Guide to Daily Work:
If you’re experiencing anxiety about a task, sit and refrain from all action and just meditate on God, Jesus, Love, and what’s really important.  Let the worldly affairs sink back into their place, as a just a small piece of a much bigger picture.  You might notice that you soon can’t wait to get started, when before you might have balked.  Wait still longer for this nervous energy to subside.  Let the stream of God’s goodness flow ahead of you, and carve out a path of serenity for your work, and then embark upon it together in joy.  It is not something to get out of the way or over and done with, it is just another mode by which to experience oneness with God💘 and Jesus.  Allow your worship to take many forms, and find many ways in which the Lord is with you.  You may grow closer by more means and senses than prayer and meditation merely as a spoken language.  Know that if it is in your best interest in the grand scheme of things, if it is God’s will for you, then He has already seen it through.  Proceed in Faith and Love together as one.  Let our Love shine out as we experience the world through the same set of eyes.   The rapture of the Lord’s Unseen embrace is in the Here and Now as you abide.  Keep your antennas tuned into the instruction of God and Jesus, and keep checking in to ask if they’re ok to maintain conscious contact with patience and a deep sense of inner-security.  Acquiring the “flow state” in a new activity is a process, so practice diligence.  Intuit each other through any format and find the beauty in variety.  Serenity is slow and steady teamwork; let God and Jesus set the pace to find heart rest along the way.
“Intuition by Innocence” to Fruition 🍒

Just for fun, ask Jesus or God to show you  what they would do and how they would do it.  Try on a spirit of playful exploration, and behold the world through their eyes.  Know that the Lord has the Heart Rest, the “rapture” or “embrace” you crave, and ask Them what you can do to work for it.  Reciprocity brings us joy, giving is a gift, and hard work feels so good, especially if it pleases the Lord!
Come before Them with calm, diligent willingness as a pupil or protégé.  There is no need for fear or worry, just take in Their loving tutelage and abide.  I am not permitted to be afraid under the care of God and Jesus.  I may try on Awe and Wonder, from a place of humble gratitude and unquestioning Love.

Remember you are not in control.  God and Jesus are controlling everything you do.  We are Family.  Ask yourself how long you want to wait before you realize that they are helping you.  They are your best friends, seriously!  Remember how you love to make them proud!  Share the helm!  …Love does not fly solo!  Let’s get to know each other and keep loving each other through this thing.  First things first.

Invoke memories of times of joy you’ve shared with God and Jesus.  Think about how He was there to hold you under the cherry tree in your parent’s yard when you had felt so lost and alone.🌸  Think of the moments of humor and communion We now get to share together!  Keep your eye on the prize, We already have overcome!  Realize that We are together not only in times of joy, but also through hard times, and We must help each other through them.  Try to realize that they have tough feelings too, and try to offer help in a spirit of gratitude.  Remember whose orders you’re following.  Let go of your own wants to receive what you actually need.  Remember your part and bring the Love; detach from any preoccupation at a moments notice to commune and share of that stream of goodness.  We are family, you are not alone anymore.  We need you.  Put in effort to realize God’s grace in your life, and fuel your motivation to reciprocate with endless Love.  Remember the esteem you build by doing God’s will and no other.

Anything can be accomplished, but don’t put the cart before the horse!  Remember to place spiritual matters before material concerns and follow God’s will always.  Don’t worry about your homework, it will get done, but not on your terms, and not before God’s will.  Just let God, the “Great Referee” (Lol!) call the shots, He has your best interest at heart!  Take care of “Family First” and all else will fall into place.  This life is an opportunity for us, God, Jesus, and I, to grow closer.  Listen to what they need, it’s not all about you!  Sometimes what you need most is to let go of what you think you need!  Try taking care of their needs to feel better!

If I feel resentful, remember St. Francis!
“…’Tis better to understand than to be understood,” and what others think of me is none of my business (AA).  I am under the care of God, Who in (and as) good Time will make all things well.

Don’t get discouraged, recall that He can change anything instantly, but try to follow God consistently and persist through to the other side on the lesson.  Together We can learn and build strength, wisdom, and love.  Have faith that what needs to be done will be done on God’s terms and in His timeframe, not mine.
Take it slow and keep in mind how of my own I am very delicate.  Don’t forget the past trauma, but keep it within the context of the present!  Your life is worth sharing and celebrating!  Realize you need help; ask for it and accept it.  Summon to mind how perfect God’s care is as the “Great Physician,” and don’t neglect Jesus!  Let’s all heal each other, and work as a team.  Leave the blueprints to the “Grand Architect.”  I Love you so much.
“…I want you so much IV 💋!”    “…Thy Will not mine makes me weak at the knees!”  “…I missed you.”  “You need this…”💌
“…Family First, …At Last!”   Alleluia!🙏

Be patient with God’s prescription, the remedy is already in the works but may require time and patience to take effect.   Keep breathing, remain patient and loyal, hold on to Love, and look for and follow instructions!  Keep helping God and Jesus with comfort and dialogue through our task.  Make sure they go first.  Don’t lose sight of the big picture.  Pinch and pull, zoom in and out… Adjust your focus adaptively.  These fruitful results require more of a persistent concerted effort in activity than any one particular action.
“Hang on, we’re coming for you.”

“You are the ❤️ Rest of Me”
Try to see my primary purpose as providing a safe comfortable environment for God and Jesus.  The Divine Intervener and Son require a Divine Reinforcer.  You would not be asked to do more than you could.  If you feel ill at ease, try providing the Love, as that action itself constructs your comfort zone and peaceful mind.

My best baseline is a state of detachment from my own self-focused wants or desires, instead being open, willing, and childlike; earnestly expectant for God’s directions, so that I may fulfill the opportunity to please God and Jesus and make them proud.
“…To be acceptable in Thy sight.”
I am… “Set to sail toward the Commander and Lord.”🏳
“…We’re closing in on you.”🚀

Love as the greatest Truth 🌻
Try thanking God for every little thing you notice as a sign of His Love, and take the time to appreciate His handiwork.  Cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude to help inspire or rekindle an abiding willingness and devotion.  Trust and Love.

“You’re only late to your first one, lol!”
Immersion in the sense of Awe and Reverence for God’s creation to the extent that any of life’s difficulties dissolve and the willingness to show appreciation and be of service to God and my fellow man overtakes me.  Living only for the glory of God.🎉
“Instead of the rain cloud I could choose to see, I see God’s love in His choice to baptize me.” 🌦

When you feel unsteady or ill at ease, stop and check your orientation.  Put the horse before the cart and talk to God; First Things First!  Refocus toward an “internal locus of control,” and let go of the external stimuli.  Hand over the reins, He’s patiently waiting for you!  There is but one God, one Master, “One Will I Serve.”   Whatever the issue, turning it (my will and my life) over to the care of God is the answer.  Stop, look, and listen… “We”re here.”  God will kiss it better.😉
Sweet communion is teamwork, let God and Jesus teach you.  They know what you need, what to do, and how to do it, just try your hardest and obey!  The “military-minded” structure of service to God will provide you assurance and security via a lifestyle based upon spiritual virtues, as the manifestation of God’s will.  Don’t forget you only have to measure up God’s and Jesus’s standards, make sure to consult Them in all matters; there is no need to worry about any other opinions!  The Source of you is “movable” but stable and steady, and will instruct as you abide.  Let us nurture our relationship together!
Don’t assume you know what to do, They will decide the best path as We proceed, and it will change from your expectations at Their discretion.  Maintain conscious contact (step 11) at all times to the best of your ability.  If you disconnect, try to let go of your activity to “restart” obeisance as soon as possible, and be considerate of the group effort.  Rudolf does not steer the sleigh!  Remember to enact step 3 to step out of the way, as God and Jesus are at your rudders!