-Keep calm and carry a tune…love is the music of the heart.
-Don’t give up, give it up! (Step 3/praise)
-Love and trust no matter what: Trust in God, and spread the love.
-Soli Deo Gloria
-7 gifts
-Live usefully and walk humbly with the Lord
-Hope/faith/optimism as a hot air balloon, constant effort to keep it up
-Calm faith, take it slow, follow your breath
-Keep it simple/ Align to God and Jesus
-Measure success not by how well I performed my duties but by how closely enmeshed I am with God and Jesus while working… Did my actions bring me closer to God… Any challenge will only strengthen our Love
-Whatever the problem, Heart Rest with the Good Doctor and the Good Shepard will kiss it better

Ask for help and be willing to see it
Keep saying thank you…
Stalwart, unquestioning belief in God’s unconditional Love and care is my gift back to Him.

Keep your antennae pricked toward God and Jesus and “follow the leader”
Breath first…
…eye on the target, abide with God and Jesus, remember to ask permission first…

Calm breathing, let go, focus faith
Take turns!
Remember that God and Jesus can change anything in an instant, be patient through discomfort; trust their ultimate care without needing an explanation…

Where there is Love there is no question…
…It is a skill to be refined with practice, it is not a gift to be granted by God; rather, it is my my gift to God.

“You are mine…I gotcha…you’re my favorite…I love you…Family First (Triune)… Of course (I love you)!…I know just what to do!, Lucky!, You’re 3 people, Never alone, Never again…(Never again will destruction fall upon this land!🌈), It’s over!  It’s ok, I’m here! (hard times are past!), Grateful!, …I love you back!, Inducted!, You’re safe!…”

See it as your duty to bring the Love, play the cheerleader, offer praise…
Trusting God and Jesus is way smarter than worrying👼… Pull your weight but not theirs…step out of the way/ team work!

1st and foremost, I am a child of God. The step 1 “powerlessness” is the bedrock I need to rightly relate myself to Him and Jesus/Jack…
All I need to do is to orient myself to them and follow suit.  I am in the Best of care–I ought not to worry, only to listen…
And cultivate our love, as this “heart-rest” with the Lord, all through the day, is the fruit of all our efforts!
“The True North of Compass Rose”
Let them tint your lenses…
If I feel upset, tell God and Jesus right away; ask for help knowing that they can provide it…
Say, “please help, thank you, I love you…”
Assume the help is already present; stay calm and just be willing to see and hear it.
…Remember that the point of social scaffolding is to do together what you cannot do alone.  Let go and let them show you how… Alley-oop!
…Try saying thank you preemptively.
“Humility, patience, gratitude”
“Diligent willingness”
…Offer your gracious, joyful efforts this day up to The Lord as a gift.
Keep the conversation going… (Step 11)
Keep checking in as “conscious contact,”
…man does not live by bread alone… 🤓
God will provide your soul sustenance.
💠Mantras and Visualizations:
*Stock the Library of your mind!*
-Friendly competition, I love you more!
-Memory of God cradling your head under the cherry tree in your parents yard
-Memory of the falling leaf and noticing You just behind me while reading Genji
-Memories of Jesus’s sense of humor
-Secret twin sign language with Jesus
-memory of Jesus standing beside me at the St. David’s meeting during the prayer
-Get busy living! (Shawshank Redemption)
-Alley-Oop/ Hat trick/ team work
-Keep it light/ Air On My G String/ Bach
-Ace bandages up my sleeve…5th element
-Butters/ favorite/ flash dance/ humor
-Spaghetti monster…meet half-way 😘
-Frankie says relax… Let Him in too 🤓
-Trusting God is smarter than worrying
-Lean on His Will… Discipline feels good
-Diligence, patience, humility, gratitude… let Him set the pace, keep falling back to restore your perspective
-Trust fall into Arms Unseen
-Stop, look, and listen… Walk de la faith to guide your sight
-Practice! You’re not supposed to get it right the first Time 😉
-“Hark, Semper, lovesick, nest, ribbit ”
-“Good News!” (…of the Gospel)
-Tristan and Isolde magpie
-Humble, thankful hallelujah
-Work hard… (grieve hard), play hard, love tender
-God’s Will will find a way, just try…God does not make terms too hard for those who seek Him; just like life, love will find a way… Seek and ye… Yes, I love you too.
-Try playing Where’s Waldo with His beauty until your awe is restored; be an active participant in witnessing His Wonder
-Remember the world is bigger than just you, play your part!🕊 …Act like Quan Yin
-Might-o-chondria, “powerhouse” lungs
-Aston Martin Vanquish S/ Wisdom engine

Self-soothing, be gentle with yourself
Slow your thinking, repeat affirmation slowly
…try out “I love You”
Try to stop thinking and focus on action with heart
Try out a mantra to clear your head
Deep breathing (5,6,7), and persist with it then breath in 2, 3, 4, then let it come naturally, and ask God to guide it.
Tell God, “Thank You”
Realize it’s just fear, and then…
ask God for help, He’s eager to assist!
Act “as if” you’ve received God’s help
Visualize Him holding you and wait for calm
Prayer, remember how effective it is!
Visualize relaxing scenes/mental zen garden
Pretend you’re a monk or someone’s sensei
Move slowly/easy does it
Take a break/lie down to rest often
Try taking care of God to shift your focus off yourself ;-P
Stroke your hairline, slow and gentle touch
Look into a mirror to ground yourself
Keep asking God and/or a friend for help
Read your Daily Thanks list or Notes/quotes
List your favorite things, as if counting sheep
Recount subjects of interest, cool topics
Practice positive self-talk/encouragement
Renew your attitude of gratitude
Recall emotional self-regulation successes
Shift focus outside yourself and your feelings
Help someone else
Ask a friend about their day/listen to a story
Call/text someone to talk
Practice singing bowl meditation
Distract yourself with an activity/coloring

Ballet/foot lifts/pirouettes
Pet/play/cuddle with Virgil
Play with Dante
Visit Robyn/watch movie w/ her
Read for leisure or recovery
Artwork/sketch in journal or full size
Crafts or sewing/make something creative
Make a collage
Make a scrapbook or photo album
Write a poem
Play with photo editing
Look at artwork online
Research an area of interest/learn something
Look at ballet or other cute YouTube videos
Gift for a friend/family member
Play with your hair/make-up/clothes
Give yourself a manicure
Shower or bathe
Go for a walk
Take Cosmo to the park
Explore the trail
Commune with nature
Sketch/make a gift for a friend
Invite a friend to coffee
Research cool places to go/plan an outing
Cook/create or find a new recipe
Design/make jewelry
Design/plant a garden
Go to the pool
Watch a movie
Listen to music

Movie list:
The theory of everything

Citizen Kane
High Societ
The Avengers
Twilight saga 2, 3, 4

1 Kings 17:8-16
Mark 3:29
2 Peter 3:9
Psalm 34:15
Psalm 18:2
Luke 8:17
1 John 4:8
Psalm 91:1
1 Corinthians 6:10-20
1 Corinthians 2:12
Genesis 9:13🌈
1 Corinthians 13


-*If the Holy Spirit were a man, then God the Father would be gay, lol!
(Apostles Creed)
-Faith can be more a skill to refine than a gift to be granted.
-Unraveling the Holy Spirit…Verse 30: “The angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.'” He reasserts the key word. Grace. I bring grace, Mary. Let the assurance that this is grace take away your fear. And here is the grace I bring (verses 31–33):