Reach out… Ask what you can do for Him! Helping others always feels good!  What I need may just be an altruistic group effort.

If you feel uncertainty, fear, or discomfort, look at your motives.  See that your fear may come from self-centeredness, and reorient yourself to God, Jesus, and our Love to share with others.

“The Lord will not make terms too hard for those who seek Him” (AA pp. 46).
A determination to seek and serve the Will of God is a sure-fire way to live free.

Step back and reflect in a spirit of gratitude… keep taking breaks to adjust your sails and reorient your perspective… Letting go allows the Lord to take hold of you.  Give yourself Time to resettle periodically, especially to adapt to little changes in the environment.  Let the Love grow slowly and cultivate it together.

Keep “trust falling” back to your axis, pay no matter to anyone before first attending to God and Jesus, then everything else will fall into place.  Rest assured with the source of your Love all through your daily activities.  Remember, the point is to dwell within Their presence; the goal is not some distant end point, it is enjoying the here and now, “basking in the sunlight of the soul” (AA).

Remember your thoughts are most peaceful when they reside within the present moment or are of God and His Eternity.
“Psychological flow state in Arms Unseen”

Keep it simple, and enjoy the little gifts and beauty of life as Our Loving Heavenly Father intends.  Savor the moment…
It’s not the “doing it” that matters so much as “doing it together” that bestows joy.

Slow down to let yourself deeply feel gratitude for each little blessing, and develop an eye for appreciation.  Enjoy life!

The day’s work is just the mode by which I may grow closer to God and Jesus, and share in composing Divine Love.

Intuitively fall into line with God’s synchronicity to balance a variety of functions.

Sometimes getting depressed can be a good thing!  I’ll re-realize my own powerlessness and become desperate and willing enough to fully turn my will and life over to God and Jesus.  Complete willingness sprouts from the jumping off point, “Half measures availed us nothing” (AA).  When God and Jesus and I grow closer as a result of my willingness to “turn it over,” I become happier.  They always take far better care of me than I ever could.  Like the message on the dash in my car, “Depress to Start,” lol!
I Love being their apparatus, or “lamb!”

Try not to think about whether or not you can do something.  Just try your best to do what you believe God’s will to be, seeking to draw nearer to Him with your thoughts and actions.  He is here always, but if you cannot determine His exact will, see it as an opportunity to strengthen your faith and responsibility.

Practice inhibiting thoughts and actions, and let go of my own wants and desires.  Then I can be completely free and open to whatever God has in store, and be fully able to appreciate whatever it is that does come my way.  Oh, the simple joy of life’s wonder from having the eyes of a child of God!

Remembering negative past trauma can be instrumental to spiritual practice.  They are easier to let go of them self-gratifying thoughts and habits.  When the memories and feelings pop up, visualize letting go of them like pouring out a cup, and practice the art of letting go.  Let God fill you up.

Don’t think about, it just do it!  We don’t think our way through recovery, we act our way through recovery.  The effort properly directed feels so fulfilling!  Reside in the security of your connection with God and Jesus.  Pull them forward and let them set the pace when you need a break.

Remember that they will provide your motivation if you start to feel depleted.  Let them regulate your inspiration to the tune of serenity.  When you feel nervous energy, stop and think, “Does it need to be done, does it need to be done right now?”  Try falling back, and reside in your Love and Trust for God and Jesus.  Remember to cultivate your Love for them if you need a heart rest with the Lord.  Focus on making new beautiful memories in a spirit of gratitude.

Know that it’s normal to feel upset or defeated sometimes.  Let the thoughts and feelings circle back, they’re only temporary.  If you don’t even feel like trying at all, accept that as your current condition; it’s OK!  Acceptance is the answer!  Just know that the willingness will return, and try to pray for it as soon as you feel able.  Constructive action or thoughts will kick-start you off.  Keep it very simple and light, you respond well to saying “please” and “thank you,” especially when paired preemptively.
…Acceptance of powerlessness is firm bedrock for God-dependence.

Try to keep in mind how automatically you spout out your mantra, “I love You,” when you finally let go and get your restart.  Remember you’re holding on to Someone(s) Who will never let go of you, it’s OK to ease up.  This is a promise (God’s Covenant) you can Trust.🌈