.  Acting in face of fear
4653.  Seeing fear is natural
4654.  God not let fear paralyze me
4655.  Willingness to go through fear
4656.  Doing what’s needed to grow
4657.  Congruence in thinking/acting
4658.  Revealing true feelings
4659.  Being trustworthy/dependable
4660.  Honesty abt. negative feelings
4661.  Belief I’ll get what’s needed
4662.  Security from faith to live well
4663.  Changing selfish to grateful
4664.  Changing pride to humility
4665.  Not feel helpless/God’s help
4666.  Resting in God’s peace
4667.  Work done from place of calm
4668.  Nothing come b/t me and God
4669.  Wear world like loose garment
4670.  Keep serene at center of being

Monday 3/16/15
4607.  Choice in spiritual belief
4608.  My own conception of God
4609.  Willingness to believe
4610.  Willingness to live by principle
4611.  Selecting thoughts
4612.  See a thought from new angle
4613.  Belief in any Higher Power
4614.  Choosing simplicity
4615.  Accepting guidance
4616.  It working b/c I believe it will
4617.  Power of faith
4618.  Predictability of my action
4619.  Notice how I feel about actions
4620.  See what’s appropriate for me
4621.  Stewardship not ownership
4622.  Seek the spiritual, less is more
4623.  Giving up possessiveness
4624.  Use gifts for greater good
4625.  Living in today only
4626.  Never too late to seek God
4627.  Self-realization from honesty
4628.  Knowing where to get help
4629.  Singleness of purpose
4630.  Improving relationships
4631.  Focusing on what I do best
4632.  Prayer for concentration

Sunday 3/15/15
4587.  Dependence on God
4588.  Endurance and valor
4589.  No hesitation for humble work
4590.  Genuine humility
4591.  Discard reliance on ego
4592.  Anchor of faith
4593.  Change from inside out
4594.  Losing bad habits w/ program
4595.  Familiarity, friendliness
4596.  Breaking isolation habit
4597.  Being part of greater whole
4598.  Each day fuller than last
4599.  Honest living day by day
4600.  Humility for self-honesty
4601.  Inviting others into my life
4602.  Focus on others
4603.  Using available higher power
4604.  Leaving planning to God
4605.  Keep fit to be God’s channel
4606.  Being an instrument of God

Saturday 3/14/15
4559.  Humility for today
4560.  Spiritual open-mindedness
4561.  Balance enough for action
4562.  Moving toward eternal values
4563.  Putting others first at times
4564.  Awareness of ability to help
4565.  Humility in relating w/ others
4566.  Freedom from surrender
4567.  Daily spiritual practice
4568.  Relax by give control to God
4569.  Willingness
4570.  Internally-based happiness
4571.  Activities that nurture spirit
4572.  Writing an inventory for release
4573.  Sharing inventory for release
4574.  Seeing another perspective
4575.  Heal relationships/own faults
4576.  Enriching my relationship role
4577.  Playing more responsible parts
4578.  Let go of preconceived ideas
4579.  Willingness to admit I’m wrong
4580.  Asking God’s forgiveness
4581.  Not get upset over problems
4582.  Action not worry over problem
4583.  Faith in wellness from God
4584.  Following God’s will to be well
4585.  Persevering in God’s guidance
4586.  Quickened, responsive mind

Friday 3/13/15
4532.  Anonymity for humility
4533.  Sacrificing desires
4534.  See others as indispensable
4535.  Spiritual progress from help
4536.  See all as worthy of respect
4537.  Growth in understanding
4538.  Growth in effectiveness
4539.  Obedience to God’s will
4540.  Unconditional love, joy, patient
4541.  Kindness, good, faithfulness
4542.  Self-control, humility
4543.  Accepting I’ll never be perfect
4544.  Rely on intuitive feel not logic
4545.  Compassionate perception
4546.  Amazed by another’s insight
4547.  Caring words of comfort
4548.  My sponsor’s help/direction
4549.  Experience of others
4550.  Allowing change in my life
4551.  Change both acts and thought
4552.  God’s works through people
4553.  Returning love/care to others
4554.  Warm natural flow of love
4555.  Making love real by action
4556.  Good works w/ God’s spirit
4557.  Feeling found, no longer lost
4558.  Harmony with God’s spirit

Thursday 3/12/15
4498.  Recognizing rationalization
4499.  Using judgment
4500.  Holding all others dear
4501.  Welfare of others as goal
4502.  Kindness of others
4503.  Others help reach spirit goals
4504.  Ability to start fresh anytime
4505.  God’s strength as mine wears
4506.  Ask for honest selfless motives
4507.  Absence of self-pity by action
4508.  Openness to trusting others
4509.  Change of attitude/outlook
4510.  Openness to virtues of others
4511.  Accepting restlessness in life
4512.  Unshakable trust in God
4513.  Freedom from fear in trusting
4514.  Stability in life
4515.  Stretching potential to fullest
4516.  Finding new goals/challenges
4517.  Life meaning in new learning
4518.  Making new friends
4519.  Being convinced of sobriety
4520.  Action coming from love
4521.  Spirituality by being active
4522.  Looking to make world better
4523.  Allowing care to direct my life
4524.  Acting in ways to show I care
4525.  Love in my heart as my guide
4526.  Keep good deeds anonymous
4527.  Simplicity of good life
4528.  Coming to myself
4529.  Live up to my life’s substance
4530.  Love of humble things
4531.  Work to reduce complications

Wednesday 3/11/15
4468.  Allaying fear w/ faith
4469.  Inner security from spirituality
4470.  Practice of compassion
4471.  Conforming my will to God’s
4472.  Good orderly direction (God)
4473.  God never letting me down
4474.  Use will rightly by follow God’s
4475.  Not forcing things my way
4476.  Let God do for me what I can’t
4477.  See beauty, variety in world
4478.  Being at peace w/ self, world
4479.  Balanced, rational mind
4480.  New territories opening up
4481.  Depend on power outside self
4482.  Enjoying the present
4483.  Open to whatever unfolds
4484.  Forgive others, lift resentment
4485.  Forgive self to forgive others
4486.  Nourish spirit w/ good thought
4487.  Remove resentment burden
4488.  Happy as byproduct not goal
4489.  Way of life conducive to happy
4490.  Little by little, not all at once
4491.  Patience with change progress
4492.  Fix what needs it today only
4493.  Strengthen faith w/ quiet time
4494.  Give to God w/o reservations
4495.  Be fit expression of character
4496.  Look for beauty of character
4497.  Reflecting beauty in my life

Tuesday 3/10/15
4433.  Communication w/ others
4434.  Communication w/ world
4435.  Communication w/ God
4436.  Contact channels of the heart
4437.  Kinship in suffering
4438.  Carry message to keep it
4439.  Common mean of deliverance
4440.  Apply altruism in all life’s areas
4441.  Generosity
4442.  Morality
4443.  Patience
4444.  Enthusiasm
4445.  Meditation/concentration
4446.  Wisdom (6 perfections)
4447.  Feeling responsible for my life
4448.  Outlook change from 4th step
4449.  Not blaming others/see myself
4450.  Decision to sanity, God’s way
4451.  Love in courtesy
4452.  Treat others as I would myself
4453.  Self-respect/respecting others
4454.  Acting good to feel good
4455.  Courtesy no matter what
4456.  Steps/principles of a solution
4457.  Putting in work for well-being
4458.  Ability to wait for fulfillment
4459.  Not losing sight of objective
4460.  Be unruffled by little problems
4461.  See what is and isn’t important
4462.  Not worry if it’s unimportant
4463.  Letting it go if I can’t change it
4464.  God working through me
4465.  Not take credit for success
4466.  Quiet time in morning
4467.  Attune self to God’s music

Monday 3/9/15
4410.  Seeking God for healing
4411.  Enlightening practices
4412.  Contemplation on altruism
4413.  Applying virtue to daily life
4414.  Choose faith in God’s care
4415.  Putting my will in line w/ God’s
4416.  Inner peace from right action
4417.  Amending faults
4418.  Able to think/act w/ purpose
4419.  God’s help w/ the little things
4420.  Patient w/ everyday problems
4421.  Keeping things in proportion
4422.  Using my sponsor
4423.  Sponsor’s help w/ self-will
4424.  Always working on recovery
4425.  Sharing the miracle w/ others
4426.  Being a part of a group
4427.  Feeling needed/important
4428.  Absolute faith in God’s care
4429.  See others recover builds faith
4430.  Standards of virtue in my life
4431.  Honesty, purity, selfless, love
4432.  Quality of life through virtue

Sunday 3/8/15
4381.  Honest self-appraisal
4382.  Practice at multiple inventories
4383.  Reflecting on kindness
4384.  Seeing all as dear figures
4385.  Seeing fundamental equality
4386.  Aspire to benefit others
4387.  Submission to God
4388.  Kinship with God
4389.  Mutual sharing, concern, care
4390.  Giving away what I receive
4391.  Communicate by action/being
4392.  Glow of serenity
4393.  Value of silence
4394.  Health in daily words/actions
4395.  Feeling happy!
4396.  Self-esteem/showing self-love
4397.  Fulfilling responsibilities
4398.  Maintaining willingness
4399.  Remembering my past
4400.  Going to any lengths
4401.  Following my spirit
4402.  Learning from mistakes
4403.  Newfound clear/sober thinking
4404.  Reeducating my mind
4405.  Sharing in fellowship
4406.  Fellowship of spiritual people
4407.  Sharing in humanity
4408.  Heaven-life in here and now
4409.  Sense God in spirit fellowship

Saturday 3/7/15
4345.  Positive action in all my affairs
4346.  Offering my friendship
4347.  Kit of spiritual tools
4348.  Being done with negativity
4349.  Aspire freedom from suffering
4350.  Renunciation of suffering path
4351.  Willingness to give will to God
4352.  Willingness to give up pride
4353.  Comfort from giving up my will
4354.  Willingness turn fear to serene
4355.  Maintaining my use to others
4356.  Going to any length to act well
4357.  Keeping it green
4358.  Being available to help
4359.  Not forget past in good times
4360.  Keeping priorities in order
4361.  Understanding love by feel
4362.  Using my heart not my head
4363.  Accepting God’s love
4364.  Noticing God’s influence
4365.  Expecting a fair world
4366.  Giving benefit of doubt
4367.  Self-fulfilling positive prophesy
4368.  Trust in God to quell doubt
4369.  Be used to spread God’s love
4370.  Spreading friendliness
4371.  Greeting people with a smile
4372.  Leave problem in God’s hands
4373.  Working to meet God halfway
4374.  Preparing myself spiritually
4375.  Helping others w/ spirit prep
4376.  Bending to God’s will
4377.  Wanting God’s will above all
4378.  Not expecting if unprepared
4379.  Daily quiet communion w/ God
4380.  Gradually gaining strength

Friday 3/6/15
4315.  Differing interpretations
4316.  Give control of my life to God
4317.  Not being God myself
4318.  Relaxing to practice steps
4319.  Understanding suffering
4320.  Freedom from suffering
4321.  Belief in possibilities
4322.  Little acts of faith
4323.  De-stress/distract by talking
4324.  Give self best thoughts/care
4325.  Not reacting in kind to bad
4326.  Treat self/others w/ respect
4327.  Self worth from within
4328.  Grow by time/patience/tools
4329.  Give self compassion/love
4330.  Care for others by care for self
4331.  Finding the good in everything
4332.  Not make myself an exception
4333.  Move past rationalization
4334.  No longer deceiving myself
4335.  Examine my thinking w/ help
4336.  Learning to handle feelings
4337.  Getting used to new life
4338.  Not being led by old habits
4339.  Others helping me to see self
4340.  Asking for advice/opinions
4341.  Not taking credit if not my will
4342.  No place for pride/boasting
4343.  Work for/with/through God
4344.  Personality change from God

Thursday 3/5/15
4380.  Attending to family
4381.  Speaking w/ actions not words
4382.  Meditation/contemplation
4383.  Absorptive states of mind
4384.  Freedom from suffering
4385.  Lifelong undertaking of steps
4386.  Patience
4387.  Ability to delay gratification
4388.  Putting aside my opinions
4389.  Revealing my bad behavior
4390.  Awakenings
4391.  Working for a good life
4392.  Strong dose of humility
4393.  Recognizing truth when hear it
4394.  Disclosed barriers
4395.  Find happiness/content within
4396.  Feel if gratitude setting in
4397.  Peace growing little by little
4398.  Fullness of inner peace
4399.  Inner peace/happy from God
4400.  Expressing my gratitude
4401.  Trusting good of change
4402.  Never having to lose hope
4403.  Never being alone w/ problem
4404.  Faith in future of recovery path
4405.  Life in God’s care
4406.  Trusting in each day
4407.  Sharing thoughts w/ friends
4408.  Relaxing and accepting
4408.  Not trying too hard to force it
4409.  Gifts in God’s time not mine
4410.  Being ready for God’s gifts
4411.  Accept w/ gratitude/humility
4412.  Turning fear out of my life
4413.  Love/faith replacing fear
4314.  Power of hope

Wednesday 3/4/15
4346.  Experimenting w/ new things
4347.  Meditation and prayer
4348.  Results of meditation/prayer
4349.  Absence of suffering/pain
4350.  Not chasing fleeting pleasures
4351.  Willingness to grow/change
4352.  Willingness to be responsible
4353.  Continuous effort
4354.  Fruitfulness of my way of life
4355.  Delightful surprises
4356.  Every day as adventure
4357.  Being ready for anything
4358.  God’s smooth uncluttered way
4359.  Overcoming need to control
4360.  Accepting both sides of self
4361.  Stripping away denial
4362.  Noticing patterns in my life
4363.  Humility,perspective,disclosure
4364.  Appreciating powerlessness
4365.  Insight/acceptance of others
4366.  Steps becoming part of me
4367.  Being part of life around me
4368.  Finding my own balance
4369.  Surrender/bend not break
4370.  Love/care as center of my life
4371.  Openness to embrace learning
4372.  Learning for learnings sake
4373.  Starting the day right
4374.  Prepare/strengthen my mind
4375.  Enjoying peace and serenity
4376.  Living how God would want
4377.  Eliminating selfishness
4378.  God’s help to improve self
4379.  Taking path of spirituality

Tuesday 3/3/15
4320.  Working, not running away
4321.  Self-sacrifice
4322.  Insight into nature of suffering
4323.  Renunciation, self-focus
4324.  Compassion, others-focus
4325.  Insight by shift object of focus
4326.  Ability to put pride aside
4327.  Seeing my role in problems
4328.  Letting go of expectations
4329.  Conform my will to God’s
4330.  God’s direction as priority
4331.  Recognizing self-will
4332.  Think/act as balanced adult
4333.  God as my master
4334.  No longer feeling alone–ever
4335.  Faith as the way always
4336.  Power of belief
4337.  Facing challenges w/ God
4338.  Ability to learn from experience
4339.  God-knowledge over self-
4340.  1st 3 steps b/f self-knowledge
4341.  Leave problem in God’s hands
4342.  Doing what God would want
4343.  Thinking of spiritual things
4344.  Persisting in new growth
4345.  Seeing signs of new growth

Monday 3/2/15
4283.  Sincere desire to right a wrong
4284.  Demonstration of good will
4285.  Putting action before talk
4286.  Amends by action not talk
4287.  Joy from thinking of others
4288.  Thinking of self less often
4289.  Sacrifice to benefit others
4290.  Acknowledging my limitations
4291.  Time as a gift not a threat
4292.  Process of fulfilling potential
4293.  Keeping what I share
4294.  Courage from encouraging
4295.  Power greater than any fear
4296.  Patience on the right road
4297.  Accept reality of today for now
4298.  Believe all things are possible
4299.  Prayer as language of love
4300.  Trade pride for humility w/ God
4301.  Trade my will for God’s
4302.  Notice good and bad together
4303.  Turn thought to not against me
4304.  Prayer show me I want change
4305.  Clarity to see honestly
4306.  Loving heart through prayer
4307.  Begin to experience success
4308.  Fulfilling goals
4309.  Sharing accomplishments
4310.  Laying groundwork for others
4311.  Victory w/ attitude of gratitude
4312.  Admit problems, accept help
4313.  Deepening trust in God
4314.  Conquer by surrendering
4315.  Community based on love
4316.  Putting my life in God’s hands
4317.  Seeking God constantly
4318.  Spirit-communication w/ God
4319.  Ability to face anything w/ God

Sunday 3/1/15
4245.  Giving everyone a chance
4246.  Being inclusive not exclusive
4247.  Life open up by focus on other
4248.  Many rewards of altruism
4249.  See self as depend on others
4250.  Open mind by see relations
4251.  Other- not self- centeredness
4252.  Willingness to believe
4253.  Being one among many
4254.  Practicing faith for direction
4255.  Meaning/direction/purpose
4256.  Hope from listening to others
4257.  Faith working in all conditions
4258.  Serenity from practicing faith
4259.  Knowing I need others
4260.  Strength in numbers
4261.  Willingness to try new things
4262.  Enthusiasm for life
4263.  Reminder/God controls not me
4264.  Use resources/cope w/ anxiety
4265.  Willingness to be vulnerable
4266.  Vulnerability of an honest try
4267.  Being a part of others
4268.  Speaking gently
4269.  Taking pride in little things
4270.  Finding ways to say thank you
4271.  Turning it over to God’s care
4272.  Care as guidance/care actions
4273.  Finding bra ways to care
4274.  God sustaining me
4275.  Continuing spiritual journey
4276.  Letting go of pride and fear
4277.  Getting out of my own way
4278.  Following highest principles
4279.  Not reclaiming old problems
4280.  Constant effort at spirituality
4281.  God make rough path smooth
4282.  Finding what I need in faith

Saturday 2/28/15
4322.  Fierce resolve put to good use
4323.  Flexibility with failures
4324.  Well-being by cherish others
4325.  Freedom from manipulation
4326.  Ability to relate to others
4327.  Revealing my failings
4328.  Connecting over shared faults
4329.  Renewed ability to feel
4330.  Gratitude even for bad feelings
4331.  No bad feelings only lessons
4332.  God’s care/courage to face ills
4333.  Welcome feelings w/ courage
4334.  Embracing diversity
4335.  Trade fear for open-minded
4336.  Accepting need for help
4337.  Turning my life over to God
4338.  Ability to back off-easy does it
4339.  Add to, not figure out, world
4340.  Practicing kindness on myself
4341.  No need to worry/give to God
4242.  Trusting God w/ my problems
4243.  Spiritual preparation
4244.  Strength/joy alone w/ God

Friday 2/27/15
4297.  Adversity as a teacher
4298.  Restraint after being criticized
4299.  Probing self to admit defects
4300.  Clearing air by fault admission
4301.  Mutual understanding
4302.  Sense of humor, forgive/forget
4303.  Widening focus past self
4304.  Interconnected existence
4305.  Gentle suggestions
4306.  Shared experiences
4307.  Fellowship for the good of all
4308.  A path with friends and guides
4309.  Courage to reach out/act
4310.  Examining my motives
4311.  Getting better, not perfection
4312.  Doing better than I feel
4313.  Acting on best motives
4314.  New approach to conflict
4315.  Clear principles by resist fights
4316.  Use time/skills to better world
4317.  Ability to do my best work
4318.  Habit of good work
4319.  Trusting God w/ my problems
4320.  Feeling of spirit touching God
4321.  Worry melts in God’s presence

Thursday 2/26/15
4366.  Leading by example
4367.  Not correcting people
4368.  Quiet good example
4369.  Letting go of self-cherishing
4370.  Reflecting reality in behavior
4371.  Direction/strength from effort
4272.  Freedom and happiness
4273.  Purpose and direction
4274.  Serenity, peace with God
4275.  See spiritual success in others
4276.  Readily available joy
4277.  Give up conditional happiness
4278.  Accept happiness on its terms
4279.  Accept life on life’s terms
4280.  Letting go of setting conditions
4281. Courage to trust
4282.  Face remorse to take its power
4283.  Owning my part in painful past
4284.  Willingness to make amends
4285.  Affirming healing process
4286.  Self-forgiveness from remorse
4287.  God leading step by step
4288.  Becoming loving mature adult
4289.  Accepting hard times ahead
4290.  Prepare by form good habits
4291.  Keep near God/friend/program
4292.  Treat program as savings acct
4293.  See God’s work in fellows
4294.  Surety that God won’t fail me
4295.  Faith to know I’m cared for
4296.  Everything I need found in God

Wednesday 2/25/15
4336.  Fruits of spiritual experience
4337.  Life as intertwined w/ others
4338.  Spirit. aware from interactions
4339.  Spontaneous enlightened acts
4340.  Interconnected self
4341.  Obedience by pain/past failure
4342.  Humility by pain/past failure
4343.  God sharing His gifts
4344.  Growth, gratitude, peace
4345.  Seeing real me
4346.  Accepting self as I am
4347.  Replace independence w/ God
4348.  No split b/t wants and actions
4349.  In touch w/ feelings and reality
4350.  Providing others what I’d want
4351.  Awareness of others and God
4352.  Shedding light on secrets
4353.  Relationship w/ sponsor
4354.  Building relationships
4355.  Uncover defects to be freed
4356.  Practicing honesty
4357.  Reassigning tenacity to life
4358.  Clinging fast to good things
4359.  Believing in good things
4360.  Courage to believe
4361.  Belief smoothing the path
4362.  Put aside doubt for faith/hope
4363.  Spiritual/moral overcoming
4364.  Faith, fellowship, service
4365.  Do my share to improve world

Tuesday 2/24/15
4318.  Progress not perfection
4319.  Sidestepping spiritual pride
4320.  Interest of others over my own
4321.  Good of the many
4322.  My interest/others’ intertwined
4323.  Connectedness between all
4324.  Outgoing love
4325.  Attitude of gratitude
4326.  Gratitude as basis of humility
4327.  Humility as basis of anonymity
4328.  A path to follow
4329.  Asking forgiveness for mistake
4320.  Not giving advice
4321.  Constructive life patterns
4322.  Personality charge
4323.  Joy, wonder, love in my life
4324.  Sustaining honesty
4325.  Mended family relationships
4326.  Awareness
4327.  Asking for/ giving help
4328.  Expressing gratitude
4329.  See mistake as lesson not fail
4330.  Learning from my attitude
4331.  Seeing good from past failures
4332.  Depending on God’s grace
4333.  Not need result of my sharing
4334.  Make everyone feel welcome
4335.  Giving w/ glad, free heart/hand

Monday 2/23/15
4297.  Education
4298.  Supporting the community
4299.  Absolute equality
4300.  Good of many over one
4301.  Paradox of regeneration
4302.  Loss of self to find new one
4303.  Accepting vulnerabilities
4304.  Surrender to God
4305.  Being graced w/ strength
4306.  Passing on hope and dignity
4307.  Noticing success of others
4308.  Listening, contributing
4309.  Following directions
4310.  Principles before personalities
4311.  Seeing value in everyone
4312.  See message not messenger
4313.  Seeing time to give it to God
4314.  Availability of spiritual tools
4315.  Faith in God, Him by my side
4316.  Nature’s healing forces
4317.  Abundant life by God close by

Sunday 2/22/15
4268.  Restraint of tongue and pen
4269.  Avoiding quick criticism
4270.  Avoid argument, sulking, scorn
4271.  Self-restraint becoming habit
4272.  Cherishing others’ well-being
4273.  Seeing self as equal to others
4274.  Destiny to grow
4275.  God guiding to the better way
4276.  Developing character
4277.  Removal of perfectionism
4278.  Taking small steps toward goal
4279.  Harmony by stick to God’s will
4280.  Inventory to keep life harmony
4281.  See diff. b/t God’s and my will
4282.  See dissonance is from my will
4283.  Corrective action to God’s will
4284.  Live in harmony w/ world/God
4285.  Constructively meeting needs
4286.  Working through problems
4287.  Satisfaction of solutions
4288.  See group needs as my needs
4289.  Striving to be better helper
4290.  Offering myself for service
4291.  Find ways to use God’s gifts
4292.  Work/school, family, friends
4293.  Keep on right path by trust
4294.  Not being led by doubt/fear
4295.  Turning out fear by faith
4296.  Living how God would want

Saturday 2/21/15
4234.  Sense of purpose in reality
4235.  Trading fantasy for usefulness
4236.  Being grounded and spiritual
4237.  Growing God consciousness
4238.  Connecting to fellows
4239.  Fundamental equality of all
4240.  Equal right to fulfill aspirations
4241.  Being a part of the whole
4242.  Wanting spiritual fulfillment
4243.  When “they” becomes “we”
4244.  Scrutiny of personal inventory
4245.  Noticing the good not the bad
4246.  Letting go of critical urges
4247.  Airing my faults to someone
4248.  Seeing with new eyes
4249.  Feeling good about self, others
4250.  Accept consequence of action
4251.  Belief in effective help
4252.  Gratitude displacing self-pity
4253.  Availability of support/tools
4254.  Cultivating the solution
4255.  Learning from diversity
4256.  Freedom to be myself
4257.  Letting others be themselves
4258.  Other as mirror, show real me
4259.  Others model/show the way
4260.  Be selfish by put safety first
4261.  Respect/love for self/others
4262.  Knowing self by know God
4263.  Being true to myself
4264.  Partner in God
4265.  Be alone w/ God, restore calm
4266.  Beware unrest, reach for God
4267.  Calm spirit, steady heart

Friday 2/20/15
4205.  Putting spiritual progress first
4206.  Being financially responsible
4207.  Seeing all people as my kind
4208.  Wish to see others happy
4209.  Wish others free of suffering
4210.  Cultivating love/compassion
4211.  Simplest pleasures
4212.  Lightness of heart
4213.  Gift of laughter
4214.  Not taking self too seriously
4215.  Strength from overcoming
4216.  Trust in “let go and let God”
4217.  More ability for bigger burdens
4218.  Recalling conquered problems
4219.  Power over personal behavior
4220.  Positive action for change
4221.  Learning from mistakes
4222.  Making responsible choices
4223.  Heightened awareness of self
4224.  Increasing willingness
4225.  Learning realistic expectations
4226.  Letting go of “all-or-nothing”
4227.  Examining expectations
4228.  Doing my part, let the rest go
4229.  My work as God’s will for me
4230.  Seeing my priorities
4231.  Sincere belief in God’s power
4232.  Conforming to God’s will
4233.  Ask only for faith and strength

Thursday 2/19/15
4169.  Ability for true partnership
4170.  Letting go of demands
4171.  Letting go of dependency
4172.  Meditating on kindness
4173.  Repaying kindness
4174.  Honorable ethical feelings
4175.  No longer isolating self
4176.  Seeing similarity not difference
4177.  Being one of many
4178.  Not seeing self as exception
4179.  Membership in fellowship
4180.  Take responsibility to be friend
4181.  Take initiative to end isolation
4182.  Fear vanishing w/ scrutiny
4183.  Optimism, seeing bright side
4184.  Working through unhappiness
4185.  Optimism as accomplishment
4186.  Seeing need for God/ others
4187.  Not trying it alone anymore
4188.  Turn over what I can’t handle
4189.  Taking advantage of all help
4190.  Examine/alter expectations
4191.  Not longer anticipating misery
4192.  Learn by watch others survive
4193.  Know We can handle anything
4194.  Sharing any reservation/fear
4195.  Keeping main purpose in sight
4196.  Awareness of thought/feelings
4197.  Slowing down to be self-aware
4198.  Knowing what I believe in
4199.  Asking questions of self
4200.  Give self freedom to become
4201.  Value of question, not answer
4201.  Being prepared by training
4202.  Enduring to the end
4203.  God’s guidance in spirituality
4204.  Never doubting Him

Wednesday 2/18/15
4136.  Simple relationship w/ God
4137.  Many ways to faith
4138.  Finding a working path to faith
4139.  Diversity in fellowship
4140.  Rebirth of consciousness
4141.  Mother-like nurturing
4142.  Understanding possibilities
4143.  Finding my path w/ principles
4144.  Improved attitude by lifestyle
4145.  Courageous complete humility
4146.  Honesty by trusting God
4147.  Let go of wish for guarantee
4148.  Unselfish impulses
4149.  Risk of acting in the moment
4150.  Let go of preconceived notions
4151.  Avoiding tendency to control
4152.  Free flow of thoughts, ideas
4153.  Security from promise to try
4154.  Commitment to do my best
4155.  Know I’m taken care of today
4156.  Fundamentally given to God
4157.  Partnership w/ God for peace
4158.  Guidance by staying w/ God
4159.  Applying principles best I can
4160.  Doing the footwork for care
4161.  Honoring commitment to God
4162.  Expressing prayer in actions
4163.  Honoring trust of friends
4164.  Refraining from gossip
4165.  Linking self to Force of Good
4166.  Put difficulty in Divine Hands
4167.  Childlike trust in God
4168.  Unquestioning confidence

Tuesday 2/17/15
4107.  Openminded experimentation
4108.  Quest for God
4109.  Constructive forces/fellowship
4110.  Overcoming obstinacy
4111.  Living proof of release
4112.  Speaking from the heart
4113.  Real world of spirit/faith
4114.  Thinking of all as dear to me
4115.  Idea of beginningless lifetimes
4116.  Develop sense of connection
4117.  Faith in fellowship
4118.  Seeing others change
4119.  Belief in restoration
4120.  Responsibility for being happy
4121.  Feel good by right action daily
4122.  Giving self spirit sustenance
4123.  Self-generated self-esteem
4124.  Seeing my limits
4125.  See how and how not to help
4126.  Seeing powerless over others
4127.  Allowing others to carry selves
4128.  Carrying the message
4129.  Good future by focus on today
4130.  Taking care of today only
4131.  Learning about self/changing
4132.  Life improving w/ knowing self
4133.  Find means of God closeness
4134.  Truth in center of worship
4135.  Soul-food/communion w/ God

Monday 2/16/15
4075.  Regular inventory
4076.  Fact-finding/fact-facing
4077.  Life built of spiritual moments
4078.  Level out mood fluctuation
4079.  Level out feeling of others
4080.  Stable for balanced closeness
4081.  See emotion from other angles
4082.  Minimizing extremes
4083.  See only option is right action
4084.  Commitment, discipline
4085.  Self-imposed responsibility
4086.  “Wisdom to know difference”
4087.  Listening to God’s will
4088.  Putting aside own will/wants
4089.  Security of God’s path
4090.  Opening mind/spirit w/ prayer
4091.  Acknowledge pain/not running
4092.  Facing feelings of discomfort
4093.  Trust in God
4094.  Being kind no matter what
4095.  Spiritual balance by kindness
4096.  Show care for others’ feelings
4097.  Keeping promises
4098.  Honoring rules, relationships
4099.  Spirituality lifting obsession
4100.  Be unruffled, no matter what
4101.  Keep emotions in check
4102.  Keep calm during disturbance
4103.  Deep inner silence, even keel
4104.  Keeping calm on hurried days
4105.  Being still, commune w/ God
4106.  Learn patience, humility, peace

Sunday 2/15/15
4052.  Striving for better honesty
4053.  Put love before cruel honesty
4054.  See my anger as unjustified
4055.  See fleeting nature of hate
4056.  Working for success
4057.  Ability to take right action
4058.  Fulfill dreams by achievement
4059.  Constancy of truth
4060.  Better awareness of honesty
4061.  Self-honesty/personal honesty
4062.  Awakening spirit by step work
4063.  Persistence through turmoil
4064.  Bring down self-built barriers
4065.  Feeling I’m enough/feel loved
4066.  Slowing pace to feel love
4067.  Life at God’s pace not mine
4068.  Counting blessings
4069.  Turn self out of my life
4070.  Letting God work through me
4071.  Inspiration replacing aspiration
4072.  Chief ambition to be fit for God
4073.  Be useful instrument to God
4074.  Sharing in remaking world

Saturday 2/14/15
4021.  Spiritual awakening
4022.  Change in life and outlook
4023.  End of obsessive desire
4024.  Finding from seeking
4025.  Willingness as spiritual basis
4026.  Surprising simplicity
4027.  Using visualization
4028.  Noticing emotions arising
4029.  Letting go of attachment
4030.  Trust God and clean house
4031.  Expectation not being demand
4032.  Bring blessing on messes
4033.  Asking what I should learn
4034.  Sharing blessings and faith
4035.  Unconditional acceptance
4036.  Being loved by giving love
4037.  Loving even if not loved back
4038.  Honesty about my beliefs
4039.  Right to God as I understand
4040.  Finding God that works for me
4041.  Safety/care in ask God for help
4042.  Develop understanding of God
4043.  Being whole by God as love
4044.  Never being alone again
4045.  Seek knowledge of God’s love
4046.  Trust in God in my side
4047.  Change by trusting
4048.  Easier life by belief in love
4049.  Belief through hard times
4050.  Time to be alone with God
4051.  Being in God’s presence

Friday 2/13/15
3986.  See diff. b/t God’s will & mine
3987.  God’s nonspecific guidance
3988.  God’s indirect guidance
3989.  Losing self-serving demands
3990.  Clear vision by nonattachment
3991.  Nonattachment to my work
3992.  Relating even-handedly
3993.  Overcoming partiality
3994.  Not using high IQ as a defense
3995.  See IQ as gift not recovery tool
3996.  Seeing liability of high IQ
3997.  Enjoying people as they are
3998.  Love/accept self as I am
3999.  Freedom to enjoy by accepting
4000.  Putting aside self-absorption
4001.  Give up being right for caring
4002.  Joining in w/o judgment
4003.  Constructive responses
4004.  Positive response to negative
4005.  Being part of solution
4006.  Keep atmosphere of recovery
4007.  Common welfare over myself
4008.  No fear of self-discovery
4009.  Not doing it alone/God’s help
4010.  Seeing problems resolved
4011.  Leave solution/result to God
4012.  Ask for help and doing my part
4013.  Working on problems
4014.  Breaking life into easy chunks
4015.  Power to change bit by bit
4016.  Break it down to fix problem
4017.  Change in present only
4018.  Grounding self in present
4019.  Pressing on to realize goals
4020.  Not giving up before miracle

Thursday 2/12/15
3957.  Being a spiritual example
3958.  Being a pupil, not a teacher
3959.  Leveling out attachment
3960.  Closeness without desire
3961.  Softening emotional extremes
3962.  World not hinging on me
3963.  People doing fine w/o me
3964.  Relief from giving up control
3965.  Letting God play God, not me
3966.  Faith as path in center of life
3967.  Forgetting myself in listening
3968.  Listening w/o giving advice
3969.  Ability to give gift of myself
3970.  Self-worth w/o inflation
3971.  Amends by living differently
3972.  Stop fear by living responsibly
3973.  Living in present more often
3974.  Joys only available in present
3975.  Giving up expectations
3976.  Let go of tomorrow’s problems
3977.  Offering problems to God
3978.  Practicing patience w/ future
3979.  Giving love to inner child
3980.  Thinking kind thoughts of self
3981.  Wanting life more than all else
3982.  Enjoying clarity of mind
3983.  Peace by God-consciousness
3984.  Safety w/ God no matter what
3985.  Being led by/trusting in God

Wednesday 2/11/15
3928.  Receiving gifts w/ humility
3929.  Conversion experience
3930.  Spirituality based on past pain
3931.  Combining good methods
3932.  Reflecting on others’ kindness
3933.  Feeling universal responsibility
3934.  Relating to all others equally
3935. Overcoming mood fluctuations
3936.  Serenity/comfort of God’s path
3937.  Acknowledging fears
3938.  Reuniting w/ God on His path
3939.  Laughing at myself
3940.  Relaxing and giving it to God
3941.  Knowing I’m only human
3942.  Freedom starts w/ acceptance
3943.  Surrendering to care of God
3944.  Experience to help others
3945.  Seeking needed fellowship
3946.  A sense of purpose
3947.  Conscious contact w/ God
3948.  Blessings from past struggle
3949.  Doing activities on time
3950.  Not putting things off
3951.  Work to prevent loss of gifts
3952.  Putting past to good use
3953.  Remember past to keep going
3954.  Changing madness to sanity
3955.  Enjoying simple life
3956.  Waiting patiently by trust in HP

Tuesday 2/10/15
3901.  Aspirations toward justice
3902.  Brotherhood
3903.  Progress not perfection
3904.  Growing spiritually
3905.  Common strivings
3906.  Cultivating intimacy
3907.  Exchanging and equalizing
3908.  Considering all others as dear
3909.  Choosing God
3910.  Getting out of my own way
3911.  Simplicity of faith
3912.  Moving ahead constantly
3913.  Accepting self as I am
3914.  Defects loosening their grip
3915.  Trying my best as all I need
3916.  Having wholesome fun
3917.  Strength from burdens
3918.  Wisdom from self honesty
3919.  Love by being loving
3920.  Praying for right things
3921.  Learning from pain and joy
3922.  A chance at life
3923.  See life wonders everywhere
3924.  Doing little things for others
3925.  Working with God
3926.  Being happier God’s way
3927.  Openness to God’s change

Monday 2/9/15
3879.  Faith instead of fear
3880.  Feeling connected to others
3881.  Empathy
3882.  Intimacy/loving-kindness
3883.  Seeing spiritual transformation
3884.  Belongingness
3885.  Inner peace
3886.  Taking action now
3887.  Not holding back on life
3888.  Acceptance from others
3889.  Self-acceptance
3890.  Freedom from fear of rejection
3891.  Letting people into my life
3892.  Seeing I’m not immune
3893.  Seeing room for improvement
3894.  Being productive, fulfilled
3895.  Proper guidance
3896.  Humility by powerlessness
3897.  Practicing good self-care
3898.  Access to God’s love by faith
3899.  Trust in God’s help
3900.  Strong hold on life-line of faith

Sunday 2/8/15
3852.  Admitting needs
3853.  Mutual need/communication
3854.  Taking setbacks in stride
3855.  Transitory nature of existence
3856.  Insight with compassion
3857.  Non-objectifying compassion
3858.  Awareness of nature of being
3859.  Letting go of “absolute” reality
3860.  Sticking to basic principles
3861.  Bring unconscious into line
3862.  Growth by new experience
3863.  Giving up outworn ways
3864.  God w/ me at all times
3865.  Not doing it alone
3866.  Ability to learn new ways
3867.  Not taking things for granted
3868.  My sponsor’s help
3869.  Asking for support
3870.  Realizing I’m loved
3871.  Loving God to love man
3872.  Expressing love for others
3873.  Set of ideas that works
3874.  Promises from working
3875.  Learning what doesn’t work
3876.  Limitless trust in God
3877.  Waiting for God’s guidance
3878.  Meeting test of waiting ability

Saturday 2/7/15
3819.  Practice of admitting defects
3820.  Insight of personality flaws
3821.  Discussion of flaws
3822.  Grace of God expel obsession
3823.  Wisdom with insight
3824.  Resources to draw on
3835.  Focus to build strength
3836.  Humility, open mind for faith
3837.  Asking for God’s help
3838.  Healthy, sane, paranoia-free
3839.  Open mind to every voice
3840.  Hearing what I need to
3841.  Seeing difficulty as life’s test
3842.  God on my side to help w/ test
3843.  Work to realize potential
3844.  Giving up compulsively
3845.  Patience to live for today
3846.  Accept/learn from handicap
3847.  Seeing need for God
3848.  Seeing self as I really am
3849.  Find self by accept handicaps
3850.  See long view, consequences
3851.  Praying from the heart

Friday 2/6/15
3790.  Release to God
3791.  Release from obsession
3792.  Using cheer and laughter
3793.  Commitment to altruism
3794.  Responsibility for thought/feel
3795.  Rallying together
3796.  Turning my life over to God
3797.  Being small part of a whole
3798.  Sanity/emotional sobriety
3799.  Showing self-acceptance
3800.  Dressing becomingly
3801.  Support of other people
3802.  Not doing it alone
3803.  Social harmony for fulfillment
3804.  Not pretending self-sufficiency
3805.  Care of God at all times
3806.  Broad, deep life perspective
3807.  Spirit of loving kindness
3808.  Seeing good in people
3809.  Fresh life, humble soul
3810.  Making a beginning
3811.  Learning by doing
3812.  Taking social initiate
3813.  Progress not perfection
3814.  Being a doer
3815.  Seeing consequences before
3816.  Seeking God’s company
3817.  Feeling God’s love
3818.  Open ears, open heart

Thursday 2/5/15
3658.  Spiritual simplicity
3659.  Avoiding conflict/exclusivity
3660.  Cultivating compassion
3661.  Commitment to well-being
3662.  Commitment to others
3663.  Shouldering responsibility
3664.  Not arguing
3665.  Belief in God
3666.  Enthusiasm
3667.  Release from being alone
3668.  Sharing burdens
3669.  See link b/t insanity and ego
3670.  Enjoying myself
3671.  Enjoying companions
3772.  Unconditional self-love
3773.  Feeling worthwhile
3774.  Offering hugs
3775.  Making a difference
3776.  Offering a warm welcome
3777.  God as a teacher
3778.  Exhibiting capabilities
3779.  Practicing being my best self
3780.  Strong spiritual center
3781.  Help ready for any problem
3782.  Go to good sources for help
3783.  Consulting my sponsor
3784.  Long-term solutions
3785.  Seeing consequences
3786.  Communing w/ God
3787.  Life as a spiritual school
3788.  Making spiritual life a habit
3789.  Practicing new things

Wednesday 2/4/15
3622.  Unsparing self-survey/criticism
3623.  Resisting survey of others
3624.  Desire to benefit to others
3625.  Helping others past suffering
3626.  Compassion for all equally
3627.  Heart feeling what mind knows
3628.  Time spent on faith
3639.  Putting aside pride/fear
3640.  Lack of reality-basis to fears
3641.  Change/action in spite of fears
3642.  Working w/ any feeling I have
3643.  Spontaneous feelings
3644.  Flexibility with feeling things
3645.  Giving up “planned” emotions
3646.  Recognize many “right” ways
3647.  See potential/God in everyone
3648.  Recognizing I’m not “special”
3649.  Staying in moment
3650.  Making good choices
3651.  Moments of good choice/truth
3652.  Knowing I’m cared for
3653.  Building others up
3654.  Unselfish friendship
3655.  Throwing away “crutches”
3656.  Dependence on God
3657.  God’s unlimited power

Tuesday 2/3/15
3593.  Humility
3594.  Anonymity
3595.  Potential of the mind
3596.  Luminosity and knowing
3597.  Manifesting good qualities
3598.  Spiritual practice
3599.  Working through obstacles
3600.  Willingness to believe
3601.  No more loneliness
3602.  Unconditional love
3603.  Finding God’s love
3604.  Feeding inner self of spirit
3605.  Giving problems to God
3606.  Confidence in God’s solution
3607.  Look past diff. backgrounds
3608.  Broad shared experience
3609.  Seeing life from many angles
3610.  Strength in diversity
3611.  Daily application of knowledge
3612.  Practice
3613.  Getting help from each other
3614.  Focused individual care
3615.  Good sponsorship
3616.  Self-respect, not -importance
3617.  Honesty and humility
3618.  Lasting peace by discipline
3619.  Spiritual substitute
3620.  Faith in God’s power
3621.  Closeness to others by faith

Monday 2/2/15
3567.  Going between extremes
3568.  Learning from experience
3569.  Gradual process of training
3570.  Long-term transformation
3571.  Sustained concerted effort
3572.  Rescue by surrender to God
3573.  Willingness
3574.  Taking suggestions
3575.  Choosing to be happy
3576.  Principle of goodwill
3577.  Apply spirit principle to choice
3578.  Doing right for right reason
3579.  Goodwill over self-will
3580.  Slowly developing virtues
3581.  Grow patience by mindfulness
3582.  Prayer in trying times
3583.  Living the life set before me
3584.  Believing in what I say
3585.  Let principles be part of me
3586.  Having a guide
3587.  Unwavering belief by practice
3588.  Pleasure/peace from reality
3589.  Real feelings, not intoxication
3590.  Practicing love to pave way
3591.  Seeing good in all people
3592.  Getting love by giving it

Sunday 2/1/15
3545.  Tolerance/love in practice
3546.  Sincerity
3547.  Altruistic intention
3548.  Spiritual aspirations
3549.  Altruistic activity
3550.  Regular concerted effort
3551.  Discipline
3552.  Letting God do His work
3553.  Surrender to God’s care
3554.  God as a friend
3555. Seeing rules apply to me too
3556.  Surrendering uniqueness
3557.  Feeling a part of something
3558.  Taking care of the little things
3559.  Healing power of recovery
3560.  Belief, openness, hope
3561.  Seeing I’m a miracle
3562.  Seeing liability in temptation
3563.  Letting go of mistakes
3564.  Starting each day fresh
3565.  God’s forgiveness
3566.  Glad, humble heart

Saturday 1/31/15
3519.  Constructive imagination
3520.  Envisioning a plan/goals
3521.  Fulfilling others’ wishes
3522.  My fulfillment as by-product
3523.  Cultivating altruistic intention
3524.  Not taking credit for recovery
3525.  Placing common welfare first
3526.  Active surrender of will
3527.  Greater good of group growth
3528.  Participating actively
3629.  Saying yes
3530.  Getting out of my own way
3531.  Forgetting myself
3532.  Balance from God
3533.  Learning to trust
3534.  Feeling truth
3535.  Admitting what I don’t know
3536.  Change act to change thought
3537.  Always being a beginner
3538.  Fellowship w/ people and God
3539.  Living how God wills
3540.  Value of sacrifice/suffering
3541.  Faith through bad times
3542.  Trust w/o understanding God
3543.  Spirit growth by pain/defeat
3544.  Faith in God’s plan for me

Friday 1/30/15
3491.  Change in outlook
3492.  Value recognition by humility
3493.  Ego-puncturing
3494.  Facing pain and problems
3495.  Looking and listening
3496.  Failure as asset by humility
3497.  Seeing who I really am
3498.  Trying to become who I can be
3499.  Compassion for all
3500.  Wish for enlightenment to help
3501.  Altruistic wish to help others
3502.  Freedom from things
3503.  Freedom to do things
3504.  Fulfillment through freedom
3505.  Appreciating this minute
3506.  Conscious of life outside self
3507.  Capacity for simple enjoyment
3508.  Relationship with God
3509.  Expression of spiritual life
3510.  Growing through sharing
3511.  Exercising patience
3512.  Strength by good choices
3513.  Choosing to be lucky
3514.  Responsibility for choices
3515.  Moving past loneliness
3516.  Retreat/refreshment with God
3517.  Success through serenity
3518.  Strengthening inner life

Thursday 1/29/15
3461.  Unity under God
3462.  Potential by coming together
3463.  Analytic meditation
3464.  Reasoning
3465.  Continuous sustained effort
3466.  Applying mindfulness always
3467.  Finding new meaning in life
3468.  Losing loneliness
3469.  Being a part of larger growth
3470.  Relief of the fellowship
3471.  Fully embracing new lifestyle
3472.  Getting to know myself
3473.  Being accepted
3474.  Accepting self as I am
3475.  Courage to be me honestly
3476.  Change only after acceptance
3477.  Seeing rules apply to me
3478.  Not trying to be an exception
3479.  Feeling not controlling emotion
3480.  Surrender as a beginning
3481.  Living in peace
3482.  Concern but not fear
3483.  Not focusing on minor events
3484.  Noticing richness of life
3485.  Losing fear and relaxing
3486.  Recovering one day at a time
3487.  Putting more in than taking out
3488.  Feeling release/freedom daily
3489.  Future being in God’s hands
3490.  Building God’s plans for me

Wednesday 1/28/15
3439.  Taking difficulty in stride
3440.  Common welfare resilience
3441.  Familiarity, intimacy
3442.  Tranquil abiding
3443.  Dark past in God’s hands
3444.  Dark past as key to happiness
3445.  Showing others help
3446.  Dark past as a tool to help
3447.  Availability of God’s grace
3448.  Freedom of self trust
3449.  Considerate/kind by self trust
3450.  Keeping my word/commitment
3451.  Practicing health every day
3452.  Daily choice of recovery
3453.  Belief in change
3454.  Openness/humility to change
3455.  Actively seeking change
3456.  Fellowship of the human race
3457.  Understanding differences
3458.  God’s help to love all people
3459.  Load of remorse fallen away
3460.  Trusting in the way of the spirit

Tuesday 1/27/15
3509.  Not exhibiting anger
3510.  Responding with silence
3511.  Restraint of pen and tongue
3512.  Good humor to criticism
3513.  Meditation as discipline
3514.  Control of thought/emotion
3515.  Focus of mind at will
3516.  Imperviousness to impulses
3517.  Free from self-justification
3518.  Not blaming, but recovering
3519.  An internal home
3520.  Enjoying my own company
3521.  Interest in matter at hand
3522.  Zest/enthusiasm for life
3523.  Less extreme problems
3424.  Accept personal responsibility
3425.  Overcoming fear, taking risk
3426.  Learning new things every day
3427.  Revelation of life
3428.  Finding joy in daily activities
3429.  Finding joy in God
3430.  Sharing Joy with others
3431.  Joy in being myself
3432.  Actively looking for/finding joy
3433.  Belief in self to face anything
3434.  Giving freely
3435.  Freedom of honesty
3436.  Peace/calm replace fears/hate
3437.  Make room for good in my life
3438.  All space being occupied

Monday 1/26/15
3472.  God’s miraculous power
3473.  Personal experience of faith
3474.  Freedom from faith
3475.  Sustained, repeated effort
3476.  Constant familiarity w/ positive
3477.  Conscious love development
3478.  Cultivating positive habits
3479.  Fulfilling duties
3480.  Duty to stay alive and well
3481.  Asking for/giving help
3482.  Know my opinions aren’t fact
3483.  Not being center of universe
3484.  Enlightenment replace illusion
3485.  Serenity replace resentment
3486.  Love replacing anger
3487.  Living in reality not illusions
3488.  Giving up pain of illusions
3489.  Health from giving up illusion
3490.  Giving up self-sufficiency
3491.  Selflessness by reliance
3492.  God-centeredness, not self-
3493.  Seeking God’s will not mine
3494.  Deflating self-importance
3495.  Seeking to serve others
3496.  Understanding, patience, love
3497.  Knowing God will help if asked
3498.  Cultivating new virtues
3499.  Freedom to choose well
3500.  Admitting when I’m hurt
3501.  Love self, love others, let go
3502.  Process of forgiveness
3503.  Relief from forgiveness
3504.  Healthy dependence on God
3505.  Give up material dependence
3506.  Seeking calm simple life
3507.  Constructive thinking
3508.  Building up not tearing down

Sunday 1/25/15
3456.  Forgiving others
3457.  Asking God’s forgiveness
3458.  Forgiving myself
3459.  Seeing my wrongs, not others’
3460.  Know how my think/feel works
3450.  Seeing sides of inner conflicts
3451.  Strengthening positive thought
3452.  Transforming heart/mind
3453.  Introspection/examining
3454.  Taming thoughts/feelings
3455.  Antidote of compassion/love
3456.  Seeing my similarity to others
3457.  High standards of ethics/honor
3458.  Seeing need of each other
3459.  Trusting perceptions
3460.  Listening to feelings
3461.  Time to learn God’s will for me
3462.  Spark of hope in one’s eyes
3463.  Joy of seeing another recover
3464.  Honesty about my problems
3465.  Being totally open
3466.  Trusting/believing in myself
3467.  Values in spiritual center
3468.  God wanting me to love myself
3469.  Kingdom of God within us
3470.  Eternal life in the here and now
3471.  Prayer for God’s vision/insight

Saturday 1/24/15
3428.  Practical results of meditation
3429.  Spiritual adventure
3430.  Emotional balance
3431.  Deepening channel to God
3432.  Physical/mental connection
3433.  Mental ease by bodily means
3434.  Training energy patterns
3435.  Transforming attitudes
3436.  Making use of abilities
3437.  Being involved and of use
3438.  Loving self as I would another
3439.  Resisting comparison
3440.  Resisting putting self down
3441.  Courage, humility, liking myself
3442.  Resisting isolation, not hiding
3443.  Self-honesty, being realistic
3444.  Tying self to larger world
3445.  Connecting to life and people
3446.  Being part of something bigger
3447.  Honesty about my condition
3448.  Freedom from harmful desires
3449.  Giving up hating for caring
3450.  Revealing/letting go of hates
3451.  Praying for those I hate
3452.  Relief by honest admission
3453.  Submit to material limitations
3454.  No limits to spirituality
3455.  Freedom in trying to do His will

Friday 1/23/15
3400.  Self-searching, leveling pride
3401.  Confession
3402.  Seeing others succeed
3403.  Following good examples
3404.  Overcoming suffering
3405.  Mental experience/think/feel
3406.  Disciplining the mind
3407.  Not taking life too seriously
3408.  Pay-off of investing effort
3409.  Spiritual-, not self-, centered
3410.  Melting self-destructive motive
3411.  Stepping out of myself
3412.  Attention to needs not wants
3413.  Not being in charge of my will
3414.  Working w/ light heart/freedom
3415.  Stop 1 bad day from being 2
3416.  Simple solutions that work
3417.  Maintenance of program
3418.  Letting others do it for selves
3419.  Responsibility for self-develop.
3420.  Expressing open honest care
3421.  Living by values/principles
3422.  Feeling trust and safety
3423.  Availability of God/His power
3424.  Getting out of my own way
3425.  Total willingness to be helped
3426.  Total belief that God is helping
3427.  Learning life in God’s presence

Thursday 1/22/15
3370.  Progress from pain
3371.  Moving past difficulties
3372.  Benefit of experience
3373.  Using mantras
3374.  Keeping on acceptance track
3375.  Courage to change
3376.  Balance attitude to self/others
3377.  Positive thinking development
3378.  Spiritual growth by adversity
3379.  Keep it simple/break it down
3380.  Innermost being as a retreat
3381.  Openness to whatever comes
3382.  Spiritual reflection
3383.  Apply recovery skills in crisis
3384.  Studying recovery as student
3385.  Take opportunities for growth
3386.  Stronger by more challenges
3387.  Talking about challenges
3388.  Accepting the past me/sins
3389.  Accepting the present me/sins
3390.  Serenity by self-acceptance
3391.  Getting help from friends
3392.  Turning to God
3393.  Trusting God
3394.  Reeducating my mind
3395.  Enjoying simple healthy living
3396.  A changed/changing outlook
3397.  Humility/gratitude attitude
3398.  Gratitude to God as necessity
3399.  A better life from humility

Wednesday 1/21/15
3330.  Trial and error
3331.  Living proof of reason for hope
3332.  Constant practice
3333.  Spiritual transformation
3334.  Altruistic intentions
3335.  God guiding my aspirations
3336.  Being kind, loving, healing
3337.  Full w/ humility not arrogance
3338.  Composure through God
3339.  Strength and sensibility
3340.  Respond calmly, not reacting
3341.  Honesty relieving resentment
3342.  Looking at my motives/actions
3343.  Self-honesty relieving anger
3344.  Self-esteem from self-honesty
3345.  Unity in purpose
3346.  Unity without uniformity
3347.  Pull together in common goal
3348.  People being there for me
3349.  Being there for other people
3350.  Resisting confrontation
3351.  Realizing my hidden motives
3352.  Examination of motives
3353.  Course-correction to honesty
3354.  Not fearing my own flaws
3355.  Being open about my defects
3356.  Admitting when motive is bad
3357.  Strive for honesty over bumps
3358.  Feeling like I count
3359.  Equality
3360.  HP’s world of exchanging love
3361.  Admitting defeat to start new
3362.  Seeing abnormality in my past
3363.  Wanting healthy normality
3364.  Interest in deep meaning in life
3365.  Lack of interest in shallow life
3366.  Reeducating my mind/thinking
3367.  Renewing mind to transform
3368.  Rest in God’s everlasting arms
3369.  Confidence from God’s help

Tuesday 1/20/15
3302.  Respecting other beliefs/ways
3303.  Mindfulness of good for others
3304.  Taking on others’ suffering
3305.  Giving away own virtues
3306.  Blurring lines b/t self and other
3307.  Space b/t impulse and action
3308.  Discernment
3309.  Making effort toward right act
3310.  Willingness instead of give up
3311.  Willingness to try from prayer
3312.  God doing for me what I can’t
3313.  Possibility through willingness
3314.  Freedom from addiction
3315.  Ability to receive God’s gifts
3316.  Taking responsibility for self
3317.  Self-eval., not blaming others
3318.  Freed from my will by service
3319.  Learning to care for self/others
3320.  Belief I can make a difference
3321.  New belief that I’m worthwhile
3322.  See respect/beauty in helping
3323.  Decent honest unselfish life
3324.  Feeling alive, meaning in life
3325.  Looking world in the face
3326.  Being one w/ Divine Spirit/God
3327.  Wanting what’s best for me
3328.  Spiritual wants/aspirations
3329.  Thinking love to find love

Monday 1/19/15
3275.  Partnership, brotherhood
3276.  Taking consequences of past
3277.  Responsibility for others’ care
3278.  Courage from compassion
3279.  Inner strength from altruism
3280.  Firm determination
3281.  Round-the-clock faith
3282.  God works in/through people
3283.  Overwhelming gratitude for HP
3284.  Awe inspired by His presence
3285.  Acceptance of self, even flaws
3286.  Free from guilt, shame, hate
3287.  Change only after self-love
3288.  Unconditional love
3289.  Focus on doing the footwork
3290.  Remind self of what’s well now
3291.  Put problems in perspective
3292.  Not need chaos for excitement
3293.  Waiting for opportunity
3294.  Not pushing/forcing my will
3295.  Handling more by relying more
3296.  Keeping eye open for trouble
3297.  Recognizing signs of trouble
3298.  Action at first warning sign
3299.  Adventure of reach for goals
3300.  Honesty, unselfishness, faith
3301.  Understanding my want/needs

Sunday 1/18/15
3245.  Spirit of love behind inventory
3246.  Assessing motives
3247.  A trusting love
3248.  Resisting emotional bias
3249.  Tell one of confidence in them
3250.  Resilience from compassion
3251.  Enhancing feeling compassion
3252.  Transform hardship to positive
3253.  Using 3rd person’s pt of view
3254.  Not needing escape from life
3255.  Not fearing my feelings
3256.  Knowing God not me controls
3257.  Healthy response to situation
3258.  Awareness of old patterns
3259.  Making new patterns
3260.  Honest way through difficulties
3261.  God’s help to remove faults
3262.  Daily self-reflection/inventory
3263.  Monitoring closely my life
3264.  Being in touch with myself
3265.  Ability to listen/communication
3266.  Learning to quiet my thoughts
3267.  Learn of self by listen to other
3268.  Contributing to good change
3269.  New things to do and learn
3270.  Being ok w/ God’s changes
3271.  Reeducating subconscious
3272.  Praying for gift of faith
3273.  Living to feed faith in God
3274.  Having “warm fuzzy” beliefs

Saturday 1/17/15
3212.  Resolving differences
3213.  Emotional growing pains
3214.  Problem solving exercise
3215.  Friendship based on affection
3216.  Care for others welfare/rights
3217.  Openness and sincerity
3218.  Giving up demands
3219.  Serving others
3220.  Recharging peace by helping
3221.  Following spiritual “rules”/laws
3222.  Humility of intellect
3223.  Give up to see God’s answers
3224.  Staying out of my own way
3225.  Fundamental acceptance as is
3226.  Forgiving others and myself
3227.  Being forgiven
3228.  Resisting urge to judge
3229.  Acceptance of self/others as is
3230.  No stipulations to acceptance
3231.  Detachment from problem
3232.  Living in the solution
3233.  Feeling worthy of self-love
3234.  Acting to keep “worthiness”
3235.  Intoxication on virtues
3236.  Justice, peace, love
3237.  Accepting my shortcomings
3238.  Know/accept my limitations
3239.  Recognizing life’s bounty
3240.  Reading/following instructions
3241.  Listening
3242.  Fashioning a positive attitude
3243.  Protection of trust and love
3244.  Regular cleansing of negativity

Friday 1/16/15
3181.  Exerting self for security
3182.  Social instinct
3183.  Shaping same ideals
3184.  Asking God to mold ideals
3185.  God’s help to live up to ideals
3186.  Respecting power of sex
3187.  Survival instinct
3188.  Resisting instincts gone astray
3189.  Compassion and altruism
3190.  Having others’ interest in mind
3191.  Rights and wellbeing of all
3192.  Gift of desperation
3193.  Willingness, open-mindedness
3194.  Changing attitudes/actions
3195.  Hurting becoming healing
3196.  Pure, cleansing laughter
3197.  Sense of awe at the profound
3198.  Needing others, being needed
3199.  Warmth of friendship
3200.  Giving time and true self
3201.  Feeling belongingness
3202.  Keeping it by giving it away
3203.  Sharing sobriety
3204.  Awareness of God as source
3205.  Responsibility for my actions
3206.  Confidence from responsibility
3207.  Feeling capable
3207.  Playing fair by resisting blame
3208.  Getting better each day
3209.  Building on new life each day
3210.  Trying best to obey God’s will
3211.  Persevering to pattern beauty

Thursday 1/15/15
3162.  Realization of my irrationality
3163.  Analyzing my poor behavior
3164.  Soundness of mind
3165.  Products of activity
3166.  Everything coming together
3167.  Global responsibility
3168.  Cooperation
3160.  Wide altruistic attitude
3161.  Complex interconnectedness
3162.  Seeing others as part of self
3163.  Tapping inner resource of God
3164.  Daily sobriety to feel God
3165.  The art of living/enjoying now
3166.  Personal expression
3167.  Self-acceptance as I am now
3168.  Being loving and sensitive
3169.  Respecting self as any other
3170.  Daily surrender to God
3171.  Faith dissolving fear
3172.  Feeling “home”/among friends
3173.  Seeing true feelings clearly
3174.  Sharing true feelings honestly
3175.  Persisting through hard tasks
3176.  Resisting impulse to avoid
3177.  Taking God’s guidance
3178.  Soul-balance and poise
3179.  Replenishing strength w/ God
3179.  Belief in God’s happy ending
3180.  Subjecting my will to God’s

Wednesday 1/14/15
3134.  Consistent identity, not acting
3135.  Balanced sense of self
3136.  Interest of whole of humanity
3137.  Working together in harmony
3138.  Happy by seeing others happy
3139.  Empathetic concern
3140.  Not regretting the past
3141.  Consciousness of God’s love
3142.  Consciousness that I can help
3143.  Understanding my defects
3144.  Healing regrets and guilt
3145.  Talking about feelings
3146.  Talking openly and honestly
3147.  Relief from admission
3148.  People who understand me
3149.  Belief in loving, caring God
3150.  Guidance and support of God
3151.  Fullness replacing empty spirit
3152.  Staying true to higher purpose
3153.  Seeing good within
3154.  Belief of God’s faith in me
3155.  Respecting the program
3156.  Care, respect for what works
3157.  Living natural way of life
3158.  Work to overcome selfishness
3159.  Obeying/listening to God
3160.  Trying to do God’s will for me
3161.  Trying to make God proud

Tuesday 1/13/15
3109.  God-reliance over self-reliance
3110.  Desire to seek/do God’s will
3111.  Lessen strong opposite moods
3112.  Focus on fundamental equality
3113.  Innate desire to thrive
3114.  God’s mercy/blessings always
3115.  Working and waiting for results
3116.  Daily reprieve from spirituality
3117.  Practicing until I get it
3118.  Trying again, not blaming self
3119.  Free from self-condemnation
3120.  Giving myself a chance
3121.  Freedom through admission
3122.  Surrendering to win
3123.  Personal powerlessness
3124.  Seeing God in everything
3125.  Acts of unselfish kindness
3126.  Ability to see beauty
3127.  Ability of truth to set free
3128.  Seeing honesty as best friend
3129.  Recognizing reality/condition
3130.  Physical and mental recovery
3131.  Life refined by addict crucible
3132.  Having friends to make proud
3133.  Calling on God for help

Monday 1/12/15
3075.  Learning leadership
3076.  Realizing I can contribute…
3077.  But that I am not imperative
3078.  See others as more important
3079.  Addressing my biases
3080.  Moderating extreme reactions
3081.  Adoption of realistic humility
3082.  Practicing acceptance
3083.  Emotional health
3084.  Peace by giving up perfection
3085.  Accepting life as it is
3086.  Overcoming myths
3087.  Coping, not running from pain
3088.  Being ok with unhappiness
3089.  Comfort in accepting feelings
3090.  Unhealthy beliefs discredited
3091.  Replacing old with useful new
3092.  Spiritual awareness
3093.  Sound of bird songs
3094.  God’s mysterious handiwork
3095.  Taking time to appreciate
3096.  Change through acceptance
3097.  Change attitude/relationship
3098.  Changing my role in situation
3099.  Using, not hiding, special gifts
3100.  Comfort with being unique…
3101.  Comfort with being ordinary
3102.  Seeing everyone is unique…
3103.  Seeing we are all the same
3104.  See my old acts as unnatural
3105.  Lifestyle feeling natural/healthy
3106.  Gratitude for/from trials/worry
3107.  Passing on what I’ve found
3108.  Humility from gratitude

Sunday 1/11/15
3046.  Results from belief
3047.  Experience of faith
3048.  Equalization of compassion
3049.  Equanimity
3050.  Wishing best for enemies
3051.  Compassion over affection
3052.  Unbiased genuine compassion
3053.  See others as more important
3054.  Admitting what doesn’t work
3055.  See limits to what I can control
3056.  Working my program not yours
3057.  Pointing finger only at myself
3058.  Needs being met by God
3059.  Security, guidance in faith
3060.  Time, effort to grow
3061.  Sunlight of my prayers
3062.  Faith from living on life’s terms
3063.  Shelter from troubles in faith
3064.  Learning to enjoy reality
3065.  Beauty of clean life, here, now
3066.  Taking the smooth road
3067.  Minimizing trouble in life
3068.  Keeping it simple, easy does it
3069.  Prioritizing/ 1st things 1st
3070.  Learning to live simple life
3071.  Not make harder than needed
3072.  Happiness in helping others
3073.  Seeking God’s will for me
3074.  Abiding in God’s presence

Saturday 1/10/15
3017.  Abandoning limited objectives
3018.  Openness to any possibility
3019.  Moving toward God’s will
3020.  Erasing hard/fast lines I drew
3021.  Concern for another’s welfare
3022.  Concern even for enemies
3023.  Compassion over attachment
3024.  Working together
3025.  A common goal
3026.  Making use of tools/aids
3027.  Experiment to see what works
3028.  Taking suggestions
3029.  Choosing best method for me
3030.  Gift of belief in God
3031.  Making gratitude lists
3032.  Recognizing blessings
3033.  Being with God always
3034.  Giving thanks to God
3035.  Path to a relationship w/ God
3036.  Work of growth
3037.  Getting help as needed
3038.  Simple things for big change
3039.  Openness to lessons
3040.  Tolerance of other ways
3041.  Getting out of my own way
3042.  Readiness to learn
3043.  Constantly seeking humility
3044.  Eternal principles of good life
3045.  Changing my influence

Friday 1/9/15
2992.  Admit personal powerlessness
2993.  Seeing in shades of gray
2994.  Give up all or nothing mindset
2995.  Satisfaction w/o winning
2996.  Liberation/strength by defeat
2997.  Good health of affection
2998.  Utilizing compassion
2999.  Divine care/direction in my life
3000.  Act of Providence
3001.  Ability to simplify
3002.  Recognizing the unnecessary
3003.  Following simple principles
3004.  Many interpretations
3005.  Helping see answer within
3006.  Returning sponsor’s kindness
3007.  Working to personality change
3008.  Willingness to love myself
3009.  Principles as life foundation
3010.  Laughing at myself
3011.  Accepting my limits
3012.  Enjoying myself as I am
3013.  Accepting my humanness
3014.  Acting out belief in God
3015.  Patience through troubles
3016.  Strength from faith

Thursday 1/8/15
2968.  Including everyone
2969.  Taking suggestions
2970.  Freedom from compulsions
2971.  Safe reassurance of a smile
2972.  Deep human affection
2973.  God relieving lack of choice
2974.  Needing God
2975.  God filling my need for Him
2976.  Expressing feelings openly
2977.  Process of changing lifestyle
2979.  Surrender to God
2980.  Spiritual condition for growth
2981.  Maturing spiritually
2982.  Depending on God not things
2983.  Deal constructively w/ anger
2984.  Restraint of action if angry
2985.  Getting to know myself sober
2986.  Help in times of blindness
2987.  Inseparability from God
2988.  Acceptance of God’s will
2989.  Welcoming difficulties
2990.  Difficulties as test of strength
2991.  Difficulty as character building

Wednesday 1/7/15
2943.  Gratitude over self-satisfaction
2944.  Fraternal ties of fellowship
2945.  Good fortune from misfortune
2946.  Compassion as human nature
2947.  Gentleness
2948.  Praise not condemnation
2949.  Asking help not going alone
2950.  Complete abandon to God
2951.  Giving it my all
2952.  Not hesitating to ask for help
2953.  Bring even small issues to God
2954.  Inner strength and direction
2955.  Building a brand new life
2956.  Fresh start, not recovering old
2957.  Balancing work with play
2958.  Remembering to play, laugh
2959.  Growth from balance
2960.  Respectful fear into sobriety
2961.  Taking fear to God and friends
2962.  Learning from fear
2963.  Listening to, not living in, fear
2964.  Sticking to good choices
2965.  God’s help when needed
2966.  Seeing God’s meaning for me
2967.  Silence to hear God’s word

Tuesday 1/6/15
2916.  Spot check inventories
2917.  Maintaining my balance
2918.  Resisting temptation
2919.  Short term hardship for benefit
2920.  Putting long term cares first
2921.  Feeling struggles of others
2922.  Smiling
2923.  Victory in surrender
2924.  Ceasing to fight, path of peace
2925.  Accepting life as it is
2926.  Keeping up rhythm of my life
2927.  Ability to wait
2928.  Giving up my own timetable
2929.  Asking how not why recover
2930.  Knowledge of my ignorance
2931.  Admitting I don’t know
2932.  Knowing where to find answer
2933.  Recognizing power as God’s
2934.  Tapping into God’s power
2935.  Admitting my powerlessness
2936.  Living outside myself
2937.  Giving comfort
2938.  Togetherness of groups
2939.  Joining others
2940.  Abstinence/sobriety first
2941.  Turning away useless thoughts
2942.  Welcoming discipline

Monday 1/5/15
2892.  God doing for me what I can’t
2893.  Adjustment and acceptance
2894.  Peace with self and fellows
2895.  Being reasonable
2896.  Giving up being demanding
2897.  Seeing enemies as teachers
2898.  Wise common sense reactions
2899.  Resisting angry action
2900.  Acceptance w/o reservations
2901.  Living by beliefs
2902.  Application of principles
2903.  Enjoying my family
2904.  Being a credit not a burden
2905.  Accepting responsibilities
2906.  Willingness to change ways
2907.  Ability to admit that I’m wrong
2908.  Reaching for dreams
2909.  Progress one step at a time
2910.  Working toward goals
2911.  Being a useful citizen
2912.  Peace from God’s presence
2913.  Unflappable peace from God
2914.  No need to understand why
2915.  Learning to relax

Sunday 1/4/15
2868.  Avoiding destructive cycles
2869.  Not taking first drink/bite
2870.  Friendly view of phenomena
2871.  Changing outlook to fit event
2872.  Practicing patience
2873.  Tolerance in frustration
2874.  Recovery outside rooms of AA
2875.  Living life to the fullest
2876.  Staying in the day
2877.  Love of the fellowship
2878.  Security of community
2879.  Support in new life
2880.  Freedom from shame
2881.  Seeing impossibility of old life
2882.  Seeing new life as essential
2883.  Living the program
2884.  Told how not what to believe
2885.  Choosing beliefs wisely
2886.  Living up to beliefs
2887.  Fundamental belief all is well
2888.  Carrying my share, not God’s
2889.  Resisting planning tomorrow
2890.  Giving tomorrow to God
2891.  Carrying today’s share only

Saturday 1/3/15
2852.  Courage from faith
2853.  Understanding cause/effect
2854.  Catching problems early
2855.  Prevention
2856.  Power to change my attitude
2857.  Power to be positive influence
2858.  Equal footing w/ others
2859.  Seeing God as greatest need
2860.  Acting on God’s will not mine
2861.  Asking how instead of why
2862.  Knowing/accepting my limits
2863.  Staying in my spiritual center
2864.  Protecting my gifts
2865.  Readiness to admit fault/flaws
2866.  Renewal in living by God’s will
2867.  Being teachable

Friday 1/2/15
2834.  Meeting my obligations
2835.  Giving others benefit of doubt
2836.  Letting out my frustration
2837.  Disciplining my anger
2838.  Solid foundation of life
2839.  Giving up being in charge
2840.  Mental peace from abstinence
2841.  Giving up old ideas
2842.  Filling needs w/ God’s help
2843.  Coping well w/ daily difficulties
2844.  Smiling more often
2845.  Leaving results to God
2846.  Doing necessary footwork
2847.  Healing by self-honesty
2848.  Doing what God would want
2849.  Feeling good by speaking truth
2850.  Facing day w/ hope, courage
2851.  God’s help with today only

Thursday 1/1/15
2818.  Real results from prayer
2819.  Standing up to difficulties
2820.  Strength from God
2821.  Acting in best interest of all
2822.  Incorruptible calmness of mind
2823.  Having God in my heart/life
2824.  Trust in/reliance upon God
2825.  Giving up control to God
2826.  Readiness to grow
2827.  Daily vigilance, awareness
2828.  Actively guarding my recovery
2829.  Learning to live only in today
2830.  Recognizing powerlessness
2831.  Being ready to try anything
2832.  Forging a new life
2833.  Living fearlessly with God

Wednesday 12/31/14
2791.  Letting out stuffed emotions
2792.  Relief from letting out feelings
2793.  Humility and serenity
2794.  Healing tranquility after pain
2795.  Seeing potential/positive side
2796.  Putting effort into change
2797.  Looking past negativity
2798.  Self-confidence and effort
2799.  Emotional life in the moment
2800.  Putting principles into action
2801.  Daily goals/resolutions
2802.  Slight but daily progress
2803.  Not taking chances w/ sobriety
2804.  Turning myself over to God
2805.  Freedom of abstinence
2806.  Taking service opportunities
2807.  Content w/ imperfection
2808.  Striving for progress
2809.  Being ready for new things
2810.  God’s loving arms
2811.  Carrying goodness into future
2812.  Loyal attendance
2813.  Generous giving
2814.  Kindness in criticisms
2815.  Creative suggestions
2816.  Loving attitudes
2817.  Giving the best of myself

Tuesday 12/30/14
2771.  Unity
2772.  Using attitude for benefit
2773.  Staying mentally calm
2774.  Companions
2775.  Ego-deflation
2776.  Relief of anger
2777.  Others being there if needed
2778.  Doing right by choice
2779.  Finding comfort
2780.  Change from action/prayer
2781.  My recovery safety net
2782.  Acting like a friend
2783.  Accessibility as a friend
2784.  Clear thinking
2785.  Being myself
2786.  Asking for help
2787.  Trusting God
2788.  Accepting challenges gladly
2789.  Success through God-reliance
2790.  Living fully to avoid death fears

Monday 12/29/14
2750.  Making the right choices
2751.  Wise use of freedom of choice
2752.  Mental calmness
2753.  Satisfaction from attitude
2754.  Repeated exposure to joy
2755.  Joy of living in the now
2756.  Listening with energy
2757.  Noticing other people
2758.  Input from others
2759.  Broader vision w/ others’ help
2760.  Seeing me through your eyes
2761.  Patience with other beliefs
2762.  Maintaining my beliefs
2763.  Practicing my principles
2764.  Being responsible for recovery
2765.  God’s help in being free
2766.  Doing my share
2767.  Accepting opportunities
2768.  Praying before acting
2769.  Balance of prayer and work
2770.  Possibilities with God’s help

Sunday 12/28/14
2723.  Comparable union
2724.  Changing my role in family
2725.  Trying to grow up
2726.  Health
2727.  Good companions
2728.  Calm basic mental attitude
2729.  Riding anxiety out like wave
2730.  Suiting up and showing up
2731.  Credibility, honesty, courtesy
2732.  Sticking to routine in sadness
2733.  Contact as priority #1 if sad
2734.  Praying through depression
2735.  Knowing feelings pass
2736.  Accepting feelings
2737.  Talking about feelings if sad
2738.  Replacing destructive attitudes
2739.  Patience, mercy, gentleness
2740.  Practicing new attitudes
2741.  Overlooking faults in others
2742.  Seeing God’s glory in all life
2743.  Appraising my attitudes
2744.  Living up to values, beliefs
2745.  Having good people in my life
2746.  Choosing friends wisely
2747.  Going in the right direction
2748.  Safety in leaving future to God
2749.  Confidence in God’s help

Saturday 12/27/14
2698.  Reacting sanely, normally
2699.  Fit spiritual condition
2700.  Willingness
2701.  Compassion as an emotion
2702.  Feeling emotion healthily
2703.  Satisfying useful way of life
2704.  Effective problem-solving
2705.  Curiosity and enthusiasm
2706.  Keeping only what I share
2707.  Dependence on God
2708.  God never letting me down
2709.  Restoration of sanity
2710.  Being honest w/ myself
2711.  Guidance out of delusions
2712.  Learning healthy relationships
2713.  Feeling human again
2714.  Reading for good ideas
2715.  Ease from daily practice
2716.  Learning to relax appropriately
2717.  Developing a good life
2718.  Foundation of gratitude for life
2719.  Self-discipline for progressing
2720.  Humility felt from God’s grace
2721.  Prayer and quiet times
2722.  Good life built from principles

Friday 12/26/14
2678.  Diligent search within
2679.  Relating to others
2680.  Feeling like I finally fit in
2681.  Accepting/adjusting to failure
2682.  Humble/durable successes
2683.  Turning difficulty living to joy
2684.  Looking to God
2685.  Being part of a movement
2686.  Choosing life
2687.  Receiving life by dedicating it
2688.  Leaving outcomes to God
2689.  Satisfaction from good work
2690.  Freedom from tomorrow
2691.  Living in today
2692.  Letting go of material crutches
2693.  Quiet center within myself
2694.  Hush of nature
2695.  Making room for new
2696.  Outgrowing old attitudes
2697.  Liberation from self-will

Thursday 12/25/14
2660.  Anonymity
2661.  Respecting other approaches
2662.  Cessation of negative thought
2663.  God’s will first and foremost
2664.  Doing what I should
2665.  Peace with life, self, God
2666.  Giving time/presence/attention
2667.  Learn from others’ experience
2668.  Selflessness by anonymity
2669.  Concern for another’s interests
2670.  Sharing the holiday spirit
2671.  Seeing love I was blind to
2672.  Seeing, feeling, giving love
2673.  New life, attitude, perspective
2674.  Being truly thankful
2675.  Devoting life to worthy cause
2676.  Sympathy/understanding/help
2677.  Giving myself to God’s uses

Wednesday 12/24/14
2636.  Feeling on solid ground
2637.  Realizing my own prejudices
2638.  Analyzing my thoughts
2639.  Useful, calming thoughts
2640.  Fostering good mental states
2641.  Acting in accord w/ positivity
2642.  Stepping aside for God
2643.  Abstinence as a habit
2644.  Seeing diff. b/t want and need
2645.  Power of the group
2646.  Committing to work together
2647.  Sense of belonging
2648.  Hope
2649.  Sharing recovery
2650.  God’s help through others
2651.  Accepting help graciously
2652.  Being true to spirituality
2653.  Being ready to help anytime
2654.  Having found a new life
2655.  Feeling lucky
2656.  Deep gratitude toward God
2657.  Giving out of gratitude
2658.  Sacrificing of myself gladly
2659.  Deep sense of obligation

Tuesday 12/23/14
2607.  Gift of desperation
2608.  Heeding warnings
2609.  Sincere compassionate motive
2610.  Recovery
2611.  Unity
2612.  Service
2613.  Ambition to live usefully
2614.  Ambition to walk humbly
2615.  Usefulness to self and others
2616.  Being teachable
2617.  Resolving problems
2618.  Knowing materialism is empty
2619.  Value feeling over appearance
2620.  Reevaluating old ideas
2621.  Exchanging old for new ideas
2622.  Living in new ways
2623.  Opening my mind
2624.  Choosing growth activities
2625.  Wholesome friends
2626.  Accepting gifts w/o shame
2627.  Openness to receiving
2628.  Valuing giving over receiving
2629.  Learning from experience
2630.  Facing the world as it really is
2631.  Seeing my past as valuable
2632.  Shedding peace not discord
2633.  Ignoring evil not fighting it
2634.  Power of a living example
2635.  Thinking/acting constructively

Monday 12/22/14
2584.  Sense of belonging
2585.  Knowing all will be well
2586.  Turning to God
2587.  Truth, justice, love as eternal
2588.  Virtuous state of mind
2589.  Loving by listening
2590.  Principles above personalities
2591.  Acting quietly, w/ calm spirit
2592.  Taking my time, not hurrying
2593.  Finding/keeping inward peace
2594.  Self-acceptance/respect
2595.  Trusting other people
2596.  Seeing my effect on others
2597.  Seeking to serve others
2598.  Loving myself
2599.  Inner guidance/conscience
2600.  Still small voice within
2601.  Appreciating differences
2602.  Seeing we’re all special
2603.  Unique talents
2604.  Seeing life w/o distortion
2605.  Protection of God’s grace
2606.  Seeing beauty, good, purpose

Sunday 12/21/14
2566.  Valuing caring over being right
2567.  Visualization practices
2568.  Relief of fear through practice
2569.  Practicing peace of mind
2570.  Listening w/o advising
2571.  The right to be wrong
2572.  Expressing exuberance
2573.  Being as a child in spirit
2574.  Accepting good and bad in me
2575.  Freedom to change
2576.  Change following acceptance
2577.  Possibilities from God
2578.  God’s limitless grace
2579.  Knowing it’s never too late
2580.  Spending time with the needy
2581.  Guidance from principles
2582.  Pressure on my will by God
2583.  Following my conscience

Saturday 12/20/14
2536.  Courage to change
2537.  Willingness to change
2538.  Willingness to be responsible
2539.  Being mentally prepared
2540.  Curiosity
2541.  Humility of acceptance
2542.  Rewards of selfless giving
2543.  Openness from humility
2544.  Unprecedented peace of mind
2545.  Smiling
2546.  Being smiled at
2547.  Being agreeable disagreeing
2548.  Radiating serenity
2549.  Giving peace by having it
2550.  Helping by being peaceful
2551.  Nourishing spirit by giving
2552.  Focusing on others
2553.  Living w/ perception, depth
2554.  A rich and full life
2555.  Actively enriching my life
2556.  Reflecting God’s love
2557.  Getting love from God
2558.  Get God’s love by loving God
2559.  Faith controlling my whole life
2560.  Faith in Divine Principle
2561.  Harmony w/ Divine Spirit
2562.  Harmony from surrendering
2563.  Feeling my life is whole
2564.  Loyalty to God by avoid fear
2565.  Assurance from God

Friday 12/19/14
2515.  Admitting no personal power
2516.  Submission to God
2517.  Working on God’s timeframe
2518.  Retaining presence of mind
2519.  Subtle states of thought
2520.  Quashing sense of superiority
2521.  Beliefs helping create the fact
2522.  Power of belief in recovery
2523.  Faith that life is worth living
2524.  Applying wisdom to life
2525.  Walking what we talk
2526.  Good acts w/ no one watching
2527.  Following God’s cues
2528.  Acknowledging God
2529.  Applying God’s lessons
2530.  Expressing my soul
2531.  Freedom through truth
2532.  Healing/comfort from truth
2533.  Catching my own dishonesty
2534.  Caring about my path
2535.  Making art out of my life

Thursday 12/18/14
2495.  Self-restraint
2496.  Fair-mindedness/tolerance
2497.  Ability to see eye to eye
2498.  Ability to compromise
2499.  Awareness of impermanence
2500.  Learning by doing
2501.  Sharing experience not advice
2502.  Possibilities from God’s grace
2503.  Inner change
2504.  Sharing recovery
2505.  Learn from other’s experience
2506.  Faith curing fear
2507.  Trying despite fear of failure
2508.  Remembering to trust God
2509.  Practicing work through fear
2510.  Praying when afraid
2511.  Rest in God through faith
2512.  Thinking God’s thoughts
2513.  A part in carrying out His will
2514.  My mind as a reflection of God

Wednesday 12/17/14
2471.  Faith in God not just myself
2472.  Finding security in God, not $
2473.  Releasing grip on permanence
2474.  Working for future lifetimes
2475.  Finding new meaning in life
2476.  Watching others grow
2477.  Self-examination
2478.  Energy of others succeeding
2479.  Sharing joys of same path
2480.  Freedom from fighting myself
2481.  Recognizing my motives
2482.  True spirit of service
2483.  Continually checking motives
2484.  Grace of God saving me
2485.  Remembering where I’m from
2486.  Living by principles
2487.  Having feelings again
2488.  Learning to handle feelings
2489.  Being ready for life
2490.  Effectively coping with feelings
2491.  Confidence in meaning of life
2492.  Way of life in faith
2493.  Knowing I need faith for peace
2494.  Choosing life of spirituality

Tuesday 12/16/14
2455.  Reliving/reducing pain of past
2456.  Surveying old experiences
2457.  Looking from different angles
2458.  Dependence on God
2459.  Ability to be helpful
2460.  Childlike wonder
2461.  Recognizing complacency
2462.  Rigorous honesty
2463.  Gut reactions
2464.  Charity
2465.  Thinking of others
2466.  Believing in God and myself
2467.  Using my talents
2468.  Seek right action, not pleasure
2469.  The way of faith
2470.  Happiness as a by-product

Monday 12/15/14
2434.  Accepting trouble
2435.  Facing trouble w/ courage
2436.  Transcending trouble
2437.  Enriching experiences
2438.  Looking from a different angle
2439.  Value in tragedy
2440.  Open-minded generosity
2441.  Kindness
2442.  Constructive thinking
2443.  Knowledge of God’s directing
2444.  Steps toward solutions
2445.  Paying it forward
2446.  Multiplying joy by sharing it
2447.  Understanding myself
2448.  Opportunities in problems
2449.  Remembering my past
2450.  Empathy for suffering
2451.  Looking for beauty in ill person
2452.  Unique opportunity for service
2453.  Realization of God’s presence
2454.  Faith that bad times pass

Sunday 12/14/14
2414.  Acceptance
2415.  Willingness to accept facts
2416.  Strong mental attitude
2417.  Strength from hardships
2418.  Meaning in life from struggles
2419.  Motivation, determination
2420.  Self-confidence
2421.  Holding out hand to needy
2422.  Helping without preaching
2423.  Living in the present
2424.  Living in the solution
2425.  Being a channel of blessing
2426.  Giving it away
2427.  Having dreams
2428.  Closeness to God and others
2429.  Closeness to myself
2430.  Wishes for the future
2431.  Giving it away to keep it
2432.  Strength by quiet communion
2433.  Refreshment in meditation

Saturday 12/13/14
2395.  Connecting to God by listening
2396.  Meditation
2397.  Becoming more realistic
2398.  Investigating inner self
2399.  Sources of inner strength
2400.  Focusing on others
2401.  Grace of God
2402.  Spiritual awakening
2403.  Profound inner change
2404.  Healthy decisions
2405.  God restoring sanity
2406.  Spiritual fitness
2407.  Feeling life in my heart
2408.  Caring about life
2409.  Setting goals
2410.  Having fun
2411.  Wanting the best for others
2412.  Forgiving love
2413.  Harmony w/ God’s will for me

Friday 12/12/14
2369.  Seeing my defects
2370.  Learning better
2371.  Accept difficulty as part of life
2372.  Brotherly harmonious action
2373.  Service
2374.  Taking responsibility
2375.  Support of fellows
2376.  Dependence on God
2377.  Presence of God in my life
2378.  Putting my abilities to use
2379.  Losing fear of unknown
2380.  Outgrowing old situations
2381.  Being ready for new situations
2382.  Finding solace in God
2383.  Faith that change is for best
2384.  Comfort in good of God’s will
2385.  Not being emotionally reactive
2386.  Handling frustration placidly
2387.  Shame being lifted from me
2388.  Loneliness being lifted
2389.  Remembering my past
2390.  Gratitude for where I am now
2391.  Real desire to be of service
2392.  Opening up to another
2393.  Love driving away my fear
2394.  Growing love of God in heart

Thursday 12/11/14
2348.  Absolute humility
2349.  Freedom from self
2350.  Dwelling in vision of virtue
2351.  Getting to my “right size”
2352.  Amusement at self-importance
2353.  Accepting illness/defects
2354.  Rational attitude
2355.  Rationalizing away worry
2356.  Resisting taking credit
2357.  Primary purpose (helping)
2358.  Growing true to myself
2359.  Recall past to live in present
2360.  Action to overcome misery
2361.  Trading misery for recovery
2362.  Changing within, not outside
2363.  Analyzing my changes
2364.  Breaking old patterns
2365.  Trying new worlds, all w/ God
2366.  Learning to live fully
2367.  Seeing things anew
2368.  Daily surrender to God

Wednesday 12/10/14
2320.  Helping another
2321.  Welcoming another
2322.  Teaching by example
2323.  Facing by problem
2324.  Familiarity/integration of issues
2325.  Renouncing old life
2326.  Restoring serenity in others
2327.  Commitment to purpose
2328.  Reorganized priorities
2329.  Leadership
2330.  Putting aside old habits
2331.  Upgrading values
2332.  Knowing I can handle anything
2333.  Principled action
2334.  Laughing at myself
2335.  Fulfilling my ideals
2336.  Being open to receive love
2337.  Asking for what I need
2338.  Knowing God is with me
2339.  Making a difference
2340.  Learning to love better
2341.  Healing through giving love
2342.  Sharing kindness
2343.  Fellowship w/ firm foundation
2344.  Thinking after God’s thoughts
2345.  Not hesitating in right thing
2346.  Openness to being guided
2347.  Being still and listening

Tuesday 12/9/14
2296.  Interest in life over self
2297.  Facing life successfully w/ God
2298.  Losing fear
2299.  Ethical discipline
2300.  Good conduct
2301.  Making life meaningful
2302.  Acting constructively
2303.  Acting peacefully
2304.  Sincerity, honesty
2305.  Acting w/ humility
2306.  Wish to help another
2307.  Feeling compassion
2308.  Kindness above all else
2309.  Ability to listen
2310.  Quieting my own thoughts
2311.  Freedom from self-obsession
2312.  Closer contact w/ others
2313.  Taking care of my body
2314.  Spiritual health
2315.  Healthy thoughts
2316.  Giving when I don’t want to
2317.  Contributing to fellowship
2318.  Meaning in life by faith in God
2319.  Companionship

Monday 12/8/14
2270.  Character-building
2271.  Character over comfort
2272.  True love of man and God,
2273.  Honesty and tolerance,
2274.  Virtues as daily basis of life
2275.  Emotional result from thoughts
2276.  Easy, happy, good living
2277.  Ability to concentrate
2278.  Focus on goals/actions/events
2279.  Exercising good judgement
2280.  Application of joyful effort
2281.  Working on self to be of use
2282.  Abandoning self to God
2283.  Admitting faults
2284. Merging inspiration/experience
2285.  Channeling sobriety
2286.  Laughter
2287.  Finding humor in life
2288.  Sharing humor with others
2289.  Seeing impact of my defects
2290.  Progressive improvement
2291.  Giving up secrets about self
2292.  Trusting others
2293.  Effective work by God’s grace
2294.  Quality sobriety
2295.  Experience in new way of life

Sunday 12/7/14
2246.  Intimate communication
2247.  Practicing generosity
2248.  Ability to bear hardships
2249.  Joyful effort
2250.  Change resent. to acceptance
2251.  Change fear into hope
2252.  Chance anger into love
2253.  Loving w/o expectations
2254.  Capacity for aw
2255.  Wonder/gratitude/reverence
2256.  Giving thanks
2257.  Maturing emotionally
2258.  Honesty about feelings
2259.  Surviving, not numbing feeling
2260.  Feeling accepted
2261.  Realizing my path
2262.  Growth from suffering
2263.  Taking responsibility for action
2264.  Service to cure self-centered.
2265.  Service to cure feeling alone
2266.  Being of service
2267.  Adding to life, not taking
2268.  Tolerance of others’ mistakes
2269.  Trying to do will of God

Saturday 12/6/14
2229.  Changed attitude toward living
2230.  Spiritual transformation
2231.  Motivation
2232.  Utilizing gifts
2233.  Applying faculty of intelligence
2234.  Dependence on God
2235.  Faith in His help
2236.  To love and feel loved
2237.  Reverence for life
2238.  Sharing love unconditionally
2239.  Romance
2240.  Putting recovery first
2241.  Accepting joy and happiness
2242.  Worthiness of being happy
2243.  Using time wisely
2244.  Daily thought/prayer defenses
2245.  Being prepared

Friday 12/5/14
2211.  Letting go of self-indulgence
2212.  Wonders of the natural world
2213.  Contentment
2214.  Wanting what I have, not more
2215.  Sincerity,depth,devotion habits
2216.  Peace transforming awareness
2217.  Dimension of hope,love,peace
2218.  Attending to thoughts/feelings
2219.  Peaceful solitude
2220.  New learning b/c of open mind
2221.  Sharing recovery
2222.  Leaving results to God
2223.  Living well, day by day
2224.  Being engaged in activities
2225.  Drawing towards life, not away
2226.  Sharing hope, spirituality
2227.  Fullness of life today
2228.  Giving of myself, not of advice

Thursday 12/4/14
2190.  Self-forgiveness and prayer
2191.  Aspirations to be of service
2192.  Contentment, the middle way
2193.  Second chances
2194.  Joy of seeing others grow
2195.  Seeing limitless possibilities
2196.  Keeping it by giving it away
2197.  Being sober and ready to help
2198.  Facing pain instead of running
2199.  Fully feeling pain to let it go
2200.  Turning my will over to God
2201.  Seeing/accepting HP guidance
2202.  Fully experiencing the moment
2203.  Feeling understood
2204.  Understanding others
2205.  Being able to count on myself
2206.  Doing the right thing always
2207.  Replace bad thoughts w/ good
2208.  Filled w/ constructive thoughts
2209.  Not heeding scoffs/judgement
2210.  Serenity from feeling God

Wednesday 12/3/14
2164.  Letting resentments go to God
2165.  Healing through love
2166.  Self-confidence and boldness
2167.  Taking responsibility
2168.  Duty to be good human being
2169.  Respecting rights of others
2170.  Extending benefits of recovery
2171.  Practicing principles always
2172.  Welcoming newcomers
2173.  Sharing w/of fear of judgement
2174.  Unity/warmth of the group
2175.  Feeling like I belong
2176.  Seeing myself in new ways
2177.  Seeing possibilities all around
2178.  Acting to live up to potential
2179.  Sense of a limitless horizon
2180.  Going the way of my HP (God)
2181.  Living a life to be proud of
2182.  Regaining relationships
2183.  My relationship with God
2184.  Seeing friends as spiritual gifts
2185.  Ability to be a good friend
2186.  Mental training of program
2187.  Feeling mentally prepared
2188.  Being content not knowing all
2189.  Faith in God’s plan

Tuesday 12/2/14
2143.  Giving up ambition and pride
2144.  Gaining humility & self-respect
2145.  Healthy sacrifices
2146.  Mindfulness of well-being
2147.  Good judgement of well-being
2148.  Awareness of consequences
2149.  Knowing I’m not alone
2150.  Serenity from putting in work
2151.  God’s timetable, not mine
2152.  Willingness to wait
2153.  Patience as part of humility
2154.  Well-ordered priorities
2155.  Recovery as foundation of life
2156.  Putting recovery first
2157.  Not making excuses
2158.  Growing from difficulties
2159.  Blessing of burdens
2160.  Standing for hope
2161.  Helping someone in need
2162.  Being God’s best vision of me
2163.  Monitoring my daydreams

Monday 12/1/14
2123.  Facing up to my subtle defects
2124.  Seeing a smile of affection
2125.  The act of genuine smiling
2126.  Reciprocal positive behavior
2127.  Taking “suggestions”
2128.  Going to any length
2129.  Unannounced happiness
2130.  Happiness of a humble heart
2131.  Asking for know. of God’s will
2132.  And power to carry it out
2133.  God gives only what I can take
2134.  Enjoying new way of life
2135.  Hard path with great rewards
2136.  Feeding/healing soul w/ steps
2137.  Feel awake/alive/clear-headed
2138.  Hope and Serenity as rewards
2139.  Feeling like part of the world
2140.  Conditioning my mind
2141.  Having responsibility for others
2142.  Sympathy and compassion

Sunday 11/30/14
2105.  Listening to different views
2106.  Refraining from judgment
2107.  Open-minded support
2108.  Principle of causality
2109.  Utilizing my potential
2110.  Significance in every action
2111.  Anonymity
2112.  An attractive lifestyle
2113.  Restoration
2114.  Seeing God in coincidence
2115.  Intimacy
2116.  Getting to know myself
2117.  Sense of self-worth
2118.  Letting people in
2119.  Guidance from love not fear
2120.  Harmony with God
2121.  Refuge from life in God’s spirit
2122.  Guard against wrong thinking

Saturday 11/29/14
2086.  Living to learn, serve, love
2087.  Awareness of my potential
2088.  Building self-confidence
2089.  Spirit of togetherness
2090.  Being a guardian of fellowship
2091.  Putting aside knowing to learn
2092.  Being teachable
2093.  Trusting in care of God
2094.  Turning principles into habits
2095.  Always improving relat. to God
2096.  Helpful reminders
2097.  Having real friends
2098.  Friends w/ shared spirit. quest
2099.  Common bond
2100.  Not making excuses
2101.  Doing what scares me
2102.  Knowing I’ll be ok (w/ God)
2103.  Following the little voice inside
2104.  Being loyal to God and others

Friday 11/28/14
2067.  Regular prayer and meditation
2068.  Human potential
2069.  Using my brain the right way
2070.  Creating happiness in lives
2071.  Creative ability
2072.  Being accepted as is
2073.  Wanting to change
2074.  Humility and support of fellows
2075.  Attraction not promotion
2076.  Going any length for sanity
2077.  Permanent work in progress
2078.  Hope and willingness
2079.  Examining who I am
2080.  Accepting who I am
2081.  Honesty about who I am
2082.  Individual differences
2083.  Creating more freedom
2084.  Remembering God’s grace
2085.  Gratitude all around

Thursday 11/27/14
2048.  Action to get past depression
2049.  Human affection
2050.  Sense of involvement
2051.  Honesty
2052.  Discipline
2053.  Good motivation guiding IQ
2054.  Change/growth of attitudes
2055.  Altruism
2056.  Constant state of becoming
2057.  Growth b/c of feeling unsettled
2058.  Asking for help from God
2059.  Noticing God’s guidance
2060.  Living in the present
2061.  Actively participating in life
2062.  Developing healthy habits
2063.  Thinking before acting
2064.  Giving w/o expecting a return
2065.  Giving w/o recognition
2066.  Feeling love by giving it away

Wednesday 11/26/14
2033.  Courage born of humility
2034.  Prudence, middle ground
2035.  Rational concern w/o worry
2036.  Long-term interest
2037.  Judging by circumstances
2038.  Avoiding prestige-seeking
2039.  The joys of responsibilities
2040.  Slowing down to enjoy gifts
2041.  Sharing w/o imposing
2042.  Not taking opinions personally
2043.  Happiness from change
2044.  Turning my will/life over to God
2045.  Letting go of character defects
2046.  Seeing God’s care/purpose
2047.  Seeing everything w/ faith

Tuesday 11/25/14
2014.  Watching loneliness vanish
2015.  Having/making friends
2016.  Joining individuals
2017.  Unifying movements
2018.  Anonymous actions
2019.  God–luck/chance/coincidence
2020.  Sharing joy
2021.  Keeping it by giving it away
2022.  Meditating to find God within
2023.  Having spiritual needs met
2024.  Harmony w/ God
2025.  Strengthening my conscience
2026.  Empathizing with others
2027.  Knowing God’s will is good
2028.  Savoring the day
2029.  Feeling alive
2030.  Helping/love in action
2031.  Being there when needed
2032.  Finding rest for spirit in God

Monday 11/24/14
1995.  Applying corrective measures
1996.  Daily inventory
1997.  Asking God’s forgiveness
1998.  Intelligence
1999.  Compassion
2000.  Variety of support resources
2001.  Meeting others on spirit. quest
2002.  Openness to new tool sources
2003.  Moderation
2004.  Acceptance and gratitude
2005.  Letting go of expectations
2006.  The long, hard route
2007.  Action in my program
2008.  Newfound freedom
2009.  Ability to change
2010.  Standing up for values
2011.  Seeing each day as a gift
2012.  Making progress
2013.  Doing small but right things

Sunday 11/23/14
1973.  Moving toward aspirations
1974.  Return of sanity
1975.  Honesty, humility, service
1976.  Depending on God
1977.  Confidence in potential
1978.  Holding tight to hope
1979.  Determination
1980.  Buddha Nature
1981.  Correcting despair
1982.  Ever-changing life
1983.  New dimensions of peace
1984.  Praying in times of joy
1985.  Serenity from surrender to God
1986.  Flexibility to change my mind
1987.  Openness to new ideas
1988.  Living in a new day each day
1989.  Questioning my beliefs
1990.  Listening to myself
1991.  Being true to myself
1992.  Giving up perfectionistic ideals
1993.  Trying despite fear of failure
1994.  An undaunted spirit

Saturday 11/22/14
1961.  Application of principles
1962.  Open-mindedness
1963.  Letting God be the Director
1964.  Emotional steadiness
1965.  Promoting growth
1965.  Not interfering with growth
1966.  Pleasure from wise living
1967.  A strong recovery foundation
1968.  Building atop the foundation
1969.  Recognizing my blessings
1970.  Reflecting on my past
1971.  Little acts of charity
1972.  Focus off self to stop boredom

Friday 11/21/14
1946.  Self-improvement
1947.  Insight into nature of reality
1948.  Generating compassion
1949.  Knowledge of God’s will 4 me
1950.  Power to carry out God’s will
1951.  Sufficiency not excess
1952.  Asking God for help
1953.  Giving up control over defects
1954.  Honesty
1955.  Open-mindedness
1956.  Willingness
1957.  Happiness within
1958.  Loving myself
1959.  Comfort in my way of life
1960.  Exuding peace from faith

Thursday 11/20/14
1928.  God’s strength
1929.  A sense of meaning/ purpose
1930.  Meditating analytically
1931.  Applying faculty of reason
1932.  Patience/persistence
1933.  Seeking God’s will
1934.  Free from selfish expectations
1935.  Letting go and letting God
1936.  Being in harmony w/ rhythm
1936.  Rhythm of universe
1937.  Following w/ absolute trust
1938.  Being a part of nature
1939.  Spiritual fulfillment
1940.  Appreciation for what I have
1941.  Finding pricelessness w/in self
1942.  Fellowship multiplying joys
1943.  Fellowship dividing grief
1944.  Making spiritual choices
1945.  Facing reality, not escaping it

Wednesday 11/19/14
1914.  Helping myself, and…
1915.  Getting help from God
1916.  Tolerance
1917.  Recognizing my dishonesty
1918.  Becoming teachable
1919.  Patience
1920.  Waiting out troubles
1921.  Language of empathy
1922.  Listening w/ my heart
1923.  Break from self/centeredness
1924.  Breaking from resentments
1925.  Building a new life
1926.  Feeling God’s presence
1927.  Taking the higher view

Tuesday 11/18/14
1897.  A good advisor
1898.  Opening up honestly
1899.  Going against desires/instincts
1900.  Ego deflation
1901.  Communicating at same level
1902.  Kindness/patience w/ self
1903.  Seeing myself in others
1904.  Understanding others
1905.  Honesty w/ myself
1906.  Addressing guilt/shame
1907.  Making new, not old mistakes
1908.  Striving for progress
1909.  Making people smile
1910.  Playing/having fun
1911.  Adventure/taking risks
1912.  Acting w/o procrastinating
1913.  Reflecting God’s light

Monday 11/17/14
1883.  Converting trouble to an asset
1884.  Having many different hopes
1885.  Being alone, calm, and w/ God
1886.  Coping w/ loneliness
1887.  Filling the void w/ spirituality
1888.  Accepting differences
1889.  Letting feelings pass
1890.  Seeing past self by loving God
1891.  Active experience of HP in life
1892.  Expression God’s love
1893.  Hope/ love one day at a time
1894.  Help of God and friends
1895.  Doing good w/o recognition
1896.  A unified personality

Sunday 11/16/14
1867.  Self-concern for self-value
1868.  Salvation of my soul
1869.  Seeing people as old friends
1870.  Clearing away fear
1871.  Opening my heart and mind
1872.  Reacting w/ faith in the unseen
1873.  Daily spiritual reprieve
1874.  Prayer and meditation
1875.  Daily opportunities
1876.  New friendships
1877.  Awareness of beauty in world
1878.  Admitting needs
1879.  Praying for help/God’s power
1880.  Always wanting to help
1881.  The strength of a group
1882.  Peace w/ myself

Saturday 11/15/14
1852.  Trying
1853.  Honest self-examination
1854.  Admiring other traditions
1855.  Seeing God’s work in others
1856.  Loving others as they are
1857.  Acting to fill my own potential
1858.  Finding, not making answers
1859.  Open self for God’s guidance
1860.  Giving my problems to God
1861.  Spiritual urge and quest
1862.  Common quest of fellowship
1863.  Loving many things
1864.  Knowing God by loving
1865.  Becoming less sensitive
1866.  Faith in God’s miracles

Friday 11/14/14
1834.  Sticking to principles
1835.  Interconnectedness
1836.  Respecting differences
1837.  Healthy self-love and humility
1838.  Intuition and inspiration
1839.  Using past struggle to free self
1840.  Sharpening danger awareness
1841.  Telling apart truth from illusion
1842.  Struggles sharpening faculties
1843.  Living experience
1844.  Expanding horizons
1845.  Forming relationships
1846.  Freedom by feeling God
1847.  Self-discipline
1848.  Trusting myself
1849.  Looking for good in people
1850.  Ignoring the bad
1851.  Following God’s design

Thursday 11/13/14
1816.  Clearing a channel for God
1817.  Seeking God’s will
1818.  Prayer mantras
1819.  Education
1820.  Awareness
1821.  Freedom from self-will
1822.  Letting go of selfishness
1823.  Recognizing my limitations
1824.  Admitting when I don’t know
1825.  Curiosity
1826.  Flexibility
1827.  Room to grow
1828.  Not seeking perfection
1829.  Leaving the plan to God
1830.  Keeping promises
1831.  Life studenthood, taking notes
1832.  Refraining from judging others
1833.  “Coming unto God”

Wednesday 11/12/14
1801.  Freedom by depending on HP
1802.  Service as aim of work, not $
1803.  Looking from another angle
1804.  Helping others
1805.  Staying in the day
1806.  Not giving advice
1807.  Tolerance of different ways
1808.  My honest story
1809.  Acceptance/peace in chaos
1810.  Working my program always
1811.  Daydreaming for direction
1812.  Refraining from criticism
1813.  Admitting helplessness
1814.  Asking God for His help
1815.  Certainty that He will help

Tuesday 11/11/14
1785.  Humility
1786.  Faith through adversity
1787.  Taking care of nature
1788.  Accepting, knowing self
1789.  Loving, nurturing self
1790.  Acting on God’s guidance
1791.  Joy, lightheartedness
1792.  Laughing at myself
1793.  Accepting God’s care
1794.  Being an example
1795.  Trusting in God’s love
1796.  The gentle voice from within
1797.  Strength to face hard times
1798.  God contact/courage growth
1799.  Genuine interest in others
1800.  Not needing to see God’s plan

Monday 11/10/14
1768.  Reciprocation
1769.  Belief in God
1770.  Tolerance of other beliefs
1771.  Human nature as compassion
1772.  Belonging
1773.  Creative flow of God’s world
1774.  Prayer/meditation
1775.  Being honest w/ myself
1776.  Belief affecting all areas of life
1777.  Faith instead of fear
1778.  Application of spirit. principles
1779.  God wanting best for me
1780.  God loving all equally
1781.  Recovery as adventure
1782.  Doing what scares me
1783.  Tests of spiritual strength
1784.  Caring less about myself

Sunday 11/9/14
1755.  Reliance upon God
1756.  Sharing views
1757.  Work and effort
1758.  Routine of prayer/meditation
1759.  Knowing God always listens
1760.  Surrendering crutches to God
1761.  Making plans, not results
1762.  Cultivating humility
1763.  Real confidence not false pride
1764.  Listening skills
1765.  Taking advice, not giving it
1766.  Working for and with God
1767.  God as a Friend

Saturday 11/8/14
1733.  Standing up to pressure
1734.  Meeting challenges
1735.  Compromise
1736.  Listening to others’ views
1737.  Respecting others’ rights
1738.  Reconciliation
1739.  Depending on others
1740.  Interconnected interests
1741.  True inner self w/ God
1742.  Reassurance from God
1743.  Choosing thoughts/moods
1744.  Putting love in the center
1745.  Making room for faith
1746.  Gratitude for my sanity
1747.  Quality in life
1748.  Opportunity to grow spiritually
1749.  Recognizing opportunities
1750.  Facing my mistakes
1751.  Mistakes as a chance to learn
1752.  Accepting responsibility
1753.  The clean slate of today
1754.  Lightheartedness

Friday 11/7/14
1713.  Developing integrity
1714.  Compassion
1715.  Affection
1716.  Warm-heartedness
1717.  Non-violence
1718.  Letting go and letting God
1719.  Release from anguish by God
1720.  Growing pains
1721.  Feeling feelings
1722.  Patience to wait for results
1723.  Little by little, progress
1724.  Trusting intuition
1725.  Knowing God’s will by feeling
1726.  Trying to please only God
1727.  Telling the truth
1728.  Keeping silent sometimes
1729.  Grace of God in me
1730.  Helping those I dislike
1731.  Keeping my channel clear
1732.  Losing resentments

Thursday 11/6/14
1701.  Giving w/o return
1702.  Tolerance
1703.  Equality of all
1704.  Physically relaxed-centered
1705.  Emotionally calm-centered
1706.  Mentally focused-centered
1707.  Spiritually aware-centered
1708.  Acting in the now
1709.  Honesty w/ myself
1710.  Humility
1711.  Being open to different ways
1712.  Replacing fear w/ faith

Wednesday 11/5/14
1685.  Meditation
1686.  Self-analysis
1687.  Seeing relativity of situation
1688.  A larger outlook
1689.  Constant effort
1690.  Practicing principles
1691.  Strength/wisdom to do His will
1692.  Greater understanding of self
1693.  Empathy for those who suffer
1694.  Keeping past in perspective
1695.  Embracing the past
1696.  Listening w/in for guidance
1697.  Contact w/ God to grow faith
1698.  Joy of giving
1699.  Acceptance and faith
1700.  Being a channel of Divine Love

Tuesday 11/4/14
1670.  Effort w/o recognition
1671.  Flexible way of seeing things
1672.  God’s loving discipline
1673.  Being grateful for what I have
1674.  Satisfaction w/o craving more
1675.  Connecting by loving others
1676.  Loving embrace
1677.  Expressing love
1678.  Keeping spirit open
1679.  Prayer and meditation
1680.  Stopping to think
1681.  Pleasure from doing right
1682.  Pursuing interests
1683.  Initiative
1684.  Creative urges

Monday 11/3/14
1660.  Continual reliance on God
1661.  Diminishing anger
1662.  Self-exam, meditation, prayer
1663.  Complete admission of faults
1664.  Life on life’s terms
1665.  Acting out gratitude
1666.  Slowing down to listen
1667.  Finding my center
1668.  Charity
1669.  Trust in God’s power

Sunday 11/2/14
1644.  Trial and error
1645.  Correcting faults
1646.  Self-love to prep for other-love
1647.  Making the best of situations
1648.  Meld spiritual/physical sobriety
1649.  Ever-increasing willingness
1650.  Comic relief
1651.  Relief by talk about problems
1652.  Never being alone w/ pain
1653.  Selflessness
1654.  Self-discipline
1655.  Praying for God’s will
1656.  Faith
1657.  Divine Principle–unity/purpose
1658.  Giving what I receive
1659.  Being filled by God when I give

Saturday 11/1/14
1630.  Deep, honest self-searching
1631.  The strength of affection
1632.  Prayer and meditation
1633.  Talking and listening to God
1634.  Showing love
1635.  Giving the love I’ve been given
1636.  Spiritual inspiration
1637.  Leaving results to God
1638.  Sensing God’s love
1639.  Advice, support of HP
1640.  Celebration, comfort w/ HP
1641.  Hope
1642.  Faith lifting up my prayers
1643.  Leaving the future to God

Friday 10/31/14
1616.  Finding security inward
1617.  Human touch
1618.  Affection
1619.  Refraining from advice-giving
1620.  Relief from obsession
1621.  Awareness of purpose
1622.  My relationship w/ God
1623.  Trust
1624.  Asking for His help
1625.  Exercising God-given power
1626.  Seeing my denial
1627.  Release of need to prove self
1628.  Listening to my conscience
1629.  Heeding the inner voice

Thursday 10/30/14
1600.  Open Mindedness
1601.  Tolerance
1602.  Peaceful mental state
1603.  Genuine love
1604.  Mutual respect
1605.  Live and Let Live
1606.  Courage to be myself
1607.  Humility in holding opinions
1608.  Letting go of debate
1609.  Attitude of perseverance
1610.  Being in God’s care
1611.  Following directions
1612.  Taking suggestions
1613.  Moving body, head will follow
1614.  Growing a sharper wit
1615.  Learning to wait patiently

Wednesday 10/29/14
1587.  Freedom from fear
1588.  Courage/grace over fear
1589.  Creating positive atmosphere
1590.  Honesty
1591.  Looking within
1592.  The art of living
1593.  Believing in change
1594.  Knowing diff. b/t fantasy/reality
1595.  Loving self by admitting wrong
1596.  Learning from my day
1597.  Working out the will of God
1598.  Spiritual progress
1599.  Demonstrating God’s grace

Tuesday 10/28/14
1576.  Letting go of intellectual pride
1577.  Seeing emotional similarities
1578.  Belief
1579.  Vision of unity
1580.  Making others happy
1581.  Checking/improving attitude
1582.  Harmony in my life
1583.  Resolving conflicts
1584.  Warmth from the steps
1585.  Spirit of faith
1586.  Taking life one step at a time

Monday 10/27/14
1559.  Convictions
1560.  Compromise
1561.  Heart to heart communication
1562.  Nurturing desire to help
1563.  Continuity of purpose
1564.  Forgetting old habits
1565.  Not being controlled by past
1566.  Actions reflecting true self
1567.  Awareness of my impact
1568.  Empathy
1569.  Seeing when I make excuses
1570.  Being honest/no excuses
1571.  Feeling of worth
1572.  Being useful
1573.  Purpose and direction
1574.  Victory over self
1575.  Choosing good

Sunday 10/25/14
1541.  Quieting down disturbances
1542.  Letting go of anger
1543.  Wanting good for enemy
1544.  Optimistic/determined attitude
1545.  Ultimate authority in God
1546.  Trust
1547.  Ignoring others’ faults
1548.  Path to self-acceptance
1549.  Changing self, not others
1550.  Freedom from greed
1551.  Infinite mercy
1552.  Taking care of myself
1553.  Loving my God
1554.  Choosing freedom
1555.  Stopping to think
1556.  My home in the fellowship
1557.  Companionship w/ God
1558.  Companionship w/ others

Saturday 10/25/14
1531.  Spirituality as a way of life
1532.  Unbiased compassion
1533.  Oneness/unity of purpose
1534.  Examining my fears
1535.  Principles b/f personalities
1536.  Treating all people equally
1537.  Seeing how far I’ve come
1538.  Choosing friends wisely
1539.  Seeing others clearly
1540.  Striving to overcome self

Friday 10/24/14
1517.  A pacific attitude
1518.  Nonaggression
1519.  Grace to exert restraint
1520.  Compassion and affection
1521.  A sense of caring
1522.  Faith and works
1523.  Letting go of old ideas
1524.  Accepting reality
1525.  Understanding myself
1526.  Using my spiritual tools
1527.  Making responsible choices
1528.  Listening/meditation
1529.  All-encompassing honesty
1530.  Security in God’s arms

Thursday 10/23/14
1505.  Grace to exert restraint
1506.  Recognizing my nature
1507.  Determination
1508.  Transforming the heart
1509.  Unity
1510.  Carrying the message
1511.  Seeing blessings after discord
1512.  Turning away from self
1513.  Power from surrender
1514.  Remembering powerlessness
1515.  Faith through action
1516.  Belief in results by the Unseen

Wednesday 10/22/14
1495.  Thinking before acting
1496.  Utilizing intelligence
1497.  Tolerance of emotional Illness
1498.  Courage to feel my feelings
1499.  Reality checks from sponsor
1500.  Spiritual health
1501.  Feeling alive
1502.  Taking advantage of each day
1503.  The help of my HP
1504.  Furnishing my soul w/ faith

Tuesday 10/21/14
1480.  Thoroughness
1481.  Reflection on relationships
1482.  Scientific methods
1483.  Intelligence
1484.  Dignity of self-respect
1485.  Renewed hope and faith
1486.  Miracle of sobriety
1487.  Service/participation
1488.  Making peace w/ my past
1489.  Living in the present
1490.  Expressing good
1491.  Responding with peace/love
1492.  Using faults in good ways
1493.  Understanding myself
1494.  Letting God in

Monday 10/20/14
1471.  Being part of a community
1472.  Overcoming suffering
1473.  Being understanding of flaws
1474.  Willingness to wait for results
1475.  Responsibility for my choices
1476.  Changing my defects
1477.  Listening to my Higher Power
1478.  Owning up to past lies
1479.  Repaying HP by helping others

Sunday 10/19/14
1462.  Honest motives
1463.  Warm-Heartedness
1464.  Seizing opportunities
1465.  Feeling accepted
1466.  Occupying the moment
1467.  Standing for values
1468.  Becoming more reasonable
1469.  Changing my mind
1470.  God’s help whenever I ask

Saturday 10/18/14
1447.  Faith
1448.  Not being alone (w/ God)
1449.  Offering others victory
1450.  Regarding enemy as teacher
1451.  Hold dear unpleasant people
1452.  Release from bondage
1453.  Humility from rock bottom
1454.  Restoration of my sanity
1455.  Friendship
1456.  Looking past differences
1457.  Belongingness
1458.  Striving toward ideals
1459.  Surrendering when stubborn
1460.  Giving all of myself
1461.  Rising above failures

Friday 10/17/14
1438.  Aligning w/ common interest
1439.  Understanding reality
1440.  Asking for a daily reprieve
1441.  Comfort w/in myself
1442.  Open/flexibility  w/ “truth”
1443.  Seeing God’s presence w/ me
1444.  Claiming child inside me
1445.  Childlike openness
1446.  See God’s calm in my unrest

Thursday 10/16/14
1427.  Losing life to find a new one
1428.  Applying spirituality to reality
1429.  Continuous self-examination
1430.  Gently accepting mistakes
1431.  Talking to God
1432.  Praying for God’s will
1433.  Praying for power to act on it
1434.  Sense of purpose/direction
1435.  God conquering devil in me
1436.  Owning mistakes, no excuses
1437.  Improvement within self

Wednesday 10/15/14
1416.  Admission/correction of errors
1417.  Insight into reality
1418.  Taking my own inventory
1419.  Divine Providence
1420.  Habit of prayer
1421.  Choosing recovery
1422.  Restraining myself
1423.  Power to ask for help
1424.  Choices
1425.  Working for eternity
1426.  Taking God’s side

Tuesday 10/14/14
1404.  God-sufficiency
1405.  “Method and wisdom”
1406.  Daily effectiveness
1407.  Focusing on God’s will
1408.  AA path to freedom
1409.  Overcoming isolation
1410.  Making friends
1411.  Being “a part of”
1412.  Enjoying sobriety
1413.  Wanting to improve the world
1414.  Seeing beauty in the world
1415.  Regaining harmony w/ God

Monday 10/13/14
1392.  Ambition to be useful
1393.  Release from feeling inferior
1394.  Pure, selfless concerns
1395.  Admission of wrong-doing
1396.  Asking God to remove defects
1397.  My new life
1398.  Exploring new parts of self
1399.  Self understanding/approval
1400.  Random acts of kindness
1401.  Serving others w/o approval
1402.  Being part of the big picture
1403.  Willingness to grow

Sunday 10/12/14
1382.  Ambition to be useful
1383.  Bodhichitta
1384.  Reflecting before speaking
1385.  Presence in duties
1386.  Not needing to be right
1387.  Being an equal
1388.  Assessing priorities
1389.  Acting sober
1390.  Meeting life squarely
1391.  Being more than a spectator

Saturday 10/11/14
1366.  Accomplishing together
1367.  Exchanging for positivity
1368.  Visualizing helping acts
1369.  Stepping back to look at self
1370.  Thanking God for progress
1371.  Comfort in expressing feelings
1372.  Attitudinal vision of positivity
1373.  Seeing the world as inviting
1374.  Bringing ideas in line w/ reality
1375.  Social support
1376.  Using available resources
1377.  No need to justify self
1378.  No longer avoiding problems
1379.  Self esteem from prob.-solving
1380.  Reconciling to others
1381.  Seeing good in people

Friday 10/10/14
1355.  Realistic humility to ground me
1356.  Accepting what is, as it is
1357.  Visualization practices
1358.  Asking God to fix me
1359.  God fixing me
1360.  Knowing my limits
1361.  Foresight
1362.  Wisely consider consequences
1363.  Regeneration of spirituality
1364.  Letting go of rigidity
1365.  Going out of my way to serve

Thursday 10/9/14
1339.  Opening up
1340.  Practicing loving-kindness
1341.  Practicing compassion
1342.  Awareness of my reactions
1343.  Reacting positively
1344.  Fit spiritual condition
1345.  Looking past appearances
1346.  Acting on God’s- not self-will
1347.  Takings death very seriously
1348.  Not taking life too seriously
1349.  Seeing no shame in mistakes
1350.  Admission of mistakes
1351.  Learning from mistakes
1352.  Putting the group b/f myself
1353.  Listening to help
1354.  Unity/bonds of the spirit

Wednesday 10/8/14
1327.  Conforming to God’s will
1328.  Doing my best work
1329.  Commitment to ideals
1330.  Admitting my wrongs
1331.  Receiving feedback
1332.  Abstaining from criticism
1333.  Praise/self-esteem building
1334.  The new pattern of my life
1335.  Active problem-solving
1336.  Willingness
1337.  Readiness to help
1338.  Thinking of God to feel better

Tuesday 10/7/14
1314.  Joining in on something
1315.  Preparation for hardship
1316.  Welfare of others
1317.  Responsibility for my reactions
1318.  Admitting my faults
1319.  Creating my mental reality
1320.  Telling the truth
1321.  Trusting/depending on others
1322.  Freedom in God’s arms
1323.  Stamina
1324.  Being a child at heart
1325.  Feeling older and wiser
1326.  My flaws as God’s opportunity

Monday 10/6/14
1300.  Materials as byproduct not aim
1301.  Spiritual striving above all
1302.  Putting humility first
1303.  Perspective switching
1304.  Detachment from self
1305.  Overcoming fear/avoidance
1306.  Getting out of my own way
1307.  Letting go of expectations
1308.  Living on God’s terms
1309.  Applying new principles
1310.  Cleaning house
1311.  Seeing clearly
1312.  Trusting others
1313.  Belief in change by God

Sunday 10/5/14
1289.  Honest appraisal
1290.  Tolerance toward offenders
1291.  Self-searching
1292.  Being angry at acts not people
1293.  Mercy over justice
1294.  Detachment from self
1295.  Power in God not myself
1296.  Living up to values
1297.  Daily practice
1298.  Tolerance of all people
1299.  God’s plans unknown to me

Saturday 10/4/14
1278.  Recognizing my own fallibility
1279.  Examination from another view
1280.  Seeing potential in everyone
1281.  Being pruned back by God
1282.  Broken bones of obsession
1283.  Being on my feet
1284.  My life depending on God
1285.  Improving my situation
1286.  Knowing myself better daily
1287.  A constructive attitude
1288.  Seeing meaning and purpose

Friday 10/3/14
1263.  Joyful gratitude
1264.  Displacing conceit
1265.  Understanding
1266.  Taking care of another
1267.  Pain for inner growth
1268.  Finding peace within
1269.  Breaking reliance on ego
1270.  Relying on God
1271.  Consulting spiritual principles
1272.  A larger vision
1273.  Being a part of life
1274.  Sharing myself
1275.  Having hope to offer
1276.  Overcoming stubbornness
1277.  Quietness and assurance

Thursday 10/2/14
1253.  Faith through humility
1254.  Application of mindfulness
1255.  Correcting my mistakes
1256.  Ongoing rewards of struggle
1257.  Renewing surrender to God
1258.  Loving past my limit
1259.  Admitting wrongs
1260.  Earning trust through honesty
1261.  Speaking from the heart
1262.  Humbly accept God’s results

Wednesday 10/1/14
1244.  Suffering transmuted
1245.  Overcoming emot. afflictions
1246.  Daily inventory
1247.  Putting spiritual tools to use
1248.  Accepting pain
1249.  Letting God do his job
1250.  Step 10 as a habit
1251.  Holding nothing back
1252.  Effectiveness w/ HPs guidance

Tuesday 9/30/14
1232.  Restoration
1233.  Open arms
1234.  Varying my perspective
1235.  Emotional sanity
1236.  Independence from harm
1238.  Trusting myself
1239.  Sharing honestly
1240.  Silent and spoken prayer
1241.  Learning from others
1242.  Divine Quiet
1243.  God’s healing touch

Monday 9/29/14
1219.  Asking God for his grace
1220.  Self-examination
1221.  Meditation
1222.  Prayer
1223.  Genuine humility
1224.  Realizing how like others I am
1225.  Mistakes to learn from
1226.  Safety in the present moment
1227.  Taking others’ reactions calmly
1228.  Gratitude to displace fear
1229.  Doing my share as an AA
1230.  Faith in myself through God
1231.  Strength for the day from God

Sunday 9/28/14
1208.  Moral regeneration
1209.  Genuine humility
1210.  Relating to others
1211.  Being able to love
1212.  Being loved by God…etc.
1213.  Feeling alive
1214.  Undergoing real life
1215.  Daily help from God
1216.  Deeper meaning through faith
1217.  Sharing hope
1218.  Using my past to help others

Saturday 9/27/14
1194.  Emotional sobriety
1195.  Learning from mistakes
1196.  Holding others dear
1197.  Sympathy w/o pity
1198.  Love w/o expectations
1199.  Child’s willingness to question
1200.  Questioning, not answering
1201.  Admitting ignorance
1202.  A helping hand
1203.  Accepting encouragement
1204.  Positive thoughts if morose
1205.  Self-honesty
1206.  Tapping the inner resource
1207.  Spiritual vision

Friday 9/26/14
1180.  Seeing underlying causes
1181.  Kindness of others
1182.  Holding others dear
1183.  Altruistic intention
1184.  Respectful love
1185.  Growth without limits
1186.  Letting go of heavy burdens
1187.  Being childlike
1188.  Looking past others’ defects
1189.  Seeing through to my defects
1190.  Openness to new ideas
1191.  Choosing to live
1192.  No work being beneath me
1193.  Serving others out of gratitude

Thursday 9/25/14
1163.  Sending gratitude forward
1165.  Practicing compassion
1165.  Staying socially active
1166.  Activity in my program
1167.  Faith in God above all else
1168.  Accepting God’s timetable
1169.  Diligence
1170.  Facing feelings w/o fear
1171.  Accepting my defects
1172.  Dealing w/ my defects
1173.  Overcoming desire
1174.  Judgment w/o desire
1175.  Talking w/ kindness
1176.  Moving past gossip
1177.  Gradual, continuing change
1178.  God-consciousness
1179.  Support in God’s arms

Wednesday 9/24/14
1146.  Cultivating patience/tolerance
1147.  Generosity
1148.  Morality
1149.  Enthusiasm
1150.  Concentration/meditation
1151.  Wisdom
1152.  Vigilance
1153.  Spiritual awakening
1154.  Miracle of recovery
1155.  Getting out of the way
1157.  God’s infinite potential
1158.  Learning from mistakes
1159.  Joy for life
1160.  Energy of spirit
1161.  Setting an example
1162.  Following my conscience

Tuesday 9/23/14
1133.  Great suffering and great love
1134.  Obedience–spiritual principles
1135.  Equality
1136.  Genuine compassion
1137.  Want to be of benefit to others
1138.  Belonging
1139.  Appreciating today
1140.  Liking who I’m becoming(/am)
1141.  Unwavering commitment
1142.  Overlooking gossip
1143.  Embracing challenges
1144.  Self-discovery
1145.  Turning to God

Monday 9/22/14
1122.  Dependence on God
1123.  Absorptive states of mind
1124.  Contemplation
1125.  Healing through helping
1126.  Kindness, consideration
1127.  Usefulness
1128.  Recovery maintenance
1129.  Seeking the truth
1130.  Being authentic
1131.  Living in the present
1132.  Broadening horizons

Sunday 9/21/14
1103.  Momentum of change
1104.  Insight into suffering
1105.  Meeting responsibilities
1106.  Cutting away old beliefs
1107.  Making room for new growth
1109.  New truths being revealed
1110.  Speaking from the heart
1111.  Develop relationship w/ God
1112.  Comfort w/ prayer
1113.  Keeping it simple and doable
1114.  Choosing what strengthens
1115.  Caring about other people
1116.  Other people caring about me
1117.  Seeing when I’m not loving
1118.  God’s help w/ my personal life
1119.  Faith in the Unseen
1120.  A venture of belief
1121.  Dismantling IQ pride blocks

Saturday 9/20/14
1091.  Communication
1092.  Identification/transmission
1093.  Other-centeredness
1094.  Dependent originations
1095.  God as a guide
1096.  Turning away from harm
1097.  Serving God
1098.  Changing what doesn’t work
1099.  Wanting/welcoming change
1100.  Focusing on others
1101.  Honesty with myself
1102.  Reaching for the good

Friday 9/19/14
1077.  Feelings
1078.  Faith, love, worship
1079.  Concern for others
1080.  Cultivating altruism
1081.  Acceptance
1082.  Freedom from obsession
1083.  Following direction
1084.  Understanding
1085.  Sharing to lighten burdens
1086.  Sharing to enhance joy
1087.  Humanness as a path
1088.  Not judging my past
1089.  Learning from my past
1090.  Trust in God for strength

Thursday 9/18/14
1063.  Fear as a steppingstone
1064.  Prudence
1065.  Respect for others
1066.  Research
1067.  Giving up self-cherishing
1068.  Belief in the good in myself
1069.  Feeling God’s love
1070.  Reaching past fear
1071.  Not being alone anymore
1072.  Meaningful relationships
1073.  Sharing laughter and tears
1074.  Being committed
1075.  Changing
1076.  Quiet communion w/ God

Wednesday 9/17/14
1051.  Surrendering to win
1052.  Being a citizen of the world
1053.  Seeing results of thinking
1054.  Trusting others
1055.  Consideration
1056.  An awakening spirit
1057.  Seeing I’m not master of me
1058.  Letting go
1059.  Balancing activities
1060.  Asking God for guidance
1061.  Following laws of nature
1062.  Following spiritual/moral laws

Tuesday 9/16/14
1030.  Companions
1031.  Vigilance for egotism
1032.  Giving up idea of distinct self
1033.  Sacrifice for common good
1034.  Ego-deflation
1035.  Acceptance of difficulties
1036.  Discovery
1037.  Freedom through truth
1038.  Emotional balance
1039.  Responding not reacting
1040.  Listening for guidance
1041.  Feeling w/I judgment
1042.  My range of emotions
1043.  Prayer and meditation
1044.  Letting go of guilt
1045.  Letting go of the past
1046.  Self-cleansing
1047.  Human rights
1048.  Standing for fairness
1049.  Acting on love
1050.  Spiritual work/giving freely

Monday 9/15/14
1018.  Intentions
1019.  God’s help with our intentions
1020.  Honesty with myself
1021.  Self as connected to others
1022.  Service
1023.  Risking rejection
1024.  Sharing love freely
1025.  Praying
1026.  Bravery
1027.  Choosing to change
1028.  Strength in quietness
1029.  Attuning to God’s influence

Sunday 9/14/14
1003.  Giving an example not advice
1004.  Eternal spiritual values
1005.  Progress towards perfection
1006.  Similarities w/ others
1007.  Equal rights
1008.  Sacrificing one for the many
1009.  Good timing
1010.  Right motives
1011.  New methods
1012.  Giving up need to be special
1013.  Surrendering everything
1014.  Seeing harm in “harmless”
1015.  Patience with progress
1016.  Seeing God in people
1017.  Increasing my trust in God

Saturday 9/13/14
991.  Being between extremes
992.  The highroad of humility
993.  Constant inventory
994.  Seeking wisdom
995.  Society
996.  Equalizing
997.  Mending my ways
998.  A forgiving heart
999.  A relationship w/ a loving God
1000.  Seeing humor
1001.  Role models (my sponsor)
1002.  The atmosphere of prayer

Friday 9/12/14
976.  Humility to receive God’s help
977.  Constructive meditation
978.  Trying
979.  Fundamental equality of beings
980.  Looking, admitting, accepting
981.  Freedom through responsibility
982.  Enthusiasm
983.  A well-rounded life
984.  New horizons to explore
985.  Daring to dream
986.  Overcoming intellectual pride
987.  Practical approach to problems
988.  Absence of intolerance
989.  A haven in AA
990.  Attuning my will to God’s

Thursday 9/11/14
964.  Continuing to be awakened
965.  Being a small part of a whole
966.  Groups
967.  Seeing others happy
968.  Responsible action
969.  Freedom from rigidity
970.  Bending with life’s wind
971.  Learning from mistakes
972.  Being myself
973.  Following my dreams
974.  Ties to other people
975.  A common journey

Wednesday 9/10/14
949.  Acceptance/faith combo
950.  Very gradual progress
951.  Inclusiveness of God’s spirit
952.  Treat all life forms as a mother
953.  Humbling myself
954.  Exploring feelings gently
955.  Discarding illusions
956.  Knowing myself
957.  Accepting myself
958.  Offering my presence
959.  Offering a hug
960.  Offering a listening ear
961.  Accepting others as they are
962.  Accepting ways of others
963.  Realistic expectations

Tuesday 9/9/14
937.  Choosing to be willing
938.  Stable basis for closeness
939.  Varying our perspective
940.  Cleaning my side of street
941.  Sanity
942.  Abstinence
943.  Realistic expectations
944.  Letting go of pain
945.  Listening instead of talking
946.  Power to face life
947.  Overcoming wrong thinking
948.  Relying on God’s grace

Monday 9/8/14
925.  Leaving plans to God
926.  Light of faith
927.  Pain for spiritual progress
928.  Seeing my anger is unjustified
929.  Admitting I can’t do it alone
930.  Receiving help
931.  Giving assistance
932.  Freedom from rebelliousness
933.  Expressing joy
934.  Opening up to love
935.  Safety with God
936.  Walking in God’s unfailing love

Sunday 9/7/14
912.  Responsibility
913.  Personality change
914.  Seeing that people change
915.  Seeing flaw of attachment
916.  Cleaning my side of the street
917.  Refraining from judgment
918.  Extending humanity
919.  Practicing forgiveness
920.  Doing my best
921.  Freedom from isolation
922.  Sharing a common bond
923.  Strict honesty
924.  God as a refuge

Saturday 9/6/14
898.  Healthy awareness
899.  Mature love
900.  Placing spiritual growth first
901.  Growing up emotionally
902.  Relating even-handedly to all
903.  Belonging to everyday world
904.  Making room for the new
905.  New living pattern
906.  Living in the now
907.  Daily duties
908.  Cultivating awareness
909.  Meeting inner needs
910.  Living life like its everlasting
911.  Living each day as my last

Friday 9/5/14
887.  Praying for God’s will
888.  Overcoming partiality
889.  A wider perspective
890.  Indirect amends by kindness
891.  Freedom from pretense
892.  Dignity
893.  Treating my disease
894.  Emotional sobriety
895.  Seeing my life as a miracle
896.  Prioritizing
897.  Spiritual progress

Thursday 9/4/14
876.  Taking criticism well
877.  Trying for good qualities
878.  Closeness w/o desire
879.  Reconstruction of life
880.  The present
881.  “Picking up” my mess as I go
882.  Learning to handle fear
883.  Listening, thinking, then acting
884.  Being tested to help me learn
885.  Inward peace
886.  Mission of conciliation

Wednesday 9/3/14
861.  Humility for defects
862.  Kindness of all beings
863.  Repaying kindness
864.  Universal responsibility
865.  Sharing gifts
866.  Turning my will over
867.  Freedom to make mistakes
868.  Recovery w/o recognition
869.  Candor and caring together
870.  Facing my past
871.  Learning about myself
872.  Learning about life
873.  Learning about God
874.  New prospects
875.  Reliance upon the Unseen

Tuesday 9/2/14
847.  Confronting tasks
848.  Completing tasks
849.  Cosmic justice and love
850.  Treating strangers as relatives
851.  Loving-kindness
852.  Intimacy
853.  Willingness to grow
854.  Willingness to believe
855.  Helping w/o giving advice
856.  Direction in life from God
857.  Providing what’s needed
858.  Good judgment
859.  Good timing
860.  Giving free rein to God’s spirit

Monday 9/1/14
836.  Letting go of running the show
837.  Quiet courage
838.  Instruction not destruction
839.  Compassion w/ insight
840.  Ongoing active study
841.  Values
842.  Ability to make loving decisions
843.  Faith in God
844.  Responsibility for my actions
845.  Helping others heal
846.  Living by spiritual principles

Sunday 8/31/14
824.  All-round forgiveness
825.  Life experience
826.  Personal commitment
827.  Giving freely
828.  Hope
829.  Potentiality
830.  Freedom
831.  Possibilities
832.  A new life
833.  Accepting misfortune
834.  Closeness to God in hard times
835.  Helping w/o criticizing

Saturday 8/30/14
815.  Anonymous kindness
816.  Foresight
817.  Responsibility for compassion
818.  Gratitude
819.  Going forward through fear
820.  Acting to different thinking
821.  Accept others by accept self
822.  Carrying the message
823.  Abundant living through giving

Friday 8/29/14
807.  My “low bottom case”
808.  My powerlessness
809.  The welfare of others
810.  Expressing my feelings
811.  Looking forward to life
812.  Working the steps in order
813.  Listening to the voice of peace
814.  Choosing the right path

Thursday 8/28/14
798.  Tolerance
799.  My own conception of God
800.  Luminosity of knowing
801.  A lighter heart
802.  Eliminating absolutes
803.  Sharing secrets
804.  Conscious contact w/ God
805.  Movement through difficulty
806.  Happiness as a byproduct

Wednesday 8/27/14
788.  Mutual trust
789.  Freedom from excess guilt
790.  Gradual process of training
791.  Obedience to God
792.  Valuing people for their best
793.  Avoiding self-destructing
794.  New behavior patterns
795.  Feeling feelings
796.  Willingness to change
797.  Submitting to spirit treatment

Tuesday 8/26/14
777.  Taking baby steps
778.  Owning my resentments
779.  Aspiration to help others
780.  Maintaining spiritual condition
781.  Giving it away
782.  Self-reliance
783.  Action to solve complaints
784.  Honest appraisal of my day
785.  Faith to let go of fear
786.  Organized problem solving
787.  Submitting to God’s laws

Monday 8/25/14
766.  Growing
767.  Helping others grow
768.  Letting go and letting God
769.  Bodhichitta
770.  Ability to bond w/ others
771.  Letting go of perfection
772.  Resisting being judgmental
773.  Freedom from past wreckage
774.  Realizing new choices
775.  Balancing inner child
776.  Waiting for peace b/f acting

Sunday 8/24/14
752.  Admitting powerlessness
753.  Cultivating humility
754.  Continuous sustained effort
755.  Tranquility
756.  Mindfulness
757.  Reasoning about emotions
758.  Letting go of “why”
759.  Self-love
760.  Surrendering expectations
761.  Accepting life’s ebb and flow
762.  Exploring spiritual beliefs
763.  Loosening of restrictions
764.  Broadening of imagination
765.  Belief in possibilities w/ God

Saturday 8/23/14
741.  Sharing a common peril
742.  Seeking advice from others
743.  Reversing cycle of negativity
744.  Focusing attention
745.  Common courtesy
746.  Respecting others’ boundaries
747.  Accepting others
748.  Seeing good despite dislike
749.  Living with enthusiasm
750.  A life worth striving for
751.  Freedom from anger

Friday 8/22/14
731.  Laying aside prejudice
732.  Seeing insecurity from defects
733.  Introspection
734.  Cultivating positivity
735.  Filling emptiness w/ God
736.  Accepting past to let it go
737.  Making a contribution
738.  Letting go of control
739.  Listening to disagreeable facts
740.  Making use of mistakes

Thursday 8/21/14
718.  Rewards through giving
719.  Personal anonymity
720.  Mental antidotes to negativity
721.  Stability
722.  Faith in a solution
723.  Growing up/giving up control
724.  Cultivating friendships
725.  Seeing myself in others
726.  Opening up opinions
727.  Beauty as an attitude
728.  Reality within us
729.  Rising above earthly things
730.  Release to freedom

Wednesday 8/20/14
707.  Scrutiny of my motives
708.  Vision stretching
709.  Mental ease through exercise
710.  Emotional freedom
711.  Taking responsibility for woes
712.  Participating in human nature
713.  Appreciating mortality
714.  Heaven as an earthly action
715.  Courtesy of the heart
716.  Relying on God
717.  Seeing my goal of better living

Tuesday 8/19/14
696.  Growth
697.  Rationality
698.  Praying rightly
699.   Positive mental activity
700.  The next right thing
701.  New life
702.  Taking the step right before me
703.  Letting go of self-importance
704.  Accepting rules of life
705.  Keeping sobriety simple
706.  Sensing God through worship

Monday 8/18/14
680.  Being a partner
681.  Appreciating family
682.  Being in God’s hands
683.  Well-being
684.  Praying for help/willingness
685.  Getting well
686.  Forgiving myself
687.  Living fully in the day
688.  Digging into the actual
689.  Enthusiasm
690.  Being productive
691.  Putting recovery first
692.  Adapting to circumstances
693.  Appreciating God’s hand/help
694.  Kind words
695.  Unselfish deeds

Sunday 8/17/14
666.  Surrendering liabilities
667.  Accepting pain w/o escaping
668.  Desiring humility
669.  Transforming the mind
670.  Enhancing compassion
671.  Positive ways of thinking
672.  Developing spiritually from pain
673.  Feeling I should be here
674.  Belief in relief
675.  Finding a way that works (God)
676.  Connecting to life/others
677.  Awareness of bodily needs
678.  Matching life to dreams
679.  Happy w/ progress by patience

Saturday 8/16/14
653.  Active participation
654.  Being teachable
655.  Carrying the message
656.  Helping anonymously
657.  Being effective
658.  God’s reinforcement
659.  Emotional sobriety
660.  Relinquishing excuses
661.  Second opinions
662.  Dispelling misery
663.  Being present
664.  Following directions
665.  Expressing gratitude

Friday 8/15/14
642.  Realizing power of resentments
643.  Tolerance/patience for the sick
644.  Sacrificing self for others
645.  Ability to remember
646.  Self-healing by healing others
647.  Improvement little by little
648.  Sharing my burdens
649.  Respecting my limitations
650.  Following (God) not guiding
651.  Giving up excuses
652.  Being part of a unified group

Thursday 8/14/14
634.  24 hour living
635.  Altruistic attitude
636.  Courage
637.  Determination
638.  Repairing my damage
639.  Reexamining old ideas
640.  Recognizing false limitations
641.  Living to the best of my ability

Wednesday 8/13/14
623.  Freedom under God
624.  Transforming hardships
625.  Third person point of view
626.  Acceptance without judgement
627.  Being constructive
628.  Serving others
629.  Anonymity
630.  Speaking with care
631.  Personal relationship with God
632.  Reviewing my character
633.  Working happy

Tuesday 8/12/14
610.  Meeting conditions
611.  Being on the right track
612.  Reality
613.  Being a friend
614.  Facing my past
615.  Learning
616.  Downsizing my IQ ego
617.  Admitting powerlessness
618.  Knowing and living by beliefs
619.  Wanting the best for everyone
620.  Being a force for good
621.  Setting an example
622.  Being a co-worker with God

Monday 8/11/14
595.  Dropping blame
596.  Inter-connectedness
597.  Honest motives
598.  Cleansing my character
599.  Opening myself to God’s will
600.  Living by nature’s intentions
601.  Active listening
602.  Empathizing
603.  Listening to my heart, not head
604.  Pacing myself
605.  Respect for others
606.  Fairness
607.  Humanness
608.  Being led to order
609.  Belonging to God

Sunday 8/10/14
583.  Sensibility
584.  Tact
585.  Good of the many
586.  Ability to make amends
587.  Seeing that I affect others
588.  Transition
589.  Personality changes
590.  Fitting myself into the world
591.  Believing in myself
592.  Seeing same thing diff. way
593.  Common solution
594. Good deportment

Saturday 8/9/14
572.  Trying to give w/o receiving
573.  Sentient beings
574.  Being forgiven
575.  Forgiving all
576.  Going with the flow
577.  Pleasure
578.  Spontaneity
579.  Accepting love
580.  Freedom from delusions
581.  Learning from hard times
582.  Being at the mercy of God

Friday 8/8/14
561.  Thinking outside the box
562.  Transmitting life lessons
563.  Avoiding extremes
564.  Ability
565.  Unloading guilt
566.  Being “as a child”
567.  Wilderness
568.  Intentionally humbling self
569.  Love in action
570.  The adventure within
571.  Faith in action

Thursday 8/7/14
551.  Dependence upon God
552.  Fulfilling obligations
553.  Compassion over attachment
554.  A design for living
555.  Taking people as they are
556.  Spiritual assets
557.  12 steps
558.  Self-care
559.  Being functional
560.  New interests

Wednesday 8/6/14
540.  Spiritual inheritance
541.  Positive, gentle development
542.  Structure of health
543.  Concern for welfare of others
544.  Seeking knowledge
545.  Investigation
546.  Openness to suggestion
547.  Teachers
548.  Looking within
549.  Conscious contact with God
550.  Emotional security

Tuesday 8/5/14
531.  Lessons learned from pain
532.  Understanding my motives
533.  Affectionate teachers
534.  Unexpected solutions
535.  Experience as evidence of God
536.  Straightening kinks in thinking
537.  Fearing change less
538.  Being ok with mistakes
539.  Persistence

Monday 8/4/14
525.  Matching calamity w/ serenity
526.  Allowing others to be helpful
527.  Taking down barriers
528.  Unburdening secrets
529.  Relief from shame
530.  Re-education/different thinking

Sunday 8/3/14
512.  Freedom from fear
513.  Counter-measures
514.  Common sense
515.  God’s plan
516.  Trusting people despite doubts
517.  Family
518.  Seeing my usefulness
519.  The moment
520.  Good impressions
521.  Credibility
522.  Authenticity
523.  Shared experiences
524.  Putting my problems aside

Saturday 8/2/14
507.  Revelation
508.  Relief
509.  Finding my voice
510.  Seeing “my part”
511.  Divine intervention

Friday 8/1/14
488.  Exchanging love and service
489.  Fruition
490.  Causal process
491.  Spiritual fitness
492.  Mental health
493.  Physical wellbeing
494.  Giving 100% of myself
495.  Participation in solutions
496.  Freedom from guilt
497.  Being an instrument
498.  Owning my behavior
499.  Being complete
500.  Open-endedness
501.  Allowing myself to heal
502.  Oneness of purpose
503.  Harmony with God
504.  Medicine
505.  Psychiatry
506.  Religion

Thursday 7/31/14
477.  Partnership
478.  Common effort
479.  Mutuality
480.  Symbiosis
481.  Wanting what’s good for me
482.  Spiritual riches
483.  Calling for help before “crisis”
484.  Letting people in
485.  Filling a need
486.  Realizing less is more
487.  Reminders of gratitude

Wednesday 7/30/14
470.   Right relations
471.   Looking before I leap
472.   Insurance through giving
473.   Assurance
474.  Establishing patterns
475.  Wholesome lifestyle
476.  Awareness of consequences

Tuesday 7/29/14
459.  Being careful
460.  Support
461.  Carrying my own weight
462.  Giving up expectations
463.  Renunciation
464.  Seeing failure as humanness
465.  The “still small voice within”
466.  Standing up for my rights
467.  Being different
468.  Dignity
469.  Massages

Monday 7/29/14
446.  Genuine apology
447.  Creating positive feelings
448.  Human level of understanding
449.  Putting differences aside
450.  Putting first things first
451.  Conversation
452.  Interchange of sentiments
453.  Identification
454.  Drawing closer to loved ones
455.  Knowing how to follow
456.  Leadership
457.  Baby steps
458.  Revealing secret faults

Sunday 7/27/14
436.  God-centered life
437.  Not complaining
438.  Changing direction
439.  Relating to others
440.  Working my program
441.  Getting better
442.  Good choices
443.  Conversion
444.  Wisdom in the simple
445.  Rejoicing the heart

Saturday 7/26/14
426.  New life
427.  Self-preservation
428.  Traditions
429.  Ideas
430.  Being calm
431.  Self-worth
432.  Cultivating loving relationships
433.  Rehabilitation
434.  Tough love
435.  Reciprocation

Friday 7/25/14
417.  Foundation of serenity
418.  Transformation of energy
419.  Spreading message of hope
420.  Attraction
421.  Receiving by giving it away
422.  Being a living example
423.  Livelihood
424.  Holding my life in trust for God
425.  Leaving results to God

Thursday 7/24/14
409.  Maturity
410.  Emotional sobriety
411.  Citizenship
412.  Identity
413.  Recognizing myself
414.  Common cause
415.  Spiritual centeredness
416.  Self-love

Wednesday 7/23/14
402.  Trying new things
403.  Reaction formation
404.  Response inhibition
405.  Fastidiousness
406.  Cessation
407.  Silence
408.  Heart-calm

Tuesday 7/22/14
389.  Equilibrium
390.  My story
391.  Karma
392.  Heaven
393.  Repetition
394.  Being here
395.  New interpretations
396.  Vitality
397.  Consequences
398.  Thinking things through
399.  Following rules
400.  Diversity
401.  Talents

Monday 7/21/14
382.  Middle ground
383.  Not making peace conditional
384.  Probability
385.  Victory
386.  Going to any lengths
387.  Therapy
388.  Sympathy

Sunday 7/20/14
376.  Awareness of impermanence
377.  Promise
378.  Leaving results to God
379.  Doing whatever is necessary
380.  Unshakable foundation
381.  Feeling alive

Saturday 7/19/14
369.  Following instructions
370.  Subtlety
371.  Asking questions
372.  Talking
373.  Being realistic
374.  Desire to change
375.  Conquering self

Friday 7/18/14
359.  Perfect objective
360.  Impermanence
361.  Providing
362.  Abundance
363.  Comfort with indecision
364.  Trial and error
365.  Being the positive difference
366.  Seeing a better world
367.  Going forward
368.  Perpetual youth (at heart)

Thursday 7/17/14
352.  Self-forgiveness
353.  Fitness
354.  Exhilaration
355.  Positive comparison
356.  Reinforcement
357.  Shining light on my dark side
358.  Spirit

Wednesday 7/16/14
340.  Fundamental belief “all is well”
341.  Noticing similarities
342.  Adversity inspiring growth
343.  Self-reliance
344.  Healing
345.  My own self-approval
346.  Self-esteem
347.  Worthiness
348.  Teachability
349.  Setting a good example
350.  Shelter
351.  Refuge in God’s protection

Tuesday 7/15/14
318.  Managing my life
319.  Expansion
320.  Evolution
321.  Fastidiousness
322.  Being on time
323.  Accuracy
324.  Detail
325.  Tenderness
326.  Privilege
327.  Deliverance
328.  Exertion
329.  Examination
330.  Effectiveness
331.  Preparation
332.  Reducing suffering
333.  Recognizing facts
334.  Investigation
335.  Romance
336.  Character-building
337.  Regrouping
338.  Quality
339.  Excitement

Monday 7/14/14
308.  Candor
309.  Unity
310.  Vigilance
311.  Good conduct
312.  Submission
313.  Meekness
314.  Proficiency
315.  Process not result
316.  Sensitivity
317.  Prioritizing

Sunday 7/13/14
296.  Concentration
297.  Focus
298.  Sound judgment
299.  Realization
300.  Radiance
301.  Wanting what I need
302.  Accommodation
303.  Politeness
304.  Pushing myself
305.  Outstretched arms
306.  The Golden Rule
307.  Encouragement

Saturday 7/12/14
276.  Venture of faith
277.  Endurance
278.  Stamina
289.  Exercise
290.  Abandoning control
291.  Adoption
292.  Conforming to principles
293.  Satisfaction
294.  Good health
295.  Feeling admiration

Friday 7/11/14
268.  Gift of desperation
269.  Growing pains
270.  Resisting complaining
271.  Footwork
272.  Affirmations
273.  Following “good”
274.  Availability
275.  Evidence

Thursday 7/10/14
259.  Principles over personalities
260.  Anonymity
261.  Assurance
262.  Aspiration
263.  Attainment
264.  Eloquence
265. Detachment from belongings
266.  Graciousness
267.  Quality time with Phoenix

Wednesday 7/9/14
251.  Usefulness
252.  Being prepared
253.  Cleanliness
254.  Scrutiny
255.  My program
256.  God’s will
257.  Guidance
258.  Protection

Tuesday 7/8/14
241.  Curiosity
242.  Offering
243.  Moderation
244.  God consciousness
245.  Good timing
246.  Safety
247.  A room of one’s own
248.  Release
249.  Crying it out
250.  Contentment

Monday 7/7/14
236.  Sacrifice
237.  Reality
238.  Direction
239.  Communing with nature
240.  Asking questions

Sunday 7/6/14
231.  Regeneration
232.  Holiness
233.  Perspicuity
234.  Friendship
235.  Resourcefulness

Saturday 7/5/14
226.  Awareness
227.  Festivities
228.  Abilities
229.  Free time
230.  Membership

Friday 7/4/14
221.  Boldness
222.  Enthusiasm
223.  Smiling
224.  Consistency
225.  Clean pattern of life

Thursday 7/3/14
216.  Spiritual principles
217.  A sense of control
218.  Sincerity
219.  Being childlike
220.  Ambiguity

Wednesday 7/2/14
211.  Forming healthy habits
212.  Involvement
213.  Discipline
214.  My brain
215.  Being myself

Tuesday 7/1/14
206.  Humanity
207.  Admitting powerlessness
208.  Making amends
209.  Steadfastness
210.  Resolution

Monday 6/30/14
201.  My conscience
202.  Taking my inventory
203.  Consideration
204.  Free-will
205.  Commitment

Sunday 6/29/14
196.  Being engaged in surroundings
107.  Education
198.  Constructive action
199.  Kinship
200.  Fearlessness

Saturday 6/28/14
191.  Duty
192.  Poise
193.  Praise (giving/receiving)
194.  Pragmatism
195.  Independence

Friday 6/27/14
186.  The present
187.  The future
188.  Realizing potential
189.  Passion
190.  Transcendence

Thursday 6/26/14
181.  Expression
182.  Mysteries
183.  Prudence
184.  Life
185.  Surprises

Wednesday 6/25/14
176.  Clarity
177.  Coherence/sanity
178.  Innovation
179.  Insight
180.  Abstraction

Tuesday 6/24/14
171.  Serendipity
172.  Being responsible
173.  Justice
174.  Prevention
175.  Intelligence

Monday 6/23/14
166.  Simplicity
167.  Learning for its own sake
168.  Confession
169.  Feelings/emotions
170.  Opportunities

Sunday 6/22/14
161.  Individual differences
162.  Playfulness
163.  Honor
164.  Stillness
165.  Complexity

Saturday 6/21/14
155.  People
156.  Practice
157.  Rationality/logic
158.  Nourishment
159.  Devotion
160.  Lightheartedness

Friday 6/20/14
150.  Everyday miracles
151.  Experimentation
152.  Mercy
153.  Integration
154.  Trying my best

Thursday 6/19/14
144.  Tolerance
145.  Morality
146.  Feelings/emotions
147.  Choice
148.  Diligence
149.  Wonder

Wednesday 6/18/14
139.  Altruism
140.  Restitution/pay it forward
141.  Experience
142.  Little adventures
143.  Security

Tuesday 6/17/14
132.  Earnestness
133.  Self-discovery
134.  Belongingness
135.  Communication/dialogue
136.  Searching within
137.  Intimacy
138.  Revealing

Monday 6/16/14
127.  Collectivism
128.  Joy
129.  Humility
130.  Reconciliation
131.  Self-confidence

Sunday 6/15/14
122.  Strength
123.  Energy
124.  Sharing
125.  Cooperation
126.  Humor

Saturday 6/14/14
117.  Reading
118.  Community/fellowship
119.  Springtime
120.  Fresh starts anytime
121.  Intuition

Friday 6/13/14
112.  Industriousness
113.  Imagination
114.  Hope
115.  Affection (giving/receiving)
116.  Resolution

Thursday 6/12/14
107.  Self-awareness
108.  Delaying gratification
109.  Goals
110.  Perspective switching
111.  Being realistic

Wednesday 6/11/14
102.  Freedom
103.  Insects
104.  Schedule/routine
105.  Responding, not reacting
106.  Suspending judgment

Tuesday 6/10/14
97.  Having no expectations
98.  Dreams
99.  Togetherness/community
100.  Activities
101.  Purpose

Monday 6/9/14
92.  Understanding
93.  Calmness
94.  Fresh green growth
95.  Getting things done
96.  Motivation

Sunday 6/8/14
87.  Positive attitude
88.  Creation
89.  Art
90.  Being social
91.  Comfort in my own skin

Saturday 6/7/14
82.  Learning from experience
83.  Forgiveness
84.  Faith
85.  Willingness
86.  Being a channel for God

Friday 6/6/14
77.  Surrender
78.  Salvation
79.  Interest/investment in others
80.  Selflessness
81.  Action

Thursday 6/5/14
72.  Kissing
73.  Not overreacting
74.  Transitory nature of moods
75.  Open-mindedness
76.  Tenacity

Wednesday 6/4/14
67.  Rainbows
68.  Sanity
69.  Overriding destructive thoughts
70.  Waking up
71.  Tolerance

Tuesday 6/3/14
62.  Conscientiousness
63.  Structure
64.  Problem solving
65.  Brain power
66.  Help from others

Monday 6/2/14
57.  Hugs
58.  Agreeability
59.  Wholesomeness
60.  Gentleness
61.  Respect

Sunday 6/1/14
52.  Understanding
53.  Wisdom
54.  Fun
55.  Tools of recovery
56.  Sunshine

Saturday 5/31/14
47.  Equanimity
48.  Balance
49.  Restoration
50.  Patience
51.  Grace

Friday 5/30/14
42.  Feeling lucky/blessed
43.  Taking advice
44.  Developing listening skills
45.  Learning from hardships
46.  Gratitude

Thursday 5/29/14
37.  Deep breathing
38.  Spirituality
39.  Reaching out
40.  Flexibility
41.  Sober thinking

Wednesday 5/28/14
32.  Serenity
33.  Mindfulness
34.  Peaceful Reflection/meditation
35.  Rest/relaxation
36.  Self-respect

Tuesday 5/27/14
27.  Faith
28.  Optimism
29.  Ideas
30.  Courage
31.  Change

Monday 5/26/14
22.  Acceptance
23.  Determination
24.  Honesty
25.  Beauty
26.  Integrity

Sunday 5/25/14
17.  Hope
18.  Today
19.  Laughter
20.  Recovery/2nd chances
21.  Inspiration

Saturday 5/24/14
12.  Love
13.  Happiness
14.  God
15.  Friends/family
16.  Growth/progress

Friday 5/23/14
7.  Creativity
8.  Peace of mind
9.  Social harmony
10.  Compassion
11.  Cuddling

Thursday 5/22/14
1.  Rainstorms
2.  Phoenix (kitten)
3.  Richard
4.  Robyn
5.  Howard
6.  Prayer